Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Airport Security and Health Care Reform

Now that we are seeing something looming on the horizon, I have to reiterate a blog I wrote a few years back. Airport security offends me on many levels, as does health care reform. I realize now that many talking heads are telling us it is not a loss of rights to be groped, treated rudely and refused something so basic as our own bottle of water, and perhaps they are right. Perhaps it is not a loss of rights, but it is a loss of dignity. Now that I think of it, dignity is not a promised right in America, but rather earned. Apparently even if it is earned, in the airport; we are all equal, except of course, airport security agents. I think what offends me most is the loss of what I do consider a fundamental concept mentioned in the bill of rights. Does anyone remember the premise that we are presumed innocent until proven guilty? Airport security has reversed that basic concept. If the talking heads are right, and we're not losing any rights, then so be it, but I was under the impression is was a right as an American citizen. I guess, this is the place where I just need to be thankful I don't live in Iran. Well, back to my concept. Seeing that the failed bomber allegedly had explosives in his underwear, I have three thoughts. First, if he had succeeded, just what did he plan to do with the 70 virgins? And second, I think we can be terribly glad, for the sake of future security procedures that he didn't have any explosives where I've read of drugs being hidden. And third, since I'm still unsure as to the authenticity of this entire ordeal, I do clearly see the introduction of body imaging security coming soon to an airport near you. So, I say let's kill two birds with one stone. Considering the expense that airport security will soon be, and the similar attitude of unquestionable authority between airport security and health care professionals, as well as the fears of rising health care with the reform, let's just crank up the resolution on the body imaging at the airports and we can go ahead and get the MRIs and CT scans at the same time.
For the day is near, even the day of YHVH is near, a cloudy day; it shall be the time of the heathen. a Prophet of Holy Scripture

Monday, December 28, 2009

What If?

I couldn't help but wonder this past week-end, just "What if?" I'm not trying to enhance the "Chicken Little Syndrome" and proclaim the sky is falling . . . quite the contrary. What if, while the snow was falling, and the banks were all closed for days, and some guy tried to light firecrackers on a plane, and Congress had just decided to print yet 300+ billion more dollars or raise the debt ceiling, and give us health care, and we mixed holy with profane for a winter holiday that nearly offends everyone now; things simply came to a screeching halt? What if many of us actually realized, life as we have known it, has changed, and within just a matter of a few glitches in a few days could forever change the way we do everything? Oh, the change has been like erosion . . . gradual over several years, but the shifting sand can no longer be shifted to feel like a foundation, and the ceiling of debt can no longer cover us and provide shelter. I've been particularly and keenly aware of the changes that have occurred since I entered the ministry over 15 years ago. Our religion has gotten much more materialistic and, well, greedy. Our government has gotten much more controlling, and the people have gotten much more divided and dependent. I told my husband, just this morning, to be considered outside of the norm in regard to religion, politics, medicine, and materialism is at this point, an award that I value greatly. It wasn't ever my goal, but it is a wonderful side benefit. I look around and I see so many people that are so utterly dependent upon the very things they claim to abhor and I just can't help but think yet another "What if." What if our lifestyle actually had to match our words? What if we realized we do believe in what we do? What if we realized we have replaced using our gifts and talents for a paycheck or social status? What if we realized, the banks could close, the roads could be closed, the weather could become unrelenting, and our money could be declared of no value? What if we realized all these questions I've raised could become reality with the exception of the weather, with just one or two keystrokes on a main computer? What if we wake up and realize G~D is allowing us to go our own way, just as HE did with ancient Israel?
Again in the ninth year, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, the word of YHVH came unto me, saying, Son of man, write thee the name of the day, even of this same day: the king of Babylon set himself against . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Putting the Christ in Christmas

Just how does one do that these days? I don't see the spiritual significance of a tree decked with silver and gold as mentioned in Jeremiah 10:3,4. That particular tradition obviously predates the birth of Messiah and was expressly forbidden for G~D's people. As for Santa, let's see, someone dressed in red and black arriving by means of a place of fire and takes the focus off of Messiah. In the words of the church lady on SNL, "Could it be . . . satan?" And look, if you move the "N" from the middle of the word "Santa" and tack it on the end . . . So, even though I don't believe Messiah or Christ as He is more often referred to, was born in December. Rather I should say, considering Israel is in about the same latitude as my own state, I don't think shepherds were out in the field by night in December, but since we're not actually told the date, today is as good as any. So, in honor of putting the Christ in Christmas, I've baked a wonderful spice cake, home made, I might add, and we'll be singing Happy Birthday soon. We'll not exchange gifts, it's not anyone else's birthday. We'll listen to Handel's Messiah, eat some birthday cake and well, regardless of the actual date, it's my little way of keeping Christ in Christmas.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. the Christmas passage in Luke 2

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thank you Senate and thanks to you too, Mr. President

What a gift! On Christmas Eve when purportedly the approximate 80+% of this nation that claims to be Christian will officially begin their Christmas celebrations, as well as many who do not claim any religion; our Senate will be working overtime and our President will postpone his arrival in Hawaii to bring us health care reform. And when it's all said and done, it's bad legislation all the way around. They keep talking like this is some sort of gift to we the American people.
Well, Merry *expletive* Christmas!
This is just smarmy, the way they are going about this. I have only voted for one republican in my life and that was a local election and a friend. I have never voted on a state level, much less national for a republican candidate, but these guys are really making me believe a change is needed in Washington. If the Republicans hadn't given us the USA Patriot Act, I might be considering them right now and if the Tea Partiers could spell and appeared to have gainful employment, I might consider them, but as it stands I'm afraid this health care reform is going to do what the USA Patriot Act did. We, the cared about and protected people, are just that much closer to absolute captivity for our own good! If there was anything really good for the people, would it need so much sugar coating? I mean these politicians are supposed to be representing us, so why so many amendments and buy-outs for votes? This is either good for the people or it isn't. This is the United States of America, right? If it's good for the people in Iowa, why does the Nebraska representative have to be wined and dined and promised the moon? What in the world does mandatory health care have to do with pumping even more money into New Orleans over Katrina? That was years ago now and health care has nothing to do with rebuilding, or it shouldn't. I just believe there is so much enshrouded in this health care bill, it will be years before all the damage shows, and we'll never get it paid for. If it was good for us, our representatives could agree before the cajoling or maybe if our representatives were good for us, they would need no cajoling. As for me, I'm not into a commercial Christmas, but I certainly wish Congress would take their holiday and I wish the President was already golfing in Hawaii. And what's with all these midnight votes and special meetings? It's as if daylight and sunshine would reveal what our Congress is really all about. If this was good legislation, it could be done in the light of day.
And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. New Testament

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Senators are So Concerned About We The People

. . . that they are staying up nights, to pass legislation that will forever alter everything about our nation and our individuality. What a group! I've got a feeling I know how we will repay them, but I hope we realize how we should repay them. We'll be paying for this legislation with our hard earned tax dollars as well as our lives. I agree that insurance has too much power, but at least with insurance plans, you can change companies. What do we do with government controlled health care? Which moves me to the way I hope we repay them. It's nearly 2010, and some of our Senators will be wanting our votes. I suggest we closely scrutinize their voting record, specifically in regard to this last piece of . . . legislation. With all the amendments and add-ons, I really can't, in all good conscience, even term it true American legislation. It's more of a pork schmorgasbord. Anyone that thinks adding more people to the health care roster with the stipulation that it's against the law to not have insurance is only kidding themselves if they truly believe it will reduce costs. Not only will health care costs increase, so will judicial expenses in prosecuting such cases. Seriously, I don't really think any politician truly believes this legislation will reduce spending, but I do think they are counting on it to increase the power over the people. Legislating health care to be mandatory makes it a legal matter or illegal as the case may be. With the economy the way it is, and American's losing hope as rapidly as they are, they may consider "the public option" of simply going to jail where they don't have to worry about becoming homeless, will have three meals a day, and health care!
I am forgotten . . . I am like a broken vessel. a Psalm of David of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Importance of Self-Evaluation

I think our President has given us even more insight into himself and his perspective. In some interview, he said he'd give himself a "B+" for his first year in office. He also included that the reason for no higher mark was the health care reform still in flux and the unemployment rate. These two issues, he has all along, made sure others have been credited for the current status. So, if he hadn't had to "inherit" the economic situation and job market, and didn't have to put up with Congress dragging their feet for health care, I guess he'd give himself an "A." When I first began reading, I thought the B+ was rather arrogant. Now, I know he speaks eloquently and reads a teleprompter with great giftedness, but every time I read a quote or hear his voice, all I hear is how great everything would be if he made all the decisions. He just always sounds like he thinks he's the greatest thing to come along since "sliced bread & peanut butter." I just don't happen to agree with him, but then I don't have his generous portion of self-esteem, either. I think before he gives himself another job performance evaluation, he might consider some of us listening do not regard arrogance to be deserving of high marks. Actually, arrogance is getting to be quite common, and common is another term for average or below. I believe average, at best, is only a "C."
Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Special Day in History

The Bill of Rights became official, December 15, 1791. I believe it truly should be celebrated. Instead of Christmatizing Hanukkah or trying to give sanctified meaning to the various pagan rituals that have been woven into Christmas, why not just have an American holiday in December and leave the religious observances to those that embrace the observances of their religion. Bill of Rights day could be the essence of political correctness. No need to get huffy about Hanukkah, snooty about Kwanzaa or offended in protection of Christmas trees. We can each remember our religious holidays as our faith teaches and everyone can say "Happy Bill of Rights Day," or "Happy Holidays" which considering the first amendment pretty much covers the holiday expressions and our right to express them, as well as the religion we claim for the expression. The deal to remember in Bill of Rights Day, is everyone else has the same right . . . and that truly is one of the greatest things about America. Christians do not have to say Happy Holidays, they can say Merry Christmas. The Jewish population and the Messianic remnant can say Happy Hanukkah, and although I don't know much about it, those that celebrate Kwanzaa can proclaim their holiday greeting, and for those that just can't get enough celebration or buy enough gifts with just one holiday can celebrate them all. And for the American Scrooges; they can bah-hum-bug through the month, because of the ratification of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. Truly something to be celebrated! It seems odd that here in America, the same month the Bill of Rights took effect, we are now choosing to be offended over nearly everything that is said with free speech and freedom of religion.
And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. New Testament

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Two Most Powerful People in the Land

Considering the impact of various people in the news, I have come to the conclusion that Oprah Winfrey and Joe Lieberman are the two most powerful people in this country. Oprah has millions of people watching her, reading her recommended books, buying her magazines and she owns her own cable station now, I believe. Clearly a powerful woman rising from a local Chicago radio station and movie debut as an abused woman in "The Color Purple." She's come such "a long way, baby" she didn't even bother to promote the first viable woman candidate for president. But she hedged her bet properly, as she now has the "president's ear" and his gracious hospitality. She and Michelle looked great on either side of Mr. President in front of one of the White House Christmas trees. Now, on to Joe Lieberman. We all knew he was no longer a democrat, shortly after he lost his vice presidential bid with Al Gore. He went independent for the next election, sort of like the rumors of a third party for Sarah Palin after her failed VP run. Joe Lieberman, bar none, is the absolutely most powerful man in the Senate. His vote is crucial for either side and he knows it and he plays it. I'm truly glad he wasn't our last VP, as he doesn't appear to handle power any more graciously than Dick Cheney did. But I digress . . . He is a powerful man, the most powerful in the Senate, and every piece of legislation has to pass the Senate long before it lands on the President's desk. Basically, through my life time, the President has simply become a figurehead, but he does deal with powerful people and this President has two powerful people right here in this country, that truly seem more powerful than he is. Without Oprah, I'm not sure he would even be President and with Joe not worried about celebrating Christmas, and running the Senate, President Obama may not get his health care reform before the holiday recess. People in power are not necessarily elected in a national election.
And also all that generation were gathered unto their fathers: and there arose another generation after them, which knew not YHVH . . . History in Holy Scripture

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Our President Has the Answer

Does anyone actually remember the question? I received a post from a forum in which I participate, that haughtily stated our Big Government has come to the rescue and things are looking better, thanks to Big Government. From what I understand about this latest and greatest news, the banks and insurance companies that received bail-outs and are still in business are giving some money back, and the President said, "with interest!" According to the Fed Chairman, the interest rate is 0%! And before the bail-out, this money that has been paid back wasn't even in print. So, in a nut shell, our Big Government printed money that was basically worth the paper it was written on, loaned it to greedy corporations who paid greedy executives and after claiming no one knew where the money went, they've suddenly come up with it and returned it or paid it back, or whatever we are calling it today. So now, our government has 200 some billion dollars in the coffers that wasn't even real money last year. Yeah! Big Government!
Your false gods will not keep you safe . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture

Monday, December 07, 2009

Okay, Now I Think I Finally Do Have it Figured Out!

With nearly 13% of Americans over the age of 65, 18% disabled, almost 25% under 18, and now over 10% of the American work force unemployed, the government is taking care of quite a number of us. I'm not saying all the children under 18 are receiving government aid, but many of them are and most of them do receive public education, so . . . Upon further checking, I discovered 7.5% of Americans are government employees and approximately 1.25% are either active in the military or retired and receiving benefits for themselves and in many cases, their families. All of this adds up to nearly 75% of the American population, collectively not producing anything toward the GDP, but collecting something from the "common purse." These figures do not count the cops and robbers, who are also either paid or housed on public money. Okay, I still laugh at all the people collecting Social Security that are against Socialism, and everyone on Medicare that abhors the idea of socialized medicine, but I digress . . . Back to the point of all this. From what I could glean in minimal research, correctional facilities and health care are the main American employers in many locations. That is not saying government employees and military are not earning their money, but their earnings comes out of our tax dollars, so thus, by default they also are dependent upon our government's way of doing business. Now, it would seem, it has finally dawned upon someone that this present way of doing business is truly unsustainable, so the government needs to collect some assets or at least have control of some revenue producing business. Obviously the government already controls prisons and jails, and they are not financially self-sustaining, either, not to mention the fact that they house yet another 1% of the American population being cared for. So the last group of Americans to cause to be dependent upon the government would be health care workers and with reform, recipients. America's health care already has fostered a real mentality of dependency and submission! Oh, I hear people all the time talk about what they won't put up with and what they don't want to do or receive from a doctor, but ultimately, I'm the only person I know that has actually stood up and said, "NO!" to their faces. Believe me, I've heard some big talk, but when the chips are down, they either cancel their appointment or cave in compliance and they end up with big medical bills that they are stuck paying, and complaining about. This fear and submission will ultimately give our government the last stand needed for total control. The largest reason for personal bankruptcies is medical bills, so with health care reform, the government will run a certain amount of the provision, as well as put a choke hold on insurance, which will ultimately only serve to raise health care costs, which will put more Americans into poverty, or their assets in the hands of "the provider." Health care reform truly is about control and money, no matter how you look at it!
"Is it your desire to get well?" Words of Messiah

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