Sunday, June 29, 2014

In the Not So Distant Future

When the headlines present a situation that is not only emotionally charged, unstably unresolved, and a matter of life and death, I have become skeptical.  I hate that fact!  I am very concerned for the woman in Sudan, and hope she is able to leave that country.  This situation in Sudan, however; continues to bring to mind memories of the Terri Schiavo case.  Obviously the circumstances are different, but the spirit of the headlines are the same.  Life and death, hope and despair, resolution reneged . . . yet in all that, the question remains, what's not in the headlines?  Not only does the Schiavo case come to mind, but an Embassy in a country not terribly happy with the US met with some horrific circumstances, still unresolved, also comes to mind.
According to interviews with Wesley Clark, there were six other countries besides Iraq, named some years back, with Libya and Sudan being among those named.

In other headlines:  

Gun retailers, among others are having difficulty accepting certain bank cards, thus impeding sales.  We were told the background checks and doctor's questions, would be the only impediment to potential purchases, but there's more.  See Operation Choke Point

While we are being told the economy is recovering, the biggest indicator, the practical cost of living for the average American, indicates otherwise.  There's no need to take the word of John Q. Public though, and the despair of Jane Doe, here's a quote from the President right before one of his vacations last year.  And it's happening in our own personal lives as well, right?  A lot of us tightened our belts, shed debt, maybe cut up a couple of credit cards, refocused on those things that really matter. The full speech.

I don't know how many have caught this report, as so many of the reports of the economy sound wonderful when they are made initially, then are obscurely revised a few weeks later.  According to the article linked here, the first quarter of 2014 was the worst in five years.  The second quarter ends Monday.  

Meanwhile back at the ranch . . .

The couple involved in the shooting spree in Las Vegas had been to the Bundy ranch, and had been asked to leave.  Although there was little mention of it, they had also been involved in the Occupy Movement.  From various sources, they appeared to be a couple of malcontents looking for a cause, any cause.

Just in case there isn't enough confusion and aren't enough emotional hot button topics in the headlines we've had "Gay Pride Month."  We'll also soon see if our government has actually found a way around the First Amendment with the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court.   Since Congress can make no law regarding religion, we'll see if the spirit of the Bill of Rights will be upheld by the Supreme Court.
I've had an interesting question continue to cross my mind regarding all this sexual confusion.
Are the Muslim countries the only ones refusing to embrace the homosexual agenda?  Are Muslim countries the only ones actually promoting procreative heterosexual sex?  Even without converts, that alone could account for the expansion of Islam.

In these few brief paragraphs that just skim the news headlines without mention of going back to Iraq, the California drought, the hundreds of unattended children from the border, and the flooding of the Mississippi; it's easy to see another major crisis, looming on the horizon.  Detroit has actually appealed to the UN for help and military style vehicles are appearing in local law enforcement lots all over this country.  Please, get your spiritual houses in order and make sure your lamps are full of oil.

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.  words of Messiah

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Comparatively Speaking

Admittedly, I am glad an officer stepped forward and told the harsh truth about something that should have never taken place.  I am glad the alleged officer will not have the privilege of breaking the law and hiding behind his badge.  When I read about the unnecessary killing of a dog that had already been restrained and posed no threat, I was disgusted.  To be honest, I viewed the news clip and read the report with very mixed emotions.  Killing an animal unnecessarily is reprehensible, but seeing what appeared to be some sort of press conference on the matter with several officers present sent my mind racing.

There are dash cam and phone videos all over the internet also alleging police brutality, but there are no press conferences about those.  I've reported on cases in which people are hospitalized, some have even died, and so often the "official report" is the officers were following policy and protocol.  A woman was murdered in her vehicle as she was driving away, and had there not been a man working on a nearby house who witnessed the situation, the truth may have never been told.  Former officer Daniel Harmon Wright was convicted and sentenced to three years.  When I see groups of officers arriving on a scene and their main concern is to turn videos off, I'm pretty sure I know whose side of the story will stand.

In reading these reports, most law abiding citizens continue to be sure this couldn't happen to them, or they'd react differently, but what happens when a medical condition precludes that option?  This was the case for Thomas Mathieu, a diabetic, who had the wherewithal to pull over when he felt the problem.  Police officers are supposed to be trained as first responders to recognize basic potential health problems, but by their own admission, this was not the case.  They did not first consider the possibility of a medical emergency.  Their treatment of Mr. Mathieu resulted in his hospitalization with lacerations and three broken ribs.  An internal investigation determined that excessive force was not used by the officers and they were cleared of any charges.

We know all only the extremes make the news and ninety percent of police business is business as usual, but is the business of law enforcement superseding "to serve and protect?"  A serious problem that seems to be developing is two fold.  One, when people lose faith or fear the police, they will be more apt to take matters into their own hands rather than calling 911.  The other problem is these immoral brutal cops are placing their colleagues in danger.  A society will quickly deteriorate with a "them and us" mentality.  The "them and us" mentality can quickly become "him or me."  We've watched it happen politically, and now it's taking place in life and death situations.

I am absolutely against animal cruelty, but I am also against police brutality and assault.  The fact that an officer can be investigated for asking to not drive the lead car in a gay parade, and felony charges have already been brought against an officer who killed a dog, while it is "policy" for humans to be brutalized and traumatized by police is unacceptable.  It is barbaric.

 If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Regarding Gun Control

It seems most of us believe in the Second Amendment, but in a strange quirk of irony, most also seem to believe that certain people should not be afforded a Second Amendment right.  This country really is full of oxymorons, so full, I'm beginning to think the word itself needs to be hyphenated to better refine the definition.  It's becoming clear that the powers that be regard the Bill of Rights to be just a list of ideas that everyone is not entitled to enjoy.

It's reported that doctors are now asking patients if there are guns in their homes.  Don't think for a minute, everyone on anti-depressants or some psychotropic drug won't be hearing a question, in the near future, about gun ownership before they get their refill.  I have to tell one of my favorite quirks in life from years ago, before I get to the actual point of this article.

Years ago I was in a very abusive marriage, and he was a gun owner.  When he left, I got an order of protection, and he hadn't taken his gun, so at that time . . . I wasn't about to hand it over to him.  My parents who are avid NRA supporters determined that I should not have a gun in the house, so they would take it for safe keeping.  That was years ago, and it was resolved at the time of the divorce, but every time I hear the NRA defending the Second Amendment and see Daddy's decal on his big truck, I can't help but smirk about the irony.  I'm probably one of the few Americans who lost their Second Amendment right to the NRA!  (LOL)

Now, back to the actual point of this article.  I hadn't realized, until lately, just how many people are training for the Concealed Carry Weapon Permit.  It's becoming so common the letters CCW are recognized as pertaining to the permit.  When a person applies for the permit, a background check is done, thus they are entered into the databank, and it's a fair presumption they are either a hand gun owner or plan to be.  When a gun is purchased, a background check is done, and often a name and address must be given when purchasing ammunition.  That is not the case in every ammo purchase, but it is becoming more common. An ammunition purchase is a clear indicator of the type and caliber of gun.  I can't imagine anyone without access to a gun, buying ammunition, and no one would intentionally purchase the wrong ammunition.  Guns are fairly ammo-specific.

Between background checks for gun acquisition, name and address for some ammunition purchases, hunting licenses and concealed carry weapon permits, the powers that be have a pretty good idea where the legal guns are in the country.  From everything I've read about gun control, it's only the legal ones that are traced and potentially confiscated.
As for illegal weapons, they are usually confiscated at the crime scene.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.  words of Messiah

Monday, June 09, 2014

An Interesting History of Power

Three brothers of Irish descent who all rose and fell to national prestige in the 1960s, were hardly a political dynasty.   Another powerful family was already well established politically, financially, and generationally.  If any family truly fits the image of blue blood American aristocracy, it is the Bush family.  Most of us are familiar with the father and son Presidencies of Bush 41 and 43, but the connection between politics and banking was firmly established by Bushes long before Bush 41.  In my research, I thought I had already seen some interesting "coincidences" but ended up discovering many more . . .

Samuel Prescott Bush was a railroad middle manager, then a steel company president and, during World War I, also a federal government official in charge of coordination of and assistance to major weapons contractors.  Samuel Prescott Bush was the father of Prescott Bush, grandfather of George H. W. Bush and great grandfather of G. W. Bush.  

Prescott Bush attended Yale, as did his paternal grandfather, and was a member of a fraternity as well as Skull and Bones secret society.  Prescott Bush was a Wall Street banker and United States Senator.   Although the bank on which he served as a director was seized by the government in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, Prescott Bush was not considered a Nazi sympathizer.  He was active politically in the 1950's, even in a photo or two with President Eisenhower.  He was long time friends with Nelson Rockefeller, of "the Rockefellers" who through an interesting chain of events ended up as the 41st Vice President serving with Gerald Ford. 

Prescott Bush was the father of George H. W. Bush, who has been a very powerful man behind the scenes for a number of decades.  He was a naval aviator through WWII.  He was basically a Texas Oilman through the 50s and was President of Zapata Oil from 1958 to 1964.  He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1966, but resigned to run for the Senate in 1970.  Upon losing that race, he was appointed Ambassador to the UN.  In 1972 amidst the beginning rumblings of the Watergate Scandal, Nixon asked Bush to become chairman of the Republican National Committee, and he accepted.  It would be George H. W. Bush who would then ask for Nixon's resignation in August of 1974.  At the time of Nixon's resignation, the country was without an elected VP, as Spiro Agnew had resigned over some old tax issues.  Gerald Ford was speaker of the House and he ascended to the top position of leadership in this nation.  He then chose Nelson Rockefeller.
I have to interject my little observation here, as it's always bothered me that George H. W. Bush was the only person alive and alert born before 1958 that claims to not remember exactly where he was when he heard the news President Kennedy had been shot.  Gerald Ford was on the Warren Commission that neatly wrapped the package of the lone assassin and magic bullet theory for a grieving American people.  The Watergate Scandal broke, but was "covered" before the 1972 election and in less than two years, both the VP and the President had resigned . . .  Ford's Secretary of Defense was none other than Donald Rumsfeld and George H. W. Bush became the head of the CIA.  Bush also served as enjoy to China through the Ford administration.

Conspiracy Theory?  I don't know if there were enough people involved to call it a conspiracy.  As to theory, it's called history.

When Ford lost the election to Carter in 1976, George H. W. Bush went back to the private sector for nearly four years before becoming Ronald Reagan's vice president.  He served in that capacity for both of Reagan's terms, and actually held the executive power on two different occasions through Reagan's health issues.  Another note from the author here . . . I could clearly see the early symptoms of Alzheimers in President Reagan through the Iran Contra hearings, so I have no idea how much power Mr. Bush actually had as VP.  Then of course, he became President in 1988.

One of the lesser known Bush sons was negatively instrumental in the Savings and Loan collapse in the early 90s, but that was neatly handled.  I still remember the Bush 41 speech, in which he shared his vision of a New World Order.  NAFTA was his baby, but it would be Clinton that brought that to us.  I've never understood how Clinton was re-elected in that anti-union legislation.  Clinton and George H. W. Bush have worked together raising charity funds since Clinton's second Presidential term ended, and the son of George H. W. Bush became our 43rd President.

When it comes to American politics, the Kennedys were but a brief moment compared to the Bush legacy.

YHWH has been sore displeased with your fathers.  a Prophet of Holy Scripture

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Correspondence From the IRS

Anyone who has ever received an envelope with the IRS as the return address knows the feeling one gets in the pit of your stomach.  I still do my own taxes, on paper, and although I am an honest citizen, the tax laws are constantly being modified.  With the IRS now the strong arm of government mandated health care, I am aware of yet another point of political contention between myself and the powers that be in the "land of the taxed."  So when I went to the mailbox the other day, correspondence from the IRS, was not exactly good news.

I opened it with trepidation, wondering what I had overlooked or misfigured.  In all fairness to the IRS, honest citizens can be lousy at math, or get something on the wrong line, so as I opened the envelope, I knew I'd been honest, even if inaccurate.  I was ready to face the music, I thought.  Now, here I'm telling my financial business.  The form stated that I was probably eligible for Earned Income Credit . . . I have a business, I have an income, and I have a little money in the bank.  You won't find my name on the Fortune 500 List, but I am definitely comfortable, and quite content.

As I looked at the form, and the potential promise of eligibility, two thoughts crossed my mind.  One, HalleluYah, my tax return had been audited and I was found to not be owing any taxes or penalties or interest . . .  That was the good news.  The second thought was a bit darker and in the form of a question.  Why would an indebted government offer me money it doesn't have, that I haven't earned?  Perhaps I would have a different perspective, if I was drowning in debt.  If debt were an issue, the potential amount mentioned, really wasn't much more than a band-aid.   How valuable is a band-aid when one is drowning?  The amount was a token figure, in my opinion.  In the grand scheme of American indebtedness, what would a token credit solve, providing I qualified for the full amount mentioned in the form letter?  

Is the Agenda really trying to snare us all?  I can't help but feel I was being baited.  I understand there are some people who need assistance, but we all know the government is operating in the red.  Some might even suggest I take it and donate it, but the reality is, I didn't earn it, and the government isn't "good for it."  Someone would have to pay for that!  Sadly, it seems our society has been programmed to "take it if it's offered or available whether we need it or not."

But my G-d shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Messiah Y'hshuwah.  words of the Apostle Paul

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