Thursday, February 23, 2006

Have You Heard the Good News?

Well, it is official, I have read it, even on the fair and balanced news page. Our President said, "People don't need to worry about security." Will Congress consider this latest revelation from the White House, as they address and assess the Patriot Act? For 5 years, now; we have been told to fear everything that may have once been associated with any of the 9/11 terrorists and now we have nothing to worry about.?! You know, as all the republicans have told us, President Clinton could have done something about Bin Laden when he was president, because they knew where he was or of his association. That's right, according to what I read on FOXNews, he had ties with the UAE. And just for the record, there is no record of any of the 19 terrorists of 9/11 with a passport from Iraq, we cannot however; say the same about the UAE. I hope the same people aren't investigating the port deal, that were sure of the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And while we are discussing the "informed" members of our society, I also read Rush L. and he was bantoring about; now the democrats have admitted we have an enemy. I remember John Kerry discussing that very fact in 2004 and he said, under no conditions would he outsource our security. This of course brings me to the next insufferable commentary I have endured. As the Bush followers continue to question this "political capital" spending extravaganza, they mutter their mantra, "it would have been so much worse." And to that, my response is a quote from my Grandma "WHATEVER!" I shouldn't be sarcastic, these people are truly to be pittied. They actually believe they know what is best, made the best decision in the election, and now will continue to follow blindly, yet with their best attempt at unquestioning loyalty. I am just waiting for the true Good News. I actually believe that some day, we will live under a ruler that doesn't incite fear, and truly does have our best interest at heart. I long and pray for the return of Messiah, for then we will have peace. Peace is not won in battle, it is a gift from G~d.
Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Why is CONFUSION the Direction of Choice?

Please don't get me wrong here. If I had owned a computer and knew what a blog was, through the Clinton years, I'd have been typing like crazy then, too. But I didn't, so now that I do own a computer and do know what a blog is, I am going to utilize my free speech to at least ask a few questions. Is anybody in power listening to their constituents or to the words coming out of their own mouths? I have a real problem "outsourcing" some of our ports, well any of our ports, and especially to a nation that we do know has been linked with at least one of the very terrorists that was involved in 9/11. I've always known it was odd that we had to attack Iraq and somehow over half of the population swallowed that rationale, hook, line, and sinker, all the while considering themselves to be among the intellectually astute or at least the informed elite. Now that our President has absolute power and unquestioned authority, why have we accepted so many new meanings to words and concepts? Why do we call ourselves an ally to one nation, while funding their enemy? Why did we attack a country for possible weapons and terrorist ties, when we know the home country or at least the national passports held by most of the 9/11 terrorists? Why have so many soldiers died in Iraq after the MISSION was accomplished? Why did our President recommend to PM Sharon to negotiate with terrorists, when America has stated we refuse to do so? Why does America allow an ally to be subject to the attacks and whims of terrorists, while our leader says we are hunting down terrorists all over the globe? Why are we negotiating with Hamas? Why did we refuse to accept the UN decision to wait, concerning Iraq? How does Iraq not compare to Viet Nam when it continues to quagmire and already proposed through 2009? Why are we doing what we are? Why does this make sense only, to our leader's loyal subjects? Why are we allowing our national ports to be manned and operated by a country with known terrorist ties?
Why is confusion so acceptable?
For G~d is not the author of confusion . . .

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Drugs Bridge the Generation Gap

Upon seeing a news heading with the words President's Drug Program, I immediately thought of President Reagan's "would-be" solution for the anti-establishment drug culture that existed when he became president. Now, we all knew that the government really couldn't afford to win the war on drugs for so many reasons, but all these years later, we see an all new definition for "drug program." The same generation is once again being catered to, and I guess it will continue to be, until the baby boomers can simply give no more under the control of the previous generation. While the boomers were experimenting with drugs, the previous generation was the establishment that was amassing all the stuff. Now, that they have all the stuff, and the money to influence, they want drugs, too. And there is a president in power that is willing to give them all they want, and the baby boomers and the boomer's babies will provide it. I've always been fascinated by the previous generation. They deserved respect, they deserved the good jobs and good incomes, and they deserved their material possessions, all because they said so. And, they also told us how much they gave us that we really didn't deserve, or work for, or earn. I've met few individuals from the generation ahead of the boomers that didn't start working the day after they got out of diapers, or walked uphill both ways every place they went. All, I learned in watching this generation push us around and treat everyone like idiots, was that was what grown-ups did; but I was wrong. After I grew up, they still treated our generation that way, and all the stuff was still theirs, and we just weren't taking responsibility like they did. Ok, we did, and sadly many boomers sold out to the establishment that is on a collision course headed for disaster. But some of us didn't sell out, or ever believe money, to be more important than people. I have a real problem with so many aging Americans that truly feel it is their entitlement to keep all their stuff and all their money and get a check every month that is funded by their children and grandchildren. But, in order to not have to listen to 'what a disaster' the younger generation brought upon our nation, I say let's give the old folks their drugs. We all know what they sound like when we don't do things, their way. And let's face it, they have discovered what the boomers were experimenting with in the 60's and 70's. They want their drugs and will do just about anything to get them. Guess it just took a few years to bridge the generation gap!
The heritage of the good man is handed down to his children's children . . . Proverbs

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oh, It's Classic, Alright!

I think most Americans awoke to the same news I did, Monday morning. Vice-President Cheney had accidentally shot a hunting companion. And I am sorry for the gentleman and pray he is not in pain. Now the man was in good condition in a Corpus Christi hospital, and oh by the way, it happened the day before yesterday. Then Tuesday morning, I read the gentleman had suffered an asymptomatic heart attack due to the bird shot being lodged in his heart, but not in an unsafe place, and the shot is round, so it cannot do any piercing damage. I also discovered that Mr. Cheney was not answering questions and had determined the night of the accident, the steps that all involved should take in revealing this unfortunate situation to the American public. And oh by the way, he sent the $7.00 check Monday, for a bird stamp to hunt in Texas, and the victim of the accident received the same warning, Mr. Cheney did about out of state hunting requirements. So, we can certainly see there is no favortism. Now, Wednesday morning, I understand that Mr. Cheney doesn't want to discuss it, but is going to speak with someone. The radio newscaster gave interesting insight to this situation, first quoting someone that stated this is simply "Classic Cheney," and his next comment was to the effect that Cheney prefers to be private and low profile. Okay, that's it! I've been quiet as long as I can.
If a person wants to be private and low profile, stay out of American politics! (duh!) I rarely use that expression, but it's the only one that fits here. And as far as "classic Cheney," no his behavior is "classic humanity." It isn't really fair to individaully assign that behavior and call it "Cheney." All humans want to react in the way that Mr. Cheney has been able to. What a privileged position to have authority without accountability. Oh yes, that is truly "classic humanity." We have all heard and probably most of us have said after being confronted about something we did that was wrong or bad or dumb. "Does the whole world have to know?" Well according to the Patriot Act, and the National Surveillance Agency, that answer would be yes; to the mere tax paying drones. Classic Human behavior and attitute are, in fact the same as; "Classic Cheney." It just isn't fair to single him out with that title. Although, there are few human beings that know that they will be found innocent of any wrong doing before the investigation, everyone would like to. And there are few human beings that know how to bring a crisis they have caused under control so quickly; but that would be our preference. The reality is, there are few human beings that want their worst moments broadcasted. There are few human beings that want all eyes on them, for a really bad move. And I truly believe every human being would like to "call their own shots" (pardon the pun) and create their own "spin" when it comes to answerability. But most of us just don't get away with behavior that is "Classic Humanity," nor have the luxury of what it is to be "Classic Cheney."
For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Luke 8:17

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Politicians Say the "Darnedest" Things

Years ago, when the baby boomers were kids, Art Linkletter had a show in which he interviewed children, and the catch phrase was always, "Kids Say the Darnedest Things." Now, that the kids in that age group are the ones giving interviews and speeches, I just correlate the two. The latest one that has really been an outstanding concept is the one that has been stated by President Bush and former President Clinton, the first of the baby boomers. Actually, the two of them sound similar a great deal of the time, but this latest is just priceless. As soon as Hamas was elected, of course to the shock of our President(?), politicians all over our country began spouting. And former politicians have now joined in, to this firm stand and observation. The collective concensus being, "elections are not all there is to democracy." What do American politicians know about running a democracy, anyway? The republicans told me a few years ago, "America is a republic and there is quite a difference." So, perhaps that is why it has been so difficult to inspire the rest of the world to organize a democracy properly. Have you noticed all the politicians are now saying it is time for Hamas to change their policies? Is that the part of democracy we forgot to teach the rest of the world? You know, the part about a campaign platform has nothing to do with actual policy after the election . . . It's called Campaign Promises 101 and is very basic to our political process, here in America. Apparently, elected officials in other countries plan to take their campaign promises and party platforms right on into the office with them after the elections. I'm guessing now that Hamas actually has attained the power of the people, this organization isn't going to be listening to American politicians any more than they were before the election. And what about the elections in Afganistan? What did their form of democracy produce? Have we even heard?
It's very clear, our last four elections have produced leaders that proudly proclaim a change of platform promises is in order right after the election.
The baby boomers are all grown up now, but they still say the darnedest things!
When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

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