Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My View on What's Wrong with Wright . . .

As a person whose religion is Messianic Judaism, also known as Biblical Judaism, I have been particularly fascinated to listen to two Jewish commentators, Mark Levin and Alan Colmes, discuss the comments made by Obama's former pastor, Rev. Wright. I've also read that Rev. Wright's retirement was a bit figurative in nature. It sounds like he's "preaching" several days a week now, in interviews. I don't particularly embrace his style of statement, but I can't completely disagree with some of what he says. I do think America is unpleasing to G~D, but I don't think it's a race issue. I remember when Jerry Falwell made his statement about 9/11 being caused by the sin of America. He specified the problem to be the gay community. Well, when Jerry Falwell was called on the carpet about that statement, did he hide behind the entire white heterosexual community? No, it was just one more comment out of Jerry Falwell. I've heard certain supporters of the Pro-life movement comment that 9/11 was judgment regarding abortion. That doesn't make me blame every pro-choice person or think that one pro-life speaker, speaks for all. And that's been my problem with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. If he truly believes G~D told him to say those things, then why is he trying to hide behind the entire Black Church? I, personally, don't think he is speaking for the entire Black Church, and apparently Barrack Obama agrees with me, as he's distanced himself from some of the statements made by Wright. Why did Jeremiah Wright make this a race issue? As a matter of fact, Rev. Wright has caused me to agree with Hillary, which is something I rarely do. I wouldn't have stayed in church or synagogue under that sort of teaching and presence, regardless of tradition and sentiment. He's also said to have mentioned AIDS was a government made disease against the black community. Rev. Wright, you are so wrong. I have wondered if the government didn't do a little fancy lab work and come up with AIDS, but if so, the demographics clearly indicate it's "target" group/s to be the gay community and needle drug users. If that still connects as a racial issue to Rev. Wright, then maybe his sermon topics need to address those vulnerabilities.
As a minister that speaks outside of the mainstream paradigm, I must say of Rev. Wright, we have to take responsibility for what you say. I do, Jerry Falwell did, and that's just about accountability, which has been one of Rev. Wright's pet peeves. There is not a person alive today that owned a slave or was a slave, just like there are no Indians alive today that actually lost their land in a bad trade or watched the buffalo disappear. It's over, we must move on. Now, as to whether or not 9/11 was judgment, I think it was a call to repentance, which we, as a nation, impolitely refused. We chose war, the wrong one, at that. Will we be judged for that? Of course we will. Is it a race issue? I guess it can become one, if ministers exalt warmongering and hate mongering along racial lines and encourage their youth departments to revere leaders of militant organizations . . .
And so, to quote Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, in regard to Mark and Alan, he's right and he's right. Mark says Rev. Wright is teaching racial hatred. Alan says Rev. Wright is stating that G~D may not be pleased with America.
And where we are all wrong is the fact that Rev. Jeremiah Wright has been the topic of their shows for two days and the topic of my blog today and has already gotten entirely too much attention, which he obviously enjoys.
Every prudent man dealeth with knowledge: but a fool layeth open his folly. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, April 28, 2008

Our President At His Greatest!

I haven't been an ardent fan of this present administration, and although many would think I've been quite vocal, I assure you, I haven't said everything that's crossed my mind in the past 7 years. I don't listen to his weekly spiels, because it's Sabbath and the radio isn't on. I do check the headlines 6 days a week and our President is nearly always quoted somewhere. I've not been thrilled with what I perceive to be his level of awareness, nor have I been moved by many of his plans of action. I don't agree with much of his ideology, and frankly the State of the Union speeches have left me a little cranky or even worse, feeling like the confusion of our country was somehow more muddled by his words. But I must say this. Every year, I look forward to the words he speaks at the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner.
Although I don't think he's been an exemplary president, I think he's a great stand up comedian. It's really a shame he wasted his life attempting business ventures and purchasing 1% of a ball team. He could have given Bill Maher a run for his money, regarding political humor and commentary. And let's face it . . . since George W. Bush has been elected, hasn't everything become Politically Incorrect?
I had to chuckle when I heard the lines he delivered.
Senator McCain's not here," Bush said of GOP nominee-in-waiting John McCain. "He probably wanted to distance himself from me a little bit. You know, he's not alone. Jenna's moving out too."
Bush then referred to scandals that have dogged the campaigns of the two remaining Democratic candidates, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, in explaining their absence: "Hillary Clinton couldn't get in because of sniper fire and Senator Obama's at church."

I can't help but wonder how world conditions would be, if rather than making decisions that will affect the next several generations, he'd just been entertaining us the last 7 years. I think the guy's a hoot. So many presidents make a ton of money after their Presidential terms, giving speeches. I think, for his post-Presidential years, G.W. needs to consider stand-up.
A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Friday, April 25, 2008

Al Sharpton Has Said It Well

I'm not usually one to mince words, especially in comment regarding someone else that doesn't mince words. I've mentioned Al Sharpton in negative light at this sight before, but I also want to give credit where credit is due. Frankly, I'm a bit shocked to be saying this, but Al Sharpton made a very poignant remark that bears repeating in every genre of media, including this blog. Here is his quote from CNN. "What we saw in court today was not a miscarriage of justice," the Rev. Al Sharpton said on his radio program.
"Justice didn't miscarry," he said. "This was an abortion of justice. Justice was aborted."

His words were in reference to the death of an unarmed young man at the hands of three New York City Cops. This young man had no record, had a promising future, and was leaving his bachelor party, his wedding would be taking place later that afternoon, but . . .
I realize there are many ways that people will choose to look at this. Clearly the judge didn't look at this situation the way I, or Al Sharpton did. I don't think I truly have Al's view, either, though. Already, the word "racist" has been used because the young man that died was black. I believe two of the officers were, as well, so I'm not sure that it could be described as a clear racial issue.
Others would say, the company he was keeping put him in this situation. His two friends did have a record with the police, although at 4 in the morning in a city the size of New York, I'm having trouble believing they would have simply been recognized . . .
Don't forget here, there were 50 rounds of ammo fired, all by the cops, and the cops were in plain clothes. It was a horrible bloody scene, only to find the young man that was dead was simply going for cover, not a gun.
I have thought about this, as it happened nearly two years ago and has just now come to "trial." If I had a couple of friends that had a reputation of being a bit on the wild side and suddenly three guys were shooting at us, I'd run for cover and assume the three that were shooting had some sort of vendetta against one of the people I was with. We'll never know what went through Sean Bell's mind in those horrible last moments or seconds of his life.
Since those three police officers have been found innocent of any wrong doing, that tells me, it is perfectly within the bounds of law enforcement to riddle a human body with 50 bullets in the assumption the person could be armed. I find that sort of law enforcement to be more frightening than potential crime.
This decision now tells us what law enforcement can legally do to the citizens. If this is what it is to be lawfully protected and what our judges deem to be proper law enforcement, then to quote Al Sharpton. "Justice truly has been aborted."
Wherefore their way shall be unto them as slippery ways in the darkness: they shall be driven on, and fall therein: a Prophet of Holy Scripture

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Answers that Lead to More Questions

I've done a bit more research regarding life in general. Everytime I stumble upon more information or an answer to a question, I find I have more questions . . .
With gasoline prices hitting an all time high, why are so many pundits defending the exorbitant profits of the oil companies? Isn't this similar to selling bottled water for $4.00 a liter when the water plant is shut down?
What's the deal with having people discuss how they are trying to adjust their budgets by cutting food costs, then raising the price of what they are using for diet filler? I can't tell you how many comments I've read where people are stating they are eating more rice, less meat, etc. I went to the store today and Rib Eye steaks are on sale and rice has tripled in price . . . Somewhere there is a weird connection between the information and what is being thrust upon the American customer. I refuse to refer to us as consumers. When I am buying something, I am a customer. So, rice was cheap and filling, and people were willing to live on rice to put gas in their tank to go to work where they are constantly faced with potential downsizing, and what happens? We all know what happened. Everytime the American people are willing to tighten their belts or get behind the administration, the American people end up with a new crisis to have to face or a new "this won't be easy . . ." I would imagine things will be just picture perfect at the wedding in Crawford next month.
Speaking of Texas, I have a question about the Texas ranch. Now that all the DNA has been obtained, the phone number that supposedly made this call for help has, sure enough, been traced to the same phone as the woman in Colorado was associated with. It took Texas 3-4 days to round up troopers, SWAT teams, outrageous military vehicles and surround the ranch. It's taken three weeks to trace a phone call with caller ID. Okay, I don't have a question about that, just an opinion that I probably shouldn't write. Just like on Jeopardy, I will put my thought in the form of a question. Just how many Barney Fifes are in these Texas law enforcement agencies? I also checked Texas laws regarding marriage. Seems a 14 year old can get married with parental consent. I didn't see any place that said the other party had to also be under aged.
As to this crazy DNA testing because the children referred to all the men as "uncle" and several women as "mama." Doesn't Dick Cheney's grandson have two mothers?
I guess my last question is pretty simple. Are "they" whomever "they" are, just seeing how much "they" can get away with, or how much "we the people" will allow ourselves to be subjugated?
And they made their lives bitter . . . Torah of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Everyone Is Missing the Point

Jimmy Carter is back from the Middle East and the present administration has had nothing good to say about the trip or him, for that matter. I did a bit of checking before I launched into this subject, just to make sure I remembered recent history correctly. The Roadmap to Peace was written by the hand of our current Commander in Chief, but he's supposedly gotten three other groups to back his recommendation to Israel and the Palestinians. The land for peace agreement that President Bush is attempting to implement is clearly against Scripture. I don't understand why this anti-Scriptural world leadership position that he is attempting to assume doesn't bother his constituents, but it doesn't seem to.
Former President Carter has also made some mistakes along the way, regarding the Middle East, but he is certainly a negotiator, rather than a war-monger. Mr. Carter made the mistake of giving Arafat, leadership recognition. At best Arafat was a man without a country, at worst, he was exactly what he proved himself to be. Mr. Carter is getting a lot of flack about dealing with Hamas, whom America is once again calling a terrorist organization. According to this Roadmap to Peace and the "free elections" of the Palestinian people, Hamas is now a political party, thanks to the influence and pressure from the American administration. The world doesn't have the option to "not deal with them" any more than that decision could be directed at any country with a leader that wasn't the choice of another country's leader. Don't get me wrong, I think Hamas is wrong and clearly aiming bad intent toward Israel. Hamas doesn't demonstrate any reasonable good will for the region. As a matter of a fact, Hamas isn't even dealing with Fatah. Hamas and Fatah are over there acting worse than the democrats and republicans are here, except Israel is caught in between their civil war, that is not really so civil at all.
And truth be told, I'm not very happy with the way Israel is operating. Israel knows G~D told them the boundaries, and specifically told them to make no deals regarding those boundaries. So, why are they listening to people that are directing them away from G~D's gift to them? If Israel agreed to everything Abbas said, they would only discover that Hamas would make more demands and there would still be President Bush and Dr. Rice telling Israel where to build settlements and where to tear them down, all the while promising their undying loyalty as an ally.
You know, more Israelis have been killed by Hamas than Americans by Iraqis before 2003.
Jimmy Carter knows and stated that he was not there to negotiate, he simply went to ask Hamas just what it is that they want . . . What will it take for Hamas to be civil? And Mr. Carter said he heard their answer and he believes Hamas is wrong.
America's pressure made a terrorist organization a political party and brought division from the West Bank and Gaza, between the Palestinians, and that now surrounds Israel.
Israel needs to quit bowing to pressure from so called allies and see where G~D drew the boundaries, centuries ago.
(this is the land that shall fall unto you for an inheritance, even the land of Canaan with the coasts thereof:) . . . and your south border shall be . . . as for the western border . . . this shall be your north border . . . two tribes and the half tribe have received their inheritance on this side Jordan near Jericho eastward, toward the sunrising . . . Torah of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So Why Doesn't This Change Anything?

Okay, I'm still on the topic of the Texas Religious Ranch. Many things about this have bothered me, from the beginning and now, as more comes to light, I can see much more clearly. Of course, this tidbit hasn't made the same accusing headlines that the rest of the invasion has, but I read that a woman in Colorado Springs has been arrested for making a false claim in a call to the police about being abused. The Texas Rangers have questioned her while in custody, but have not made an arrest regarding the unsubstantiated abuse claim supposedly reported by a 16 year old. From what I've read, there is more evidence linking her to the false report than there is evidence of children being abused by their religious community. Oh, and this woman is not 16, she's 33 and in Colorado and a false claim of abuse is only a misdemeanor. Meanwhile, without a trace of the supposed victim, the people on the ranch have lost their children, their way of life, and their privacy. And what happened to the word alleged in articles and news stories? If there are no multiple state licenses, then where is the polygamy? If cohabitation is against the law, there are tons of people out there in that particular lifestyle. What about them? Now, if the claim was false and the authorities are calling someone a "person of interest," why haven't the proceedings come to a halt, until the original matter of the call is resolved? What gives Texas the right to perform DNA tests when there have been no arrests made and no crime proven? I read the girls are abused because they are raised to be obedient . . . I also read that the boys are being raised to perpetuate this belief system. Doesn't everyone raise their children in their beliefs? And what specifically, is wrong with obedient children? Although I am not an advocate of polygamy, I did jokingly mention to my husband how tired I was, and maybe a few more, younger women on the place could get all the work done. Technically, the Bible only forbids polygamy in the case of a man that is a pastor or an elder. Since it specifically states that rule in regard to those two religious positions, doesn't it follow that the one wife rule is specific to religious leadership, only?
It is my personal opinion, here, that the real reason behind this "concern for the children" is control. This community lived independently of the government and appeared to be self supporting, while still clearly submitting to the authorities, when they showed up in armored tanks to serve a search warrant . . .
I read, as the investigators rifled through and began removing children, the people's response was that of cooperation, prayer and singing.
There is a reason for all this, but answering the "help me call" of 16 year old, was never the reason. I knew that, some of America knew that, and the authorities knew that. What will be the next religion practicing freely outside of mainstream, and when will they need to be dissembled?
. . . Why, what evil hath he done? But they cried out the more, saying . . . Matthew, New Testament

Friday, April 18, 2008


This won't be lengthy, as this is a major preparation day. Tomorrow is Passover and this time, more than any other, I pray for peace. I know from Scripture that George W. Bush will not bring peace to the Middle East and I know that Jimmy Carter will not bring peace through his negotiations. Peace will only come when every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that YHVH is G~D.
Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I, YHVH? and there is no G~d else beside me; a just G~d and a Saviour; there is none beside me. Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am G~d, and there is none else. I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear. Isaiah 45: 21 - 23

The world will not be repaired until Messiah's return. Then and only then, will there be peace.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Think This Answered My Question, Finally

As I have mentioned, I've been following the reports about the FLDS group in Texas. Something just seemed over the top in this situation. I read the report on FOXNews today and it was reported that when Law Enforcement presented the warrants and began going through their belongings and gathering children and women, the people responded with prayer and singing . . . I read that the living quarters were "ransacked" and many of the records the people were keeping were confiscated . . . for what? Law enforcement was supposed to be looking for a 16 year old woman that had filed a domestic abuse complaint. Why would the law be looking in Bibles and private information for a human being they were supposedly going to protect? It just never really washed or rang true. Then I saw a picture and that picture is simple worth more than a thousand words.

Was all this necessary to find a 16 year old, which they still have not done ?

Is the war zone in Iraq this well equipped? All this to serve a warrant?
There were no firearms confiscated in this invasion . . . Just what is Texas expecting and prepared for?
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: New Testament

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More From Texas

I can't help but follow this story about the FLDS. I don't agree with them fundamentally, but then religious freedom was supposed to be one of the big freedoms in America. We are free to disagree. It would appear, freedom is a rather liquid term. I don't know if there were a bunch of middle aged men abusing under aged women, but what I have read in the past few days sounds very much like the state is abusing authority where these women are concerned.
First, the state took the women into protective custody with the children. Now the state says the standard protocol is not to have any parents with children in state custody, but the parents of children under 4 are still there. Second, the women and children were all together until a few mothers made some phone calls from the Fort. Next thing I read, the cell phones were prohibited and collected. Seems amazingly similar to the original statement the state made against the so called cult. Something about the young women being unable to make contact with the outside world . . . So, now the ones that spoke out, have been cast out and their children kept. How is this justified by an abuse accusation, when the mothers have been with the children in custody? I keep reading about how they are taught to distrust the outside world. I haven't seen any evidence that should convince them to the contrary in their treatment.
I read today that an attorney for the church said all the men offered to leave and allow the women and children with state monitors to return to the ranch. The state claims to have not received that offer. I read it, how did they miss it? If it was bogus, all the state had to do was call the bluff.
The state is claiming the children must be separated from their mothers on alleged abuse charges against the organization, not the mothers that have been with the children for the past several days. Again, it seems this only became an issue after the mothers spoke out about the conditions in which they were being kept. Big reason, once again, to have not trusted these outsiders!
I've already had some interesting dead end attempts at discussing this matter with a few folks and of course, polygamy is their big issue. Well, according to my research, there were no state licenses issued, so technically there is no state polygamy law broken. Cohabitation is not against the law and any number of people can choose to cohabitate together. If I did not have a marriage license with my husband and tried to file joint taxes, the federal government would most assuredly inform me that I was not married to him, so . . . by reciprocity, polygamy doesn't make sense in this charge. When laws of survivorship and all that was directed to my attention, I did a bit more checking. Again, a person must be a legal spouse or joint tenant or named beneficiary for this to be an issue. My husband could leave anything he chose to anyone he chose, if it were only in his name. My guess is, there is virtually no personal property in this situation. I'm guessing all or most of the property is property of the FLDS organization, anyway.
And for what it's worth. I checked into SS laws. Did you know, if a man was married to a different woman for ten years, every ten years and worked his entire life from 16 or 18-65 or 67, theoretically 5 women could collect on his social security, without still being involved with him at all. But that's not polygamy if there are divorce decrees between the marriage licenses. Culturally and socially, perhaps a bit more acceptable, but the end results are much more costly than a group of people that choose to live as a commune or community without asking for anything from the government, except their American birth right: freedom of religion.
And the chief captain answered, With a great sum obtained I this freedom. And Paul said, But I was free born. Acts of the New Testament

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Few Questions I Have

Perusing the headlines, and reading a few articles, I find that basically the more things change, the more they stay the same. This week is beginning with me having just a few questions to which I cannot find answers.
1. If the unknown and unlocated girl/woman from the FLDS group had to whisper and sneak to make a phone call to report her fears, after the conditions in the Fort to which they have been moved were made known, why have the cell phones been confiscated by state injunction, for the good of the cause? So, after the "rescue" these women don't have access to the outside world. One way is illegal and one way is protection? I don't get it . . .
2. If the economy was stable just six months ago, according to our President and all his nay-sayers were wrong, how did we get to a mortgage crisis, unemployment problems, inflated prices of basic consumer costs, deflation of the dollar, and a recession . . . since Thanksgiving?
3. If incandescent light bulbs are contributing to global warming, after they are eliminated from homes and offices, how much will the heat bill rise to compensate for the loss of the heat from the bulbs?
4. I read that oil just topped $111.00 a barrel due to the decline of the American dollar. We have no oil, to speak of, but our money is controlling this?
5. I also read there is a food shortage, world wide. Why are we using corn to make gasoline instead of feeding people? And since we are using corn to make gasoline to reduce the cost from oil dependency, why is gasoline so high? It appears to me, that corn is cheaper to use as food than it is as fuel.
Come now, and let us reason together . . . a prophet of Holy Scripture

Friday, April 11, 2008

What's Going On?

Clearly, those in Washington DC have no regard for the average American. The FAA has ordered that countless travelers be stranded for safety inspections, and the airlines know their days are numbered. Senate has approved the craziest bail out for home investment I've ever heard. They want to cut builders a ton of tax breaks and incentives, like we need more houses built for a shortage of buyers. Then they want to give a $7,000 rebate or tax break to those that buy foreclosed or abandoned homes. Does anyone see how this is supposed to help those that are losing their homes? It does, however; sound like a golden investment opportunity for fatcat landlords. It is obvious at this point to see, and was some time back, for some of us. Real estate has been treated as rental property for quite some time now with purchasers, with loans being granted with 0% down, and equity loans at 125% the value of the home. There was truly no place for these homeowners to go, but down, and most of them just simply did not understand the rules of investment. Opportunists from Wall Street to Main Street saw their chance to make money fast and let the chips fall where they may, after they collected their percentage.
As an organic hobby farmer, this latest headline bothered me. While our nation is being shut down from within, with travel and fuel problems and our economy is in collapse and the domino effect is heading global, there's something else brewing. President Bush wants to bring livestock diseases from an isolated island to the mainland. Actually, the Department of Homeland Security, another gift from the present administration, has ripped the authority over research and management of livestock diseases from the Department of Agriculture. The Department of Agriculture had a safe little isolated island for the laboratory with access only by ferry or helicopter, obviously for safety reasons. Now Homeland Security and some Kansas Republican think we should bring this mess to Kansas. How much sense does that make? Of all the stupidity I have witnessed over the past 7 years, this one takes the cake. To allow any government to bring disease to the agriculture center of a country is the brink of anarchy. Interestingly, there has already been a government exercise of a "simulated outbreak" called Crimson Sky. Oh, did I mention the same Kansas Republican that wants this laboratory in his home state, played the president in the exercise in 2002. I read this on FoxNews, folks!,2933,350135,00.html I remember reading about a plan for a simulated attack on the World Trade Center, years ago . . . I can't believe that half of the people that put this administration in power are still in denial. At any rate, our President's approval rating is still hovering around 30%, so at least half of his former followers have wised up! I think if the President thinks it's such a good idea and safe to bring a livestock disease research laboratory to the mainland, why not bring it to Crawford, Texas? I think Cindy Sheehan mentioned having a few acres for sale, and the article said the laboratory animals wouldn't be out, so not much land would be needed.
Everyone of these problems mentioned today are homegrown and getting bigger.
That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of G~d. New Testament

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Iraq, Five Years Later

I awoke this morning to hear there wouldn't be much celebration in Iraq, commemorating the fall of Saddam Hussein. It's interesting to note, that the report of General Petraeus is taking place in conjunction with this anniversary. He tells us the surge has accomplished much. So much, that we are back to where we were before the troop surge last year . . . The Iraqi government is still not ready to take care of themselves or even with $100 billion dollars worth of oil revenue, finance their own progress, and we're buying the gasoline at market price, to put in the tankers and HumV's over there. We knew when we overthrew the government of Saddam Hussein, there really wasn't any viable current charges to bring against him and depose him, but we did it, anyway. And as they celebrated in Baghdad and asked for TVs and satellite dishes, now where are they? Iraq used to have an amazing education system. Now there are children in Iraq that haven't been in school for nearly 5 years. And the American children that are in school will pay this war debt for all their working years.
What has been accomplished?
Oh, I know, the surge has made an impact. There is no alQaida south of Baghdad. Are there still any Americans ignorant enough to think that Saddam Hussein would have tolerated any alQaida throughout any of his Iraq?
We've fixed nothing that we hadn't already destroyed and unfortunately Iraq is in no better shape than it was before the American invasion and occupation. I know, first hand, if Americans were expecting something out of me in March of '03, they'd have gotten absolutely belligerently ugly if I had yet to accomplish my mission. And G~D forbid, any of us cost any capitalist what Iraq has cost. Funny, American capitalists begrudge an American in need for 5 years, yet the conservatives continue to fund a non-productive Iraqi government that is totally unaccountable to those that are fighting and funding this accommodating, indulgent occupation.
He that . . . meddleth with strife belonging not to him, is like one that taketh a dog by the ears. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cult or Just Out of Step With the National Religion?

I don't happen to agree with the religious beliefs of Warren Jeffs or the FLDS, but then I don't agree with a number of mainstream religious leaders, and mainstream American Christianity doesn't agree with me. So, who does the sorting, the declaring of truth, and the enforcing of cult rescues? Granted our country has laws, and many of them, although claim their founding from Scripture, are clearly not. Many of our allies have many cultural laws that we in America would disagree with, but we pick and choose whom we invade over such disagreement. I can't help but wonder, as America accommodates Muslims regarding their religion, will their stand on polygamy be acceptable? Saudi has a religious or morality police. Is that where we are going? Will the ATF and FBI simply enforce the religious laws of our land? And I realize, we in America have drawn an arbitrary line, regarding age and childhood. Our teens are old enough to access their own birth control, actually be given access to condoms through some school districts, can obtain abortions without parental consent, but they must be "legally" needing all this with someone in their own age group. I find that questionable. Two middle schoolers with access to play like grown ups are not in any position financially or socially to take the responsibility of the potential consequences known as parenthood. A 21 year old cannot legally date a 14 year old, but an 80 year old can date an 18 year old, without any legal concerns, whatsoever. Clearly, Congress has too many non issues to vote upon. I'm not defending or justifying what Jeffs was accused of doing, but I do wonder in this country, where rape is so difficult for most women to have prosecuted, how it is that Jeffs is doing time for accessory to rape. Perhaps he was a tyrant or dictator, I don't know, but there are tons of hell, fire, and brimstone breathing preachers condemning many of us to hell. And I've had more than my share of church ladies in my face about not meeting their standard . . . So how is it, that everything outside of mainstream American Christianity has become a potentially illegal cult? What is going to happen to all these women and children that have supposedly been rescued? Will they get to bow down to the system that rescued them and get to live on welfare programs and be trained with some sort of "futures" education grant? I do realize there are laws in our country, but when people are at a place by choice and raising their children according to their choice, does our government truly have a right to intervene when it is a community's way of life. This is not an isolated case of abuse. I realize, if these guys show up at the court house for a sixth or seventh marriage license, bust them, or make them do what most of our society does. Go get a divorce between marriage license applications. If they are not obtaining state licenses for a man to live with more than one woman, is it polygamy, by legal definition? I fear this is really not about a rescue or about the law, it's about making certain religious beliefs, illegal. I would think our great nation, if it were truly founded on Christian Scripture would know the danger of legislating religious beliefs.
And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of G~d, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against G~d. Acts of the New Testament

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Economic Reality

Dear Mr. Bernanke,
I've written several politicians and a few unelected officials, and now it's your turn. Please forgive me for not writing sooner. I think, perhaps, I could have helped. You have defended your decision regarding Bear Stearns and stated the action of the Feds was not a "bail out," but rather an action that had to occur to prevent the collapse of this huge financial presence. Your statement, as I read it in the news, indicates the entire economy would have been shaken if Bear Stearns had declared the bankruptcy that was imminent by the middle of March of this year. I realize I am not a math major, nor do I have a doctorate in economics, but . . . if Bear Stearns was at the point of bankruptcy and the stock value had plummeted from $60.00 a share to $2.00 a share, the fact of the matter regarding Bear Stearns is Bear Stearns became insolvent and unstable. Your response was a simple matter of printing more money to "strengthen" the weakened, nearly dead financial institution. The problem is, printing money and giving it to another financial entity to bail out the bankrupt bank, doesn't change the fact that the investment bank was bankrupt. And while we are discussing investments and rescue, please let me introduce you to the man on the street, not Wall Street, but simply the man that is trying to keep his investment called his home, and his stability called his job, and his security called a stable economy. Why does Bear Stearns merit so much more assistance to the tune of $250 billion? How many home mortgages would that amount of money helped save? Why do the tax payers have to keep working without hope of light at the end of the tunnel to fund the stability of Wall Street? Why, as an economist, can you not see that Wall Street has become a place of investing in money rather than investing in products or a stable economy? Wall Street is not funded to simply keep the economy in perpetual motion and you know, dropping the interest rates, and funding the big banks is nothing more than bringing the game of MONOPOLY to economic reality. The only difference Mr. Bernanke, between printing money for JP Chase & Morgan Co. to purchase Bear Stearns and counterfeiting, is the fact that you have been appointed to say it's legal to print money. The interest rates have plummeted, the value of the average American's investments have dropped dramatically, and you are not choosing to use the term "recession," while the rest of us are living the reality. The fact that you are not using the term "recession" makes me wonder one of two things. Are we already passed the point of recession and living the beginning of the "D" word, Depression . . . or are you simply out of touch with the common concerns and problems of the average American? Are you aware of the financial impact of filling a gas tank? Do you have any idea of the sticker shock, that continues weekly at the grocery store? Since you have spared Bear Stearns, to spare the rest of us, just when will that gracious decision to indirectly rescue the rest of us, by financing the purchase of Bear Stearns affect the average American in a positive economical way?
Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.
A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Media - Fiction or Non?

I really should have mention FOXNews in the title, but I take exception with giving too much attention for something I don't appreciate, so I'll simply give the link in the article and move on from there. Frankly, there is so much more published at this point that just feeds the confusion, it's a bit difficult to cull out FOX alone in this media frenzy. So much of our media is simply a matter of opinion and emotional hot button issues, that information containing just the facts is hardly even an option. Beyond the "grabber" headlines, one must wade through the implications, innuendos and editorializing in the hope of obtaining a thread of truth about current world events. This article was in the opinion section, but was included in the headlines on the homepage yesterday, entitled "The 'Recession' is a Media Myth." I know it was listed on the homepage, because I never seek the opinion page of FOXNews.,2933,343671,00.html
It is the writer's opinion, apparently, that the present media storm regarding the American economy is nothing more than left-wing, political propaganda. I was wondering how "conservative" America had muddled through these last few months of economic woes without blaming the Clinton years, when lo and behold John Lott, Jr. addressed that very issue, in his editorialized opinionated article.
Now, if there is no fear of recession and things are not as bad as we are being told, what's going on? I haven't noticed any member of the media at the gas pump telling me it was bad, I can pretty much see that for myself, as the monetary tally spins rapidly out of sync with the tally of gallons being added. And I haven't noticed any member of the media ahead of me in the market place marking prices up. Has the media convinced the chickens to hold their eggs for ransom? According to egg prices, that would be the indication. Let's get serious here. Prices have skyrocketed and the media isn't manufacturing that information, we can see it for ourselves. The fact that Mr. Bernanke has just now only hinted at the word "recession" after dropping interest rates two percentage points in two months and bailed out Wall Street, the corporate bankers and lenders simply tells me, he doesn't have to pump his own gas or do his own grocery shopping.
And as for the trucker's strike. They know that will make no difference. The new laws regarding trucks from Mexico will simply pick up the slack. They are trapped and they know it.
And now, in the midst of blame and opinions flying, there is a new emotional issue coming to the forefront. Look out! This is the "game" they play every time! Have you noticed the inordinate number of articles addressing the subject of autism, lately in the news? And of course the controversy of the possible role of vaccinations in the increase cases of autism. Add the controversial headlines of children dying without medical intervention and we should have a completely side tracked constituency for the next upcoming crisis, legislation, and loss of more rights.
For their heart studieth destruction, and their lips talk of mischief. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

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