Thursday, May 31, 2007

Straight to the Source

Isn't life fascinating? There are several Senators that got busy on the campaign trail nearly two years before the election. Are they leaving Washington in good hands? I think we all knew Hillary was going to toss her "hat" into the ring before she was elected for Senate last time. It was easy to see that somebody besides Barack Obama had big plans for him when he, a virtual unknown, and not yet elected Senator was the keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. I, personally, thought the Kerry/ticket may have gone the distance, had the names been reversed, so seeing Mr. Edwards hit the campaign trail was certainly no surprise. I decided to write each of them a question or comment, as a private citizen over a particular concern I have for each of them on an individual basis. I was considering this for all the candidates, but there aren't any republicans I am considering; and of these three democrats, considering the popularity of the republicans, one of them just may have a good chance of becoming our next president. So I thought I'd see just how much each of them wanted to hear the concerns of the average American.
I'm going to share my question or comment to each of them, here, and when they respond, I'll share their answer. Edwards
To Mr. Barack Obama, I wrote:
Mr. Obama,
I have never voted Republican in my life, and don't plan to, but I am not yet convinced by any democratic candidate that they truly bring change. My question is regarding your promise to do things differently . . . You have literally risen from basic obscurity to the national limelight in record time. I knew when I saw you deliver the keynote address at the 2004 National Convention, that plans were in the works. As a democrat that is already telling us how you would spread the burden of the expense of health care, etc. Why are you running such an expensive campaign? You spoke at the National Convention before you were even elected to be a junior senator. You grew up outside of the continental "America" of the time and you had risen to fame before even being elected? Why are you running your campaign according to the status quo?

Don't you just wonder how a nearly anonymous guy got to be the national keynote speaker? With this kind of charisma, why does he need millions?
To Hillary Rodham Clinton, I posed this simple question:
I have a question for Mrs. Clinton, or Ms. Rodham-Clinton. If elected, will the former President Clinton be as active in your administration as you were in his?
Thank you

I just feel like she's counting on the "Bill factor" and I want to know if we can . . .
Mr. John Edwards posed a health care plan with which I took issue. I wanted to remind a democrat that we were counting on them to remember our nearly forgotten Bill of Rights.
Mr. Edwards,
I read that you intend to address health care by making health insurance a legal requirement like car insurance. That would create a serious separation of church and state issue. Some people in this country do not believe in allopathic medical care. To insist upon health insurance for all, and legally mandating such, is to infringe upon our First Amendment right to freely practice our religion.
Thank you for listening.
I think the democrats are now at a definite disadvantage. They are as corporately empowered as the republicans, yet they still try to come across as "average America" and the democrats are always about more taxes and sharing, while these candidates don't seem to be living beneath the republican standard of living, at all. Now, we'll see what they have to say . . .
In all hard work there is profit, but talk only makes a man poor. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Terribly Troubled and Deeply Saddened

Like most Americans, I've heard of Cindy Sheehan. Her fame, if you will; is the result of her exercising her right to free speech regarding the death of her son. I have been very adamantly opposed to the war in Iraq since before it was engineered in Washington. I, like most Americans had continued my awareness of current events regarding the tragedy of 9/11, but I, unlike most Americans, never saw the connection between Iraq and 9/11. The ongoing blather that alQaida is now there, is absolutely increasingly irrelevant to the pre-emptive decision. When I first saw Cindy Sheehan, I thought, 'devastated bereaved mother.' As I read about her land purchase in Crawford, Texas; I thought 'angry bereaved mother.' I kept a distant interest in what she was attempting to do. As a bereaved mother, myself; my heart went out to her, but my son didn't die in a war, so I wouldn't begin to assert presumption regarding her emotions. I felt a great deal of compassion for her, but I felt that her effort to gain political change was pointless. The politicians, all of them, think they have too much to lose to listen to the American citizens. The politicians have taken it upon themselves to ensure their best interests and their power and it truly is that simple. I found the politicians' and the pundits' responses to her, and comments about her to be cruel and heartless, but that is my presumption. To them, her son was simply one of many soldiers called upon to carry out their orders, with or without purpose or goal. But when I read Tuesday that she was going home and giving up on our country, my heart was terribly troubled and deeply saddened, because it hit a chord in me that cannot be undone. I cannot return to the moment before I read it. In her letter, she stated that she had let her son down, and that hit home with me. It was as if, this war funding issue had just opened her eyes to what this country has truly become. I had a preview, I was blessed, yet I still didn't realize the vastness of the deterioration and the willing eagerness for it, by our predecessors. I have been aware for some time that those with power do not appreciate or intend to entertain the opinions of those without power. My mom used to tell me, in the 60's that things had changed and I just couldn't do all the things she had done when she was a kid. I knew in my heart one of two things, that she didn't want me to have the freedom she had had or the country had already declined then. In retrospect, I would say it was both, and she's a staunch republican. Everytime I hear our President start on his scare tactics, I think of mom. I grew up, started my own life and realized the country had in fact declined, but it wasn't nearly as frightening as I had been led to believe. I, like most boomers, thought we could make a difference or retained my idealistic view that it just couldn't have become so horrible from within. If we worked hard and voted we'd live the American dream. Or if we protested and organized, we could change the course of the nation. Cindy's statement made me realize many more things about the right or left American mantra, I'd been taught to embrace. In regard to the American dream, you have to be asleep to dream. About the protesting and organizing, the illegal immigrants are now filling the shoes of the union workers that were all but eliminated through the Reagan and Bush I years, and the country simply no longer manufactures or produces. Cindy's words made me realize that I raised my daughter on some pretty faulty information. I taught my daughter that to vote is a responsibility not just a right, politically active citizens maintain an accountable government, the love of freedom preserves it, and a country that has a Bill of Rights protects it's citizens, I have let her down, because I taught her that country was America.
and behold the tears of such as were oppressed, and they had no comforter; and on the side of their oppressors there was power; Ecclesiastes - Holy Scripture

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Words / Definitions / Outcome

I'm embarassed that I've been so slow in catching on. I, like so many in America have focused on party issues and endless, meaningless debates. Once in a while I catch the redefinition or the interesting new use of a word, and of course the words that become part of our nation's discourse like "infrastructure" and "contiguous," to name just a couple. If you could have seen me reading about the diplomatic meeting between our man in Iraq and the man from Iran, you would have seen the light come on over my head. A country that America has not been willing to deal with, nor had to deal with for over 25 years is suddenly being approached by America for assistance in Iraq. The American leader has referred to Iran as "an axis of evil" and the Iranian leader, I believe considers America to be the great satan. Now they come together, isn't that an interesting dynamic duo? For the past 25 years, Iraq has served as the buffer zone between America and Iran, and suddenly 5 months after Saddam Hussein is murdered, Iraq is the very issue that is bringing America and Iran to the negotiation table. When I scratched my head and thought to myself, 'I don't get it.' I suddenly got it! Remember in America, it takes war to win peace! We call a pre-emptive attack based upon bad intelligence, a 'response to terror.' Then it's only a matter of time before we all realize that "democracy is maintained through tyranny." Now back to these new found quasi allies. President Ahmadinejad just recently held a holocaust denial conference and has been quoted to say something about removing Israel from the map. Now, we presume in the midst of nuclear disarmament, war threats, and power plays that he is referring to some sort of military attack or even worse. But if you consider the Roadmap to Peace, the same mission is ultimately accomplished. First we encourage the Prime Minister of Israel to barter the land away without actually receiving the reciprocal offer of the agreement, then Dr. Rice shows up and says the Palestinian people must have a contiguous land and we are negotiating the boundaries to pre 1967. I checked, the original UN designation and the surrounding Arab nations left neither Israel nor the Palestinian's claim of the Judean desert to be contiguous. Let's consider the land that Isarael has gained since, it has been negotiated back to the pre 67 boundaries. You'll notice that Egypt isn't giving any of the Sinai Peninsula to these 'poor displaced' Palestinians. And you may be realizing that Syria isn't discussing the Golan Heights for Palestinian relocation. And even after Israel gave up Gaza, the IDF is having to keep the peace, and now after the war in Lebanon with Israel, America is bringing weapons to Lebanon, claiming this 'fledgling democracy' has a problem with terrorists insurgents . . . like the ones elected to their parliament? So, if Israel's military is defending all the land that Israel has given away, and Israel gives enough land away to make the Palestinian state contiguous, will Israel have little more than the toll highway between Tel Aviv and their little fraction of Jerusalem? So, is it Ahmadinejad that has plans to remove Israel off the globe, or is that the goal of the roadmap to peace?
The thoughts of the righteous are right: but the counsels of the wicked are deceit. a Proverb from Holy Scripture

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Mixed Message of Memorial Day

This is one of those days that the subject is difficult to introduce. I've been thinking alot about Memorial Day, not making plans, don't have any plans, just thinking about it. I remember when I was in the Philippines and one of the ministers there told me about a day when everyone went to the cemetery and made special "picnic type" food and he described it as quite pagan, very much like Memorial Day in America. It's always interesting to hear someone in another country refer to our pagan rituals, because we in America are sure that our traditions are anything but pagan. I know this day began to be set aside to remember those that died in war, but now that we know there is no end to war. . . How can we observe this day without keeping it just an open, never healing wound? And as Memorial Day evolved into remembrance all of our deceased loved ones, we know that everyone has dead ancestors, so again, we observe the perpetuity of death. As a bereaved parent, that gets to hear other's perspectives of how awful it must be, or some stupid comment that is supposed to be well meaning, I just can't imagine wanting to have a picnic after a visit to the cemetery, and with whom would I spend this "festival of lament?" I've never felt that personal emotions about death were necessary to share, and I never felt close enough to any other human being that shared the loss, to share the emotions. I know people that take flowers, even elaborate decorations to adorn the cemetery, but the comment I heard in the Philippines won't ever go away. But there's more to this than that, it's the fact that war is now memorialized into something good. I think of over 3,000 American families that have lost a son or daughter in that travesty in the Middle East, and I'm sickened and sad for them. I hear the rally cry for more war from the Bush followers and I wonder, are their young men and women in the service, or is that duty for the children and grandchildren of others? This year seems particularly inappropriate, as the Iraq situation is planned to intensify, Iran is no longer on a back burner and obviously getting ready to boil over, the Reagan Diaries are in the news, and he was not in the service, but he made training films and so he does appear in uniform . . . And the 100th birthday of John Wayne is in the news, another man that "embodied the American spirit" but never donned an American uniform, other than in the movies. Our nation has glorified war and presented it to be somehow virtuous, by statements like "fighting for our freedom" "dying that others can live in freedom" "fighting for democracy" "paying the ultimate sacrifice" when we now see the sad reality, that there is no end to the war America started. A picnic hardly seems appropriate and flowers by a head stone, I find to be terribly insufficient.
For these things I weep; mine eye, mine eye runneth down with water, because the comforter that should relieve my soul is far from me: my children are desolate, because the enemy prevailed. Lamentations of Holy Scripture

Thursday, May 24, 2007

What Happened to Learning?

My daughter and I exchange e-mails and information on a daily basis and the other day, she informed me that RX had been added to the word Academic. And sure enough, I googled AcademicRX, and links filled the screen. As I scanned the list, I became aware that the highly educated are the ones that have taken it upon themselves to see that America is "dumbed down" properly. The same group of people that immunized the baby boomers into auto-immune deficiency are now concerned that too many parents want to medicate their children. Interesting, isn't it? Doctors and politicians create the fear and promote the propaganda, then when the huddled masses show up and want their solutions, "the people are overreacting." Well, doctors, surely there's a medication for over reactive parents . . . That's right, anti-depressants and mood elevators. And there are tons of medications for all the people that are afraid of their own shadow and can't sleep at night, and have some sort of anxiety issue and, and, and . . . that list is endless enough to finance those big houses and luxury cruises, now aren't they! But these "mighty minds" are not acting alone. It would seem, when public education became the standard in this country, teaching was no longer about imparting knowledge, but rather about instilling ideology. Rather than reading, writing, and arithmetic, history, and job skills, other issues became major to the curriculum.
Who needs spelling, we have spellchecker . . . As far as writing goes, this is the age of technology, we keyboard and joystick and mouse, besides doctors have terrible handwriting . . . Math? We can bring calculators to school, and you can't even buy a slide rule anymore. History can be rewritten and what's a job? Science and social studies have been key in transforming the education system to a filtering system, and now that pharmaceuticals have been added, the Brave New World that Aldous Huxley wrote about, is in existence right before our very eyes. While everybody is ranting about "1984," we've entered the Brave New World. American history is history, now; and the revisionists are touting their work on every bookstand and radio station. The 1950's brought a time of freedom in fear that we've not experienced, since, but those that grew up in it, have accepted the lack of logic as normal and the generations that followed have sadly not improved their lot. School in the 50's and early 60's became a place to learn to fear the Communists and participate in duck-and-cover drills. Then the sixties happened, and America mourned the death of a President, believed the lie of the Warren Commission, watched two more high profile figures be gunned down in their prime, and our nation divided the young men into two categories: soldiers in a pointless war and draft dodgers. There was LSD, pot, and many other forms of "medication" because the generation molded by the freedom in fear group, could not cope with the lack of logic, so schools then became the keepers of society. Current events, the anti-establishment and dress codes became much more relevant than America's view of world history and world events. It was already clear that the powers that be in America had a seriously skewed view. Then of course, in the wake of making love, not war, sex education became part of the curriculum, obviously part of the science department, and continues to be a topic of debate to this day. We've had two more generations in this country while the establishment bickers over whether the kids should know about sex. Not to disrupt the lack of logic, just thought I'd point out the incredibly obvious, two more generations indicates, the kids found out about it. So now, besides being the keepers of society, the education system became the medium for sexual awareness. Not that anybody is learning anything new, it's just that hearing the debates on the news causes the questions to be raised. Which of course, gave way to the need for tolerance. Racial, sexual, religious tolerance, just to name a few. So now, the education system has assumed the role in less than 100 years, of the G~d given responsibility and privilege that parents had for the previous 5,000+. Ah, but parents only had to deal with a few at a time and the education system has them by the rooms full. And I think by now, we are all aware that an altered state of consciousness is just more malleable and in all probability more compliant. When science eliminated "absolute" what's the point of actually learning. The theories will only be obsolete later, and the revisionists will tell us how it really was???? Education is no longer the impartation of knowledge and skills, but rather the attempt to program the soma induced drones. By eliminating factual American history and aiming current events at a pointless war, we've already seen the results, so our current leaders are sure it can be done again. Bring on the pundits, they'll tell us what we need to know.
The American history that we are not being taught proves this out. Those that grew up in the Eisenhower 50's still feel safest when they think there is alot to fear. And many of those that grew up in the 60's and 70's still don't trust the establishment, and those that became the establishment didn't go to war. By the 80's, awareness and individuality was the only thing left to eliminate, and the legal drugs to accomplish that, became available. As for the rest, it will continue to play out, as prescribed.
The 50's brought government control over education, along with health and welfare . . . By the end of the 70's, education needed it's own post in the cabinet . . . and by the end of the 80's a drug czar had to be added. So the government is just bringing it all back together, by placing the welfare of the children back in the hands of the "good doctors" who can just see that the drugs get handed out at school. And in the name of tolerance, well being, and social advancement, everyone can simply, think alike.
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. - a Proverb from Holy Scripture

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It Isn't Raining

This is going to be a strong statement, but I just hate it, when some "prankster" dumps a bucket of water on my head and tells me it's raining. Obviously this is a metaphor, but it's so fitting for springtime on Capitol Hill. I think politicians should stop doing it though, as a great number of their constituency are finding it offensive. The headlines today are incredulous. First, I read about the so called formerly top secret, now declassified information that bin Laden supposedly conspired with his second in command about setting up headquarters in Iraq, in 2005. Well, fine and dandy, even if it is true, the second in command is now dead and 2005 was two years after the American invasion, still clearly leaving the pre-emptive strike, unfounded. The letter or correspondence was not written to Saddam Hussein. Does anybody with a voice, in this country get that? There is absolutely no evidence that Saddam Hussein was pro alQaida, however; there is much to the contrary. Does anybody think a tyrannical dictator is going to share power? Any evidence of that close to home? Mr. President, it isn't raining, that was a bucket of water! But moving right along, since Congress has now supposedly done some monumental sell out that they call a "compromise." What's the compromise? The timeline has been removed, the funding is until September, as demanded! And what, they get a few billion dollars worth of domestic pork barrel projects included, that the President can eliminate! What is wrong with Congress? And get this, Nancy P. isn't voting for this bill that is being sent, the republicans will carry the majority. What a bunch of political theatrics. Both parties claim to have "won" this stand-off, but that isn't how I see it at all. Well, the politicians are undoubtedly winning, but it is the citizens that are losing. Our young men and women are still stuck in the Iraqi desert with no exit strategy or victory goal. And as far as the dems winning the "extras," it's the tax payers that get to foot that bill, so, with all that being said and nearly done, I fail to embrace the concept that Congress has not given the White House another blank check. I take that back. Congress didn't give him a blank check they demanded that he write it for $17 billion over what he asked for. So it will be written bigger than the requested blank check, courtesy of "we the people." Let me tell you Nancy, it's not raining, that's a bucket of water. And let's not leave Mr. Cheney out of the limelight. It was just last week that he was over spouting off at Iran about keeping the "straits of whatever" opened for the oil tankers to get that "black gold" to the rest of us. And now those same waters are full of American Navy Warships. And this "amazing" house wants to legislate against gasoline price gouging . . . Is that not just, priceless? But, if Iran has been duly and properly warned, and our warships are now there . . . If Iran doesn't heed the warnings and America is "forced" to do something, how will the oil tankers get through that? Mr. Cheney, that's not rain in the forecast, I see that bucket of water coming! You know, I think the best thing for America right now, is for Congress to go ahead and take their "much deserved break" and the President to head to Crawford, and Mr. Cheney go visit with his new grandchild and moms. It seems at least when the politicians are on vacation and not busy helping each other win, we the people don't lose quite so much.
Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee: To deliver thee from the way of the
evil . . . a Proverb in Holy Scripture

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ok, I'm Declaring . . .

I've tried very hard to give both parties equal time and attempt to remain a nonpartisan independent, equally repulsed by both parties. But somehow today, even after all the nonsense from the Democrats, and I have more to say about them, I am just absolutely disgusted by the national Republicans. I just can't imagine how any of those people sleep at night . . . First, I commented in 2000, that it was the beginning of the end of the two party system, well now in 2007, it seems to be the end of three branches of government and sadly, it is "by the people, of the people, and undoubtedly for the people." I've been referring to this new Congress as impotent. Well that was just way too much credit for their effectiveness. It is clear, that they will be pandering and kowtowing to the present administration, or they will simply sit back and watch executive orders happen, or as I believe is coming to pass; both. Congress will bow down, that is obvious, but their subjugation will not be enough to stop executive orders. It sounds like this new Congress is already, to quote the White House spokesperson, "increasingly irrelevant." Congress, if you are going to be disrespected and disregarded, at least have the boldness to speak out like Mr. Carter! So now, we simply have one party that all the mouthpieces for the power, love to hate. Which brings me to the republicans and one branch of government . . . EXECUTIVE. While the country watches Congress try to get rid of Gonzales, what is really going on here? The Supreme Court still has 7 appointees by republicans, as the extremists shout for more conservatives. The continual 5-4 rulings of the Supreme Court are just for theatrical effect. There are no checks and balances between the three branches. There is administrative appointees, executive orders, signing statements, and vetos. The two party system is simply to keep the furor heightened, that is "the system." In the midst of all this, and I am truly exasperated with this capitalistic, fear inciting, war-mongering party in power, they forever lost my vote today; even moderates like McCain and Giuliani. Did you know that none of the presidential candidates of the republican party, and no high ranking official of the White House had the time to attend Jerry Falwell's funeral? Can you believe it? Candidates, the primary is over a year away . . .Where would all these republicans be right now, had it not been for Jerry Falwell's crusading efforts for the republican party? This man spoke from the rostrum in the 2000 convention. How quickly, they forget the people that made it all possible. If any one person could be given credit for the rise of the republican party, besides Bill Clinton, it was Rev. Jerry Falwell.
And he said, Woe unto you . . . for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers. Luke - New Testament

Monday, May 21, 2007

How Much Aggressive Power is Required to be Relevant?

I'm kind of disappointed that Mr. Carter has backed down on some of his comments he made to the Gazette, because he brought out several issues that needed to be addressed. I didn't agree with his views in his last book, but then he was raised in the same tradition as most American Christians regarding Israel, and although he cast a very disturbing light on Israel, his point that America has perpetuated Israel's inaccountability in the Middle East, unfortunately has some merit. It did sadly, come across sounding very anti-Semitic, which doesn't set well, with even his fans, myself included, but . . . to fail to see the anti-Semitism in America's stand with Israel now, addresses the lack of intelligence and insight, rather than mere relevance. America has set Israel up yet again in this so called peace plan. Remember when Israel gave up Gaza per America's request? Now, America wants Israel to back Abbas, militarily, against Hamas in Gaza. I don't know what Olmert is going to do, but I can tell you what I would do, in his shoes. Of course, I'm not in his shoes and my conjecture is much more easily made than the potential consequences are weighed. So, in discerning the difference between Jimmy Carter's anti-Semitism and the present administration, all I can say, is Mr. Carter was very clear in stating he's not claiming relevance and he's not leading anything except the Carter Center. And to that, I say "touche'!"
As I read the US instructions to Israel regarding Syria, I just keep wondering where it ends. How much of the world do we think we are supposed to be running? I'm kind of wondering if President Bush will nominate someone from another country for the postion that Mr. Wolfowitz is leaving, just to have some strings attached elsewhere. I've been trying to keep up on the repositioning of former appointees, as all power is not necessarily elected politically! We've sent the presumed "combatant" back to Australia for him to serve his sentence per America's instruction and Australia is apprently going to comply. I've been wondering how America would get a toehold in Australia.
So with America in an interesting state of continual media frenzy and political flux, so poignantly expressed by our former President, and rebuffed by the current President's spokesperson, what did Mr. Carter say wrong?
Has the world view of America ever been lower? America is in great debt and America did start a war when there was no direct or immediate threat from that particular country. Afghanistan is a different issue than Iraq, and in 2003, Iraq was irrelevant to 9/11. Many of the statements Mr. Carter made, although unpleasant, are not necessarily untrue. It was the response of the White House, to which I take issue. Why would the views of any American citizen be deemed "increasingly irrelevant" by this White House?
Since 9/11, and we really don't know all those circumstances, only that the majority of the passports presented in the news were from Saudi, but since 9/11 . . . America has gone to war in Afghanistan, written the peace plan for the Middle East, pressured the EU to accept Turkey, when less than 10% of the entire nation is even in Europe, told North Korea what is expected, continues to express dissatisfaction with Russian leadership, is now holding a certain accountability over the Australian prison system, and even using Cuba, yes, Cuba for war detainees and since it isn't in America, there is no protection of rights. Tricky, huh? Now, where else are we? Oh yes, the immigration debate . . . and it has become a comedy. In six months, we've gone from 11 million illegals to 33 million. If we can count them, why can't we find them? This isn't about changing immigration laws, it's about shutting down more small business men for inadequate paperwork and benefits. Let's see, Noriega was from some Central or South American country, and we took control over that and we've got Senators in Africa, telling them how it's to be done. We've supposedly overseen free elections in "fledgling democracies." Is there any place besides heaven itself, that the present American administration doesn't find itself to be relevant?
Come hither; I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters . . . The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues . . . these shall hate the whore . . . the Revelation in the Holy Bible

Friday, May 18, 2007

Powers, Authority, Subjects

As a religious person, I have been intrigued by some time, when I hear a particular passage of the New Testament quoted. I'm not going to preach a sermon, here, but rather raise a question as to whom and how this really applies. I heard yet another example of this in the news this morning. Romans 13: 1, 2 is continuously quoted to anyone that would dare disagree with the powers that be, and it is used in reference to secular powers when it's quoted by clergy. I find that interesting and I find it intriguing. Here is the passage. Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of G~d: the powers that be are ordained of G~d. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of G~d: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. First considering the fact that the Apostle Paul wrote this book of Romans to the church in Rome. And it so happens that Paul was put to death by the Roman government. So, how was it that this came to be? And why isn't it questioned any further? Paul told his congregants to be subject to the "higher powers," for the powers were given their authority by G~d. So how is it that Paul faced the death penalty when he was being compliant? Or did he simply not practice what he preached? Or has this, like so much of the New Testament, been taken out of context? Would John the Baptist have preached his adultery sermon to Herod, if Romans had already been written? Well, let's move on from Paul into later times. From right before the beginning of the fifth century CE until the middle of the 15th, Constantine's power was handed down from Pope to Pope without question, until men like Martin Luther led the protestant reformation. So, is every Protestant Christian being disobedient to those words in Romans 13? I'm sure they would say "no." Moving right along. It just wasn't long until King James, decided to have his scribes interpret a Bible that gave him more authority than the Pope. Well, so then who was resisting? Who has more G~d ordained power, a king or a pope. How do we know the scribes wrote it correctly, since they certainly did not want to receive "damnation?" By now, we have moved through time, to 1611. That was the year the "authorized version" of the King James Bible is dated. Just another 150 years there's a new continent of people that have decided they aren't going to do things according to the mandate of the King, and yet, this country was supposedly founded on Biblical principle. What about the Revolutionary War in regard to Romans 13? I must, of course, then question the current interpretation of this passage, and I do. I think many have overlooked the obvious, and opted for cowardly compliance. The Bible says we are not to intentionally break laws that hurt other people, but it also clearly states that man's ways are not G~d's ways. It just breaks my heart when I hear preachers be a party to the intimidation practices of a man made government. It makes me wonder how many crusading governments, historically, have used this Scripture to keep their subjects in subjection . . . Obviously G~d has allowed evil rulers, and His people have acknowledged their authority, but were willing to pay the price to stand in G~d's truth.
. . . our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will deliver us out of thine hand, O king. But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods . . .

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Now "They" Predict A Slowed Economy?

By slowed, do "they" mean expenses will remain the same, but spending will lessen? Or do "they" mean, building and job securing will further diminish without any rebound in sight? Or do "they" mean the government will quit expanding? Oh, I'm sure that's not it! I remember when I had a house full of teen-agers that gave creatively distracting answers to any direct question. I knew I was raising at least one potential politician destined for greatness, but that's another blog. What are these new terms relating to the financial situation in this country? We no longer operate in the red, we have a shortfall. What if the citizens say that when the government wants their money? Imagine next April, a collective statement from the people. We are all experiencing a shortfall. How can our government even consider adding more bureaucrats to an already overburdened payroll? Say now, if all these so called public servants, who for the most part are independently wealthy, anyway; really wanted to help the poor or support the troops or whatever their particular mantra is, they could forego their "salaries" and benefits and donate their time like the servants they claim to be. But no, we the voiceless constituents that have to be told what to think are the ones that are picking up the tab for what they order. No wonder the politicians think we're dumb enough to believe them! While we're being told that mean old Congress won't fund the war, the World Bank president, who just happened to be 2nd in command at the Pentagon 2003, gave his girl friend a several thousand dollar raise. Of course, everyone but Cheney thought it was time for him to move on. From what I read, the rest of the world just isn't sure the US needs to have the power to appoint the next president. And now that we have Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan in an uproar in our attempt to "stabilize" the Middle East, and keep oil being shipped, don't you love the prices? Just how many more messes can we make and think the world is still looking up to us? And just how much slower could the economy get before it grinds to a halt? And today I read "they" want to add a new agency to bring together all the "food safety" agencies. If the economy is slowing and gasoline is going up, while jobs and building are going down, do we really need a Food Czar? Who will be able to afford food anyway?
A man of wealth who is cruel to the poor is like a violent rain causing destruction of food.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Maybe Divisive, But Direct and Genuine

I happen to be one of several Americans that has the signature of Jerry Falwell on my diploma. Surprised? What, about the diploma or the signature? I chose his teachings for one very important reason. That man really lived by what he believed. Right or wrong, agree or disagree, but when someone is as direct as he was, it inspires those around him to know where they stand. I suppose I could give a list of Scriptures stating why I do not share his fundamental Baptist theology, but that's not the point of the blog, today. My point is, I think Jerry Falwell was different than most of the other big time preachers these days. He really never seemed concerned with the possible repercussions of his comments. The man didn't have a politically correct bone in his body! And he made no bones about fund raising. He had a lot of expensive projects going on, and from every indication, he used the funds to continue to expand his agenda. News articles that I've read even mention that Billy Graham admonished him regarding political sermons. Well, perhaps Rev. Falwell wasn't as concerned as Dr. Graham was about those invitations to the White House. Jerry Falwell had an agenda, no doubt. He wanted to have a religious impact on American politics. As a woman, I thought his views of feminism were folksy and really a bit comical, but then his religion doesn't believe in women preachers, either. Scripture does clearly state that pastors, elders, and deacons were to be men, but the other offices and calls of ministry are not gender specific. Ok, so there's one reason, I'm not a fundamental Baptist. I assure you, there ar many more, but back to Rev. Falwell. I have to say, even though I disagree with his beliefs, he influenced me. I'm sitting here everyday, writing about politics and the misguided direction of America, citing Scripture at the close of every blog. So in my own little way, I'm also doing what Rev. Falwell, did. As a matter of fact, I even wrote to him concerning his remarks about G~d's judgment on 9/11, because I also believe it was a wake-up call from G~d, but for different reasons. I informed Rev. Falwell that Scripture says G~d doesn't punish one person for another's sins, so his accusations were off based. I was thinking when he made his statement. If this was about gays and lesbians, why the the WTC in NY? Wasn't San Francisco much more progressive in that particular lifestyle and what about the states seeking to recognize same sex unions? Why not there? And if it was judgment for abortion, why not a Planned Parenthood building or the clinic in Wichita? I do believe that Rev. Falwell was correct in calling 9/11, G~d's judgment, especially when we do consider what was struck. The WTC was hit, the building containing Pentagon records came down that afternoon for "reasons of safety and stabilizing." Wall Street closed. The Stock Market plummeted. The airlines merged or failed, and the list goes on and on and on. And I can give Scripture citing the reason for the judgment.
For the love of money is the root of all evil: . . . I Timothy 6: 10

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why Do We Need More Postions of Authority?

I've made reference to Dr. Bill Bennett calling himself the "drug czar," and John Negroponte was the "intel czar" and to quote much of the media "first ever." Now today, we finally have a "war czar." That term can be found both on CNN and FOXNews. When we had a cabinet post already for Education and one for Health, why did we need another one to address the drug issue? Wouldn't drugs go in one of those categories, and oh we also have a Cabinet Post regarding agriculture . . . wouldn't at least "pot" have been under the jurisdiction of that post? I know Mr. Negroponte resigned from this "first ever" post to be a deputy something, which I found odd from the start. The top spy position, coordinating all the spy departments and he wanted to be somebody's assistant in the state department? Hmmmm . . . that reallly makes me wonder something, but I have no idea what. I just can't make sense of it, unless . . . he was just holding the post, until the one that was destined for the job was in a position to take it. I realize that was an ominously clandestine statement, but we are talking spies, here. And now, we have a war czar, and even with all the power and pomp that supposedly comes with this newly crafted position, it was difficult for the President to find a willing taker. Since it is breaking news, there were few details, but I think this man is a Lt. General, and I read some of the "thanks, but no thanks" comments from the multi-star Generals that turned it down. Why isn't the Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon enough power to determine where and how this country's military will fight? And with all the help from the new Homeland Security Department, why do we need to expand our government further in the direction of war? I did check out the organizational chart for the Dept. of Homeland Security and I guess that must keep the one in charge of that department, just pretty busy. That is an immense amount of power. Why can't we tax paying, law abiding citizens participate in our own security? But I think my main concern here, as the powers that be, continues to establish new posts to keep the power contained, is the use of the word "czar." Russia had one before 1917 and it wasn't a good thing. We know words are defined by usage, and we've seen many examples in the last several years of slang making it into Webster's. I read that the term "dead presidents" is now in Webster's as a slang term for money. With all the revision and filtering of information, do you think our grandchildren will even know that Hamilton and Franklin were not presidents? Will our grandchildren even use the currency, that is now defined? There are already people in the work force that do not know that the US treasury has in the past, printed a $2.oo bill. So, what happens as the American public gets innundated and comfortable with the term czar? Will we recognize the power that is associated with that title? What does a democracy need with czars? What does a patriotic democracy need with so much protection? Where are the real men, the patriots? Why are the people that espouse the revolutionary ardor of the forefathers bowing down to this? Why is America fighting for the freedom of others while losing ours? Why do Americans simply accept their new lot in life, under the power of czars? And just what is the media, both sides of the media preparing the American public to accept?
The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in YHVH shall be safe.

Monday, May 14, 2007

MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN - The Handwriting on the Wall

I read an article by Andrew C. McCarthy, and I suddenly saw things in a much different light. The handwriting is indeed upon the wall. I heard someone discussing the war in Iraq this morning with Dr. Bill, giving all the reasons we need to stay in Iraq, even if they want us to leave. So I went to his website and I don't think this was the guest that was speaking this morning, but this article was linked and I read it. It completely changed my view of the present situation. Congress is wrong, there is no way out of this war, funding or no. Even if they stopped funding the war effort, the present administration would spend every dime on more war and there would be no funding for the trip home, so that won't work. The majority that wanted to go to war in 2003, have dwindled down to 30some percent and they are still wrong, but not about leaving Iraq. We went to Iraq with no exit strategy and we went to Iraq with no clear definition of victory, both of those facts are the two variables that clearly tell us, there is no way to leave and no way to win. There never was. Most of the world already knew this fact, but apparently here in America, it was either not believed or not considered, which is shocking because of the number of Americans that claim to be Bible believers. I remember when I told many of the pro war people back in 2003 that this was laying the groundwork for Armegeddon, they scoffed. Spring of 2003 was the time that I realized I really wasn't on the same page as most Americans and they were clear in their views of me, as well. So perhaps my view is a bit more dogmatic than it might have been, but none the less, here I am. Or perhaps everything happened to ensure my adamance on this subject. When we saw the President standing in front of a banner that said Mission Accomplished, what was the mission and what was accomplished? Let me tell you before the revisionists get ahold of this. Saddam Hussein had not yet been captured. Speaking of Saddam, without his removal, alQaida's central headquarters could have never moved to Iraq. He wasn't about to have anyone question or challenge his right to sovereignty. Remember, that's supposedly why we went . . . and he wasn't about to share the power. He wasn't about to show us the weapons of mass destruction that he didn't have! In Mr. McCarthy's article, even when Hussein is mentioned, there is no reference to an alliance with alQaida or Iran, but rather Russia and China. Well, nobody has a more valued relationship with China than the materialistic shoppers of America. You talk about a strong alliance. We all know that Hussein felt the same way about Iran that we do, he considered Iran an enemy . . . and how many of the evangelical rights really wanted freedom for several million more Muslims? The evangelical rights don't want freedom for the rest of us that live in America. As more of America begins to see the handwriting on the wall, and I do believe it is just as clear as in the book of Daniel, we know there is no way out. The only room for change will be more war, to expand the warzone to more countries and 'hopefully' increase the allies involved. I'm guessing that's why they sent Cheney to issue mandates toward Iran . . .
. . . and the king saw the part of the hand which was writing. Then the colour went from the king's face, and he was troubled by his thoughts; strength went from his body, and his knees were shaking.
Then Daniel made answer and said to the king. . . and to the G~d in whose hand your breath is, and whose are all your ways, you have not given glory;

Friday, May 11, 2007

Politics, Schmolitics . . . Let's Talk Politicians

With the price of gas going up every time we turn around, some candidate is going to have to come up with something to make it worth the gasoline to drive to vote. I'm serious, it's about a year early, and what do we have to choose from? Oh, sorry, this isn't to discuss politics, this is politicians. So who is best suited for the address of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? Since I am an independent, I am hoping someone will come forward next year at the appropriate time, and after all the mud is slung, will offer the leadership this country so desperately needs. I'm going to address, just the forerunning candidates, because those are the ones I keep hearing about. At this point, none of my opinions are all that good about the forerunners and maybe one of the lesser known candidates can hang in there and succeed. I'm going to discuss the republicans first. I read two things about Mitt Romney that I just don't know what to do with. The first thing was his big conversion to pro-life over stem cell research. So, when it was about ending an established pregnancy, he was for a woman's choice, but when it came to using "extras" in the petri dish at the fertility clinic, he became pro-life. Whatever? And when his religion has been attacked, I find it discomforting that he claims to conduct his public life separately from his beliefs. G~d knows, if there is any time in American history to cease the separation of conscience and power, it's now! Now on to Sam Brownback. I think he is only electable in Kansas, and I have many of my own personal reasons to believe that. I will say this in regard to Mr. Brownback on his very staunch pro-life stand. I believe life should be valued outside of the womb, as well. Now, wouldn't it just be a hoot for John McCain to get the nomination? He's a moderate and many republicans think moderate is too easy to get along with, and besides I remember all the negative things his own party said in 2000, and I will remind them. And Mayor Giuliani . . . except for his war plans, I keep wondering if he's in the wrong party. He's too strong on gun control for the NRA, he's had more than one d-i-v-o-r-c-e, he's pro-choice. Actually if it wasn't for his war mantra, I'd be leaning republican for the first time in my life, but I don't agree with him about Iraq or perpetual war. Now, let's get to the other side of the aisle. I would say clearly, the three forerunners got started way too early. None of these people can withstand an extra year of scrutiny. So, Mr. Edwards, are you really young and handsome or does only your $400.00 hair dresser know for sure? I firmly do not want this man making millions and billions and trillions of dollar decisions with other people's money. And John, I know you made good on it, but it was campaign funds and you're still in the hole from '04, and this last administration is leaving a balanced bookkeeping nightmare. Now, Barack is getting quite a style going. He rolls into town and comes across somewhere between a traveling preacher and an elixir salesman, with a cure-all right before our very eyes. But the other day, he was trying to grand stand, and he got confused in his grandness between 12 deaths and 10,000. His response was priceless, 'he's going to get tired. he's going to get weary, and mistakes will be made.' Well, if campaigning is causing this much exhaustion, I can't imagine the stress at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. when solutions must replace promises. And last but certainly not least, let's talk Hillary. She is an enigma of tranparent political plans. She wasn't a stand by your man, woman when it came to baking cookies and waving on the campaign trail, but she realized the value of standing by her man, once he got that special address and Ken Starr followed her like bloodhound. And I know everyone hopes, but does anyone really think Bill will have as much power in her presidency as she had in his? Come on now! My main concern with Hillary, though is this "all things to all people." Every time I hear her speaking, she has a different tone, a different accent, a different way of relating . . . So, is she reinventing herself in every new setting or does she have some sort of dissociative problem going on? So far, nobody's got my vote and I'm afraid they have too much time to change my mind.
A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Politics, Religion, Rights, and Beliefs

I'm already listening and I think already tiring of listening to the dance of doublespeak when it comes to politics, religion, rights, and beliefs. I want to do something today, that I was very hesitant to do, simply because, from all appearances, this man just loves to be the subject matter. I really didn't want to indulge him, but this time he's earned the right to be the topic. Al Sharpton put his foot in his mouth and he's spinning his way out of the limelight, or trying to. I just think, the man has worked too many years to be in the limelight, to allow the stage to be dimmed this early. He was debating an atheist before a "sold out crowd" at the time his "unfortunate" statement was made and taken out of context! Don't you just love it? I mean it wasn't a month ago, this guy was going to move heaven and earth to destroy the life and career of a man that said something stupid and apologized for doing so, which so far, is more than Al has done. I do have a personal problem with Al Sharpton. I think he's a small minded bigot, just like the people he's supposedly fighting against, but that's just my opinion. I think he has done a great deal to bring back segregated ideas. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn't always in somebody's face about things, he was peaceful and he was trying to make sure everyone had an equal opportunity. But Dr. King also seemed to know that not everyone would do the same thing with an opportunity. Al just keeps stirring things up and making everything a racial issue, until now. Now, hypocrisy is the issue and I think it's about time. This guy just has way too much microphone time for someone that has nothing to say. Why has it been all right for young black men to use terms that old white guys get fired for? Who is going to have more influence on the outlook of young black people, or young people at all, race not withstanding? Why has it been acceptable for an entire generation of people to listen to those words that are in fact derogatory? But it wasn't wrong until some old white guy said it? Who do you think has a greater influence on the self esteem of young black people, Don Imus or Snoop Dogg? Who do you think more young people have heard of, period, Snoop Dogg or Don? So, Al, while you are debating atheists, and taking offense every chance there might be a photo op, just what is it to "really believe in G~d?" You know, for those of us who don't believe in G~d the way you do? I know I don't, because there is no issue greater than G~d and when given the opportunity to be heard, be it by microphone or blog, I want Him to be the focus, not me, and not the color of my skin. As influential as Al Sharpton would like to think he is, wouldn't it be nice if he could influence the young people that are supposedly looking up to him, to quit buying music, the same way he got sponsors to pull out of the Imus show? And wouldn't it be nice, if he could truly influence the world to see G~d, the way he persuaded Procter and Gamble to see his view? Although I don't agree with Mr. Romney's response that his religious beliefs will not have bearing on his politics, because I think everyone's beliefs should influence every aspect of their life. And I do think our beliefs have a spiritual base. I know, from everything that I have heard Al Sharpton say, I can say most assuredly that I don't believe in G~d the way he does.
. . . for YHVH seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but YHVH looketh on the heart.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

G~d Must Be So Angry . . .

I am not even going to address the fear factor that has become a part of the American culture, but I am sad that the American culture has become so far from G~d. I've had three interesting awarenesses today that have simply framed issues that have been an ongoing controversy in my observations and in American current events of political matters. I had a lengthy conversation with my very extreme religious right mother, that literally believes every word spoken by Rush Limbaugh. She openly states that she refuses to entertain any other view, because all that was available before Rush was the "other side" so she's simply not interested in listening to anything else now. Well, "the other side," before Rush, was about fifteen years ago and current events in American history have unfolded dramatically. Now is not the time to decide we need less information while entertaining more fear and discussing more war. Is driven by fear and war really the direction we want for America? Because that is the proposed direction of talk radio . . .
Today I also received one of those ignorant pass around e-mails that cannot be considered SPAM because we know the person that forwarded this "illuminated information." This e-mail ws supposed to be a monologue delivered by Jay Leno who was supposedly elaborating on his views regarding the detrimental effect that the media is having on the American public. The words that were supposedly spoken to his credit indicated in no uncertain terms that we Americans that are not happy about the direction of America are simply ungrateful and spoiled. His presumed diatribe continued to blame those of us that do not feel the current direction of our nation is appropriate. So basically, the only thing to be unhappy about in America are nearly 70% of Americans that believe we aren't right about everything . . . As I read this "would be rebuke" from the host of the Tonight Show, two thoughts crossed my mind. One: There's just nobody like Johnny Carson, and Two: Just where would Jay Leno be, how well known would his name be, were it not for the "media?"
And last, but certainly not least, I read that the Pentagon has told 35,000 troops to get ready to go to Iraq. That's right there are deployment orders for another 35,000 members of the military, after several thousand have already deployed this spring. At first, I was ready to climb up on my soap box and rant that through the State of the Union address, our President mentioned a 20,000 troop surge, but my soap box would have only embarassed me. I went to and discovered the fact that regardless of what I thought I had heard, what is written is . . . our President vowed to send more than 20,000 troops in the coming year. Well, 35,000 is "more than" 20,000 and we are certainly a number of months away until the end of the year. In all of our President's comments, this fact is an absolute truth, without political doublespeak; 35,000 is "more than" 20,000. So, our President cannot be considered to be lying or have difficulty communicating, we must simply consider everything we're told. And I am tired of hearing people say he isn't very smart. I think he puts a great deal of thought and receives input from his advisors into every detail he plans and every statement he makes.
It would now appear, that it has been ordained for America to live in fear and war, be entertained by those that would deride us, and be led by those that would lead us into the global position of participation in the last days government of mystery Babylon.
Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of G~d: the powers that be are ordained of G~d.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Interesting Ethics Called American Integrity

I read an interesting article on FOXNews today, and we know that source is always fair and balanced because they tell us they are . . . Did you know that when Saddam Hussein was ruling Iraq, there were around 800,000 Christians in the country and even one of his high ranking officials was a Christian? He just happens to be in prison now, since the American invasion, well since he was captured or whatever happened, but he claims to be a Christian, and he also claimed that any government takes exception and prosecutes to the fullest extent of the law, when there is an assassination attempt upon it's leader, as was the case that Saddam was lynched for. Now, before I get on my soap box concerning capital punishment, I would like to say in the midst of [mission accomplished] and the [taliban has been eradicated] according to FOXNews, it is Christianity in Iraq that is being eliminated. It is estimated that over half of the Christians have left the country, since Saddam was removed from power. That seems an odd result for a Christian Nation bringing liberation and Iraqi Freedom! So, as the Taliban regains their prominance in Afghanistan and Iraqi Freedom has now afforded alQaida to have headquarters in Iraq, the Christians are the ones that are being driven away and losing their homes, their freedom and their once comfortable lives. Now I have to mention this same integrity is applied to the death penalty, here in America. You see a "Christian" democracy has no right or authority to use the death penalty. The death penalty was only given in the laws of the Theocracy established at Mt. Sinai. A "Christian" democracy doesn't adhere to G~d's laws, therefore they are just implementing and excercising mockery at the expense of human life. And by the way, just in case anyone ever claims a fully theocratic society based upon the Torah, there is no such thing as capital punishment upon circumstancial evidence. There must be two witnesses . . . Now, back to this integrity that the followers of this current administration so applauds. I remember reading only two pages in a biography about President Bush, and this was when he was the governor of Texas, capital punishment central! A woman that confessed to a brutal murder and expressed deep remorse upon her Christian conversion did not receive a pardon from the governor, but a vicious serial killer was spared by this same governor because although they knew he was guilty of several heinous acts inlcuding murder, they weren't sure about one specific murder . . . so this man received clemency, and the jury's decision and recommendation were overturned. And that was called integrity. As a matter of fact all of this is considered above reproach. It must be, it's allowed to continue! Oh, and for those of us that are against capital punishment, because we do believe the Bible, look out. The same doctor, yes doctor, the ones that take an oath to first do no harm. The doctor that is called the creator of lethal injection thinks it's time to rethink lethal injection, due to the legal protests of it possibly being inhumane and cruel. His closing statement in the article I read . . . He's not opposed to bringing back the guillotine. If this is integrity, upon what is it based? A Christian nation that fancies itself to have the authority to disregard G~d's laws, might want to consider what the New Testament has to say regarding this matter. The only mention of war and capital punishment are inacted by Rome against Messiah and his followers, and the prophesied beast against believers.
And walk in love, as Messiah also hath loved us . . .

Friday, May 04, 2007

More Fiddling While America's Future Goes Up in Smoke

Well, our Congress is busy. These legislators are making more legislation, that the President said he would veto. Now in six years, he's only vetoed two bills. Ao even if he vetoes everything for the next two years, he can't possibly stop all the things that have been rubber stamped in the first six years of this administration. Isn't it just exillerating to see the wheels of government turn and breathtaking as we watch the checks and balances and progress of the three branches of government?
If only I had Nero's violin music in the background of this blog . . . or perhaps an awe inspiring orchestrated version of "G~d Bless America." I've noticed just how much that is beginning to sound like a crusade proclamation or an "order" given to the Almighty, rather than a humble request. But back to this legislation. We have a new bill regarding hate crimes . . . as if there are crimes of good will . . . Isn't crime already against the law? So this is how these newly elected representatives are attempting to convince the American public, they deserve this job? Well, I've just about seen enough to know, they are just killing time collecting salaries. It's as if they plan to just play political ping pong until 2008. And what does the White House have to lose? The President can't run again and the Vice President isn't running, so they've got no reason to please the people. I personally think this is just a smoke screen to camouflage the real issues, which are in abundance. I'm not talking the hot button stuff on talk radio, I'm talking the nitty gritty. While the government is talking $ethanol$ to the farmers, and the beef and the milk prices are going up, we're going to use corn for fuel! Well, that's what the cattle use for food. And while the government is talking $oil refineries and revenues$ to their exclusive constituents that now consist of much less than a majority, the gasoline prices continue to climb. The jobless rate has increased, the housing market is in a slump, the war has no end and apparently no funding, and according to Iraqi officials, no purpose, and our economy is still stable? Does anyone besides that thirty some % that support Bush, really believe this? Do you really think the 38,000 employees that got laid off at Ford think the economy is better? And say what about the guys at GM, now that they are second to Toyota . . . do they say the economy is better? the Feds say inflation is minimal and they haven't raised the interest rates! Big deal about the interest rates, the young people trying to get started don't have enough job security to get long term stable loans, so the interest rates aren't controlling anything except keeping expenses down for big business loans. Ah, but the Dow Jones hit 13,000 this week. Of course, if we turn down our talk radio, and turn off the white House/Capitol Hill debate, we'd see that the inflation is on Wall Street and the unemployment rate has dropped because unemployment benefits have run out. And read it, out of the supposed 88,000 jobs that have been created in the last quarter, the government made up 25,000 of them. The number of jobs that no longer exist after this quarter was not specified, but it doesn't take a math major to realize if the jobless percentage rose then that number is larger than those created. The gap is even greater if you deduct the 25,000 jobs invented by our already oversized government. So, with all this looming on our horizon, let's make extra paperwork to somehow legislate bad attitudes to be illegal, which is ultimately where the term "hate-crime" is heading. Combine a negative comment with a bad attitude about some small print in the Patriot Act, and there you have it. Soon we won't be able to say anything about our own government without it being a "hate crime" or a mental problem! Then the housing slump will make no difference and the economy will truly be stable. We'll simply all be housed and kept or employed to guard those that are. So, before it's signed into law, I've gotta say it. I just really hate what they've all done with the place! I hate to hear the rhetoric! I hate the war cries! I hate the name calling! I hate the campaign lies! I hate the hot button issues that are just mountains out of molehills! And I hate being told, I'm supposed to be afraid of everything! And I hate the fact that young people are still trying and still dying and are going to inherit this insane legacy that is wrapped in debt and tied with laws. And I do hate the fact, and I know I am not supposed to, but I hate the fact that those in this hand picked cast and their elite audience have enjoyed the music and won't have to pay the fiddler!
Ye that love YHVH, hate evil . . .

Thursday, May 03, 2007

You Have Got To Be Kidding . . . !

Two headlines have come across my desktop in the past two days that have just left me in "shock and awe." First, I read that our US government has set an 8 month timetable for progress in the Israeli/Palestinian peace plan! That's right; a timetable. Now, doesn't that just sound like a peachy idea when recommended from a country that is fighting over that very topic. The President of the United States says we can't possibly allow a timetable to be revealed, because our enemy could just wait the time out . . . Well how chummy are Israel and Hamas? And I read the ridiculous comments from the leader of Hezbollah, who was supposed to be on the American terrorist list, but obviously, they've been put on a different list. Now Israel and the Palestinian people are left to try to deal with Hamas, another group that was once on the terrorist list, before the present American administration secured their power as a political party and sovereign government. This new government is the entity that is still arguing over how many hundreds of Palestinian criminals should be released for the exchange of one Israeli soldier. Meanwhile Israel's ally does nothing but twittle our thumbs and encourage diplomacy and concession. Well let me tell you something about this Iraq mess that our leader led us into. The former leader of Iraq also considered alQaida an enemy and alQaida sure didn't have a foothold under his rule, much less have Iraq as their new headquarters, according to our government information. And only G~d knows how bad that intelligence may or may not be. Well I guess some of us have been given the gift of discernment on that topic. Then, I read the headline today that says the Iraqi parliament is considering a two month vacation this summer and it's really none of America's business. Well, that doesn't sound like the rhetoric of a grateful, fledgling democracy to me. That sounds more like a thumbing of the nose, rather than a twittling of the thumbs, or perhaps a friendly wave minus four digits. Just so you understand this as clearly as our politicians can doublespeak. We are attempting to implement an 8 month timetable for the peace process between Israel and Hamas while a timetable for Iraq to get in gear would be too much information for our enemies, and aparently be too much pressure for the Iraqi parliament to enjoy their summer vacation, which is none of the business of the USA. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, didn't our fearless leader announce at the beginning of this American made mayhem that if the other countries were with us they would see alQaida and a list of other groups as terrorists? Well, Saddam Hussein came closer than any other leader in the Arab world to regard the same list of enemies that President George W. Bush claimed back in 2001. Now that Saddam has been murdered and his country laid waste, we are rediscovering the value of the buffer that Iraq provided us and the rest of the world in dealing with Iran and Syria. So now, we see why "Condi" isn't smiling. The rest of the world sees the shambles created in the Middle East by the know-it-all Americans and our allies are standing back saying, "we tried to tell you," so now Dr. Rice is trying to "make nice" with Syria after all of her boss's comments. If this wasn't real life, you'd wonder who thought of this goofy show, but it's real and it is life and it is death, to way too many, already. Now that we all realize the mess has been made, and over 3,000 young Americans have died in Iraq, does anyone have the number of Americans that were killed there, when Hussein was ruling Iraq? Now some of the terror list, has more power than they ever had, because America has helped some of them gain political positions, and tied the hands or the noose of those that would have kept them from gaining armed power. So basically in a nutshell, Israel needs to submit and reliquish and make further concessions in 8 months or less, while we in America finance and fight without end in sight, to hold the fort in Iraq while the leaders take summer vacation. You have got to be kidding . . .
For he that is not against us is for us.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Vetos and Other Political Games

We've all now read, that President Bush has vetoed the bill that Congress sent regarding War Funding, because it has a timetable regarding the redeployment of troops, a.k.a. bringing them home. Bringing them home, just happens to be what I, and at least 50% of Americans call; supporting our troops. Our leader sees it differently, and on this anniversary day of his now famous photo-op on the USS Abraham Lincoln, he thinks it should spin back to reflect badly on Congress. Well, it doesn't, unless they fold! I think it's ridiculous that the Bush administration is now saying that politicians should not be making war decisions. Well where was all that wisdom in March of 2003, when war-mongering politicians led us into a war with no exit strategy? I don't know how many of Americans realize that a war with no exit strategy has no end planned. So that means, Mission Accomplished turns out to be mere rhetoric and the dust of this unfounded war that America has started will settle when Armegeddon is over. In this debate, let's not leave Hillary Clinton out of this. I have noticed for sometime, just how much her husband did for the republicans through his Presidency and we of course see him with George 41 much more often than we see him with Carter, but back to Hillary. She voted for this war that she is now attempting to use as a campaign prop, but she's doing the exact same thing George 43 has done. She voted for it, she regrets the turn out of events, but she's not said her vote was a mistake . . . well that's what our current President continues to say. He says we've made some errors and acted on faulty intelligence, but he never says it was a mistake, and you know, I just don't want four more years of that mentality from either party! So Hillary, was voting for this war right or not?
And Democrats in Congress, if you back down, then you are not representing the people that elected you and Republicans in Congress and Senate, the President can't be re-elected. You, however; can be, but will you? I think I'm just exhausted with the political games and I don't know how we, the American public, decided that politicians should be making all of our decisions. I mean they determine our future, our children's education, our economy, the civility of our global standing, and pass laws controlling our communication, travel, and even time. And let's review just how well they manage this in their own lives, much less for thousands or millions of the rest of us, at the mercy of their discretion or indescretion, as the case may be. Politicians have their own separate provisions for old age income and health care, they don't have to live with the Social Security and Medicare, they've given us. Many children of politicians attend private schools and invitations to ivy league schools, and of course get privileged treatment for their "indescretions" such as underaged drinking, etc. Politicians live on tax dollars and campaign funds, and if elected, only work less than 200 days a year, so they know nothing about earning a living, much less managing and budgeting. I don't know why we use politicians for diplomats, listen to the way the talk through campaigns. And I'm wondering if Condoleezza Rice ever smiles. And last, but certainly not least, these people start wars, they don't have to fight in; and they make and enforce laws, they don't have to keep.
And there came a traveller unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him; but took the poor man's lamb, and dressed it . . .

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Without Rights, a Minority Left Out

Now that I have listened to talk radio for a few months, I'm getting to hear all the complaints that any individual or group of people feel entitled to air. And, frankly, I now think 4 1/2 months of talk radio is just about my limit, regardless of the political leaning of the host. All of talk radio has something in common, regardless of politics, race, or religion, and that is, the never ending sound of something to be "up in arms" about! Well, let me tell you, there is one topic, I haven't heard about and I'm going to voice it, because as you have probably noticed in all issues, when it's personal, everybody needs to hear about it, and these individual issues always cross partisan lines.
Republican Nancy Reagan wants stem cell research, maybe because Mr. Reagan suffered from Alzheimer's. Republican James Brady wants gun control, probably because he was shot in the head. George Bush doesn't really mind illegal immigrants, could that be, because his sister-in-law is from Mexico? Al Sharpton, a man that espouses equal opportunity, doesn't mind if the rappers use the 'n' word or the word "ho" and Don Imus cannot because he is white. So much for equal opportunity. Everyone has their voice to stand up about something. Well, let me tell you, as a left handed person, we are a much overlooked and capable minority that frequently operates with a disregarded disadvantage.
Yesterday, when we purchased a digital camcorder, we realized very quickly that it was built to accomodate a right handed individual. The handle, the "joystick control," everything is managed from a right handed perspective. When my husband asked if they had a left handed model for his wife, the clerk merely laughed. So, we lefties are free game to be disadvantaged and made sport of. Well, unlike the girls at Rutger, in my moment of pure grace, I just commented that I now had my blog topic. I do not feel that the young man was being mean, I don't believe my husband was making fun of left handed people, and I have already managed to operate the camera with the same level of inefficiency that I operate any other camera, and that's my point. Why, do we choose to make issues? Can't we just realize that people take things personally, and therefore try to be considerate, but by that same token . . . can't people just realize that sometimes somebody says something before they think? I really don't expect the world to see things according to my convenience, any more than Nancy will get the republicans to agree with the democrats, or James Brady will get the blessing of the NRA. But I realized, I really don't need talk radio to keep pressing every hot button issue to tell me, there are a great number of people walking around waiting to push buttons or feel pushed. And I think, as everyone demands their rights, I'd just as soon be left out.
Among all this people there were seven hundred chosen men lefthanded; every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss.

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