Friday, January 30, 2009

Same Ol', Same Ol'

I realize we were told there would be change. Change was coming! But the reality is, the headlines all sound the same this week that they did last month, and the month before that, and the month before that. Of course campaign promises always do have an exclusionary alternative clause built into them, but I'm amazed at the speed in which we are getting to hear so much re-explained. In a couple of months, someone will look through this stimulus bill, just like the last one, and the Patriot Act before that and realize, Whoa!!! We've got a ton of laws on the books now, that nobody mentioned were there. Please . . .
The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Holy Scripture

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Now They've Really Gone and Done It!

To Whom It May Concern:
I'm really mad at the Democratic Party right now. As you know, I am neither Republican nor Democrat, but I used to be a Democrat, so I still take their stupidity a bit more personally than the stupidity of the Republicans. Not that either side of the aisle is in short supply of stupid, but the Dems are really pushing it right now. First, our New President told Congress they needed to stop listening to Rush to get things done! Way to go BO! Now you have given Rush the same ammo he had in dealing with Clinton. President Obama, you were kind of safely off limits, as a black man, until you went and did this. Now the comedians and the pundits can have a great time and, of course, Rush, who is "earning" way more than the office of President pays, will reap the benefit. Again, Way to go, BO!
And Congress, you need to be busy about something like the economy or job losses or something, actually anything besides some stupid, yes stupid, online petition. That is just childish and did I mention stupid! Let me explain this. Rush Limbaugh is a very boisterous, opinionated, talking head. And just like the followers of the new President, his listening audience pretty much think he also walks on water. It amounts to nothing more than that, until you people make a point of making him someone to be reckoned with. Big mistake! And now, in all my years of reading news and listening to radio, Congress and President Obama have made me see that Rush Limbaugh is just doing "his job," so wish I y'all would do yours.
Thank you so much for your time and attention in this matter.
The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mo Money, Mo Money

Well, the latest figures in the stimulus package have declined just a bit. Down to just $816B + $3B for mass transit . . . The feds decided to leave the interest rate as it is, 0%, because I guess they realize they can't drop it any further. I don't know why they bothered with that meeting at all, unless of course they get some sort of expense reimbursement for attending. The Democrats in Congress are already sure it's a done deal and the Republicans are, of course, dragging their feet. I'm not sure why this $800B is so different from the $750B just a few months ago, with a different President, but everyone in Washington DC seems to think this is change. Well it is a bit more money, and opposite parties, but when you're talking billions, what's 50 or 60? As I tallied the list of expenses, I only came up with $515B, and I guess the rest is figured in as tax cuts, which never truly happen. You know, I'm still paying for FDR's New Deal, as are most of the people in my generation and the one after us, so why can't we see that there is nothing new about to happen here? Change? Where? Just changing sides of the aisle regarding who gets the money and who squabbles about it. Another thing I'm wondering about. Didn't President Bush "hand" President Obama the other half of his stimulus plan, like $350B? I remember him getting the Congressional clearance, but it would be up to President Obama to distribute it. Well, where is it? The banks aren't loaning any money, consumers are backing up on their consumption, and the Big Three just got back from their extended shutdown time, didn't they? The media is now counting the job losses on a daily basis and it's in the thousands, on a daily basis. And Congress is excited to throw more money around. It isn't even our tax dollars, any more, it's our great grandchildren's tax dollars! Doesn't anybody get that? Since Congress doesn't actually make any tangible goods, and the jobs are dwindling, where does this money come from? Without jobs, there is no withholding tax. As I mentioned, my tax dollars are still supporting the recipients of FDR's New Deal. Not to mention two more obvious facts. We've been throwing money at this recession before we were even calling it a recession. It hasn't seemed to work, yet, so we'll do more of what isn't working and plan on a different outcome? I believe that is the definition of "insanity." The other obvious fact is this. Our government cannot handle money, never could. Our government gets more free money than any other organization in the world, except possibly the Vatican. Anyway, it would appear that the US government operates like a big charity that has too many administrative costs, with mandatory "donations." If the government of the US makes every cent off of taxes and tariffs, then the only expense is overhead. Seems to me, the best thing the government could do for this poor economy is to get out of the money management business.
Are we not counted of him strangers? for he hath sold us, and hath quite devoured also our money. Torah of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remember Congress, He Won

If the media is supposed to be so left leaning, I can't believe I keep hearing and reading about Obama informing Congress that "he won the mandate!" I can't decide if it sounds aggressive, ominous, or just plain childish, but I don't think it puts him in such good light. It doesn't in my book, anyway. I remember when President Bush told us he was the "decider." Now as to this stimulus package, please. It is exactly like the last one, only the recipients are the opposite political party. Bush's stimulus went to the banks and Wall Street, and this one will go to the not for profit special interest groups. None of the accumulative total of $1.5 trillion will go to the people. Oh, that's right both sides of the aisle have given us tax breaks! Give me a break. You know, if either party gave a true whit about the people, all of Congress would be working for a $1.00 this year, like they demanded of the car industry, and both Presidents would have figured out a way to give this stimulus directly to the people, not both ends of the political spectrum! My husband just called about CD rates and you know, they are lower than tanked, but the banks got their BailOut. I'm not given to cussing, and I don't appreciate vulgarity, but every time I see that ridiculous acronym TARP, I see it backwards. The second definition of WordWeb pretty much covers it. Now, that President Obama has WON, will his fan club be satisfied to go get charity and assistance from all the special interest groups that will be eligible for his BailOut? I have a simple idea, but then that's the problem. Our government doesn't want to simplify. There are approximately 200M adults over the age of 25. I'm using that number, simply because most parents are still subsidizing their children until that age, and under 25 already has the second most expendable cash in our society. I would have just said working age Americans, but the AARP lobby and the big money belongs to the seniors and they don't pass up any freebies. Remember they paid into it. So back to my idea as to how the Bush and Obama economic stimulus should have been dispersed properly to stimulate the economy, because they truly are one in the same plan.
If $1.5 trillion dollars were simply distributed to the American people to pay their debts and make their purchases, the entire economy just might get rolling again.
Each individual could be given $7,500 or married couples $15,000 and let them feed it back into the economy. The banks will get their mortgage money and the special interest groups will get some and who knows, maybe even the car companies. It would at least make this doomed monopoly game last a little longer and the people a little more cheerful.
. . . and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. a Proverb

Monday, January 26, 2009

Technology, Computers, and Such

I read about a potential Google plan that will render PCs obsolete! Wow, I'm just now getting the hang of my PC. That's what I really don't like about computer technology. Every new step, doesn't just "improve," it renders any past efforts obsolete. Progress is one thing, but technology doesn't always feel like progress, sometimes it feels like an elimination of options. I purchased a word processor in 1994, before that I had an electric typewriter. I felt pretty uptown, actually, when I went from a manual to an electric. And wow, did I feel high tech, when I got the word processor. I fiddled with that thing every evening after work until way into the night, learning how to appreciate my new technology. I, of course, was getting less writing done than on my electric typewriter, because I was learning how to operate this new and improved, better piece of writing equipment. Ultimately it was better. With a word processor, I had a typewriter and a file cabinet, on tiny little disks. You know, I never did get those disks organized, but I used that word processor for several years. I was still writing on it, when I got my first computer in 2001 and it used the 98SE operating system. Of course, that system would not recognize the dos from my word processor, and I was by then in my forties. Change was not quite as welcome as it had once been in my life. So, as I learned the computer, I continued writing on the word processor, until the day, the word processor died. It was a horribly sad day. Then when upgrading to another computer, the operating system was XP, which meant some of my software programs were not compatible with the newer system. So much progress, so much obsoleteness. And now the rumor is, Google may be offering us the hard drive in the sky? Called "cloud computing." Since man has come up with OnStar, GPS, and now "cloud computing," all unseen and inviting dependence, I just don't understand why so many people have such trouble with the concept of trusting the G~D in heaven.
Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that YHVH, HE is G~D in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath: there is none else. Torah of Holy Scripture

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Political Machine Grinds On . . .

This is day three of a new Presidential era. So far, in everything I read, the major change appears to be that America now has a black president. And although that appears to be true, I was hoping we'd have a bit more depth to the change than only skin deep. I read Rowland Martin's article today, and it's about like most of his articles have been for the past year. It's all about an African-American President and possibilities. And of course, we've had Hillary and Sarah in the news for months, well Hillary for years, but women, we've gotten to hear all about the "glass ceiling." You know what I'm starting to notice about America. Everyone has promise of opportunity except white guys around 50, and they never did! The previous generations received all the perks that our culture could afford and the older boomers made some noise, but ultimately sat back and took what they could get, and as civil rights and women's rights continued to be in the forefront of shaping our culture and society, the white guys came to realize they could pay taxes, child support, and life insurance premiums, and the opportunities were going to be offered to those that would ensure the pendulum was swinging the other way and it was going to swing quite wide the other way, before it ever crossed the middle again, if it ever does. I don't feel that I know much about our new President, but I just have a real problem with Barack H. Obama promising all sorts of immediate change and winning a cult like following that has no idea the executive orders are getting cranked out as fast as the last president signed them . . . change? If he's just going to be not white and not Bush, I guess that's change, but that isn't the change I was hoping for. There have been a number of historical comparisons, but mesmerizing crowds doesn't rank very high in my book, historically speaking. And as for Sarah as she tries to ramp up her support, I just can't deal with the idea of a first family in which a man that is a grandpa refers to himself as "the first dude." Just too much! Way over the top. I enjoyed reading about Michelle Obama's family and I think Malia and Sasha are adorable. I have grandchildren that are just a year younger than each of them, and I think it's nice for my grandchildren's generation to see children in the White House. So, there's a change. If the only change we are going to get is superficial, I truly hope it is more about youth than race. I can relate to what Michelle said, early on in the campaign. If, for once, our country actually involves the youth and sees and nurtures respectable promise in young adults, that will be something most of my generation never experienced, personally. I'm wary and not too optimistic at this point, but that would be change and an America to be proud of.
Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's. a Psalm of Holy Scripture

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gitmo, Manhattan, and Plum Island

President Obama has signed an executive order that Gitmo will be closed within a year. I think President Obama is really going to make full use of his executive power, signing executive orders. I, personally, am expecting hundreds of them . . . but back to closing Gitmo. What will we do with 200 some people that the previous administration has labeled enemy combatants? I would say returning them to their country of origin sounds a bit precarious, if they truly are a problem. They already were able to become problems there. And if they aren't really problems, their native homeland doesn't want to hear what we expect them to do with these people, so . . . Now, pawning them off on other countries seems less than courteous and not a good plan for future allied relationships. So, here's my idea, and it would solve two bad ones at the same time. The animal disease laboratory on Plum Island is about to be relocated to Manhattan, Kansas. I, personally believe, this is one of the dumbest ideas our government has ever had, or one of the most diabolical. If it's a diabolical plan, then we're already finished, but if it's just a dumb one, it's not too late. My husband suggested that we move the disease lab to Gitmo, when it closed. That got my wheels turning. Not only could we move the disease lab to Gitmo, we could move the detainees to Plum Island or Manhattan. I know, I know, people don't want enemy combatants on the mainland, for what two reasons. One, they have to be treated according to the Constitution if they are actually on America soil!!! The other reason, I guess pertains to a fear factor. But considering we are about to place a disease laboratory which amounts to nothing more than a bacteria factory in the heart of ranch land and tornado ally, let's reconsider, here. An escaped combatant can be captured or even shot, but what do you do with blown away pathogens? There is no way to even know how many there are in a petri dish, much less recapture bacteria after some sort of calamity. I heard some lame Congressman from Kansas giving an interview explaining how safe this plan was. Well, I'm not buying it. I'd rather have 200 some people I can see and the law can count, in the neighboring state than countless pathogens that could cause the death and/or slaughter of all the livestock in the Midwest. And if the people are too afraid to have the combatants in Kansas, then why not refurbish Plum Island. I already heard in a news report that "they" are hoping to house the detainees in the northeastern US. See how simple this could be? But NO, we have to make a bigger mess, first!
And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. the Revelation

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Watching President Bush Leave

I have to admit it, I got a lump in my throat as I watched him wave and board the helicopter. I've done plenty of blogging about his decisions. Clearly, I wasn't a big fan of his policies and the decisions he made, but he is a man, an American man that obviously did the best he knew how to do. I don't know who he was listening to and who influenced him, but I never saw him as the one truly making the decisions. Oh, I know, he said he was the decider, and I don't think it was Laura, but he didn't come across as the one making the decisions. I don't think future generations will remember the Iraq war and Homeland Security with thankfulness, as Dr. Rice indicated, and the deficit is outrageous, but I do think history will remember kindly, his "personableness." I read about how he felt when his little sister died and how he wanted to help his mom be not so sad. I remember watching Bush 41 and just knowing that man insisted upon a demanding standard for others. Truth be told, I think if George W. Bush hadn't had the neo-con machine behind him, I think he would have made decisions more compatible with mainstream America and not been so aggressive in his thinking. He didn't strike me as a man that could truly have the heart of a neo-con, as I thought George W. Bush, had it in him to be nice. His politics didn't always seem to demonstrate "good sportsmanship," but he could take the ribbing and keep on going. I always loved reading about the press dinner. The guy should have been in stand-up. As I watched him board the copter, something occurred to me. He truly was the embodiment of much of America, but it's the America we don't like to see ourselves as being. He was a baby boomer that was born into a wealthy family. He had privilege, but not respect. He had opportunities but wasn't terribly successful. He had connections, but I'm not so sure about actual friends. He's one of those guys that gives everyone a nickname and I've always thought he'd be the best guest at the barbecue in the cul de sac. I don't like what's happened to our country, but in my research, it's been a long slow decline that has been in the works for longer than our country has even been a sovereign nation. I just wish he'd realized that before he made some of the decisions he did. I didn't like his politics, I don't like living with some of his decisions, I didn't appreciate his doctrine, but I do think he's a funny guy. I bet Laura never has a dull moment!
To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, showing all meekness unto all men. New Testament

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I'm sure as everyone is watching and reading, we as a nation already realize we have a new President. I didn't vote for him, nor did I vote against him. I don't have anything specific against his decision making, because as far as I have seen, mostly he has voted present and abstention. What I do have an issue with, are the number of people that are making this a matter of being victims. What's all this rising up out from under oppression? I realize there has been racial oppression in this country, but the loudest voices don't necessarily give the true reflection of oppression in our nation. Jesse Jackson has been running his mouth for four decades. And I saw Ray Nagin in the crowd. The comments and the faces in the crowd clearly reflect, this country is still quite divided, but the balance has swung the other way. But that isn't my real issue, it's the numbers. It just boils down to the money. I don't like President Obama's new economic stimulus idea, because it sounds a lot like the last two or three that I didn't like from President Bush. According to my math, we've already invested $150B in stimulus checks, then the smaller checks around $50B to $75B went to some corporations that were too big to fail, and then the big check rolled out. $700B, $350B then and $350B just now, for the new President to allocate, and he wants another $800B or so for his economic stimulus plan. That amounts to over $1.7 trillion in unbacked paper!!! Meanwhile, while he's speaking about all of us being responsible in facing the economic difficulties together, the cost of the inauguration is projected to near the $150M mark. Seems a bit extravagant for a recession. Now, on to the faithful followers of this man bringing change. How many people that attended that inauguration could truly afford the trip to Washington? We haven't even begun to figure the cost of future assistance for those that put this trip on credit cards. President Bush declared Washington DC in a state of emergency to open the door to be allocated more funds for this event. There is one thing that our new President said, that simply resonated with me and I know I will remember the rest of my days. "We no longer ask if the government is too big or too small . . ." And he is going to "restore science to it's proper place, technology . . . harness the sun . . ." I think we should still be asking if our government is too big, especially when these kind of statements are made. I've heard several people make cynical and sarcastic remarks in reference to our new President being treated as a Messiah or innuendo eluding to the possibility of having elected the anti-Christ. I don't think President Barack H. Obama is The Anti-Christ, and I have Scripture to back my view, but I do honestly believe the American government is the beast that is entirely too big and about to consume the majority of us! You'll notice in the Scripture I've included, there isn't just one anti-Christ; therefore President Obama cannot be The One.
Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. words of the Apostle John

Monday, January 19, 2009

Compulsory Volunteerism

I'm a bit unsettled by something I keep hearing our Prez-elect make reference to. I realize I ended that sentence poorly, but I just have to make this point and I cannot rearrange it accordingly. He speaks of accountability . . . and everyone is going to work toward . . . whatever. I heard, of all places, Louisiana is asking for volunteer commitments in rebuilding from Katrina. Hello, that was over 3 years ago. An entire town in Kansas was leveled since then and one in Oklahoma after that. New Orleans, if you want your town rebuilt, then build it, the rest of us are busy, too. I've already done my stint in volunteering. I served on umpteen committees and performed chaplain duties without compensation all over a specific little town, and when it came right down to it . . . I was being used and truly making no difference at all. I was merely a token to be used by some well paid official or bureaucrat to obtain funding or eligibility for yet another grant. Our government started paying big bucks for various public departments to have "volunteer chaplains." Why, if more money was coming in, did the chaplains need to be volunteer; and if the chaplains were volunteer, why was more money needed? I think both of those are good questions, but I never did get an answer. Now that over half of the country is ready to do the bidding of the new Prez-elect, what will this country look like? Well he's promised 3 to 4 million jobs in road construction, so I'm guessing a great many folks that have committed no crimes will ultimately look like members of a chain gang. And with health care reform on the way, I'm guessing a vast number of citizens will look like huddled masses in a clinic in a third world country. Then, of course, there are the bureaucrats and grant writers, and I'm guessing they will look like glorified secretaries with a "smart" digital ID badge. What I'm wondering though, is just how does a man identify with a group of people who think they have overcome oppression by seeing "one of their own" elected, when his father, grandfather, and his entire lineage has no memory of slavery or having been owned in this country? How does he continue to manage and manipulate, with four more years to do so, the majority of people that were ready for change? Compulsory volunteerism and accountability with taxation may be change, but it's change from the disgust of capitalism and frustration of elitism; to slavery and bondage.
And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage, in mortar, and in brick, and in all manner of service . . . all their service, wherein they made them serve, was with rigour. Torah of Holy Scripture

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Strange Coincidence

I don't keep track of AlJazira broadcasting or watch for word from Osama bin Laden, now called Usama bin Laden, but I have noticed an odd coincidence. We all heard the tape after 9/11 in which he claimed credit and warned of more to come. Then in 2003 our President didn't care where he was, he was no longer a major issue . . . so the President and his talking heads, gently directed the bewitched and the befuddled faithful to blame the Iraqi government for 9/11. Oh, I lived through the transition, I know of what I speak, and if you ask that 23% that still think this has been a whiz bang eight years, they will tell you this, about the War in Iraq. "We had to go . . . when I think of those three thousand innocent people on 9/11." You know, when I think of those three thousand innocent people on 9/11, I wish we hadn't squandered so many resources chasing down weapons of mass destruction that no one has found, yet. That doesn't seem like a proper tribute to three thousand innocent people that lost their lives that day in September. Which brings me back to bin Laden. Between 2002 and 2004, we heard virtually nothing, until . . . the week before the 2004 election, which I did prophesy to my husband and anyone else that would listen. I knew bin Laden would resurface before the Presidential election. I really thought we'd catch him, though, I didn't think it would just be a lousy, out of focus, video. A few of us were chatting shortly after this recent election and the topic just came out about bin Laden again. As in, do you really think he's dead? Do you really think terrorists are applauding this election, like the neo-con talking heads said they would? Anyway, when the topic comes up from a new perspective, it's like that's the open door for a new video, it would seem. And now, our government has been telling us January 20 could be a terrorist target date, declared Washington DC a state of emergency, and we get another video. If bin Laden was planning something, would he really give so much warning? He didn't before . . . I almost hate to blog this since I searched the spelling of AlJazira before blogging, but here goes anyway. If the general American public can pretty much "predict," by guess, deduction, or insight; when we'll hear from bin Laden, why can't the best technology in the world and the most well-funded, sophisticated "intelligence agency" find him? I realize these videos probably do not have a return address, but come on, they don't just appear on someone's desk, either. Who delivered this video? And who gave it to them? And so on and so forth. This video came from somewhere and that is where the "intelligence" needs to look. They need a Mom in the intelligence agencies that knows how to get to the bottom of conflicting evidence and discover how something just suddenly happened! It's really time for the intelligence agencies to operate in a little wisdom.
Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DHS: Delusional Homeland Stupidity

I am so angry I could just, well, blog my fingers off! Our DHS, formerly recognized as the Department of Homeland Security has really pulled another one over on us. I heard Sam Brownback was telling Kansans just how many jobs this will create . . . This is an outrage. I don't live in Kansas, but I used to and I'm not a Kansas rancher, but if I were, I would be changing careers and 'herdin' those little doggies' elsewhere. A disease laboratory in the middle of cattle country? Surely, our government isn't really that stupid. I've read the drivel about quality control of the food and what I see is just control of the food. This laboratory has been on an island in a New York harbor. It has been managed so well, that the technicians take a vacation to take their kid's to the zoo or circus to eliminate risk of transmitting anything. New York harbor made sense, too. Off the coast, away from the mainland and not in a major ranching area of the country. Apparently that just made too much sense for the government, or is there a more subversive plot??? The fact that homeland security is involved lets me know, there won't be any logic applied at all. I haven't found any stats yet about how wide the radius will be, in the event of some sort of leak or "accident," but considering what happened with one cow in Washington or Oregon with BSE, I wouldn't put anything past this crew. So, how long after the laboratory is built, the finest in the world, by the way, so they say; will the first cattle slaughter have to take place, just as a precautionary measure. We need to stop this, before it starts. This will not provide quality control of our food, it will control the meat industry entirely and keep every rancher on guard, working for the government, every minute of every day. If they have to build a new plant, because supposedly the one on Plum Island isn't adequate, then build this new one on Plum Island. They have to build a new plant anyway and this has been working for decades. There are enough problems for our government to be addressing, why create this one?
. . . because they came down to take away their cattle. history contained in Holy Scripture

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Thing About this Recession . . .

I read President Bush's speech from yesterday and something dawned upon me. He said he was leaving office with the nation in recession, but he inherited one when he came into office. And if he inherited one, we were all living in one! Anytime a President has an economic issue to deal with, we all do. I did a bit of checking for dates and the official "beginning" of that recession was March 2001, less than two months after he took office, so it seems Clinton left him the seeds of recession, growing. I checked the state of the economy when Clinton took office, that was right after the Savings and Loan "incident" which of course raised the deficit and left the economy scrambling, so Clinton also inherited economic instability. Of course, there was the Wall Street situation in the late 80's at the end of Reagan's term in office, so George H. W. Bush also inherited an economic issue. We all know, from our consumer-crazed mentality that Reagan inherited an economy of major inflation, which has always been blamed on Jimmy Carter. If memory serves though, the interest rates were pretty high when Ford passed Carter the mantle of power, and we know Ford inherited lines at the gas pumps and the price of gasoline putting an end to the "gas wars." So Nixon didn't exactly leave the office in good economic standing, much less the rest of the mess, and there was still Viet Nam. Nixon inherited a pretty troubled office, what with the collapse of Johnson's "Great Society" dream, but the installation of medicare and the elimination of the silver standard and a full scale war that was referred to as a conflict, going in Viet Nam. Johnson didn't inherit that war, he fought Kennedy to have it. I can't really comment on the effect Kennedy had on the economy, as his presidency was so short lived, but the late 50's were definitely a time of recession in the US. Eisenhower is the one president that doesn't appear to have inherited a recession. After WWII, the economy was gaining strength, industry was booming, building was booming, and babies were booming. He did, however; inherit the Korean conflict and left both a struggling economy and advisers in south east Asia, a.k.a. Viet Nam, to Kennedy. Truman inherited a huge war, WWII, but the nation really had begun to move on from the depression through his years in office and things were looking fairly good for Eisenhower, economically speaking. Truman, of course connects us back to FDR, who inherited the Great Depression. Of course, in his attempt to stabilize the economy, he gave us the Social Security system and dropped the gold standard. I think President Bush has given the most insightful statement I've heard in his entire presidency. Recessions are inherited in this country. It has nothing to do with political party! The elimination of a currency standard and the taxation of the barter system will continue to insure that everyone inherits a recession, or worse . . .
He that trusteth in his riches shall fall . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, January 12, 2009

Media Frenzy, the Manipulation

I've noticed something these past few months that has recently been confirmed. I realize the campaign season was unseasonably long, but I also remember listening to some conservative talk radio hosts telling their listeners what to do and how to orchestrate and manipulate the outcome of the primaries. I think when they suggested that their listeners vote "the other party in the primaries" it wasn't really about choosing the political opponent, it was about taking the lead away from a stronger republican. It was about making an already previously rejected candidate, the republican nominee. So the republicans could dump this mess and not be holding the bag when the crash happens! Next we have wonderful, total coverage of the RNC, which I remember the pundits bragging about how much larger the viewing audience was for the RNC compared to the DNC. Then there was the ridiculous comment by Sarah P. about Joe Sixpack, and they had to come up with a Joe Somebody else, and quick, so we got "Joe the Plumber." Who really wasn't named Joe and really wasn't a plumber. Sounds like fairly good coverage in the beginning for John and Sarah, but then we got to see who Sarah really is, and now Sarah is just trashing the media, but I think there's more to this. I'll never believe that Joe the Plumber's assistant, turned Joe the unemployed plumber's assistant, turned Joe the author, and is now Joe the war correspondent in Israel, hasn't had somebody behind all this. So, as Sarah, who originally stood in front of every camera and mic, and couldn't get enough of the media frenzy or have her picture taken enough, or get to talk often enough is now attacking the media, while Joe the ____________ (fill in career of the week here) is going to illuminate all of us in regard to reporting.
And while the conservative talking heads are scaring their listeners, which isn't really much of a feat at all, anyway, the repeal of the "fairness doctrine" is about to take place. But you know what, it isn't Congress that's doing it, and it's not the liberal media. The media knows, without a controversy, they lose viewers and listeners. Without "unfairness" there's no marketing. If you think somebody that can promise Rush Limbaugh $400M is not well enough connected in Washington to keep him on the air, you're nuts!
It's the radio stations themselves that are eliminating the voices in the wilderness, and manipulating the programming or programming the manipulation. We have attempted on more than one occasion with two different radio stations to purchase air time. I, however; do not parrot Rush, therefore one station simply said they weren't interested in selling the time. The other station said, the listeners like that talk radio, but if it were up to him, it would all be music, but a message of returning to simpler days is not what he's wanting to promote.
This is all staged. Radio in an uproar, Sarah on a tirade, Joe in Israel, and the analogue to digital TV coming. It's simply about filtering our information and eliminating our first amendment right, by the "will of the people."
Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation; and uphold me with Thy free spirit. from a Psalm of Holy Scripture

Friday, January 09, 2009

Well, I'm Not an Anonymous Blogger, So Here's My Opinion

I've really tried to avoid blogging about Sarah P., because I think she just lives for attention and I didn't want to give her any more, but I just have to make a few comments regarding her last interview. A politician that claims to be a journalist that is trying hard to discredit journalism will never have my vote. She just seems way to adamant against the first amendment. As for cleaning up her party and turning on many of her party members, she may call it fighting corruption, but I call it backstabbing and disloyalty. So she's doing her part for her party??? Now that she's had a few months to think things over, I'm so glad she finally has some "come backs." Really quick on her feet that Sarah P, good thing Katie wasn't throwing a shoe! Now, on to this interview, which I found to be rather hateful and snarky, but then the people she was talking about probably don't care. And by the way, I did just happen to see a clip of her interview on a blog before I saw the exact same thing on FOXNews, so as to her comment about the news getting their information from bloggers . . . what can I say. It sounded like she was actually taking credit for Tina Fey's fame, and then she used the word "exploited." Please, Sarah should be the one thanking Tina. Without Tina's remarkable talent, only the the inner circle of the republican party and the religious right would have heard of Sarah Palin. Well, Sarah certainly did everything she could to be famous, it's just the fame isn't so flattering. She commented more than once about Obama saying his family was off limits and it stood. Well, if she wanted her family off limits, she needed to quit parading them for every photo op and not bring her pregnant teen-age daughter's boyfriend to the RNC. Sarah, herself is the one that turned things into a media free-for all, worthy of the Springer Show. If she doesn't want people commenting on her family and her values, keep all that out of the spotlight. It might have been different if . . . I don't know. But it was Sarah that gave Levi Johnston such an elevated status. There are probably tons of boys that aren't attending high school and have their girl friend pregnant, that weren't even considered to be guests at the RNC. I guess that's a large enough group of individuals to consider herself to represent the mainstream American people. I must say, Sarah P. doesn't represent me or my views, specifically regarding family. She also touched on the Trig issue and how could we even question who his mother is? Well, the events I read that were going on the day before and the day of his birth, left me doubting that she had actually birthed that boy! And if she did, then the decisions made leading up to his birth, indicate her judgment is highly questionable and I don't want her making decisions on my behalf, or that of my children and grandchildren. If she really is his birth mother, why would she take so many unnecessary chances with a little special needs unborn baby? Unless of course, it was some insatiable need for attention.
So, did she set the record straight, in regard to the media, or just take another opportunity to get some attention and try to have the last word?
My opinion . . . and my name is in my profile!
Wisdom resteth in the heart of him that hath understanding: but that which is in the midst of fools is made known. a Proverb

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I Think "Asinine" Pretty Well Covers This

I absolutely could not believe what I read today. Seems some of the real estate in some of the major cities is a real bargain these days. Now, I read the entire article and it would seem there have been so many foreclosures that lenders are actually offering these houses for under $5000.00, many as low as $1000.00 or even $500.00. Of course with the purchase of these homes, refurbishing is a given, as well as code regulation. Now, here's my thoughts on this. Of course, this is an interesting new urban renewal program, as many of these low-end homes are not exactly in the upscale neighborhoods. So, some guy goes in and puts his name on several dotted lines and suddenly he's a construction contractor for the city and county. Oh, I know, the house is in his name, he'll bear all the liability, but the city and county will be calling the shots and then when he meets all the code regulations, his tax assessment will reflect the increased property value. That's right, foreclosed property isn't much value on the tax role. That's one thought, here's another. If these homes are all in such disrepair and in code violation, how did they meet the standard for a mortgage to begin with? I mean I read about replacing wiring, plumbing, etc. We've sold real estate and when the deal is legit with ethical mortgage lenders, they go through the place with a fine tooth comb. So does this foreclosure mess have a lot to do with insurance denial? Clearly there is some sort of tax write off and profit loss going along with this decision, so . . . If these houses can be sold now, for $1000.00 or less, why did the foreclosed buyers have to move out? It just doesn't make sense to have so many empty houses and so many homeless people.
Because he hath oppressed and hath forsaken the poor; because he hath violently taken away an house which he builded not; Job

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Is Everybody Ready For Change?

Pres-elect Obama has said one thing that truly resonates with me. He is not commenting on foreign affairs, as the US only has one president at a time. Clearly, that statement has undertones. Maybe he's saying he's not in agreement with President Bush or maybe the all out intensive in Gaza is just too intense for him. As I have been following along in his cabinet choices, I see the change seems to indicate from a Bush cabinet, back to a Clinton cabinet, so that's change. I think Jimmy Carter will be the last President of the United States to actually use the term "born again" in referring to his beliefs and the last President to send his child to the school system designed by our government. The Obamas have chosen Chelsea Clinton's "alma mater." I understand the war in Iraq is slated for another 3 years, rather than the campaign mantra of bringing them home immediately. Wow! So far all this change is just making my head swim . . . how about you? I've been trying to get a glimpse of his economic plan to actually see some numbers. Finally, I read it's something like $775B, and he says we're going to be in a deficit for years. Well, deficit for years is hardly change, we've already been there and the last thing this country needs is another president that thinks "money is no object!" There is also the interesting similarity in the figures. I believe this is just about what President Bush proposed and did just 3 months ago. So this is change from President Bush, how? Oh, I know, this time the state and federal contractors get the money instead of the bankers, but it's still the same figures. I guess the difference here would be a more dignified version of the chain gang as the future President Obama spreads around the billions to employ the recently laid off, working on roads and infrastructure. I'm not sure I'm ready to see that change.
. . . buy us and our land for bread, and we and our land will be servants . . . Torah of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More of the Middle East

First, let me just say, this mess in the Middle East is an ongoing example of what happens when man gets in the middle of something bigger than he can understand. As I hear news report after news report about how bad the people in Gaza have it now, I just have to ask. Aren't these the same people that enjoyed their free elections to vote in Hamas? And didn't Hamas hear the warnings from Israel that the rockets needed to stop? Israel gave more than fair warning that the rockets would not be tolerated forever. Israel gave up Gaza, for a Palestinian homeland, why should they have to maintain it, as well as be lobbed with rockets? Why is anyone in the UN blaming Israel for responding defensively. If everyone thinks the Palestinians need to remain a dependant welfare, people with sovereign rights to elections and land, then let them support them. Gaza was a productive self-sufficient place at the point of the land give-away. Why have the Palestinians refused to take the mantle and keep it going? And when they elected Hamas, what did they really expect? The rockets were being fired on Israel from Gaza and Hamas said they would not honor a truce. Israel did not instigate a pre-emptive strike, nor has Israel advanced without fair warning. If Hamas wants the fighting to stop, stop lobbing rockets. If the rest of the world wants to provide for the Palestinians, there is an entire coastline of access, and certainly could be approached, say via Egypt! I absolutely cannot believe the US State Department is not supporting Israel any better than they are. I mean, what would happen in the US, if suddenly the nomadic early inhabitants got the rest of the world to demand pre-1889 boundaries? Oh, yeah, I believe we called that Wounded Knee!
I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. a Psalm of Holy Scripture

Monday, January 05, 2009

Political Pay to Play . . . What, Here in America?

Surely not! Already now, twice, there is some sort of question of potential ethics problems with people associated with President elect Obama. Gov. Blagojevich looks like he's got some explaining to do, but I do admire the stunt he pulled regarding an appointment. I mean, he's got everyone by the constitution, doesn't he! He is, after all, presumed innocent until proven guilty, and his appointment had nothing to do with any of his alleged phone conversations. Funny, it's the democrats that are all up in the air about this appointment. Nothing like this dilemma even before the Senate convenes and the new President is inaugurated to set the stage. Next there is Governor Richardson's interesting association with contributions and some sort of contracts. I can't believe this didn't come up through his presidential campaign. I guess this is one of the things that truly does boggle my mind. And how did Pres-elect miss these big red flags? I mean, Blagojevich is Illinois politics and so was Senator Obama. Surely with all the questionable people mentioned in association with both of them, they would have run across the same people at some point. And as for Richardson, did Obama inherit John McCain's vetting staff? Not knowing about a grand jury investigation is about like all the interesting tidbits we found out about Sarah Palin, the day after the big speech at the convention. How is it, that politicians can find wisps of dirt on their opponents through a campaign, but are completely oblivious to current, ongoing ethical and legal investigations? I sure hope Obama plans to get on top of current American politics better than he is so far. We just don't need four more years of Haliburton deals!
Thou shalt not have in thy bag divers weights, a great and a small. Torah of Holy Scripture

Friday, January 02, 2009

The Difference between Envy and Admiration

I'm not usually one to want what others have. I'm pretty satisfied with what I have and the things I do want aren't terribly popular on the trendy consumer shopper's list, anyway. I tend to lean toward wanting creative endeavors and tools and supplies for that sort of thing. But I saw something that just caught me and I couldn't help but notice just how much this individual did with very little, yet a great deal of ingenuity. This is one of the best bi-partisan, non-partisan perspectives I've seen since the presidential campaigns began 2 years ago. I sat there and watched and just was torn between enjoying it to the point of applauding alone, in my own living room, and really being envious of his creativity. So, as I prepare for Shabbat, I'm going to put the envy away and the best way I know to show my admiration is to share the link!
Uncle Jay Explains: Year-end! 12-22-08
If this link doesn't get you there, e-mail me privately and I'll forward it to you or maybe you can Google it!
You shall not covet . . . Torah of Holy Scripture

Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Boomer on the Bus

My daughter was telling me about the "rude" middle-aged guy on the bus, sitting, talking on his cell phone while women were standing. My first response was, yes, that's why I usually dated older men, they knew about the double standard, but then I got to thinking. The guys in my generation didn't have it so easy. When they became of age to date, the ERA was in the forefront. The boomer men didn't know whether to hold the door open, go dutch treat, or "just be friends." Maybe this bus ride is the only place in the world, this guy can just sit and do what he wants, without some woman telling him or making him guess. I still hear little blue haired women telling their greying or balding sons what to do. I always heard the ex-wives telling their ex-husbands what to do, or bad mouthing them in front of the children, their girl-friends, co-workers, and mothers. For some reason, the divorce decree seemed to make these same "incompatible" and "irreconcilable difference" guys, most accommodating. Then of course, there were the children of these "broken homes" that learned to be demanding and in control of all the grown-ups, involved. And now these same guys are just a decade or less from retirement and the world is crashing in again. Just as they are getting the child support whittled down to the last few kids with the second or third wife, the places where they work are downsizing or closing. And we all know the previous generation paid in 1-4% of $3.00 an hour, and it is their legal, moral, and American duty to bleed the social security dry before 2020, and they have the medicare to keep them alive to do it! The last person that told me how little they worked for "way back then," I just couldn't help myself, I had to comment, "making more than that now on Social Security, aren't you?" Okay, we female boomers take our chances where we can get them, too! I thought about the words my daughter said, and I thought, this guy probably did see her out of the corner of his eye and thought of the last check he wrote his daughter, of about the same age. And he probably did see that little old lady standing, and thought "she's not my mother, she can't tell me what to do." My daughter did say, the younger men are much more polite and will give up their seats for the ladies. To that I say good! I'm glad to see the next generation has good bus manners!
Rebuke not an elder, but entreat him as a father . . . New Testament

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