Sunday, May 08, 2016

Media Filter and Programming

This is not for a moment, to suggest bad things are not happening in other places, but rather to raise the question, "What if the violence we are seeing is the exception, rather than the rule?"  We know our news is filtered here in the land of the free, so it would only make sense that our news sources determine what we view from other countries, as well.  We full well know much of the Middle East is actually quite luxurious, yet we are shown the war torn headlines.  We also know Israel is under constant threat of attack by Palestinians, yet when Israel responds, she is portrayed as the aggressor.  I'm certainly not suggesting that war torn regions are rosy, not at all; but I am saying we simply do not know the details.  Someone in another country who saw headlines from Ferguson, MO two years ago, might envision the entire country to looked like that.

The point of this blog is two fold.  First, the American pundits, who by the way, are only well known because of the American media; pound the programming that American media cannot be trusted.  So, those most vocal against the media, are using said media to propagate distrust and hate.  Second to raise the question; in the realization that media is clearly filtering our national information, what gives credence to the international reports?  And what are other nations seeing from our country?  Is our media filtering what the world sees, or are other nation's filtering what their people see?  None of us can sit in one place and presume to know what information is traveling the globe.

Am I eluding to a vast conspiracy theory?  Hardly!  It's not a theory, and my guess is, the power calling the shots is not much of a conspiracy, but rather simply, one of the powers prophesied in the book of Daniel.  I'm guessing those who have sold their souls believe they are all a part of it, but . . . Have we really given any consideration to our level of distrust regarding the information sources that we continue to listen to, even though we say they can't be trusted?  I realized today, as I sat at my table in tears . . . There are not many people I actually trust at all.  I'm not distrusting, per se, just aware that everyone shares information from their own perspective, and very few share my perspective on some very core issues in my life.  I'm also well aware that others undoubtedly feel the same toward me on some level.  We simply cannot take life at face value any more.  We don't have to be cynical and distrusting to realize our society is polarized, our politics is choreographed, and Messiah said our enemy would be of our own household.  Trust does not abound!  If our enemy would be of our own household, that leaves little hope of getting the straight scoop from anyone making a living at keeping the pot stirred and the ratings high.

Religion has also become a focal point of media and the programming is obviously intentional and  atrociously biased.  The attempt to devalue spiritual beliefs, even vilifying those who would stand by their values is gaining momentum in the media.  When it comes to spiritual matters, I'm called to proclaim without compromise, so if I lose a google ad or social media "friend," I accept that as part of the job.  As for matters of emotion and intelligence, that can cover a great deal of ground, and as it turns out that ground can be filled with landmines, especially when it comes to religious politics.  Perhaps, the lack of logic in our political system while commingling religion, is the reason any discussion can become so emotionally volatile.  Religion is often more emotional or political than spiritual.

Considering the power of filtering and programming, while witnessing the obvious results in a culture that considers itself intellectually elite and insightful with open disregard of media; raises the question as to how each of us decides what information we choose to believe.  As far as I am concerned, the only thing I can believe with full trust and no doubt is Scripture and The One Who inspired it.  When it comes to everything and everyone else, there is room for doubt, especially when there is an agenda . . .

With the treatment of the ranchers in Oregon, the blatant programming and influence became so obvious, I was sickened.  The adjectives used by mainstream media were intentionally biased and derogatory.  The fact that ranchers are held with no bond, no trial, and their jail is called prison should be alarming, but in this society of programmed viewers, it appears to have gone by most, virtually unnoticed.  The fact that one of the men being held is an alternative news journalist should cause alarm for anyone who believes in the First Amendment, but most are more concerned about the "mock election" already proven to be decided by someone other than "we the people."

As I read the headlines and watch the reactions and comments, I can't help but wonder what, and how much of our craziness is being shown to the rest of the world.  In what context is our news being reported to foreign countries?  Do other nations know our federal government is doing a huge land grab and holding the citizens captive?  America has the largest percentage of incarcerated citizens in the world.  Is it just a matter of time until another country decides America needs to be "liberated?"

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  words of Messiah

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