Sunday, May 31, 2015

Divided for the Conquering . . .

By now, most of us have realized, having a black president did not relax racial tension.  On the contrary, the tension seems to be heightened, while our President and First Lady continue to draw attention to racial conflict.  Undoubtedly, there are white racists in this country, but there are also black race baiters.  Meanwhile young people of all races are watching, believing the programming they are being fed from the side in which they are standing.  For whatever reason, tolerance calls us to hate bigots while baiters are given a free pass.  This country is, once again, racially divided.  Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD appear to have stepped back in time, and now college campuses offer "ethnic safe spaces."  The author of the article linked makes no bones about the fact, color speaks louder than freedom of the press.

Religious division is really gaining ground, even amongst those who claim the same basic beliefs.  Every week, I find at least two articles addressing the exodus from the church.  Then there are the various factions of the latest Hebraic movement that really seem rather denominational in their grouping and discussion.  The anti-religious seem to be able to unite in their anti-theism and are sadly gaining numbers and power over the public square.  The division is quite real, and the aggression against those with different beliefs is gaining momentum.  While the evangelicals tend to be divided Sunday morning, they are politically united at the polls.

Law enforcement is becoming quite militarized and while I do believe we still have some good cops, I also know there are some ruthless bad ones.  The police brutality has caused much division racially, as well as a general tone of "them vs. us" for a number of years, and now the biker situation in Texas has raised even more skepticism and distrust.  The truth is, when there is a bad guy breaking and entering, 911 is the link to our beloved law enforcement that is there to protect and serve.  On the other hand, when cruising down the highway and we see the lights on top of the car, the "them vs. us" is apparent with our own adrenaline charge and memory of every brutality video on the net.

There has been a generation gap since the dawn of creation, and along with that, the different standard of morality.  A decline in standards is a rapid drop.  Adam and Eve with their forbidden fruit, to the next generation committing murder speaks of the rapid decline of civility in this world.  The generational blame that has occurred in this country, I find to be quite, stale; for lack of a better word.  We all know the baby boomers economically and morally destroyed America and are destroying what's left . . .  Although the blame rolls off my shoulders like water off a duck's back, I will admit the boomers, as a whole sold out and haven't done much to improve the situation.  The generational division has always been, but the blame, well maybe . . . much of the church still teaches everyone is paying for past generational sins all the way back to the Garden.  Perhaps we lack the civility to not let a different perspective divide us; but blaming each other will absolutely bring division.

The Supreme Court is about to serve up a whopping dish of division with the same sex marriage decision coming in June.  There is NO way this will not bring division.  If they render a decision against same sex marriage, the gay agenda will explode.  If the decision is in favor of same sex marriage, the Supreme Court has exalted itself above Scripture, which will result in calamity of Biblical proportion.  This division will be the ultimate LOSE/LOSE for our society.  LGBT has made no bones about it. They are aggressive and will be relentless.  In the 2013 decision regarding DOMA, as the LGBT representatives stood on the steps in Washington a spokesperson for the group stated, "this is not enough."  From what I can see, the agenda wants our children, our businesses, our money, and our submission, and I don't know if that will be enough!

Thanks to mainstream media, every small glitch, and every misunderstanding can now be exaggerated internationally and blown completely out of proportion, while lacking context and be quoted as truth, while we all state, "I just don't trust mainstream media."  I find myself leaning toward news sources that are definitely outside of mainstream, yet fact checking can be very difficult and I certainly do not want to give a false report.  All things considered, though, fact checking mainstream media, doesn't offer much reassurance either.  Operation Jade Helm 15 continues to be downplayed in the news officially, while those of us trying to keep it on the radar are billed as conspiracy theorists.  More division, always more division.

Sadly, our politics appears to be divided by all of the divisive topics . . . Or perhaps, our politics are simply choreographed to give the appearance of party division, rather than the true division which is between "the powers that be" and "we the people."  Since that line appears to be based upon wealth, perhaps it's time to stop watching the politicians for leadership, and stop listening to the media for answers, and realize the love of money is the root of all evil and the only true refuge is found in our Creator.

And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.  And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.  ~ words of Messiah

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pervasive Perversion

While we look at ISIS, illegal immigration, and Operation Jade Helm 15, I see a true nemesis.  The true nemesis is the Agenda of Perversion masquerading in our society, as sexual tolerance and anti-bullying.  This so called tolerance is tolerant of everything except chaste decorum, and as for anti-bullying, I think the Oregon Supreme Court has spoken volumes in defense of bullying against those who are just living their life and not trying to hurt anyone.  I've struggled with writing this article, because on many levels, it hits entirely too close to home.  As far as I know, homosexuality is not a family issue yet, but we've had our own brand of justification for a number of years now, from shotgun weddings to illegitimate births, to my own personal divorce statistics.  The gay agenda may be the straw that breaks the camel's back, but this nation and world have been on a slippery slope of immorality for a very long time, and the perversion is much more pervasive than just the LGBT.

Although I am not an advocate of sinning, sadly; I am still not perfect.  I believe in resting on the Sabbath and keeping a kosher diet, as well as the other commandments of Torah regarding personal behavior, which includes sexual behavior.  I do not believe Messiah came to change the Instructions for righteous living.  He came to set the example for righteous living and bring redemption.  Obeying the Laws of G-d does not earn one the right to be a child of G-d.  His grace is what affords us to be His children, and grateful gracious children strive to obey.  It seems obvious, at least here in America, that ignoring the Laws of our Creator is hazardous to our health, and thus to our society.  Willful disobedience, by definition is in fact; sin.

Now with that being said, which sins are causing the most problems?  Sexual issues seem to be the most problematic, on many levels.  Probably the biggest problem with sexual sin is it tends to affect the most people, and often makes more people.  When the concept of same-sex marriage was introduced, we were told, it would not affect those who do not embrace the concept.  That isn't true!  People are losing their businesses, their jobs, and their livelihoods; and the decision has yet to be rendered by the Supreme Court.  The public school system is openly declaring that LGBT does indeed affect everyone, not only in the reading curriculum, but in sports, using the restrooms, and even showers!  For whatever reason, sexual tolerance is being forced and there's just something wrong with that on a very base level.  If two lesbians can feel "mentally raped" for someone to stand by their beliefs, I think many of the rest of us can use that same term, as this aggressive sexual agenda is forced down our throat.  Aggressively targeting and attacking a Christian bakery is just as much bullying as picking on a feminine boy or a rugged tomboy at school.   But, alas, this sexual agenda began long before two lesbians started whining or before an Olympian doubted his sexuality.

I grew up in a time in which premarital sex was frowned upon by a generation who obviously had crossed that line in their own teenage years, and our generation was bringing the "sexual revolution."  Interestingly, revolution and revolting have the same root word, and sadly the revolution has brought revolting results.  This article is in no way intended to remove personal responsibility for the moral decline of this nation, but America made a serious mistake over a century ago, when marriage became legislatively governed, thus ceasing to be sacred.  Oh, I know, we all heard that single line as the preacher officiates: "joined in the sight of G-d," but once marriage involved a state license, we had mingled holy with profane.  Now, all these years later, the Supreme Court of the land has already determined it has the right to rule on Scripture, and the social validity thereof.

With the sexual revolution came a sexual openness in our society, that included pornography.  Or perhaps, it was the pornography industry that "inspired" the sexual openness, I can't speak with true knowledge on that subject.  What I do know, is television programming became more blatant, movies were often filled with a great deal of sexual content as the rating system became blurred, and then cable brought sexuality openly into everyone's living room.  All of that was gaining momentum through last century.  The internet has made pornography available in a simple click of the mouse.  I was not raised with a father who read Playboy, but my uncle did, and provided my cousins with their own copy.  I still remember the shocking find in helping them unpack when they moved.

I was born to teenaged parents, who eloped and undoubtedly prayed for a late arrival.  I grew up, with my own set of hang-ups about that, so I decided to do it differently.  I had intended to be a single mom, but ultimately decided my child should grow up in a two parent household . . . I got that wrong, in several attempts.  I am now living undivorced and celibate with a disabled husband in what has been the longest marriage of my life . . . Considering my track record, I know this is somehow the result of the law of sowing and reaping, or as some would say; "comeuppance."   Each generation in our society appears to only intensify their stand against Torah.  The current status of society indicates my family is no exception to the rule, or substandard to the general population in America, but we've certainly done nothing to raise the standard!  By the time I came to a covenant relationship with our Creator, my kids had been raised pretty permissively.

I know a woman who is nearly 40 and married, while working in the rather kinky end of the adult entertainment industry.  She's not a dancer or stripper, nuff said there, except she has mentioned two things I find very spiritually haunting.  One, after reading my book, "Can We All Be Wrong?" I did what I thought was mentor, encourage her to read the Bible, and answer her questions, but in looking back . . . At any rate she said she realized homosexuality was wrong. Although she didn't feel led to that lifestyle, had always supported their right, until reading what was written in Leviticus.  The next year, I saw photos of her with her teen aged daughters attending a gay pride parade.  The second thing about this individual is her insistence in discussing her career and perspective with someone she knows doesn't want to hear about it.  This sexual agenda is so aggressive.  Anyway, in one of our few conversations since she's embraced the darkness, she mentioned doing some modeling . . . I can't help but wonder, now, when I see some of the illustrations of the Harlot of Babylon, if she indeed has done some modeling.

My parents generation said, you could sanctify fornication with a marriage license.  My generation said divorce and cohabitation are fine . . . The generation we raised now says anything goes, and we're going to force it on everyone . . . What will be the stand of the next generation?   Or will society even survive the absence of a moral standard?  So far, there is no evidence that a society can survive this sort of moral breakdown.  

If I were to do it all over again, or if anyone were listening to my advice, I would suggest a religious ceremony, only without a state license, and not on a Sabbath.  Then a legal change of name for the bride, and do not use the children as tax deductions . . .

And even as they did not like to retain G-d in their knowledge, G-d gave them over to a reprobate mind . . . Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful . . . Who knowing the judgment of G-d, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.  ~  letter to Rome

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Are We Being Prepared?

The term "prepared" is being bandied around in many circles.  I watched two short videos this week, both about preparing, both very different, and both very sure their information is from G-d.  What I know, is, Y'hshuwah said, "Be ready."  He also said we know not the day or the hour of His return.  At the time he was on earth, he said he didn't even know, only the Father knew.  One look at social media interaction of folks talking about the Bible is clear indication, "we don't know the day or the hour of Messiah's return, because when it comes to our Creator's calendar, it's clear we don't even know what day it is!"

As to the videos, to be honest, I'm sure both are wrong, and of course there are those who would say I am wrong.  The woman spoke of a very soon rapture as the time of tribulation is becoming imminent.  There's no Scriptural basis for her belief, and her description of how this vision and dream came seemed very similar to the origin of the rapture theory.  A sick little girl had a dream or vision.  Now as for the man who made a video, his was an arrogant condescension about those of us who are watching the development of Operation Jade Helm.  We're told the treatment Jeremiah received as he tried to warn the people Babylon was taking over.  Do I think Operation Jade Helm is the government declaring war on the people?  No, not in so many words.  Do I think we should be prepared for a different way of living?  Absolutely!  I do think we are being prepared to live under a new level of what will be called "security."

Perhaps a better question than "are we prepared" or "is our military preparing," is:  "Are we being set up?"  We need to keep in mind just a few things about our recent American history, and by recent, I mean since WWII.  Our interstate highways were put in place by a general/president, for military purposes and fashioned after the German autobahn.  I would encourage you to read about the administration and accomplishments of President Eisenhower.  So, when we are told by many with a military background that the military uses the interstate all the time, they are correct, but take note; most of them are not still in the military either.

ISIS has become the latest nemesis in American culture but it hasn't united the people like invading Afghanistan did.  When I see some of the images I have to wonder if ISIS is presented to America in the same way Russian Communism was in Nazi Germany?  I mean no disrespect to those who are in the clutches of ISIS, but America really isn't taking an active stand for those people, yet our military has time to play Operation Jade Helm on our own home soil.

With the government now in charge of health care, there is a report that SS will begin to be reduced by 2017.  That's just one recent report, that may well be nothing more than inciting fear.  It is obvious, however; that the retired force and disabled force are in greater ratio to the workforce than ever before.  The following paragraph is found in the recent report found on what appears to be the official site.  This benefit formula change will be phased in very slowly, beginning in 2017 and not fully 
phasing in until 2050. Because all bend point factors will continue to be wage-indexed, 
future beneficiaries will continue to have inflation-adjusted benefits larger than those 
received by equivalent beneficiaries today.  The cost of health care is exponentially increased as we age.  Medicare is even more costly than the monthly social security checks that are issued.  We really need to look at Germany's pre WWII history regarding health care for everyone.  

I awoke to the reality that the power was out.  Since I'm heading off grid, there are a few things already in place, as well as having developed several simplicity alternatives along the way.  One individual who came across as an arrogant buffoon compared the Jade Helm discussions to Y2K.  By the details he gave, it sounded like he was "right in the midst of that fear."  I knew the Y2K scare was just to let us know how much was controlled by technology and there is even more now.  I was so sure of the fabricated fear that when I was in Haiti in November of 1999, I told the local ministries, I was sure there would be a number of generators available after the new year.  I was running an inner city mission and did three things in precaution of Y2K.  I bought a few extra bags of rice, a second propane tank for my grill, and I prayed.  So many in that neighborhood were dependent upon food stamps, that I thought one electronic glitch could result in a neighborhood of hungry children, so I spent an extra $20.00 just in case and although it was business as usual, I've never regretted that small step of precaution.  It's not hoarding or fear to be able to share into next week, yet I digress.  Back to no electricity.

Electricity is pretty vital to most of our lifestyle now.   As I considered the possibility of a power outage in the southern states in July and August, folks could get get pretty hot.  The loss of electricity for air conditioning, not to mention all the conveniences, could trigger a hostile environment.  As short fused and dependent as many Americans are, it wouldn't really take much of a glitch for lack of comfort and supply to become panic. Panicked people are not rational.

The Supreme Court's decision regarding gay marriage could divide this country in June.  The racial tension in many large cities is already intense.  The "them vs. us" mentality between citizens and law enforcement is at an all time high.  Poultry farms are being destroyed in many northern states.  Some farmers simply could not plant this year, as grain prices plummeted last year.  Raw milk is under attack, regularly; yet in all this, the majority of this nation remains dependent for their food supply.  The political differences are only going to intensify as the Presidential campaigns get an early start.  Meanwhile, we've lost track of ebola, while vaccines are possibly soon to be government mandated.  The reality is, much of our nation has already incurred some form of trouble on a large scale, yet confined to that area.  Unrest and distrust abounds, which seems to be serving to polarize our society on every issue.  We cannot keep blaming "them" and think anything is going to get better.

Regardless of what our government has planned or not planned, and regardless of the UN, the real problem America is facing, is judgment.

Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek YHWH understand all things.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Is a Crisis in the Making?

Is there anything in America that isn't causing fear and division right now?  Particularly troubling, are the political loyalists.  As I read the articles from mainstream sources and read the comments presented by the party loyalty I'm troubled.  Whether the topic is Gay Rights or Jade Helm, the democrats sound exactly like the republicans did when the USA Patriot Act was passed without question in light of 9/11, which now raises questions in and of itself.

Let's take a brief walk down memory lane since 9/11.  With the USA Patriot Act came TSA and two wars, not to mention a serious and further distrust along party lines, not between the "officials" but amidst "we the people."  There is also the fact that the group of folks in Washington who used to be called public servants are now referred to as elected officials.  It may seem insignificant and only semantics, but the subliminal inference is astounding when one considers the future generations are being programmed.   If I had a dollar for every time I heard a republican say to me in regard to my negativity about the USA Patriot Act, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about."  I truly did laugh at those same people when the party of administration changed and "invaded their privacy."  Well, not really laugh, because sadly whether or not either party loyalists wake up, we are all on the same sinking ship.

Moving right along to this latest attempt to make "the other party" feel conspiranoid has now changed sides.  Mainstream news sources are trying to make the Texas Governor sound like a paranoid nut over Operation Jade Helm 15.  When you consider this "Operation" is taking place in 9 states, while also knowing the factor in military equipment was brought into Missouri, and Maryland, over racial tension, and New York has buried two officers in a week.  Now reading that big equipment has been spotted in New Hampshire and the BLM is still in Nevada and covering parts of the great North West.  The midwest will be, once again, in federal emergency condition with storm destruction.  Factor in, the big chicken kill in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, and the questionable legal controversies in Michigan, the Governor of Texas just may have cause for concern.

I could resolve the disgust with the last administration and party followers by simply letting my Passport expire and learning to live below the poverty level to avoid funding ridiculous wars.  The fact that Americans having a bad day actually being shot and killed by TSA is horrific in and of itself.  Then factor in humiliating the elderly over their depends and invasively groping small children in ways that are abhorrent.  I don't know if the decision to stop traveling after my underwires caused my breasts to be targeted by TSA was an act of dissidence or rebellion, but it was the line the sand.  I'd been half way around the world, including the Middle East and never faced the ridiculous procedures I did at KCI or MCI; . . . whatever it's called.  I can't get on the plane with underwires, but there are footwashing stations, now, in that same airport to accommodate the Muslims.  This alone, caused me to truly doubt that TSA is about security after 9/11.  And NO, that is not Islamophobia, I'm well aware of the goal of Islam.  It caused me reason to question our government!

The point is, there are ways around TSA; by simply avoiding the airport and railroad.  I don't know how to avoid an infiltration on American soil by our own military.  When I consider the number of states already in some sort of potential crisis, I'm troubled, and even more so, realizing there is no way to avoid it.  I'm here, I live here, but I'm apparently in the minority in that I value freedom more than safety.  Ben Franklin is credited with the following,  "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

We certainly can't forget the landmark decision expected from the Supreme Court next month regarding the gay agenda.  That topic always gets feathers ruffled from a number of directions.  Meanwhile we're told that there are ISIS camps scattered throughout the nation.  Which party's security system let them in?  How did they all get passed TSA?  I know the party of TSA would say they came in through the border.  If they were coming in through the border, why the footwashing stations at the airport?  Is it just me or does it seem like this is all being strategically choreographed?   I just see something in the making that will forever and severely alter this nation, and not for the better.

Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets:  a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Sunday, May 03, 2015


In recent weeks, name calling and labeling has been on the rise.  Some of us have been called paranoid, fear-monger, gossip monger, and our beliefs have been labeled a couple of different "____ phobics."  Then, there is always the religious fanatic or cultist, and conspiracy theorist.  I'd like to address these various labels that have been so openly used by none other than the "thou shalt not judge" crowd.  There are actually three different cliques or camps, within this crowd.  First, there is the group that is tolerant of everything that goes against Scripture, and absolutely intolerant of those who believe they are standing on Scripture.  Second, there is the group that cherry picks what is religiously acceptable and what is their idea of fanaticism.  Third, there is the group who have learned a new word, called "lashon hara," so the world is evil, but when it comes to the special group waving the Bible, honesty can often be considered "evil tongue."  Since the name calling has come from all three camps, perhaps it's time to look at the bigger picture.

To make an open statement regarding my trust of mainstream media, is just that, a statement.  I don't have to be afraid to voice my view on this matter, much more famous voices than my own have name called.  I'm not going to call names, but simply state, I absolutely do not trust everything we are being told, and if I know I don't trust everything, I'm not sure how much or what I will trust.  If I were paranoid, I'd say the media is aiming their misrepresentation at me personally, but I don't believe that, I believe it is intended as a distraction for the entire listening audience.  The majority of media headlines are hype and the majority of television programing is exactly that!  It's programming!

As for fear-mongering, unless you've been in a cave, under a rock, or comatose for the past several months, it should be obvious that trouble is brewing.  The racial division is deepening, the distrust between law enforcement and citizens is nearing a dangerous level, unemployment or underemployment has not been resolved with jobs.  Many of the unemployed have simply come of age to collect social security, or become eligible for disability or supplemental income from the federal level rather than their home state.  Underemployment continues to skew the statistics in that many are working two part time jobs, giving the illusion that employment has risen, when the reality is, one person is represented twice in the stats. Now, that the presidential campaigns have officially begun, more labeling will commence.  This will lead us into the next term:  gossip monger.

I'm walking a tightrope on this one, because I've already admitted I don't believe everything in the news, so if I repeat a headline or story, am I spreading gossip or reporting?  Some days, it's a toss up, but I try to go with stories I've verified.  Once in awhile, though, I cave into a just making a snarkastic comment . . .  We know, most of the ads for presidential campaigns truly are designed, not to share the accomplishments and resume of the candidate but to sling mud and cast dispersion against the opponent.

When it comes to the labels involving "_____phobic," I have to simply disagree.  The definition of phobic according to WordWeb is:  Suffering from irrational fears.  When it comes to the Gay Agenda or Islam, I am not afraid and my views are not irrational.  If Islam wants to portray itself as a religion of peace, then stop blowing people up and wielding swords.  That seems pretty logical to me.  Actually, I believe Islam is watching the gay agenda and taking their cues.  Although I've stated that I do expect swords down the road, for now, Islam is making great strides in this country as the "misunderstood minority."  That's how the gay agenda started until they got some power.  Now, I'm not homophobic, either.  I simply disagree with the lifestyle based upon my religious beliefs and Scriptural understanding.  They disagree with me on the same subject.  Can you imagine how silly it would be to call gays heterophobic or Muslims, freedomphobic?

I have to admit the religious fanatic label doesn't bother me nearly as much as Christians calling my beliefs a cult.  I feel really sad that while they espouse the Bible, they believe the Instructions to live as Messiah lived is legalism.  Who decides who gets to determine the definition of cult?  I hear repeatedly, "love G-d, love your neighbor" are the two laws of Christianity.  Well, I agree with Paul's writing in Romans and Galatians.  There is nothing in Torah against those two laws, nor is there anything in Torah against producing the fruit of the Spirit.  Having been called to the wilderness to establish a community and by not using pharmaceuticals, I admit, one could get the impression I might be a bit fringy. Realistically, many are heading out of the cities; and healing is all through Scripture even though there were doctors in those days.  So, while everyone complains about health care, I'll just trust the One Who created me.  As for establishing the community, I'm the one invested here, there'll be no signing over everyone's personal assets.  I'll be keeping mine and those who will join will be keeping their's.  This place is not 501c3 and everyone can just pay their own personal property tax.  The real estate tax is my responsibility until the country holding the big note on the US of A forecloses on all of us.

Let's talk conspiracy theory for a moment.  I've stated for some time now, I'm not sure how many are involved, but it's no theory.  I have no reason in the world to trust WalMart to have plumbing problems in every location they closed, without warning.  When it comes to Operation Jade Helm 15, since the southern states are involved in the "exercise" why not carry out this operation at the border instead of on the legal citizens?  I can't help but wonder where those millions of hollow point bullets are right now, which brings to mind those LEO targets of kids and pregnant women.  This paragraph has probably just earned me another label . . .

Now let's address my latest pet peeve in all these accusations:  lashon hara.   The interpretation of lashon hara is to "evil tongue."  The truth of the matter is, there is much evil going on in this world.  Sadly, just as there was evil and idolatry in the days of Jeremiah, by religious folk; it exists right here in the 21st century.  Speaking truth about our politics or religion is often labeled by the latest religious trend as lashon hara.  I'm of the notion that the accusation of "lashon hara" is often from the accuser of the brethren who does not want the truth to be made known.  Be it political or religious, folks in power do not like to be questioned.  Labeling those who would dare to speak out, is easier than being accountable.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!  Prophet of Holy Scripture

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