Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Republican Nomination

I know I am not blogging with regularity right now, and with good reason. Don't we hear a lot of that. . . Someone isn't doing what's expected, but it's okay because they have a good reason, at least by their own standard.
Now, back to the republican nomination. We are hearing about Supreme Court nominations, looks like House Majority position will be taking on new leadership, and there is a temporary head of FEMA right now because between September 2 and September 10th or 11th. "Brownie" wasn't doing such a great job, after all! So now, he has been rehired as a consultant for FEMA, which really sounds like a better job, anyway. Independent contractor that only has to trouble shoot everyone else's job performance. But all of this is republicans nominating other republicans or appointing other co-party people to high ranking positions of authority. I am speaking of a different type of republican nomination.
I think William J. Clinton should be nominated for Republican of the Year!
I mean, after all, his presidency did more to rally republicans than anything in recent history. His presidency actually caused many to no longer call themselves democrats. If we compare the results of the 1960 presidential election to the 2000 presidential election; Mr. William J. Clinton did more for the republican party than General Dwight D. Eisenhower. And just where would Rush Limbaugh be now, were in not for William J. Clinton?
And all this work with former President Bush. We know that former President Carter has been doing charity work and helping the homeless for years. Why didn't Mr. Clinton align himself with Mr. Carter at this time of helping those that lost all in the hurricanes? What better time to help and what better cause than habitat for humanity, at a time of people needing shelter and literally finding themselves homeless in an instant.
And apparently this "bi-partisan" association is expected to continue, as I have read there is a not for profit corporation in the works that will contain the names of both men. So, do the republicans need Bill Clinton's charisma to raise money or has Bill Clinton seen the power and prestige contained within the republican party or will we see a coming together of the parties as the American population becomes more needy and dependant?
Let there be no turning to the right or to the left, keep your feet from evil.

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