Friday, May 26, 2006

Why Should I Pay for Your Choice that I Didn't Want?

I'm having trouble here, staying positive. So, I will make this short with just a couple of points and move on toward a better perspective, next time. I have a problem with hearing people whine and wanting money, when they are the ones that have made the choice to be where they are. I'm not talking about a crisis event, I'm talking about choices that render those that are whining in a substandard existence. Why do you want funding to stay there? Please explain this to me. I've read about the "poor" Palestinians and the Hamas government that's not meeting their humanitarian needs. Well, big surprise, Hamas is not that kind of organization. It's not on the same list as the Red Cross, United Way, and Unicef. Perhaps next time you hold "free elections" you might want to read about the party you're voting for. I don't mean to sound discompassionate, but why should I fund the deal, I didn't vote for them. I couldn't participate in the elections but I could read what they were saying. Nobody is funding those of us who didn't get what we wanted in our election.
Now, closer to home. Listen Katrina people, it's almost hurricane season again. I'm really not impressed that the only things you people can get your act together for, is Mardi Gras and electing the mayor that's blamed everybody he can think of for everything he can think of. I've been reading some questionable activities about the hurricane survivors, like we just can't provide enough for you people, but we don't need to bother with job fares and free rides to a place called work. Why should I fund next year's Mardi Gras? I'm not coming. And that snow machine with your funding was stupid. You're much farther south than we are, and our kids didn't see snow until February, and then only for a day. If I'm paying, I get to help decide. If you're not paying, you shouldn't be calling the shots.
Be not one of those who give their hands in an agreement, or of those who make themselves responsible for debts:

Friday, May 19, 2006

Excuse me, I have a question???????

Do you ever just want to stand in the middle of a store, or the middle of a meeting, or perhaps the middle of a religious assembling and ask, "Does anybody really know what's going on these days? I mean, do you really think we have any idea?" I've spent most of the week just questioning every news story and every circumstance I come across. How did all this confusion become security? I read that a driver of an SUV, who was suspected to be involved in illegal immigration, was shot at the busiest border crossing, but . . . he was going to Mexico. So, why, when there is such a hullabaloo about illegal immigration are we shooting at the guys going south? Hey now, here's a surprise, the runaway bride broke up with her intended. This poor guy has already been jilted on national news, and now it's news on CNN that she has called it quits with him. Is it really that slow of a news day? I was at our local MFA store, when I read an interesting notice. Due to 9/11 and the Patriot Act, the US government needs to know who is buying grain. They need to know what I am feeding my critters? Yeah, right! Then there was a notice beneath that notice dated Dec. of 2005 stating that due to the above governmental rights and authority, they needed our name, address, and phone number if we were purchasing grain. Now, my question is; what is the real reason? Are they keeping track of the animals for the next sickness fear? Are they keeping track of the survivalists that may be going back to basics? Are they just running away with intrusive demands, because they can?
Oh, and in the middle of all this spy controversy and terrorists tracking, the FBI is spending 2 weeks of their overpriced time and who knows how many kajillion dollars of our hard earned tax dollars, digging up some farmer's field or pasture because they have a tip from a reliable convict that Jimmy Hoffa is buried there. What's the deal? Whether he's dead or living it up in the Caribbean, it's been over 30 years ago. We've got other stuff going on. And it's up north, the growing season isn't going to last that long. Let the guy have his crop or his pasture. It's been over 30 years, can't it wait another 3 or 4 months?
Okay, I promised to be positive and frankly this sounds pretty cynical. So I will end on a positive note. I am absolutely positive there are other Americans thinking these same kind of questions and beginning to see there's more than meets the eye. I am positive!
And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Out to Lunch for a New Perspective

Well, it is no easy task to find a positive solution for the current news in America. I pretty much thought all of our leaders and those in power just flat sound "out to lunch." Then the idea hit me, if I could take a few of these people "out to lunch" just to chat, what I would say and perhaps it would give them a new perspective or maybe they could explain to me, in a way I could understand just what it is that they are thinking. Who knows if it would help, in either direction, but lunch, it couldn't hurt!
First, I'd have to go to lunch with Condoleezza Rice, just for some girl talk. You know, it would be one of those things of letting her know in a friendly way, just what the lowdown was. Let her know what I've been hearing . . . most of the leaders of other countries think she needs a man in her life or maybe the ticking of her biological clock is affecting her attitude. I think I'd try to introduce her to a nice guy, or encourage her to have dinner with a man and discuss something other than nuclear weapons and humanitarian funding.
I'd of course want to take the President to lunch. I'd tell him a few of us are catching on to this "fuzzy fine line" between security and captivity. And this security policy with the usual mantra about "nothing to hide," seems a bit hypocritical to have "sealed archives" for public officials like your dad, when I; a private American citizen discover my calls are accessible to the "party line."
I'd also like to take General Hayden out to lunch. I realize with this new spy club of shared information, it's just a wonderful opportunity for you, but so far all of this spy work seems to just enable the Washington powers to keep track of the American citizens. I thought you guys were playing "I Spy" to catch the bad guys. If Bin Laden can send videos and his second in command has been captured and released [by mistake?] in Iraq, are you sure this spy business is working? All the possible attacks that have been averted are a bit intangible, kind of like the fisherman that tells us about the "one that got away." There were no attacks on America between 1941 and 2001, before all these agencies were "in business." Oh, and just for the record, Hawaii wasn't one of the United States in 1941.
Then, I would have to take Patrick Kennedy to lunch. I would tell him, "listen Patrick, may I call you Patrick . . ." this taking responsibility for something dumb doesn't work for democrats. I know you've seen it done and the republicans do make it look easy and even heroic, but it isn't. You come from a long line of people in public service with weaknesses that some of the public just loves to feed off of, so get dried out and sobered up or get out of the limelight, because they are just going to be waiting. I've already read a report comparing "the differences" in your situation to Rush L. You don't really want to sound like him, do you?
Before we can do lunch, I have to make sure they can accept if I pick up the check, which I am willing to do, to have my say. It used to be we could just vote to have a voice in decision making policy, but the lobbyists have sure changed that, so I don't want to start a new Abramoff situation for any of us. Wonder if these lunches would be 100% deductible on my taxes? Oh well, even if they aren't, I'd sure like our leaders to get a new perspective, so that we, as Americans, can enjoy our lives as we work hard trying to live and be free.
And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor, it is the gift of G~d.

Friday, May 05, 2006

A Week in America, A Day without Immigrants

It's been a full week, here in the US, now hasn't it? We began the week with a Day Without Immigrants and finalized the week with another "superb job and mutually determined resignation" in the Bush administration and my granddaughter telling me Happy Cinco de Mayo! First let me suggest we might consider a revolving door in government agencies these days. Between the leaks and the transition time and the continual decline of popularity, I'm guessing change will also be continual. With change aren't we looking at perpetual transition and greater increase of leaks just by the mere fact more people are gaining access to the information? Now back to a Day without Immigrants. My husband asked me Monday, what I thought we should do about the declared day. I said, I had considered going buffalo hunting without a license or permit. Then maybe I'd exchange a few beads for some corn, without worrying about sales and use tax. Why I might even consider putting up a teepee without checking the zoning laws, if there were no immigrants on American soil. Instead, we decided to go shopping and dine out, but we would patronize an ethnic restaurant. Actually there were very few businesses closed in our area, or that appeared to be operating differently. We went to a Chinese restaurant and I must say at that establishment, they have assimilated to the American culture very well. The service was lousy, the food was left over lunch buffet at the dinner price, and they had no problem looking us in the eye as we paid our check and left quite dissatisfied.
We need to face something about immigration and cultural pride. Truth is, if life is good, people don't usually leave where they are. And have you ever noticed, the people that need the change are the very ones that insist upon everyone being accepting of their ways of doing things. Well, ok then, but if it didn't work there, why bring the idea here to implement? We need to keep in mind, the descendants of European immigrants who do make up the majority of American citizens, already know how immigrants change the lives of the already established culture. That's exactly what their ancestors did between three and four hundred years ago. They know about this insistance of learning the language. America already has a history of immigrants changing every aspect of the way of life, including the language of the original citizens of the land. And I am guessing they don't want what happened to the American Indian to happen to them. Has America ever had a Native American President? We already know, unregulated immigration, much less illegal immigration; brings with it, dramatic change, rendering a society or culture far beyond recongition and well past the point of "no return."
And He said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's, and unto G~d the things which be G~d's.

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