Monday, December 14, 2015

Immigration . . . A Means to an End?

With the recent stir regarding refugees into America, I can't help but wonder just how intently the citizens are being manipulated.  Without a doubt, mainstream media is an arm of power and control that is used to define and redefine "reality."  I'm truly shocked at the extremism of the political divisiveness on seemingly the same issue, and that is immigration.  Like most Americans, I have an opinion on the subject.  I'm not really weighing in on what we should do here, but rather sharing a perspective of what has occurred in this nation through "immigration."

The first immigrants were not called immigrants, they were called pilgrims, puritans, and pioneers.  Those "immigrants" drastically changed this country.  Is there any American alive today that cannot see how the culture changed through history?  I was going to be a bit brandishing in my next statement, but there's no need.  Most Americans at this point, truly do have their minds made up along party lines.  I find it fascinating as the "conservatives" post their anti-immigration comments, blogs, and memes, in regard to the current immigration situation; while apparently truly believing the European settlers had every right to come and take this land from the Native Americans.  Some even proudly proclaim it was the will of our Creator . . .

For those who are using the adjective "illegal," that is not necessarily the case with many.  Although for many, the move to the US isn't via Ellis Island, money exchanges hands paperwork is completed, and it somehow takes place.  There is entirely too much monitoring and tracking of the legal citizens, as well as reported numbers in this country, for anyone to believe our government does not have an accurate headcount.

The Obama loyalists, on the other hand apparently do not believe history can repeat itself.  Many refer to the pilgrims, puritans, and pioneers, now as invaders.  Liberal blogs, articles, and memes address the genocide of the Native Americans at the hands of what they call "invaders," yet they applaud the current influx of immigrants, and judge those who are vocal in their objections.

Folks, the division has been created . . . and both sides actually share a great deal of similarity, except they are so politically divided by label, they don't realize it.  The conservatives know the culture will be changed to accommodate the current wave of immigrants.  Actually the conservatives know the original immigrants brought change, as well, but they believe that change was good.  Many conservatives believe the Native Americans actually needed the European ways . . .  The same situation that we are facing now, did come about through the 1600s.  Folks were leaving Europe for new and better opportunities, but wanted to bring their old ways with them.  Sound familiar?

The Obama loyalists and liberal leaning folks also must know the culture will be changed, but they seem to believe at this time, they won't personally be affected.  The liberal stand seems almost vindictive toward our culture.  They can see what happened with the Native Americans and appear to be welcoming that, again.  They know immigrants change the culture and the sovereignty of the social standard.  American history definitely proves, the immigrants changed the culture and the language.  I don't understand why this would be so welcomed, especially since most of the immigrants are a lot more zealous in their religious beliefs than any Christian denomination.  These immigrants are as zealous in their beliefs as atheists are in theirs.

For some time now, I've understood that the Roman Empire was never disestablished, but rather mixed, mingled, and spread around the globe.  It's been obvious, since the 80s, the powers in Washington were not really so divided by party lines, but have managed to divide the people through party lines.  

The quote "Divide and Conquer" is attributed to Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar.  It is impossible of course to say for certain, but Julius Caesar has been attributed the quote "Divide et impera" which is latin for "Divide and Conquer".

We are on the precipice of a political chasm that will not be spanned, and immigration is the manufactured divisive issue. This could ultimately lead to each state taking their "impotent stand" against the federal government regarding the immigration of Syrian "refugees."  Of course, the federal government can override the states.  Look what the Supreme Court did to redefine marriage IN EVERY STATE, and Congress never did pass a law . . . but somehow "same sex marriage" has become the law of the land.  Yet, I digress . . .

If each state takes it's stand and calls in it's Guard Unit, we have Martial Law . . . Then for each state to protect it's state rights, we'll end up with check points at the state line.  I have a feeling, I'm watching a few go into place now . . .  What troubles this citizen the most, is the idea that the people are being manipulated to actually ask for and implement Martial Law to protect their state from forced immigration of questionable refugees.  

Basically, whether it is immigrants who refuse to assimilate or state guard to prevent their entry, the culture will be forever changed.  We might also keep in mind, since we are still dealing with a Romanesque government, Paul met death in Rome by the same method that is used by Islamic jihadists today. 

For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.  I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:  
           Paul's words to Timothy in his final letter

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