Thursday, January 26, 2006

Democracy - The Majority Has Spoken

As the alarm came on this morning and I heard the Palestinian election results, I was aghast. When I heard what our president said about the election results, I was mortified and ashamed. Now, I know, from reading the news that our President doesn't like to be disagreed with publicly, but I'm not on his Christmas card list, so I'll just speak my mind in a blog, while we still have free speech. Just a few months ago, our president assured the entire world that Palestinian mothers didn't want terrorists leading their children, that the Palestinian people wanted peaceful leaders. All the while, the polls and interviews were telling us, the Palestinians really were not interested in a peaceful 2 state co-existence with Israel. Now, I am not saying our leader was misleading us, after all, he penned the Roadmap to Peace. I personally have a letter on White House stationery, outlining the plan. And any and all of his followers will just tell you "what is what" and "that's that." So, I am not going to waste the blog space to debate with Bush followers, not that I expect very many at this site. My first concern is the fact that the leader of the United States of America authored the Roadmap to Peace, which is in absolutely direct opposition to the Word of G~d, spoken to Abraham, recorded by Moses, and retained historically in the very Book, our leaders lay their hands upon while taking their oath of office. My second concern is the fact that I am legally bound to render unto Caesar my taxes in a couple of months, and they help fund this plan and many more. I wonder if all of my tax dollars only go to ludicrous ideas. Doesn't Washington D. C. know that some of us realize we are going to give an account to G~d for what we're doing and supporting? That same Book with the real estate contract between G~d and Abraham also contains information about what we are to support and what we are to have nothing to do with. Now on to my third concern. Our President now claims utter shock at the results of the Palestinian elections, which brings reality just too close to home. Don't you wonder how many other decisions have had surprising results for him? Or the flip side to that worn out song . . . is he really surprised at all? My next concern is regarding his response to Hamas at the helm, which was basically to say, [we're through playing now.] Which sends the message to the rest of the world, Israel included; [wow, Israel, your neighbors aren't interested in being neighborly.] Aren't you glad nobody suggested democracy for the Taliban and Bin Laden. It really makes me wonder how many decisions are being made for my "best interests," my "safety and security," and my children and grandchildren so some blue blood politician can feel powerful . No, I don't wonder that, Revelation 13 explains that one. And I am not suggesting that the current President of the United States is the anti-Christ. My last concern has really made me sick since yesterday afternoon as I was trying to find the news concerning the Palestinian elections and the State of Israel and her leader. Yesterday we watched a democratic election, place some very scary people in power. Now, Palestine is the only place on the globe that this has occurred, right?
who, knowing the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but also consent with those who practice them. Romans 1:32

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Aren't We Getting A Little Close to Playing God?

I am not an advocate of the death penalty. And I am seriously outnumbered in religious circles, but I believe that it is G~d that vindicates. Scripture is very clear about the criteria for capital punishment, and frankly America doesn't meet the qualifications for a nation to utilize that option, according to the Bible. But this particular case really just boggles my mind. I have done a bit of checking to determine the actual cost of an American execution, but to be honest, I find the subject absolutely revolting. We have read the statistics for the cost per year, of maintaining prisoners on death row. And we are all painfully aware of the rising cost of medical treatment, particularly with the elderly. Which brings me to the topic of the blog.
A 76 year old man was executed in California, just moments after his birthday, which I also find beyond odd. He was on death row for 23 years and his last meal could have birthday cake for dessert. Now, he was found guilty of a horrible crime, more than one actually, and this country has capital punishment, so the fact that much of the 23 years was due to appeals was his choice and our money . . . another issue in capital punishment with which I have a problem. The day of finality did seem a bit odd in the puzzle, hoever. And the reason that he petitioned the court, was that basically he was too old for capital punishment. . . too old to die??? His health was in a very deteriorated state, he was blind, deaf, in a wheel chair, and diabetic, and not to sound discompassionate, but once again on the taxpayers bill. The best way to perhaps sum all of this up, would be what a waste. What a waste of a human life to spend so many years on death row. What a waste of a young life that he took. What a waste of three more lives to keep them from testifying. What a waste of countless taxpayer's dollars to appeal and appeal and appeal. But when I read that he had suffered cardiac arrest last September, and was resuscitated, I could not believe what I read. Some doctor actually resuscitated a man that was in health that poor and on death row. Why? And how does that not fit the criteria of cruel and inhumane. To refuse to let a feeble old man die, so that he could be executed 4 months later? I call that cruel and inhumane on every level, and absolutely irresponsible in every aspect of law, government, and the system. Was it someone on a power trip or just no sense at all; or as is so often the case: both?
What is my strength, that I should hope? and what is mine end, that I should prolong my life? Job 6:11

Monday, January 09, 2006

Now, Look What'cha Made Me Do !!!!!

How did we become a nation of reactionaries? That is not to say revolutionaries, which; by the way, would now be called traitors; just as they were around 1776. When life starts getting a little "crazy," I have noticed it seems to snowball, and when it does, I get my thesaurus. We have truly become a people of reaction. Who is taking action? Have you noticed, whoever is reacting is just "having to be ugly" because: whoever or whatever did whatever, whenever to "make them do what they have to do." In other words, we have an excuse to be ugly, abusive, mean, arrogant, aggressive, or whatever we deem "excusable" by accusing someone else. We are now in a war that has gone on for almost three years; that is two years, ten months, and a few days past the 40 days Mission Accomplished speech. And all because someone else made us "be aggressive???" And this is really sad, in that we reacted in aggression toward someone that did not actually "make us do this."
We are Americans, we do not have to be accountable for our actions, because we are only reacting. Someone else made us do what we are doing that cannot be maintained or contained. And so, like disgruntled first graders, we cry, " they made me do it!" or the ever popular "look what'cha made me do, now!" I was on a "thesaurus trail" when I landed on the word "ultraconservative" which said to see: reactionary. Now, I am not writing this stuff, I am merely passing on the information I have found. We didn't become a nation of reactionaries by elections. We became a nation of reactionaries by the "spirit of fear," which perhaps was welcomed by certain election results. Scripture tells us we are not given to a spirit of fear; but of power, love, and of a sound mind. We have somehow interpretted that to be lived out as: "We are not given to a spirit of reason; but of aggression, accusation, and paranoia."
How is it that we live in a country that claims we as individauls are to "turn the other cheek" while we as a nation, declare war? How is it that we can insist upon the Ten Commandments being upon the walls of the courthouse, yet nowhere to be seen on the walls of the church? How is it that we have stone throwing piety; that does not believe in abortion, but a child's life can be a "living hell?" How did we become a nation that acts against what we do not believe in? What happened to standing and seeing the salvation of the Lord? What happened to "when you have done all you know, stand?" What happened to judge not, lest you be judged? Because the next verse is pretty clear about the results . . .
For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Well, One War is Over for a Time

Here it is, the second of January 2006. I am getting ready to put away the Hanukkah menorahs. I'm sure Christmas trees are coming down, all the holiday hubbub is calming down and the retailers have inventoried and life is moving on. I was truly troubled by the fact that we in America were actually choosing to find it noteworthy and a point of contention to "fight" over Happy or Merry or Apathy! Some of the complaints and arguments I read about, would make Ebenezer Scrooge sound congenial. First, to all those that do choose to celebrate Christmas. There are Christian denominations that do not celebrate, so it really isn't an evangelical issue, even though many tried to make it one. And to those of us who do not celebrate Christmas. . . Why would we take other people's celebrations as a personal affront? I know, I personally don't care how much someone wants to spend, either economically or emotionally on their festivities, as long as I do not have to fund the endeavor. I say, live and let live, but I really don't think the little babe in a manger arrived December 25. And, I have done some serious soul searching myself, regarding the Feast of Dedication [Hanukkah.] Interestingly, it is recognized as a Jewish holiday, but mentioned Scripturally, only in John's gospel. There is so very little that is spoken of, as far as how we should actally celebrate, even in the books of the Maccabees. So, we once again consider the cultural traditions that are handed down and appreciated, regardless of the holiday we choose to celebrate. Now, to those that do not have religious affiliation at all. Did the festivities really bother you? I didn't think so. Oh, I know, somebody always has to throw a fit about a nativity scene on some government property. Why? It's not like the individual having the "hissy" has to clean up behind the sheep and donkey! How has a country that "prides" itself in tolerance and diversity become so nasty about celebrations? Is there any religion or culture in America, that openly claims to not want peace?
And so, as the retailers live with another let down in holiday spending, and the rest of us are recovering from high stress and weight gain, I'd like to share something. Since none of these festivals and the methods of celebration are actually "etched in stone" what is the big hullabaloo?
Although I do not believe the Messiah was born on December 25, I just love what was said by the angels to the shepherds, on the night of His arrival. It really would be a good thing to say every day.
Glory to G~d in the highest and on earth, peace and good will to men.

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