Friday, August 25, 2006

Are We Watching the Fulfillment of Prophecy???

I have read about something today in three different places, but all on the internet, so . . . I'm ready to discuss the matter. Remember after the 2004 elections, over half of the Cabinet resigned? I found that rather interesting, considering the loyalty that was exhibited and the closeness in ideology that they all seemed to share, but one particular resignation caught my attention very quickly, due to something that had been mentioned by our President in one of the debates before the election. I remember it was in October of 2004, when he announced he had just signed the approval for the FDA's approval for the use of ID chips in people. He gave us the usual song and dance about how this would increase efficiency and you know, "keep us safe." (I just wish I could type a drumroll.) This would make it possible for doctors to have electronic records, rather than all those papers that can get lost and not read properly, and if you came into the ER unconscious, they could just scan your hand and have your history. I've warned for years that the revered sorcerers of our country would introduce the mark of the beast for our safety and convenience, and then our leader announced his approval for their intentions. What electronic records are truly going to afford us, is no papertrail to prove error, but who needs to cover that with all the doctors in politics, now and tort reform. Well, at least with doctors in politics, they have less time to inflict their ungodly practice on frightened sick people. Actually, this is a different soapbox, than I thought I was climbing on today, so I'll get back to my first point. One of the Cabinet members that resigned was Tommy Thompson from the Dept. of Health and Human Services, and he has this really interesting association with none other than the company that is producing these ID chips. Isn't that a convenient coincidence? And now, that there is a war, that nobody can get out of, VeriChip has approached the Pentagon about replacing dog tags with ID Chips? Up front and right off the bat, they are saying the soldiers would have a choice, . . . just like I have a choice to keep my shoes on at the airport? What happens if this takes place? Will this eventually become an order? Will this be explained by the recruiter? Once this is part of being in the military, how long before the rest of us will be faced with this enforced safety? I've been utterly shocked and saddened at the absolute faithfulness and trust of the people listening to and supporting all this nonsense. I am so very glad, that come judgment day, I will not have to give an account for having voted for this. And make no mistake, it was announced before the election. He announced it himself in a debate. So considering the religious base of the right wing, has the falling away begun?
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first,

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fear and Frugality do not make Friendly Skies

I heard an interview in a news item this morning that I just cannot get off of my mind. And it is particularly frustrating, because I, of course, didn't get all the details. I listened as a woman complained of receiving some sort of booklet containing ideas for living frugally, that accompanied either a notice of layoff or a concession offer from one of the airlines. I did a Google search and it would seem most all of the airlines are having problems, bankruptcies, layoffs, and concession negotiations, so I still don't have specific information, but I do remember what caught my attention. This employee was complaining because the booklet that accompanied her notice was demeaning and condescending in her opinion. There were such outlandish suggestions as "growing one's own vegetables, cutting your kids' hair yourself, and making your own babyfood." As someone that has done all three of those things and still has a garden, I found her comments to be rather condescending. Did the airlines really think we passengers would want to keep putting up with their nonsense? I did some post 9/11 traveling and although the security measures were somewhat beyond just a bit of an inconvenience, it was the attitute that I really didn't appreciate. I found the attitude of airport security and various employees of the airlines to be very condescending and demeaning and actually down right rude. My husband and I decided it just wasn't worth spending our hard earned money to subject ourselves to being treated like criminals when we traveled to our nation's capitol in 2002. So we took one last great trip abroad in 2004 and put away our passports. As a matter of fact, I am raising my own vegetables and cutting my husband's hair and making yummy organic food for grandchildren, now, and I have no intentions of subjecting myself to the demeaning and condescending treatment afforded me by our airlines. I got the impression this morning that some airline employees are absolutely disgusted by the way the airlines think they can treat people. It sounds as if the airlines have begun to treat their employees like their customers.
Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them:

Friday, August 11, 2006

Dear Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister

Please forgive me, if I was supposed to reverse the titles. I really don't know the global protocol, but since I am an American citizen I thought I better list the President first. There's probably some law about it, and I just don't want to take any chances. I have to tell the two of you, the world audience isn't very impressed. You both wield a great deal of authority when making statements, yet when it comes right down to it, it seems to be just alot of bluster.
Mr. Bush, you have said repeatedly that any nation that harbors and protects terrorists are on your list, and you have shared your list of terrorists. So when you have identified Hizbollah as a terrorist group, and claim Israel to be an ally, what happened to that "for us or against us, business?" Are you aware of the message that is actually being sent, when the "conflict" has gone on this long? So is Hizbollah no longer on your list, are they comparing notes with bin Laden, who is also free? Why does Lebanon have them in their government, and now Hamas, also one of the groups you have identified; is the Palestinian government. And you do realize there were no Iraqi passports in the 9/11 terrorists, don't you? I am very aware that your followers are either unaware or unconcerned about these few facts, the powerful speeches just continue to inspire them. So have the terrorists outsmarted you by participating in democracy, or are you allowing our ally, Israel; to be surrounded for some other reason?
Mr. Olmert, I thought you weren't negotiating with terrorists. Are you doing the dirty work for the United States? This ongoing conflict that now is going to be managed by the UN, really doesn't look like anything but another concession out of Israel. Have you checked the history? If cease-fires worked, would you still have to be giving land away and dodging rockets and missiles? And just how many cease-fires need to be arbitrated before one really stands? How many agreements has your government entered and signed in the past 50+ years. Where are your allies, have you wondered that lately?
Oh, and let me give you a little bit of advice, that you probably haven't heard about dealing with that ugly accusation called occupation. Let me tell you how it's done. This method has been working for a number of years. Section off a parcel of land and build centers, it doesn't matter what kind of centers, just where they can get food and medicine and build them some modest homes, send them small monthly checks, just a modicum, which is less than you are donating to them now. Then let them build casinos and sell cigarettes without charging tax. It has worked really well in the US. Our people that live on these reservations never refer to their situation as an occupation.
Perhaps you'd both like to reconsider your strategies, as you both claim to be leaders of sovereign nations that acknowledge the One true G~d. Because according to His Word, if you were doing things His way, you'd be succeeding . . .
What shall we then say to these things? If G~d be for us, who can be against us?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Moving On and Looking Up

It's Friday again, but things are so different this time. Have you ever heard of someone saying they opened the Bible and received revelation or instruction or peace or whatever they were needing at the time, there it was, just right on the page that fell open? Well, as I have attempted to sort out all of this political mayhem and religious extremism, I've spent a great deal of time in prayer and in my Bible. I've prayed for our country for years, but as I read bumper stickers about abortion and gun control and NRA and choice and the little colorful magnets that address everything from our troops to breast cancer, I began to realize, as a nation, we just aren't interested in G~d's solutions, we have our own. And so I began to pray about how to get G~d's solution into general society, and my Bible literally fell open to this passage: Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to Me: for I will not hear thee. Jeremiah 7:16. For the past twelve years, I've preached repentance, challenged our politics, questioned our position in global events, and then G~d tells me this! But He did tell me I could pray for individuals, but there would be no repentance as a nation. And we as a nation are way off base.
I've been reading the book of Ezekiel this month and it's amazing how many of the prophesies from this book are in the news now. It's really an interesting read, not lengthy, I recommend it highly.
So, now with a blogger in federal prison, a conflict in the Middle East and Israel's only ally unable or unwilling to actually assist in the battle, the US media covering the death toll in Lebanon repeatedly for the past 3 weeks, whereas the last 5 years of bus bombings and suicide bombers in restaurants in various places over the entire land of Israel were barely newsworthy, Iraq is Viet Nam all over again, and the air war in Afghanistan that supposedly eradicated the Taliban is now in it's fifth year and on the ground; where is the reason? So for those of you that believe we are on the right course and need to stay that course while continuing to claim "oh, but it could be so much worse," well it soon will be. But to the individuals that know the difference between G~d and country . . . when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. Luke 21:28

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