Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Thoughts on the GOP

I started this blog on the 14th of March, but it seemed almost too over the top for me to get a real grasp on how to come to a conclusion, so I kept it as a draft, but I think it's time to get it posted.

Sarah Palin / Mitt Romney ticket . . .Wouldn't that pretty much satisfy the entire GOP? The moderates, the Tea Party, and those that will simply vote against Obama . . .

I've been watching all this for some time and with the Palins endorsing Gingrich, she sounds like Santorum, and Todd was rumored to be a secessionist, which should cover Paul's anti-government; the GOP might be considering a Romney/Palin or Palin/Romney ticket to rally the Tea Partiers, Evangelicals and the moderates. I've compared her to the same thing for her party that Obama was for his. Introduce him in the convention in a losing year for the democrat, 2004, then run him in 2008. Since the GOP doesn't seem too original, they might just be trying the same thing. They clearly planned to lose in 2008. I mean, running the guy that lost to GW in 2000 . . . The Teavangelicals would accept a Mormon on the ticket with Sarah P. and the moderates have no other choice but Romney if they vote republican. It's the perfect way to put the GOP constituents in the bondage the party needs to get the political power in the few rich hands that can bring big business and big government together! And if the GOP doesn't succeed by gaining the White House, the big business lobbyists can simply buy the favors, as always.
Getting down to the brass tacks of the situation, I truly believe politics is choreographed and this tortoise/hare GOP primary confirms it for me. It's one of two things. Either the GOP doesn't want to win 2012 or they want a brokered convention in which Sarah P. will once again be thrust to the national forefront, now with some experience under her belt. She does much better with a sudden rise to position, and that will leave much less time for folks to tire of her folksy colloquialisms. Considering what the GOP has introduced this year, it does appear that the pieces of the puzzle may be coming into place around Sarah. First there was Michele Bachmann, a woman, that did well for a time, albeit a short time, she still led in polls early on, but the party did rally around a woman for the top of the ticket. Huntsman made some sense, but of course, that doesn't really get you anywhere in American politics. Then there was Perry, who makes Sarah P. look qualified for membership in Mensa. Gingrich is cutting back, losing funding, and gaining no ground, so even if he hangs on to the convention, he's not going to have the delegates for the nomination. I don't think Rick Santorum can really sweep the party, in that there are far too many non Catholics in the Republican Party that really don't want to live by the Pope's rules or to "elect" an American Pope rather than a President. I think his abortion stand and "satan" talk would draw the charismatics and Baptists, though. He's already introduced too, too much religious extremism into the campaign for average Christianity, where as Sarah P. seems to maintain her beliefs in a more convenient perspective. Ron Paul simply isn't going to be the candidate, but since she's a best selling author, the "rogue" image really now belongs to Sarah, anyway. Who does that leave? Mitt Romney who has invested immensely in the bid for the White House, but just can't seem to grasp the brass ring for a big lead. Mitt and Sarah would make the perfect ticket, either way. The GOP already knows, even as a VP candidate, many of the constituents who voted McCain / Palin stated they voted for Sarah. I'm not sure the party can get her to play second fiddle again, but I don't think they will have any trouble putting her at the top of the ticket, and convincing Romney to run as the VP and wait for Sarah to quit mid-term. WIN/WIN. I do think Sarah would be an interesting debate opponent for Obama and I think she just might rattle his perfect oration. Sarah P. and Biden were more or less on a level playing field of trying to say the right thing at the right time in the right manner, but Obama is very scripted and smooth. And Sarah . . . well, the rebuttals should be interesting. I can just see him trying to get the teleprompter loaded with a response for some off the wall comment from her and he's predictable enough that she can write the few crib notes it would take, on her hand, to make the entire evening worth watching! Regardless of the election results in November, the direction of America won't change.
And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. the Revelation

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

While We're Enforcing Freedom . . .

Things are getting pretty strange here on the home front! I know we're told that women have awesome rights here in this country compared to other nations, but I'm noticing some strange things going on. First, I believe most other countries believe mothers should have their children. I also believe most countries do not force women to work outside the home just to afford milk and bread. I also believe most countries do not take it upon themselves to invade the personal lives of its citizens unless there are inappropriate public displays. Oh, and before I forget, for all the deadbeat dads out there, who are years behind in child support, but still feel the need to make your ex-wife's life a living nightmare, I've heard of just the lawyer for you . . . Back to women's rights here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Assertive women have been vilified for a number of years now, but that was just a distraction to what was really happening. Men have invaded the rights of women in this country and demanded they be treated like women of days gone by. That's right, they want to let the women be the bread winners and they want custody of the children in the case of divorce, because child support seems to be a pretty steady income. Congress just demonstrated the complete disregard of women regarding their own health. The big debate, and that's all it is, a debate to keep the citizens distracted . . . Anyway the big debate on reproductive rights had no women on the panel. The abortion laws are getting crazy and people simply do not have eyes to see or ears to hear that we are being led down a path of no return. Meanwhile our nation's universities keep shelling out lawyers who ultimately run for office to make more stupid debates resulting in more laws that require lawyers to either protect the guilty or legally exhaust those who are just attempting to keep life together . . . Which brings me back full circle to the way our nation is treating women. A plan purely from the pit of hell has brought this about. First, the idea that men needed to go to town for "real jobs" left women in town with way too much free time! So when TV came into existence, so did advertisements, which led to increased so called "needs," which were nothing more than "wants." I've always been amazed that with the invention of all the appliances, there was more stress and more "never being caught up." So to pay for all this "more" women went to work, but that ultimately only accomplished two things, and paying for stuff wasn't one of them. The two things that were accomplished was an increased credit limit per household and earlier public "education" for younger children. So, by women getting out of the house, they began to find out how other households ran and well men began to be expected to participate in household chores, which didn't always go well. Eventually the tables turned ugly and women are now expected to keep house, take care of the children, run a budget, and keep a full time job and sadly there are many men in their 30's and 40's that have a woman that will do all that while he plays video games and buys expensive toys. Then when push comes to shove and the parting of the ways, the man usually has more disposable income for the bottom feeding lawyers to settle the matter in court. And some will simply forego child support to pay attorney's fees. Let the mom's cover the basic needs and have no funds for representation. Sort of confirms some of the accusations about Western culture. They may have outlawed physical abuse in this country, but it has been replaced by the "legal sucker punch." I, personally, believe it might be easier to just know and live by the strict and tough rules of other cultures, rather than the constant barrage of legal assault in the land of the free.
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Words from the New Testament

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Just Thinkin' Out-loud

I've had this theory since early 2007, that the GOP really didn't want in the White House for a time. I even stated that I thought they were trying to "throw" the 2008 election. I, personally, believe they have discovered there is more power and fewer restrictions in the capitalistic, materialistic business world than in the US government. I believe they are capitalizing on every opportunity. I mean look at the power in talk radio. How many upper Middle Class folks do you suppose have divested of Wall Street and invested in Goldline? Once that took place, the Stock Market started gaining ground again . . . and the GOP upper-crust were there as the tide turned. Now, fast forward from my 2007 theory to 2008, when John McCain received the nomination. The GOP didn't want him in 2000!!! After 8 years of the man they chose over John McCain, it was John McCain's "turn" to throw himself on the political grenade and make a respectable showing, but not win. That "stunning loss" was enhanced by choosing the interesting running mate that he chose. Sarah Palin rallied the party, while making any intelligent person ashamed to admit they were ever a republican. Besides, it was obvious in 2004, that Barack Obama was chosen for the White House in the next Democrat run. Now fast forward to 2012. Barack Obama is the incumbent running on the simple platform that the GOP can't even get it together enough to come up with a candidate to run against him. He's not even campaigning! That can only mean one thing. Behind the scenes, the White House is already a done deal! Now, whether it's a done deal for the democrat incumbent or bought and paid for by the GOP, only time will tell. I'm leaning towards both of those factors, but . . . This GOP primary circus got me thinking today. I know Sarah Palin has been talking about a brokered convention and she very clearly stated in an interview that she will be in Florida for the convention. and certainly willing to "help her country." That's when this theory really came into full view. What if, the GOP really doesn't want to be in the position of elected political control, but will continue to control Big Business and Wall Street, because in materialistic Capitalism, that is really who holds the political power! So they've let each candidate have his moment in the sun, only to not really get behind any of them. Now Sarah P. is playing coy with the media she professes to despise, and yet without the media who would have ever heard of Sarah Palin? Now, here's where I see the ultimate win/win/win for the GOP. They don't get fully behind any one candidate, so the convention is brokered and Sarah P. gets the nod. Then when Sarah runs, the entire party takes at least one step back to regroup, while she basks in the lime light and fawns all over the media, while pretending she doesn't like all the attention. Then, come November, she loses and is finally out of the picture for good, while the GOP continues to tend to Big Business behind the partisan smoke screens or . . . she wins, becoming the first woman president and the GOP leaves the 'rogue elephant' out front in the White House while they get their Big Business ducks in a row. Either way, I'm thinking the GOP could use Sarah out front for awhile, again . . .
For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, New Testament

Friday, March 02, 2012


I'm not Catholic and to be honest, I've had a real revelation about referencing the term "hell," but yesterday, I discovered that we really do need some sort of intense, extreme term to describe our effort, endurance, and attempt to remain sane through what can only be described as insurmountable odds, especially in regard to communications. I no sooner had an horrendous experience with online banking, read about how the Smart Phones have already outsmarted us, I then discovered that someone can remain anonymous on the other end of the phone or our online connection, and ask for every pertinent detail of my identity and financial information, only to leave the situation over an hour later, still unresolved, and well actually in worse condition than when I first made the inquiry. I attempted to straighten out a PayPal account yesterday. After several minutes of muzak, an "agent" came on the line who said he could "walk me through" what I was trying to accomplish. I'm sure, you can already see where this is going. I had one paypal account as an author and one business account, and then the bank said I needed two different accounts there, so . . . My original thought was to combine the two paypal accounts, which of course, cannot be done. My next thought was to add the bank business account to both PayPal accounts and just move the money to the bank, wait the proper number of days and once it had all cleared, delete one account. Well, my "agent" did not see this as the simple way to resolve the dilemma, and so I'd speak with him for a bit, he'd put me on hold for awhile, then we'd speak a bit more, then more hold. He finally stated he had a plan to resolve this entire dilemma and that's when the trouble really began. Once he realized he'd dug a hole way to deep to climb out of, he told me he'd bring in someone from another arm of PayPal. You have probably all ready guessed it. By the time the phone ringing stopped, the muzak was quiet, and I heard a voice on the other end of the line, the "agent's" line had been dropped in the transfer. I had the unexpected privilege of speaking with two globally diverse voices that both refused to reveal the name of the individual that initiated the call and they both informed me that what I was asking simply could not be done and I needed to allow them to explain to me just what my options might be. Knowing any hope of resolution was already gone . . . I listened and just waited for them to tell me to have a nice day. Which they did after a time and no resolution. I then dialed back to PayPal, after sitting rather impatiently through the prompts, I decided filing a claim or making a complaint would be my best option. I finally got a voice that sounded rather friendly, but adamant, but she did offer a solution that seemed reasonable. So, I did ask for e-mail confirmation, after realizing the hour of speaking with three people earlier produced absolutely no results and no correspondence. She promised she would send "something" and told me how I could cancel this ridiculous card that I had never applied for. So, with that, I decided to take her word for it and believe resolution had finally been accomplished. My conversation with her had last less than 30 minutes. So I then called the number she'd given me to avoid any of this complication again. That was an interesting phone call. I walked through the prompts and never once spoke with a human at all . . . I have survived and been delivered from PayPal Purgatory and will do everything in my power to never have to experience that again.
I won't be including a reference from Scripture today, because Purgatory is not mentioned in the Bible.

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