Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Political Speculation

This blog idea arrived about a month ago, but there have been more serious matters than crazy American politics.  I need to at least get this published, though before the National Conferences, so; here goes.

I just can't help but entertain this thought . . . Since the Donald is not really being backed by the GOP and the democrats really seem to have been planning to run Hillary all along, what if . . . there were to be a Trump/Sanders ticket?  The one thing both men claim is to be outside the political establishment.  Now, whether or not that's true, I have no idea, but it is their claim to fame . . . Trump is a business man who has never held public office and Sanders has never had a job until he landed a public office.  Could the two of them cover a broad spectrum or what?  Seriously, though, what pair could secure more guaranteed votes from the disgruntled than these two?

I've already heard Bernie fans openly state, they will not vote for Hillary if she becomes the nominee.  Then of course, there is the GOP mantra, always . . . Staying home is a vote for the democrats.  I'm not a registered voter, and to be honest, I really don't like the choices we are looking at, but I've been around long enough now, to realize, we will get the President we deserve, and divisive confusion seems to be a favorite American pastime, at least for now.  Just add some arrogant anger with entitlement whining and we have a majority!  Since the campaign really is about winning, this is why I thought Donald and Bernie might just be a "pair to draw to."  

For the past several months now, I've thought back to the time, I also was a democrat and a certain 69 year old Republican was running in 1980 to which the collective democrat cry was "he's too old."  Now, we have Hillary who will also turn 69 this year running, yet the same party is not saying a word about her age . . . Perhaps if the standard is going to change, the party should at least acknowledge the reason.  And we all know it isn't because the democrats became Reagan fans.  I'm no longer a democrat and I'm still no fan of the Reagan years.  In 1980 I believed 69 was too old for the job of President and I still believe 69 is too old.  Seventy-five is completely too old, but VPs can be elderly, I guess.  Joe Biden is just a year younger than Bernie and Dick Cheney was no kid, as well as having a bad heart.  Yet, I digress . . . back to a Trump/Sanders ticket.

The probability is likely to be small, but the possibility does hold some serious potential, not only to win an election, but to make some changes.  Particularly complimentary could be Bernie's free college idea led by a man who actually believes in jobs.  Right now, there is a ton of student debt being ignored by graduates who have degrees for jobs that really don't exist.  College used to be an advanced education in a particular field of interest, then it became a deferment from the draft, and by the end of last century college was basically, four more years of mom and dad support, with adult status.  For so many now, a college degree is just a piece of paper for a resume.

Then there is the economy in general.  The Donald likes to make big and spend big.  Bernie appears to believe we should all share, but . . . according to Google, his net worth is somewhere between a quarter and half a million, so he's not quite as into socialism as his fans like to claim.  The sidestepping of snopes was enough to convince me, Bernie can absolutely relate to a number of Americans who believe "life" owes them something, without any effort put forth.  Donald, on the other hand, seems a bit reckless when it comes to "let's do it!"  I'm thinking the two of them would either be complimentary in establishing a solid economic plan or be at such odds, we wouldn't even need Congress for gridlock and the money pit couldn't get much deeper.

I truly have no idea what November will bring, but sadly, I believe it will be what we deserve . . . and that isn't good.  Back in 2003, I heard The Voice of YHWH tell me that 2012 would be the last recognizable election as we knew them to be.  So far, this campaign cycle has been anything but recognizable.  The only thing recognizable is Hillary Clinton's face and we're all tired of looking at that.  America needs to remember some recent history, as does Hillary; and collectively realize, even after Bill "chose" Hillary, he changed his mind on several occasions . . .

Although I do not plan to participate, I will be a spectator in this coming election.  I am no fan of Trump, but he is the closest candidate we can come up with, who has actually worked, at some point in his life.

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.  New Testament

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