Thursday, December 29, 2005

Altering the Weather Doesn't Require Costly Research

I really do try to just go on about life and refrain from noticing everything with a "different perspective." My mom always told me, I just tried to be weird. For some time now, the subject of weather has bothered me. I read a very insightful article today about the possibility of altering the weather and the funding for the research, which gave the same reasons for concern that I have had. We ran out of letters for hurricane names, California was burning for half of the summer and now is flooding. The midwest has been in a drought since Y2K, and flooded in '93. There were floods in New England, and more snow than they could shovel in the Ohio valley and the Rockies. And tornadoes have just appeared in all sorts of strange places at very strange times. Texas and Oklahoma are truly in crisis and the aftermath of Katrina continues, not to mention Rita and Wilma. The midwest had a horrible harvest of grains this year, but the soybean rust didn't arrive, so those that stockpiled the antidote are all that are hurt there . . .We do need help and we do need to alter something. As I heard some reporter today make mention of "thanking the wind" for the fires calming in Oklahoma and Texas, it was then confirmed, clearly. We have literally chosen to take G~d out of the equation where weather is concerned. The next thing I heard was a comment asking the meteorologist to "look into his crystal ball" for the 5 day weather prediction??? How many years have we just accepted in the American culture and comments about "mother nature?" We have personified storms by giving them names and then attempted to depersonalize the Creator by referring to "nature." Oh, and now we are considering funding research to alter weather??? We've done such a 'whiz-bang job' of everything else on earth, we have the audacity to presume that we can help G~d out of this weather tempest?
I've done a little research on my own and discovered something without the aid of grants or federal funding and at absolutely no increase to the deficit, here are my results: Repentance is much cheaper and more effective than Research. Now I realize, many may attempt to find a point of disagreement, but with that disagreement, I would ask: So, what is your better idea?

Ye shall keep My sabbaths, and reverence My sanctuary: I am the LORD. If ye walk in My statutes, and keep My commandments, and do them; Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. And your threshing shall reach unto the vintage, and the vintage shall reach unto the sowing time: and ye shall eat your bread to the full, and dwell in your land safely. And I will give peace in the land, and ye shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid: The Holy Bible

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Artful Adjectives

I am referring to the adjectives that I think are probably copyrighted "fair and balanced" by one of the "news" providers in our nation, otherwise known as media. I make a point of reading "both sides" of the news every day, but what I am realizing is that the conservatives truly seem to have choreographed the scene that establishes their own role as victims. That, however; is a blog for another day. What I would like to make note of today is the "alarming and unnerving" headlines that are presented under the auspice of fair and balanced. I, of course, have been trying to stay current on the updates of Israel, including PM Sharon's health. When the alarm came on this morning I heard that he would be undergoing a cardiac catheterization in a couple of weeks. Then I checked the "other" news source, the one that supposedly provides a liberal slant, according to the "fair and balanced" media competitor. Their report was also that PM Sharon would be hospitalized in a couple of weeks for a cardiac cath that would correct something that he had apparently lived with his entire life, but was discovered during his recent hospitalization. Now, as I always do, I went from there to the "fair and balanced" to read in the headline pertaining to PM Sharon "Heart Surgery." I immediately thought what the conservatives promote. "The other side didn't give the accurate information." But, as I clicked on to read, I discovered the exact same information that I had heard all day. It was simply placed under a less than calming headline. And this caused me to wonder, since I hear several "fair and balanced" followers that do not listen to any other source of news, because of the so-called bias. This was not the first time, the implication and innuendo seemed more alarming than other sources, and even more alarming than the information contained in the article. Are these people hearing "fair and balanced" and then being delivered adrenaline pumping headlines to keep them stirred up? Is "fair and balanced" soon to be associated and defined by apprehension and alarm?
do not swerve to the right or to the left . . .

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Is That What We Financed?

This is a question that my husband posed to me regarding a situation in which our hearts and checkbook seemed a little bigger than our brains at the time. We had it on "good authority" that we were doing a good thing that would accomplish much. As the story and explanations continue to unfold, or shall I say unravel, my husband remains consistent with his comment . . . "Is that what we financed?" And being the business-minded woman that I am, I now find myself much more sensitive to the outcome of investment and much more leary of the marketing experts and propaganda promoters, regarding charity and "good causes." So, now I find myself double checking the funding and asking, "We're not financing this, are we?" I am all about being generous and helpful, but I am becoming exhausted with funding things that I do not find to be worthy causes or providing financing for things I would not spend the money for, much less find detrimental. Charity is supposed to provide for needs, not greed and certainly not mayhem.
After President Bush promised funding to the Palestinians, America also sent Dr. Rice to confirm the promise of funding the Palestinians. Once I read this promise was supposed to be based upon their control of attacks on Israel, then I read later, they would get the money anyway. Now, I read where the Palestinian leader, M Abbas, has organized some sort of "suicide bomber pension." Obviously the "successful" suicide bomber will not collect, but his family will. Now, if American funds are being sent to Palestine, "We're not financing this, are we?"
Then there was the tragedy of Katrina and Mayor Nagin announcing the layoff of half of the city workers, due to a lack of funding, send money!!! I read and saw the picture of Mayor Nagin in the White House receiving the promise of $3.1 billion. But before lights are on in the entire town, the announcement . . . Mardi Gras 2006 is a GO and there will be plenty of police, etc., blah, blah, blah. "We're not financing this, are we?"
I even heard on the radio this week, although I have not seen in writing anything to substantiate the report, that to lift spirits in New Orleans, they manufactured "snow?" I live considerably north of New Orleans, and the children in our town haven't seen any snow yet, this winter. "We didn't finance that, did we?"
Wouldn't it be nice to hear some reports of charity and generosity, and know, "I'm so glad we contributed to that!"

a generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

All This Protection is Scaring Me!

I have purposely remained quiet after the shooting incident in Miami last week, looking for more information or evidence, but it is scarce. My sincere condolences to his widow and family. I have not read about one single passenger that was frightened by this "alleged" situation, before someone lay bloody and they were told at gunpoint to cooperate . Nor have I read that any of the witnesses heard this passenger use the word "bomb." I have yet to read how this air marshall that was sitting several rows away from this man became aware of his "alleged" potential to be uncooperative. And of course we know that air marshalls are undercover, so when they take "authority" they must just look like anybody else waving a gun and shouting. I wonder if they look "erratic" to passengers that don't have supersonic hearing and know what's going on. With all this talk of terror in the air for the past few years, I don't think I would assume that a guy waving a gun and shouting, would necessarily be a "good guy." With all the anti-terrorists talk and the endless meetings these air marshalls must attend, I'm sure they are ready to respond in a split second, but that appears to now be translated "shoot first and ask questions later." I think what bothers me more than an "allegedly erratic" passenger or a "potentially jumpy" air marshall is the American response to this tragedy. And it is a tragedy. An unarmed man that was just trying to get home was taken out, in the prime of life. Now, granted, he was only one person, as opposed to the three thousand on 9/11, but he was still unarmed and unsuspecting.
Is there any data or any statistics as to the number of "sucide bombers" that make the announcement before they detonate? Where are the logical questions in this situation? Our authorities say the air marshall acted appropriately, so that's that. They do say there will be an investigation, but who does the investigating? And no investigation is going to bring an innocent man back to life. This situation really got me thinking. My husband and I have done a bit of traveling. Since 9/11, we've been to our nation's capital and even done some international travel, and I felt no more afraid or safe than when I had traveled before 9/11, significantly more inconvenienced and dehumanized, however; but that was by American airport security. And I know, there really are droves of paranoid Americans that get fed this fear propaganda that feel safer because of all this, but . . . I find those individuals less than reassuring.
What I do know, as an American, with a few stamps in my passport both before and after 9/11; after 12/7, I don't think I want to do any more air travel.
There's an old saying something to the effect: "Dead men tell no tales." They can't tell the truth either.
Come now, and let us reason together . . .

Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Tree by Any Other Name

I must admit, I never thought I would be posting an agreement with Dennis Hastert, but here I am doing just that. Let me qualify the rest of this blog with this statement. I do not agree with Dennis Hastert's politics, but I applaud his reference to the Christmas Tree. I have no earthly idea why our President referred to the tree at the White House as a "Holiday Tree." I can't speak for all the other religions, but I have done a few Google searches and I discovered . . .Many other religious and non religious observers do not have a tree in their holiday events. As a matter of fact, "traditional" Christianity seems to be the only one, although I think the tree huggers may include some sort of tree ritual in their beliefs, I don't think they are "big" on the idea of cutting them down. I was very cautious in using the term tree hugger until I found some very proud believers in their cause referring to themselves as such. I had thought until now, only John Hagee and Rush Limbaugh used the term, so if I have offended an ecologist, please forgive me. Now, back to this Christmas tree business. As a Bible literalist, I don't have a holiday tree. I do celebrate the Feast of Dedication (Chanukah), but there's no tree for the event. I know for a fact, there is no Chanukah tree, and I couldn't find a Bahai tree, nor a Hindu tree. I don't know what the Buddhists do this time of year, nor do I know what the Muslims festively celebrate, but I couldn't find a tree for their events, either . . . so what exactly is a Holiday Tree? If there are only two belief systems that acknowledge the use of trees in their beliefs, how does changing the terminology include the rest of us? If it's a Christmas tree that is being lit or decorated, or whatever, then call it that. If it is a tribute to ecology that is not being cut down, then call it that, but making it generic only appears to dim the value and importance to the one that changes the name. It certainly doesn't invite inclusion into the event. Dennis Hastert, good for you! You called it what it is! It's nice to see a politician stand up for his values and beliefs and since this is America, I don't have to agree with your politics to applaud!
For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the ax. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it . . .Jeremiah 10:3-4a

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Enough Whining and Sniveling

I am exhausted with the lame excuses, blame game, and whining of the present party of power. Get a grip! The present party of power has the majority in the House, the majority in the Senate, absolute control of the White House, and seven out of nine Supreme Court justices were appointed by the present party of power. And yet there continues to be "hand-wringing," complaints about the democrats, and accusations of conspiracy against their well-meaning goodness for our country and a good portion of the rest of the world. Every day is something new to mourn. I am sick to death of hearing about what Ted Kennedy is causing these "moral highroaders" as their followers refer to them. Don't tell me Ted Kennedy is ruining this entire country from one Senate seat in Massachusetts. I can't believe any intelligent thinking person would believe half the propaganda put out by the media mongers of this group that portray themselves to be constitutional patriots. How did the antics of rude third graders get to be politically revered and applauded in this country? Perhaps the rude precocious third grade bullies have simply grown up and still have the brazen pushiness to maintain the control. Or maybe a few boys of the American blue-bloods grew up with those silver spoons and all the backing their fathers and grandfathers could provide. I truly do not begrudge them their power. We know from history, the true price of power is the human soul, so I am not interested in competing, but what I would really like; is for them to enjoy their power without this continual whining for more. They have it all and are still unhappy. For all practical purposes, we have become a one party nation, what more is there? If there is complaining to be done, it certainly should not be from the powers that be. As a matter of fact, if the powers that be are doing a good job and taking the "moral high road," how can there be room for complaints, much less by the very people calling the shots? If there are still things to whine about after 5 years of absolute authority and power, it is time for the leaders, to pick up a mirror and take a good long look.
When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked rule, the people mourn.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Statistically Speaking . . .

I have been attempting to respectfully listen to this fear propaganda regarding the bird flu. And I am trying to do it without a skeptical flippant response, but really now!
My heart and prayers go out and I mean no disrespect to the individuals and families of those that have died of this malady, but the fear and propaganda is what I am addressing.
There have been less than 200 cases diagnosed on two continents in nearly a year's time. Statistics show more people die in one week, every week; due to medication errors in American hospitals and no one is afraid of that epidemic.
And let us not forget, these powers that are proponents of fear factors have yet to see one case of this influenza that has actually been trasmitted from person to person. Unlike medication errors, which literally go from person to person. This is an epidemic that concerns me, greatly.
Let me share the statistics I have been able to locate on the web and since I found it on the internet, we know it to be factual. (sarcasm)
There have been 127 reported cases of bird flu worldwide from December 2004 to November 2005, not all resulting in death. On the other hand, there were estimated between 44,000 and 98,000 deaths due to medication errors. There have been no reports of this influenza virus being passed from human contact. Of course, we know all the reports of medication errors were a result of human contact.
We are told in the book of the Revelation; of plagues and deaths caused by animals, so is it possible that this avian flu could become a global pandemic. Absolutely!
Will fear prevent a global pandemic? Fear only prevents three things: confidence, love, and logic.
Fear not little flock . . . Luke 12:32a

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Now, what was that Quote, Again?

I remember when our President said something to the effect of: If you're not with us, you're against us. This was shortly after 9/11 and appeared to be a cry to the allies, but it has really served to divide the political parties, in the post 9/11 America. When I first heard him say this, I thought he's using Scripture to rally for war? Surely not! And maybe our President was not inferring to a Scriptural reference like he did on the USS Abraham Lincoln in the famous MISSION ACCOMPLISHED speech. (another blog, another day)
But back to this quote . . . Has anyone else noticed the number of weather related problems that America has faced in the last three or four years? How many hurricanes? This year, we ran out of letters to start the names. And tornadoes in very unusual parts of the country at very unusual times of year. And the floods in the New England area? And the drought in the midwest? As soon as we had it all figured out about making ethanol out of corn to counter the high crude prices, we had a corn blight.
Since I do know Who controls the weather and the seasons, I have really wondered if G~d Himself isn't showing us where He stands regarding that quote. Would there be so much devastation from weather and storms if G~d was for us? Wouldn't it at least be worth considering?

The voice of the LORD is upon the waters: . . .The voice of the LORD is powerful

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Eminent Domain was Imminent

Ah, it's been awhile since I blogged. The cares of the world have been a burden, to say the least. Two Supreme Court positions open and nominations, appointments, wars, approval ratings, hurricanes, FEMA, and what happened to Social Security reform? The list is endless, now isn't it . . .
I personally thought the nomination of Harriet Miers was bold and strategic. It let our "fearless" leader know just how blindly loyal his followers are. I thought it was a pretty good way to see just how much "political capital" he could spend. Turns out, like with so many guys that are buying a "round for the house," he seemed to "be a little short" when it came time to pay the tab. But really, that's a blog for another day. I want to talk about Judge Souter. I guess one can do that without fear, here in the land of the "free."
How is it that Judge Souter is being "judged" to have changed from the conservative vote? This issue of eminent domain just proves he is doing exactly what was expected by the man that appointed him. Does it get anymore republican than to take from the poor and middle class and give to the rich? The so called "conservatives" may say they are up in arms about this man's vote, but really he is representing those that put him in his position. After all, he was nominated by the president that introduced the concept of the "new world order," like that was a good idea. G~d's Word is pretty clear about this world order business and "who" is behind that!
So, the way I see it, Eminent Domain has been IMMINENT since the first Bush administration, but then so has war in the middle east and crazy gas prices and . . . What is this, a family tradition? Is this simply a case of politics being the family business? Has Judge Souter really changed his stand and views or has he done exactly what was expected from his party and appointment?
insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Republican Nomination

I know I am not blogging with regularity right now, and with good reason. Don't we hear a lot of that. . . Someone isn't doing what's expected, but it's okay because they have a good reason, at least by their own standard.
Now, back to the republican nomination. We are hearing about Supreme Court nominations, looks like House Majority position will be taking on new leadership, and there is a temporary head of FEMA right now because between September 2 and September 10th or 11th. "Brownie" wasn't doing such a great job, after all! So now, he has been rehired as a consultant for FEMA, which really sounds like a better job, anyway. Independent contractor that only has to trouble shoot everyone else's job performance. But all of this is republicans nominating other republicans or appointing other co-party people to high ranking positions of authority. I am speaking of a different type of republican nomination.
I think William J. Clinton should be nominated for Republican of the Year!
I mean, after all, his presidency did more to rally republicans than anything in recent history. His presidency actually caused many to no longer call themselves democrats. If we compare the results of the 1960 presidential election to the 2000 presidential election; Mr. William J. Clinton did more for the republican party than General Dwight D. Eisenhower. And just where would Rush Limbaugh be now, were in not for William J. Clinton?
And all this work with former President Bush. We know that former President Carter has been doing charity work and helping the homeless for years. Why didn't Mr. Clinton align himself with Mr. Carter at this time of helping those that lost all in the hurricanes? What better time to help and what better cause than habitat for humanity, at a time of people needing shelter and literally finding themselves homeless in an instant.
And apparently this "bi-partisan" association is expected to continue, as I have read there is a not for profit corporation in the works that will contain the names of both men. So, do the republicans need Bill Clinton's charisma to raise money or has Bill Clinton seen the power and prestige contained within the republican party or will we see a coming together of the parties as the American population becomes more needy and dependant?
Let there be no turning to the right or to the left, keep your feet from evil.

Monday, August 22, 2005

. . . If

I was invited to read this in the Convention Center in Washington D.C. three years ago. I just felt myself pondering the progress or process of our nation and the globe since, and decided to share it.

If My people which are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven forgive their sins and heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14

Having read this Scripture and knowing The Word to be true, I now find myself asking . . . If . . .

If we are His people . . . why do we have to make laws other than His?
If we are called by His Name . . . why is it politically incorrect to mention the Name of His Son?
If we are to humble ourselves . . . why, when we need Him so desperately; do we use red, white, and blue to print the word PRIDE?
Why spend time debating proper salutations and closings for prayers?
If the G~d of the Bible offers this proposal then why not just pray to Him per His instruction?
What's this "seek His face" . . . How is that even done: fasting or something?
If He would just bless our plans, we could certainly save time and move right along in our
purpose . . .
Turning from our wicked ways . . . G~d's definition of wicked is so different from ours -
"This is America, our laws are Bible based; so our founding fathers 'tweaked' and
'fine tuned' just a bit . . ."
Besides, we're living in the age of grace. When the penalty was paid at Calvary . . .
didn't that change the rules???
Most of us pray in troubled times, G~d is everywhere and so He hears
As we cry for this exclusive offer, are His people in repentant tears?

We're America, we set the standard, Why; we tell the whole world how to live
So now that we've "got" sin redefined, what is there to forgive?

As we're declaring victory and power, yet helplessly wait for rain
Our news reports our children dying at our very own hand
How can we be so certain that we truly are His people . . .
If He hasn't healed our land?

Friday, August 19, 2005

Now What?

As I listened to the local radio announcer yesterday morning, going through his list of current events and political things for callers to rant about, he chose to address, not the high gasoline prices, but rather the lack of complaining about the high gasoline prices. That seemed simple enough before the two hours of calls that ensued. The American people realize we have no say, there is nothing we can do about what is going on, and complaining only gets new legislation . . . so we just shut up and take it. It did make me start asking some questions, though and one of them is of course, "Why are so many oil wells capped here in the US? Why are the oil men satisfied to make no money off of their oil when it is a record high, over $60.00 a barrel?" I thought those oil men liked to make money, but maybe I just watched too much "Dallas." Now then, we move on to our newest solution. We have ethanol. We are going to turn our food and food for our livestock, namely corn, into fuel. Well, that raises some interesting questions, also, but we may never get to that point anyway. Much of the midwest, where most of our corn comes from, is enduring a drought and the corn crop is failing horribly. `So, now what's the next plan?
And also I have withholden the rain from you, when there were yet three months to the harvest: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the LORD.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Do As I Say, Not As I Do . . .

Well, it is happening. The President of the United States has told Israel how to deal with terrorists. And amazingly, The Prime Minister of Israel has been listening long enough to this advisor, he apparently believes it is his idea and a good one, at that. It's interesting, neither leader is "negotiating" with terrorists, because "we don't negotiate with terrorists!" The United States has declared war on every terrorist organization on the globe, with the exception of the terrorist groups that have been continuously attacking Israel for the past 5+ years. Now, nobody is going to negotiate with them, either, Israel is just going to give them land and listen to their demands . . . see NO negotiation! And what I have read about President Bush's observation concerning this "land for peace" propaganda is some reference to the quiet and lack of attacks since Israel agreed to give them land. Now, I am personally glad that we didn't decide to give New York and Florida, and half of Washington D. C. to Bin Laden after 9/11, but isn't that basically, what Israel has been advised to do?
So, how is it, that we fight terrorism everywhere but Israel? How is it, we declare war on hunches and possibilities, but advise another to passively give up more and more? How is it, America gets away with this double standard in front of G~d and the whole world?
. . . and be sure your sin will find you out

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What We've Become

Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired; Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the Lord come upon you, before the day of the Lord's anger come upon you. Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord's anger. For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at the noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up. Zephaniah 2: 1-4

We can now see the handiwork of the harlot of Babylon. Gaza will be abandoned at the recommendation of the US. We read in Proverbs how a harlot or adultress operates. She says one thing, all the while planning and plotting. We are watching as the US claims to have a war on terrorism and refuses to negotiate with terrorists, yet continues to advise Israel to negotiate and give more to terrorists demands. This attitude of harlotry is so out of control and obvious. While America calls Israel an ally, America is funding the very enemy of Israel. One of America’s religious denominations that has great political power as well as power in numbers, economy, and influence has actually voted to discontinue doing business with Israeli companies.
Remember the collective gasp as the Supreme Court ruled about private property just a couple of weeks ago? That is nothing more than reaping what America was founded upon and sown! Setting aside the obvious fact that the American land was settled and claimed right out from under the original occupants.
Over 30 years ago, our nation determined unborn babies could be removed from the security of the womb for convenience and it was called “choice.” The Roadmap to “peace” authored by America’s President, says the Jews that have worked and built improvements in the land G~d promised Abraham, must be removed for the “greater global good.” I saw, firsthand; property that was donated to the county for the care and custody of people with special needs, developed for the “greater economic good” and the special needs people were moved out of their home and security. With a nation that has no regard for unborn babies, G~d’s promise to Abraham recorded in Scripture, and disadvantaged individuals with special needs, what can be expected? A harlot is unconcerned with the consequences of her actions and she continues to look for ways to convince others that she means well.
The harlot of Babylon is getting quite bold. G~d’s judgment and wrath will be severe.

How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord G~d who judgeth her. And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,
Revelation 18:7-9

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Kinder Gentler Depression?

To be honest, I don't remember the Great Depression, as a matter of fact, my parents weren't even born yet. But, just like every other "ungrateful wasteful" American baby boomer that doesn't appreciate the value of a dollar, have heard about the Great Depression and the "greatest generation" that survived it. Well, actually most of what is called the "greatest generation" were children and their parents survived it and provided for them. At any rate, that is not my point. My point is this new banking protocol that has supposedly come about for efficiency, security and safety, but . . .
Now, when a check is written or a debit card is used, the transaction can "hit" your account by midnight that same night, because checks can now be processed electronically and instantly with the proper equipment, which many businesses are now using; but, and it is a big but, when you deposit a check into your checking account, the transaction will not post until the following business day, at the very soonest. And if it is Friday afternoon, it will not post until Monday evening. This "creates" a three day float in any business transaction, but only the financial institutions reap the benefit.
Something else, I have noticed and found absolutely questionable if not detestable.
I have been a customer, let me rephrase that to [I had been a customer] at a particular financial institution for several years and took a Cashier's Check on a bank that clearly stated it was a Cashier's Check for a redeemed CD. The financial institution, otherwise known as a Savings & Loan said they could not just accept a Cashier's Check, there would be a 5 day hold, due to the amount. So, when I then began to refigure my plan, they offered to write a check for the amount I needed and I could take their institution check written on their bank to my bank and that should be acceptable immediately . . . right? Because that institution was a Savings & Loan, the banking rules did not apply in the same way, but the results were the same to the customer, and this was a simple passbook savings account. We aren't talking Wall Street and High Finances.
The next thing I noticed was a a big renovation sign on one of the more prestigious banks, but on my way home from Sabbath study on Saturday afternoon we couldn't help but notice the contents of the building were being removed. So, we just happened to be going by another of the branch locations of the same bank and lo and behold, the sign on the door said, that location was permanently closed two weeks before the renovation began at the other location. Doesn't that seem a bit inconvenient for the customers? Two out of the three locations unavailable for business?
So we, the customer, now deal with Patriot Act procedure, banking protocol, e-transactions, renovations, relocation, and mergers, all while using an economic system that literally has no standard. Remember, there was both a gold and silver standard when the Great Depression hit our nation.
Could it be, rather than pulling the shades and locking the doors, the banks will just be sending us on wild e- transactions and procedural goose chases?
Lo, this is the man that made not God his strength; but trusted in the abundance of his riches, and strengthened himself in his wickedness

Monday, May 30, 2005

What Happened to the Unions?

We all remember when President Reagan fired and replaced the air traffic control union, when they went on strike. And I am sure there are some interesting statistics regarding air transportation safety since that decision, but that is just one of many examples of the loss of the power of the unions. Of course, now that air transportation is primarily in the hands of the government, I guess the union discussion is a moot point. You know, Jimmy Hoffa wasn't the only problem for the Teamsters. So much highway regulation and the price of gasoline has certainly weakened the most powerful organization ever known in the American work force. And remember when the baseball players went on strike? Baseball has never fully recovered, but there is an interesting fact that relates to both union workers and Hispanic immigrants, even in baseball. Now that our President has explained that workers from Mexico are here finding and working at jobs that Americans apparently won't do. Now I get it!!! The labor force from Mexico has many positive points when compared to the union. To a Republican President, that is. Please let me clarify . . . I am not refering to Mexican Americans, I am speaking of illegal immigrants in which the present administration simply chooses to turn a blind eye. The immigrant work force does work for less, thus saving corporate funds. The immigrant work force doesn't demand health benefits, ever notice the signs in the hospital reception area, guaranteeing free health care at the costliest level possible? Why, the immigrant worker doesn't even have to remain a member of the work force very long, if they figure out the American housing and grant system. But once, established the real preference for the illegal work force over union labor is: the union was ALWAYS democrat, while the immigrant workers tend to be conservative in their politics. What an interesting way to finally be able to manage the voice of the "grateful" work force, as well as company and corporate . . .
. . . we will be in bondage to Pharaoh

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

America's Definition of Dangerous Criminal?

It's official, the "run away bride" will be charged. The grand jury has made a decision. But in the same month, a judge threw out and called a mistrial on the soldier - England, in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. Is any one else embarrassed by this or at least confused? A woman that either felt the pressure of a gala event or went to Vegas for a last hurrah is now possibly facing 5+ years prison because an officer "listened in" on a phone conversation and taped it [with or without her knowledge?] between boyfriend and girlfriend that obviously had some issues.
A woman is now dismissed from facing a possible 2-11 years, and they were saying not more than 2, because her boyfriend told her she was participating in a training film . . . Does anyone else find this reprehensible and illogical, or has everyone been just been dumbed down and severely numbed?
I am serious, I am casting the gauntlet. Anyone who does not find absolute illogic and a deplorable definition of right and wrong between these two cases of American justice is an absolute idiot.
Let me explain this succinctly.
A woman in the military willingly had her picture taken in "compromising" circumstances while questionable treatment of prisoners was captured on film. Her boyfriend testified in her trial, after she pled guilty, and the judge declared a mistrial.
Another woman, getting ready for an indulgently elaborate wedding decided to skip out and call her boyfriend with a lame story three days later is now facing felony charges because a town decided to look for her long before a missing person's report could be filed and without doing any real investigating, like at the bus station or cab company, yet her fiance' made the observation of potential cold feet the first day. Well, here in the heart of the definition of earthly justice, she is going to trial.
Oh, and let's consider one more issue between the women.
The notoriety at Abu Ghraib caused international fall out, complications, and uprisings, and flat out fueled the hatred for acts of insurgency.
The 'run away bride' caused embarrassment and a town full of concerned people and nosey authorities to spend a little extra time and money.
If this is how America is going to define crime, no wonder the leaders are having to release the sex offenders with only a month's worth of viagra, to make room for the real dangerous elements of society, like unmotivated potheads.
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil . . . Isaiah 5:20a. Holy Bible

Monday, May 23, 2005

I Want My Money Back!

Well, I suppose everyone has now heard that our government has made yet another "questionable error." It has been discovered that medicare and medicaid funding has provided Viagra for sex offenders. Now, you might say, "I can't believe that." And to that I would reply, "Why not? This is America, are you new?" We fund more questionable causes than we can count and we downright contribute to ongoing problems every day. If the American federal government didn't provide grant money to enable, do you realize how many more people would be in the unemployment line?
But that isn't our topic today. . . Giving Viagra to sex offenders, when the diabetics and 40+ alcoholics have to pay for it! . . . Where is the justice? Where is the fairness? I read Hugh Hefner is a great proponent of Viagra, but he pays for it. And it's interesting that the religious right continues to find someone else to blame, while supporting leaders that allow this sort of atrocity. Giving, and I do mean giving, Viagra to a sex offender is like handing a pyromaniac a book of matches. What are "the powers" thinking? What is their excuse? . . . as if there was one.
As a tax payer, I want my money back. This misappropriation of funds should not be funded by the hard working Americans that pay taxes. This error needs to be accounted for. How much damage has actually been done? Not only have "the powers that be" wasted, no worse than wasted, our money; how many more victims have been victimized because our government provided the "empowerment" to cause victimization? As a person that does not utilize medication at all, nor do I condone the use there of, I am particularly offended. I have watched for years, as my tax dollars get pumped into medical research, and I have no say. I have also watched for years as doctors are held unaccountable, and now our politicians have capped medical malpractice suits, so they can continue to be held unaccountable. And now, doctors have prescribed and politicians have authorized VIAGRA and given me the bill.
You know, if the average businessmen in America did business like doctors and politicians, they would be out of business.
every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I See London, I See France . . .

And Homeland Security can see through underpants!

After seeing and reading about Saddam Hussein in the same week as I got to hear about our latest security proposal, I gotta tell ya . . . It sounds like our leaders can justify things that would mortify Hugh Hefner! As a woman that has already gotten her share of security groping with the "hands on" method, I have to admit, I'll be letting my passport go dormant, soon.
Now here's an idea . . . Maybe they could have hospital personnel run air port security and just take care of an annual physical before you travel. And you know, they could combine the vaccinations with the veri-chip and mamogram with air security and TV church on Walmart's in-store info-monitors, and who knows what next. Do I sound cynical? I sincerely hope so! I cannot believe all the revolting things that are being presented to the American public and they are just thrilled at how much our leaders care about our safety. It's as if, the special group of followers of "the powers that be" become more pleased with their leaders as our privacy and rights are diminished. And you can tell who they are. People that support this present administration are for the most part, the people that have always seen that others needed to be corraled and hemmed in, for their own sake of course. And they have done their best to take that duty upon themselves for years. It's as if their beloved leaders have personally given them a respite. Okay, now I am combining the lovely trait of sarcasm with cynicism. I'll attempt to rein myself in, before they have to start a new cabinet post for the likes of me.
Now a word about Saddam, if that's really who he is. You know, when I heard the "authorized version" of his capture, I didn't believe it was Saddam, but now that I have heard the quieted but not quite silenced story, maybe it is him. At any rate . . . His entire detaining cell is under surveillance 24/7. Not just the door and window, if there is one, but the whole cell. Maybe some member of the "powers that be" is afraid he might "off" himself, before judgment and punishment can be administered.
Our military is spread around the world and involved in two wars. How can they possibly have time for the Abu Ghraib behavior or freeze-framing video tape of Saddam? What is our military being taught? Or are things so desperate that anyone can now "qualify to serve" in the military?
I hesitate to ask "what's next" because they undoubtedly have it in the works as soon as the general public will shut up and take what's good for them.
And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Motivation + Achievement = Taxation

Now we are doing the math, yes? Here in our town, we have come across a real sore spot between the "powers that be" and those of us who live under the "powers that be." The city has insisted upon a community appearance program in which the tax paying property owners have been pushed and prodded and oppressed to the point of no return. You simply would not believe the number of places For Sale! Then when the property owner relents and attempts to make the improvements, we find the county is assessing all the improvements and telling us that increases the value of the property. Wrong!!! What that increases is our taxes, plain and simple, and nothing more. Now don't forget that we are also the ones that are attempting to "help" all the less fortunate and underprivileged, which amounts to nothing more than meeting the demands of an already overly demanding government. Did you ever think a government official would use the same manipulation as your mom and try to make you feel guilty for what someone else has, while still making you feel that it is your freedom and opportunity [well actually, obligation] to achieve? Of course, with this enabling demanding leadership at the top, what do we expect? And for those of us who would like to contribute, how do we just sit back and suck up law suits, disability labels and entitlements? I am actually related to a disabled secretary that "can't" perform her previous employment duties, but can do any other kind of work and document data for any other cause, other than of course, honest employment. And, she has all the entitlements of being disabled.
Now back to realizing our "freedom to pay taxes" has become nothing more than a penalty for achieving. You know, there is really nothing more that needs to be said. That really says it all, now, doesn't it?
But require them to make the same number of bricks as before; don't reduce the quota. . . Make the work harder . . .

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

No Free Lunch!

Anyone that still believes there is no free lunch has never been to St. Joseph, MO or probably countless other American inner cities that are getting huge government grants for charity. As a property owner and tax payer, I'm exhausted. You see, we are among the Americans that are still trying to achieve and contribute, [the true minority] while also showing compassion and charity, and you know, the demands are really intense from both directions. As I catered, and I do mean catered, to the line at the food kitchen today, I realized there is a real problem in our country. Many people have just decided they will never contribute, only receive. I am absolutely shocked and amazed at the number of able bodied people that expect a hand-out and don't find any shame in that. I am also shocked at the amount of food that isn't eaten, but gets scraped into the garbage, at the FREE food kitchen. And the recipients make no bones about it, of course neither do those in administration. As we have all become aware, there is no shame in begging any more, it's big business and even bigger government administration. This administration and beggar relationship is much more secure than company/union ever was. And for those of us who believe we should help those that are less privileged, just who has defined privileged or under privileged? Is someone that doesn't pay taxes or maintain property, yet has a warm dry place to live and three meals a day served to them, without having to go to the market or wash a dish really less privileged? Couldn't all this effort and expense actually be used to help children or people that are really disabled? As I saw those people go through the line today, demanding, yes demanding certain desserts or fuller beverages, etc., I thought to myself, they don't have to pay an increased property assessment, why they don't even have to buy outrageously priced gasoline for a mower. And, when it's all said and done, they get to cash a monthly check and ask me for a receipt on their rent, because renters can file short form and recieve a credit. When was the last time a married couple with a mortgage had that privilege? No Free Lunch! is a cliche that is well on it's way to retirement, but undoubtedly there will be no pension and no government subsidy.
the sluggard buries his hand in the dish; he is too lazy to bring it back to his mouth

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Sometimes I hear things that just seem too outlandish for the news, and then I remember, I live in America. Without free speech and freedom of the press, I wouldn't be writing this. And I certainly don't want to be monitored and censored, but journalists and politicians have really outdone themselves this week. When I read that Dr. Rice had referred to the Koran with the adjective "holy," I tried to check it out, but never found any tangible print. So, then one must begin to sort the red and blue herrings. Did somebody throw that out there to get the heat off of the Newsweek article. I mean really, where are the religious right? Can you believe that someone in America in national politics called another religion's book holy and the religious right did nothing? So, I'm thinking, maybe that "holy" adjective wasn't used after all. And I just don't know what Newsweek was thinking. Have they forgotten that when the fundamentalists of another religion get angry, decapitations take place? If they are angry at America's politicians, fine, write an article about that, blog if they have to! But America's journalists and photographers need to remember, there are other people that will pay the price, so get the story straight. Retractions just don't have the same power that headlines do.
Now, back to the politicians and the event. I actually heard a quote from White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, on a republican radio station use the adjective "holy" in referring to the Muslim book. I can't believe that, I don't want to believe that. When was the last time any of the "persons of faith" at the White House even referred to the Bible as Holy? Just what is the faith of our leaders?
And as far as Newsweek goes, apparently they didn't get far enough in the story to consider the ramifications of such an act on the plumbing. I do not know the dimensions of the Koran, but I really don't think a Newsweek would flush.

But as He which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy I Peter 1:15, 16 Holy Bible

Monday, May 16, 2005

Whose Side Are We Really On?

I realize it is "politically correct" to be somewhat skeptical regarding Israel and her rights in the Middle East. Some are downright indignant against Israel. After having been there and seeing for myself, I am as pro-Israel as ever. I believe America's religious right present a pro-Israel facade that is actually causing some of the "anti" sentiments. That is not a typo for Semitism. The American Presbyterians were the first to pull back from supporting Israel and if I am not mistaken, Dr. Condaleezza Rice and Dr. Bill Frist are both Presbyterian. And in all fairness, the Democrats actually do attempt to present the Palestinians to be the displaced victims. With all that being said, I am pro-Israel, simply because the Bible very clearly outlines the geographical borders of the nation of Israel and they have no where near that amount of land, anyway. Much of the land that President Bush is pushing Prime Minister Sharon to "give up" was actually purchased years ago, and even what was won in the Six Day War, was won. Nobody in Britian or the US, is calling the geography of the 13 colonies, occupied land. Let's get real, here. America has done nothing but encourage and push Israel to make concessions our leaders wouldn't dream of doing. And America hasn't really been kind or forthright about this. As already stated, we have the religious and powerful that are actually participating in a ban against Israel. Our President proclaims in the face of terrorism, "we won't relent and we do not negotiate with terrorists." But his advice to Prime Minister Sharon has been very different. I can't believe the hypocrisy. President Bush's followers can't get along with other Americans of a different party, and this is the man that thinks he can bring peace to two peoples that have been enemies for over 4,000 years? That would bring me to another reference in Scripture. The Messiah promised to bring peace when He returns and anyone else that promises is speaking lies. If only the . . . And then we get to the promises and the funding for the Palestinians. Dr. Rice mentioned that they should have a land that is contiguous. Which means, if the Gaza Strip and Golan Heights and West Bank are to connect, Israel will give up much more and basically be surrounded by a people that do not want to acknowledge the existence of Israel. And the Palestinians have been promised $200 million American dollars in their establishment efforts. Think about this, I have examples that compare. Say someone is suing your best friend and you hire the lawyer for the one filing the law suit . . . Say your best friend gets a divorce from someone whom you have called a real jerk and then you start keeping time with your friend's ex. Just how does a nation rationalize funding the enemy of an ally?
He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Political Correctness?

I looked up the definition on WordWeb . . .

Political Correctness: Avoidance of expressions or actions that can be perceived to exclude or marginalize or insult people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against

Political Incorrectness: The use of expressions or actions that can be perceived to exclude or marginalize or insult groups who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against

Isn't it interesting that the party that attempts and strives for political correctness is now socially disadvantaged?

And isn't it also interesting that the controlling party with majority favor finds political incorrectness to be a virtue?

If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.

Monday, May 02, 2005

What is the Law Regarding Cold Feet?

Well, here we are, America making national headlines out of what, forty years ago, would have been beauty shop gossip. Now, granted, we all have an opinion of how we would have better handled the situation, and I am sure many opinions are much more responsible than Jennifer’s choice, but all of us with opinions weren’t in her shoes. But, I am really getting concerned about the fact that meddling expenses may be entitled to reimbursement and adults are no longer free to leave town if they choose. The laws are getting interesting. It wasn’t so long ago that a missing persons report couldn’t even be filed on an adult for 48 hours. And I don’t know a person alive that doesn’t know somebody that pulled some sort of questionable stunt regarding marriage. Remember an old Dick Van Dyke Show, in which Laura finally admitted she had lied about her age on the marriage license application? What would we do with the “likes of her” now? I did find it ironic in this woman’s situation, that in running out on a marriage, she went to the “marriage capital” of the country; Las Vegas. So, is this a matter of cold feet? Did she want to see how simple an elopement in Vegas was compared to a guest list of 600 with 14 attendants? I hear all the talk about her potential problems in what she did and I think, sure, this wasn’t a stable move, but . . . When I read Friday that she called from New Mexico and finally told the truth or the version they are accepting, there were no charges expected from the Albuquerque police, I thought ok, she’s really only been missing 3 days, less than a full day after a missing person’s official filing. Once again, not stable, her relationship is probably in jeopardy, but . . . The city is considering billing or suing for searching costs, when a great deal of the manpower was volunteers? Now, some prosecutor in Georgia wants to see if she broke a law? With all these questions in the air, now, I have a few. I am not in any way attempting to rationalize her behavior, but she’s not the only one that I am having trouble understanding.
With this frantic search, and she is home and alive, what would have been better results? and don’t forget, she’s the one that made the call, no one found her!
I remember cold feet being mentioned right away, so are city and county government now entitled to recoup funds they claim were used when there was no reason to begin the search? Is it now going to be illegal to lie to your boyfriend? Is it going to be illegal in Georgia to lie in another state? You do know, this will help the proponents of the National ID agenda, and for that I will say, she has done her part to ruin it for everyone else, but other than that . . . Men have gone to the store for cigarettes and never come back, women have left husbands, lock, stock and barrel with no note. And before all our security programs, would we have considered after finding someone alive and unharmed, to find a way to “book ’em?”
It is an honor for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling

Thursday, April 21, 2005


When the the crocus have bloomed already, and when the forcythia blooms, spring is here and Passover is at hand. Those are the signs in the midwest of America. In Israel, it is right before the first fruits. The first harvest is at hand. I am really excited this year as we prepare for Passover, because there is something that I have been overlooking for years that will be included in our observation of this most awesome deliverance. And I am going to post tomorrow afternoon and then take a week to simply focus on the Goodness that G~d is, and the freedom that I have in Y'shuah. I know this sounds more like a sermon than my usual political blog, well maybe it is. The usual political players are contributing their usual performance for blog material, but there is something more amazing that I am getting to observe. This is big stuff! G~d delivered the children of Israel from the bondage of Egypt and then close to a couple of thousand years later, He sent His Son to die on Passover and free the whole world of the bondage, we don't call sin, but G~d does. If you don't believe that G~d created the world in six days and did all those plagues in Egypt and miracles in the wilderness, then clearly we have a different religion, but I am celebrating this. And there's more Good News, all the miracles Y'shuah did while on earth, He still does them. Oh, I know there are all kinds of methods of man, and science and discovery, but G~d still does what He always did. I figure He has graciously allowed unbelievers to have all these other remedies, that they might live long enough to actually see Him for Who He is. So, once again, a different religion, but with so much promotion of tolerance and dilution of Scriptural faith, it's been clouded and muddled. Well, I am actually excited and looking forward to this wonderful opportunity and this awesome day of remembrance of deliverance.
and always be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks you a reason concerning the hope that is in you

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Power of RIGHT

While I am proposing questions of preponderance, the right marches on! And this right, left thing . . . don’t think it isn’t a political ploy from the beginning. There is a real stigma with not being Right in something. I am left handed and have literally heard someone refer to that as “wrong handed.” We desire to be in our “right minds.” In every discussion we want to be right. Certainly in an argument, everybody wants to be right! And the various terms that are associated with the word RIGHT are the key to why it is best to be right! I looked up Right first for antonyms and found three: center, left, wrong. Well do these three words sound like anything we listened to through the debates and campaigns. Politically, center is moderate and both sides aren’t terribly proud of that position. The Bible instructs us to “let our moderation show to all . . .” Well, the only time I have heard politicians refer to the Bible in the last four years is on the campaign trail or at time of war. Left is the opposite of right when one is referring to hands or turns. Left does not, however; have the same definition as the word wrong except in American politics. Wrong is still considered the opposite of right, but not necessarily the opposite of moral or righteous. For you see, moral people can kill now, they call it pre-emptive strikes. And righteous people can hate, as long as it is someone that politically disagrees. And somehow, the American public and certainly the ones claiming to be right, have associated all the synonyms of the word right with their politics. Correct, decent, good, proper, powerful, justly, mighty, suitable.
The true reality is: we know that totalitarian government is no better than communism and a dictatorship is not superior to socialism. They are all extremes that we have read about and observed in other countries and governments that we say, we do not want here in America. What so many Americans seem to be forgetting is the farther left or right anyone leans, the more diminished is the chance to simply move in the forward direction.
Where would our American society be if way back before there were republicans and democrats, the political extremes had been labeled in the opposite manner. Let’s face it, the republicans have something going for them that the democrats are never going to have. People like to be RIGHT.
do according to all the law, which Moses My servant commanded you: don`t turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may have good success wherever you go.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


The word patriotism is really getting a workout these days and the definitions are so varying. And I realize I am beginning to sound as negative about what is going on in America ,as Rush L. did through the Clinton years. Only, he made a lot more money at it. And I don't want to sound negative, I wish I could be encouraging, but we need to get on the right path for that. I realize the Repentance Party wouldn't get many votes, but the Golden Rule Party should seem somewhat appealing. What are we to do, now that patriotism; also is in the eye of the beholder, but mostly in the definition of the most powerful mouth? I really don't want to sound like the radio guys, but they do have one thing going for them, they can really promote political propaganda, and I don't. While I am trying to introduce this concept of: Hey, we need to question this! Hey, we really need to question this! Well, while I am proposing questions of preponderance, the right marches on! How did the republican party get to be the patriotic party? How did the other American political party get reduced to problematic? And the small formerly third parties are smaller and closer to former every day. How is it that while Rush Limbaugh degraded every step President Clinton took, he was perceived to be a patriot? And how is it that those that do not applaud every step President Bush takes, are questionable and possibly even anti-American? I thought patriotism was love of country, which may lean a little too much toward idolatry for me anyway. I looked up the meaning of patriotism. It is love of contry and willingness to sacrifice for it. Well, I pray for this country and it's leaders and pay some amazing taxes and I am not in the age group to collect Social Security, so by definition, even though I am not a republican, I am in fact a patriot! And, I am praying for our country and it's leaders regardless of who is the President. I truly try to be loyal to our country, but when something is wrong and an entire nation is being led against the Bible, I have to say something. I was embarrassed when I was overseas and the news reported about America and our leaders from a non-sheltering perspective. Other countries were certainly not bashing our nation, but just telling the news without a bias or just showing the behavior of our leaders, and it wasn't pretty. I don't like it when America looks so petty and rude around the world, and often we do, but I am an American and I try very hard to not be disloyal to any leader, but I do feel I have the right to disagree, at least for now, I feel that I have the right to disagree and voice it. I do love our country. I wish our generation wasn't still trying to struggle through the legacy left for us, and we were leaving a better America for our grandchildren than we were given. I do want that, but honestly I don't see it happening. I was absolutely ashamed in 1993, when a political promoter was hired to present a nightly TV program to abase Bill Clinton's presidency. The show began the same way Ted Kopel introduced Nightline through the Iranian hostage siutation. And that political promoter is still called a patriot by his faithful listeners. There are people who do love our country and really do want it to be a better place for their children and grandchildren and are willing to make the sacrifice. Wouldn't it be nice if the leaders were so willing?
In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war . . .

Monday, April 18, 2005

Who's Who In This Deal?

I've been hearing good reports about this Minuteman Project. I also heard that the school that was housing them, was fined, but I can't confirm it, so I will qualify both statements as hearsay. I read that the Border Patrol was really appreciative of the Minuteman Project and thought President Bush and the ACLU were not really judging the situation for what it is. Once again, I don't have actual facts about this, but it just doesn't make sense to me that our President would call for so much "cracking down" on Americans every time we turn around and then leave the border wide open. I have no idea what the plan is, but I am sure there is one. Now, the ACLU looking for something to squawk about, doesn't leave the same lingering question. I have the impression from what I am reading that the ACLU feels compelled to protect the rights of illegal aliens. Well, they have made a lot of noise about the loss of American's freedoms, but they don't seem to be too successful at actually helping us preserve them. I am beginning to think the ACLU is just a "prop" to keep the red herrings swimming by, and the conservatives in an uproar. I mean really, the ACLU can't be all that powerful. Where are they as all these people are being arrested and held? Where are they as people with minimal tax delinquencies are have their vehicles towed? Where are they, as American school children are subjected to every questionable opinion from both political sides? And, I have really been questioning why the Minuteman Project has not been given their due respect according to the 2nd Amendment. Surely there is one person in the Minuteman Project that is also a member of the NRA. Or, is that the problem, the Minuteman Project cannot be recognized as valuable unless it is under the umbrella of the NRA. Where are the lobbyists for the Minuteman Project? Well that question, I think I can answer. I think everyone that really believes in this cause and has the time and funds to be involved are on the "front line" so to speak. It would seem, these Minutemen have the heart and soul of the founding fathers. They don't have time to play politics, they are protecting our country and setting the example of what it is to be a patriot.
Be strong and very courageous . . .

Saturday, April 16, 2005

What's The Deal?

I checked out my news page this evening and find myself reading about the G-7. What happened to the G-8? Remember, last year, they all had their private meeting on an island off the coast of Georgia, for security reasons. And when I did a google search about the G-8, one of the entries worded, G-8, formerly G-7. So, now it's G-7 again, last year it was G-8, but before that it was G-7. But I can never find the reason for the change in numbers, nor can I find who seems to be inconsistant in their membership. I will tell you right now, I didn't search very long, because I start getting these [This Page is No Longer Available] browsers and I just get disgusted. I have gotten a bit skeptical here, and I better type it early, because if Dr. Frist gets his way, the latest edition of the DSM_-R will have a new entry for mental illness called political paranoia. The bad thing about this, is; it won't be general news until all the political ducks in Washington are in a row and in agreement. And those of us that are warning everyone will be the first to be called political paranoids or conspiracy theorists. I am including a link, just for your perusal. I found it an interesting perspective. Going to make a lovely companion to the New Freedom Initiative that President Bush has already signed into law. And our new Attorney General thinks we need more groping in the airports. The security isn't enough, yet. Well, probably not, there are still what two or three airlines in America that haven't gone bankrupt, yet? Let's make air travel more invasive, if possible. I think, if the security that is in place has missed all that he claims they have let go through, and there still hasn't been another 9/11, the problem is not so problematic. If we still have an open border, and our airlines are letting all the undercover guys get through security and the bags that get detained in check-on, but the person always gets away, we are looking pretty safe. I mean, President Bush says there are still tons of gaps in our intelligence system and I will agree with his astute observation of a void in intelligence. Attorney General Gonzoles says there is not enough security, but we haven't been attacked. How much more do we need, when the mission is accomplished? So what's the deal?
Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Bottom Line

The Fair Tax is back on the Table and this is probably perfect timing. It is tax season and it is time for outdoor activities. Talk radio is being pre-empted for baseball, so this is the perfect time to get things changed when no one is really paying attention. And this Fair Tax thing must be so great, because it is starting to get fed to us from all directions. That’s right, you know something is just too good to pass up, when it keeps getting thrust upon you. You know, this Fair Tax, makes sense in two ways. Clearly the American public spends more than they make, so taxing the outgo, rather than the income is just good business, but our government isn’t a business. Anytime a business is operating in the deficit that our government operates, it’s time for restructuring, downsizing, or bankruptcy. Oh, but our government just changed the bankruptcy laws, so that may not be an option. Back to the Fair Tax . . . Remember, I know about this definition of FAIR. FAIR is defined by the one presenting their agenda, and to agree with them is always the decision on the side of FAIR.
The Fair Tax and Social Security reform will resolve the gay marriage issue. There will be nothing to file together or separately and there will be nothing to collect when any of us are old. Problem solved!
And no politician had to risk losing an election. Besides, the executive branch can blame the judicial branch and the judicial branch can blame the legislative branch, and the legislative branch will put the responsibility back on the constituents, and maybe that is the way it should be. Why are we putting up with all this nonsense? But the bottom line is, everything for any of the mere mortal citizens and the gay marriage issue will ultimately be out of the “wringing hands” of every elected official. Since I am quite sure there is a difference between marriage ordained by G~d and the certificate of the state, legislation changes nothing. But it sure gets everybody in an uproar. And that really seems to be the mission our government is accomplishing! Can’t they just do it a little cheaper? Back to tax . . . What are we going to do with unemployed IRS auditors and agents? What will happen to H&R Block Stock? I’m not tongue in cheek, here, managing taxes are a big part of the American economy, what will be the impact and results? And when it gets down to the bottom line. The experts pushing for this Fair Tax, say prices will go down 20%-30%, due to eliminating “hidden taxes.” If they never told us about these “hidden taxes” until now, what has determined we can trust them now? When the majority of Americans are in the 28% tax bracket and are having difficulty affording Americana. And our government is sinking lower and lower in what they now call “shortfalls,” collecting 28% of our income. How will 23% sales tax really cover the high maintenance government we must now support? So what is the bottom line? Are the powers that be, banking on us to spend more than we make, or is 23% just very, very temporary?
it shall come to pass at the ingatherings, that ye shall give a fifth unto Pharaoh, and four parts shall be your own,

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Campaigning toward 2008

After my devotion time this morning, an interesting thought occurred to me. I have already read where some are trying to make an amendment to enable the Governor of California to run for president, but that isn’t looking too likely. But I did find it interesting to discover that another popular Hollywood figure, known for his devotion was in fact an American citizen, who has just been living out of the country for awhile. I was shocked to see a website promoting Mel Gibson for president. What a concept, and he’s deeply religious, or so the movie reviews indicate. Now you may ask what are his credentials for the office of president? And to that I really don’t have an answer, other than to say, he certainly wouldn’t be the first actor in the White House. But I have gone a bit farther in my scenario and included Dr. Condoleezza Rice on the ticket. I am not sure that it really matters who would be President and who would be Vice. Clearly, the Republicans want a winning ticket, and I just think that combination is the Republican hope for holding their own against Hillary Clinton. The Republicans don’t really have a popular candidate and Florida’s governor has just had his hands too full to prepare for this, so I really won’t be surprised at all if they manage this particular combination. And, if you consider the two women . . . Hillary has literally worked for years laying the groundwork, but the platform she has produced is truly much more personified in Dr. Rice, than in Mrs. Clinton. Dr. Rice is the single woman that has literally accomplished so much on her own. Hillary is Mrs. Clinton. Dr. Rice is the one that works and travels and made the choice to actually succeed in “a man’s world.” Furthermore, Dr. Rice is not only a shining example to little girls throughout our country, but also to children of ethnicity. She is a powerful, black woman, and that is an exciting accomplishment, that should be duly noted, and worthy of votes. Dr. Rice is not hard-lined when it comes to the issue of abortion, but when it comes to pro-lifers, she is a religious conservative, and certainly closer to their views than Hillary has presented herself to be. And anyway, America loves a good fight . . .
Turn your ear, and listen to the words of the wise.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Religion of Philosophy

I am usually pretty vocal when it comes to the religious right or the politicians misquoting or questioningly applying Scripture, but I don’t usually say too much when it comes to the “liberals” they are “coming against.” There are two reasons for that. One is, it is very difficult to make a point with a liberal. Because they can see everyone’s perspective, or so they say. Or maybe they really do believe they have that lofty perspective, who knows? When one disagrees with any detail of the beliefs of a neo-conservative, they determine that individual to be somewhere between a moderate and an anarchist, all of which are wrong, anyway, so it doesn‘t matter. They know and I know, we disagree. But the liberal philosophers are different, there appears to be a sense of accomplishment with a circular conversation. So, at the end of the chat, they know and I know, words can be plenteous without being meaningful. Now back to my second reason for not saying much about the liberal perspective. I really didn’t see it as a progressive political party any more, so what’s to argue, where are they going? But the philosophy of “blending concepts” has truly become the American religion, even amongst what some would call Christians. Just as the neo-conservative right wing religion gains momentum in all they stand against, the liberal philosophy gains acceptance in all they say they accept. But just as with the neo-cons, the liberal philosophers have a difficult time embracing another view especially when it comes to religion. It would seem they are as devout in their mix of beliefs, as the conservatives are in George Bush, and I am in the Bible. I didn’t take them seriously as a religion, before, but I do now. They need and deserve to be recognized. I am not going to be presumptuous and state their tenets of faith, because I do not know them, but they do have them. Nor am I going to name their religion, other than for the sake of this post refer to it as humanistic philosophy, but it is a creed, it is a system of beliefs with it’s own doctrine of sorts, agenda, and even a bit of dogma, now and again. Humanist Philosophy is probably growing more rapidly than any other religion for two basic reasons. It isn’t recognized as an authentic religion, therefore it doesn’t come across as something too devout, nor to devoutly avoid. And it presents itself much more calmly and resolutely than most recognized religions. Most of it’s “faithful” are degreed or degree seeking individuals with an intellectual aloofness or pseudo-intellectual comportment. Be it good or bad, things that are not recognized for what they are, tend to be fully developed by the time they are acknowledged. And I now acknowledge that we are looking at a bona fide religion. This humanistic philosophical religion t has a little politics, a little science, a little ethics, and even a little Bible, but each of these contributory factors are weighed and woven by the believer.
I perceive that in all things ye are very religious

Monday, April 11, 2005

Bible Literalists?

I know I’ve posted that I am a minister, but this is not a sermon. I have discovered, as a minister, I get to hear everyone else’s beliefs. And I get to hear how much they compare their beliefs to mine, and yet there is little comparison. There has really been some bothersome terminology in the news, recently about the Bible literalists. Now, these are the D. James Kennedy and Jerry Falwell, followers, and they are not Bible literalists. If someone believes the Bible, literally, they realize their Commission is not to be morality monitor, but to share the Good News with others. G~d never called His people to force the rules on people that were not interested in following G~d. And the promises of G~d, such as healing are not considered to be in effect any longer, by these men that are determined to be everyone’s conscience. I mean, they pray, but they go to doctors. True believers that take the Scriptures literally don’t eat pork, turn the other cheek, trust G~d for healing, and don’t beg for money. And when they don’t follow G~d’s divine statutes, it is called sin, rationalization is not allowed! Repentance is a must! Forgiveness is available in Y’shuah, that ‘s the Good News, but the definition of sin is still determined by G~d’s Word, not by the moral majority. If these men really wanted to stop abortion, for instance, first they would quit making it a political issue, all together. You see, literally the Bible says we are to share the love of G~d with those around us. Do you really think someone that knows and feels the love of G~d could kill? I know the war-mongers may be convincing, but Y’shuah set the example and He healed the ear of his captor. Now, back to G~d’s love stopping abortion. You know, it might be worth a try, because the moral majority can’t do it and the religious politicians are powerless, but the G~d of the true Bible believers is not powerless. And there’s more! The Good News is the answer to all the woes of man. Granted, everyone isn’t interested, but many have never heard. And what is sad, the attitude of the moral majority and those that call themselves literalists, are making things very difficult for those of us that are just trying to walk with G~d and share the Truth of His love and mercy. I am absolutely sure the Bible is to be believed literally, and fully. But the religious lobbyists and the politicians that think they are appointed by G~d have a completely different agenda and belief system than those of us that believe the Bible, literally.
Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged:

Saturday, April 09, 2005


I have to just take a moment and quit looking at all the things in our world that are annoying, and take a deep breath and notice that spring is here. The sights and sounds of spring are always invigorating. In the little corner of the world that I call home, it is springtime. The barren limbs and ground, are now sending forth greenery. And there is just a delightful dainty rainbow of colors in all the tiny blooms in the ground cover G~d has planted. The crocuses and jonquils have been beautiful this year and the daffodils , never more yellow. There is already wonderful evidence of the tulips and lily of the valley that will be forthcoming. I have to just take a rest from the hourly 3-5 minutes of news and the many hours of news analysis that is promoted and offered. It would appear that the botanical bounty that G~d has allowed me to plant will be doing well this year, also. I have already seen some very green strawberry leaves. The fruit vines are gaining leaves daily and the peach tree is adorned with the most beautiful burgundy leaves this time of year. It will be so pretty with the burgundy leaves and the delicate pink blossoms soon. I have also been noticing the baby birds. I haven’t seen them in their nests, I haven’t really seen too many nests, I am referring the ones that are just big enough to be “out and about.” I watched one the other evening, glide and flap his wings with just enough momentum to make it from a tree limb to land on an overhead wire. He appeared to be hanging on for dear life, wondering how he would ever get off the wire, yet fully aware that he had actually flown! Whether or not, he thought all the things that I pondered for him, I felt blessed to get to see his early flight. I have also noticed how much pigeons sound like doves, and that just makes them more beautiful to think of them that way. Actually I have noticed their variegated feathers, and they really are pretty birds. They just travel in big messy bunches. And then I think of “Pete,” the pigeon in Greece that met me every morning on the roof top cafĂ© at the inn where we stayed. He came right up to the table, knowing I would be giving him dry cereal as I enjoyed my morning coffee taking in the scenery of Athens and the ships on the Mediterranean. In the spring, I am so grateful for life, that I must take the time to just acknowledge the beauty of G~d‘s freshly awakened world. When I appreciate life, I must accredit G~d.
When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained; What is man, that you are mindful of him?

Thursday, April 07, 2005


It's just time to stop and quit looking at everything that is annoying, for just a minute. In the little corner of the world that we live, it is spring, and with spring G~d brings the most delightful sounds and sights. The barren looking limbs and ground are now donning more shades of green than I can imagine. And there are hints of lavendar and yellow in some of the perrenial ground cover that G~d has planted. There are also beautiful jonquils and daffodils, varying shades of purple phlox, and the deep rich burgundy color of the leaves on our peach tree, that I planted. These colors all stand out beautifully against the clear blue sky of warm spring days. I've actually seen some very green strawberry leaves. I've had my fill, lately of all the news, actually, I can't say it's the news, because it's just a matter of 3 minutes of the hour, but the news analysis is well beyond exhausting. So, I will leave the famous guys to analyze it all and spend my moment here sharing spring. I have been particularly aware of the baby birds this year. Not the ones in the nest, I don't think I've seen many nests, but the ones that are just getting "out and about." I watched one that could spread his wings just enough to glide to the overhead wire and perch. He looked like he was hanging on for dear life, didn't know how to get down, but realized he had in fact flown! I listen to the calls and sounds of the various species of birds and realize pigeons sound alot like doves. And you know, they just seem much prettier when I look at it that way. And then I do notice the varigated colors of their feathers, and they really are pretty birds. They just travel in big messy bunches. And then I think of "Pete," the pigeon in Greece that met me every morning on a roof top cafe. The colors are beautiful, the spring sounds are sweet, and my soul is grateful for the opportunity to live and breathe and enjoy the wonders of G~d's creation. Spring makes me appreciate life, and life makes me grateful to G~d.
When I consider Your heavens the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained; What is man, that You are mindful of him?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Overcoming Party Differences

I have heard a few things in the news lately that I believe are confirming my suspicions. I have commented previously, on the positive impact Bill Clinton had on the republican party, but now Hillary is speaking or attempting to sound moderate. Do the Clintons see the handwriting on the wall and realize they better jump on board and be a part of the only party left ?[pardon the pun] Or has this been a part of the bigger picture for some time? The other morning, I heard a blip on the news that sounded like a quote from former President Clinton regarding his work on the Carter presidential campaign. The statement and I can’t quote it, but went about like this, [that was before southern Democrats knew G~d was a republican.] Has Bill Clinton seen the evangelical right’s light? My theory is much more controversial and ominous. I have thought for years, Bill Clinton was placed strategically between the Bushes to gain republican momentum. You see, there is an old saying, something to the effect, “nothing unites like a common enemy.” And we can clearly see that the red and the blue now consider each other enemy to their ideals. So my theory that Bill Clinton was more enamored with the address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and politics was merely a “means to the end.” I mean, think about it. We had already had the Reagan years, and the citizens went from abject disgust of his economics to becoming his loyal followers wanting him on the money and Mt. Rushmore. And then we had the Bush I years, and really with President Reagan’s health, we don’t know how much of the Reagan years were really Bush I years. At any rate, the American people would not have accepted 28 straight years of one party in the White House, and yet the politics have really never changed since 1980. It was President Clinton that gave us NAFTA, cut welfare, and made the country mad at democrats. And everyone knows, a large percentage of our nation just loves to be mad; angry and indignant, especially about sex.
Now the next thing I hear, is the only President that hosted the Pope can’t go to his funeral. That’s right President Carter is officially not invited. President Ford’s health is too frail. But both President Bushes, President Clinton, and of course Dr. Rice will be attending. There are several members of Congress that will also be in attendance, but not the democratic President that the Pope actually visited in the White House. So, I’m thinking when the republicans raised the question and used the Bible passage about a wolf in sheep’s clothing referring to our leader that behaved immorally, I’m thinking they may be more accurate than I gave them credit. I’m watching, as Mr. Clinton now attempts to appear respectful in his travels with Mr. Bush and as President Bush continues to include Mr. Clinton, seems the three politicians get along much better than the two parties. Are they rising above party differences for the “greater good?” Surely, no American has been swept up in that much spin . . .
and impostors shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Marking of the Beast

I spoke with the Animal Control Department for our city today and received confirmation before I began this blog. We know years ago, the Conservation Agents began marking or tagging certain species to ensure they continued to thrive with both hunting and the progress of suburbia. And then the earth people joined in and started protecting the endangered species and that changed the view and support a bit. But basically the same procedure was taking place, it was just a matter of a different priority. But long before that, there was the marking of the beasts and it was called branding. That was so we could know who the cattle belonged to. Then, as cities began to take more control, our pets received a tag to let the authorities know we were tending to our responsibilities and getting them their shots and paying for licenses. Money always figures in somewhere, whether it is a city license or a hunting license or a construction permit for land development. The reason: the Bible said, in the last days, there would be no buying or selling, i.e., commerce; with out the mark of the beast. You see, I have offered these scenarios from our history because most of us didn’t see the handwriting on the wall. We didn’t see the direction for the marking of the beasts, but the reality is now clearly in our face. Now we have cattle that receive a chip, and we have dogs and cats that receive chips. Why? Well the cattle receive this marking to track them for mad cow disease or whatever the three initial term is: [BSE?]. Three initials is the trend for identification, these days. Eventually it will be three numbers. Back to our marking of the beasts. Our neighbor’s new little pup got out accidentally and Animal Control was “right on top of it.” We didn’t know who’s pup it was, it was so new. After the revelation from the City, we now have an underground understanding. There is a chain attached to our tree in our front yard. If we see a pet that is loose and it will come to us, it will be there for the owner to retrieve, so the city does not get ahold of it. Our neighbor explained to us, and the city officials confirmed, for the little pup to be returned to its owner, the same day, mind you, it must be chipped. That’s right, the owner had to agree to the chip or the dog would not be returned to his custody. Once the city has taken “possession” of the animal, the owner must pay for the various discretionary charges and the fee for implanting the “chip.” But don’t kid yourself, people love this stuff, it’s for everyone’s best interest. . . It’s a wonderful way to know which animals have received their shots . . . Whatever. What this is, is the perfect way to control the owners, you know the tax payers that just want to have “man’s best friend” hanging around the house with them and they love their pets. And what is on these chips? Information about the owner, no doubt! So, rather than have their pet euthanized, they submit to the powers that be and have them marked or chipped or tagged. See how subtle this is? Right now, it's just animals, but the handwriting on the wall is getting clearer. The owner is given the choice to have their pet marked and live or be killed. This is only shades of things to come . . .
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark,

Monday, April 04, 2005

Whose Project is the Minuteman Project?

The Minuteman Project has made the news in another way, now. I was absolutely amazed that President Bush and the ACLU both presented disapproval and a rather negative view of the Minuteman Project. With the Republicans and the NRA being so close, and pro Second Amendment, I was shocked when our President referred to the Minuteman Project as vigilantes. And even more surprised that they explained themselves so clearly, they are unarmed and still willing to take the physical risk to protect our borders. Now, I am not even going to address the matter of illegal immigrantion from Mexico. That has gone on for years, and everyone is aware of the situation. The issue that does concern me, is all this “safety and protection” that is spinning our way, daily, while our leaders know the border to the south is virtually wide open. We are supposed to be battling terrorists and the proposed terrorists that were responsible for 9/11 gained access to our nation through the unprotected border between Canada and the US. Are our leaders unaware that the news is now global? Do our leaders forget that they are the ones that keep telling us that we must remain vigilant to avoid another 9/11? Do our leaders honestly believe the terrorists haven’t heard of the border patrol problem between the US and Mexico? And what about the MS-13 gang from Central America? Do our leaders not realize ineffective border patrol to the south is an open invitation to this group? It must be, they are already here!
Or is this just another chapter in the book of heroes and villains and mandates of the people? Is the American public getting manipulated into polarization, once again, only this time it’s a lose/lose situation for John Q. Public and Jane Doe. Will the people, finally be tired of hearing about problems and stand up for their right to tend to those problems under the Bill of Rights, at absolutely no cost to our fearless leaders? It is so easy to be fearless when one is not on the front line, now isn’t it. . . Will the Americans, under this Minuteman Project actually insist upon taking all the front line chances unarmed and call the border patrol when they have apprehended someone? Or, as our military becomes spread even thinner throughout the world, predominantly, the Middle East, will these men that are under such scrutiny now, actually be the ones that protect the homeland? Or will these men go to the trouble and expense to assemble, organize and find they will now be answering to yet another a new department of the government, organized specifically for this type of homeland security?
But it shall come to pass, if you will not listen to the voice of the Lord thy G~d . . .the alien that is within shall rise above you.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

You know, I have a real pet peeve when it comes to the way things are getting defined and redefined. It's Friday and it's been a grueling week. The news is all bad. And by the way, I do have some Good News. All the bad news that keeps mounting is one of the signs of the Good News of the Second Coming. More bad news for all those Left Behind Fans, there is no Scriptural evidence that anyone's "up and out" before the trouble starts. At any rate, I am looking forward to Sabbath and a new week. But, I must share one last observance with the way things have come to be. I believe the baby boomer generation gets way too much credit for the way things are. I have to tell you, whether it's feminism, PETA, or selfish views of entitlements, we were by far, not the first generation to think this stuff up. We just labelled it. So, lets give credit where credit is due. The women that became teenagers through the depression are the true example of feminists. Their lives clearly said, "I will decide where I will be and no one is going to make me stay on the farm and be a baby machine." Now, just because we have an organization called PETA, and that is just a strange concept to begin with. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals should also want people treated ethically, but for the most part, animals are placed above people. Well, how long have we had in our society, little old ladies with cats? Or remember when we were kids and had to "cater" to the little ornamental yipping house dog that belonged to the couple that didn't have children? And we knew they like animals better than kids. Kids just sense that sort of thing. Now lets move on to the aged saints of our society who don't want anyone to touch their pensions, inheritances, investments, or Social Security, because they are entitled to it all. And once again, we baby boomers don't have the sense they did! And they are right, rather than registered dogs, we had kids. And rather than choose to be working women, there was no choice. And now that the union has been replaced by immigrant conservative illegals, there will be no recourse. The neoconservative party can now get labor cheaper and the votes. As far as Social Security goes, we knew years ago, ours was taken. You see, in 1967 President Johnson "borrowed" from Social Security to fund the war, so once again, the baby boomers have managed life unwisely. All the boys in the baby boomer generation blew our Social Security on their senior trip to Viet Nam!
they did evil in the sight of the Lord . . . doing what was right in their own eyes

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