Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Political Speculation

This blog idea arrived about a month ago, but there have been more serious matters than crazy American politics.  I need to at least get this published, though before the National Conferences, so; here goes.

I just can't help but entertain this thought . . . Since the Donald is not really being backed by the GOP and the democrats really seem to have been planning to run Hillary all along, what if . . . there were to be a Trump/Sanders ticket?  The one thing both men claim is to be outside the political establishment.  Now, whether or not that's true, I have no idea, but it is their claim to fame . . . Trump is a business man who has never held public office and Sanders has never had a job until he landed a public office.  Could the two of them cover a broad spectrum or what?  Seriously, though, what pair could secure more guaranteed votes from the disgruntled than these two?

I've already heard Bernie fans openly state, they will not vote for Hillary if she becomes the nominee.  Then of course, there is the GOP mantra, always . . . Staying home is a vote for the democrats.  I'm not a registered voter, and to be honest, I really don't like the choices we are looking at, but I've been around long enough now, to realize, we will get the President we deserve, and divisive confusion seems to be a favorite American pastime, at least for now.  Just add some arrogant anger with entitlement whining and we have a majority!  Since the campaign really is about winning, this is why I thought Donald and Bernie might just be a "pair to draw to."  

For the past several months now, I've thought back to the time, I also was a democrat and a certain 69 year old Republican was running in 1980 to which the collective democrat cry was "he's too old."  Now, we have Hillary who will also turn 69 this year running, yet the same party is not saying a word about her age . . . Perhaps if the standard is going to change, the party should at least acknowledge the reason.  And we all know it isn't because the democrats became Reagan fans.  I'm no longer a democrat and I'm still no fan of the Reagan years.  In 1980 I believed 69 was too old for the job of President and I still believe 69 is too old.  Seventy-five is completely too old, but VPs can be elderly, I guess.  Joe Biden is just a year younger than Bernie and Dick Cheney was no kid, as well as having a bad heart.  Yet, I digress . . . back to a Trump/Sanders ticket.

The probability is likely to be small, but the possibility does hold some serious potential, not only to win an election, but to make some changes.  Particularly complimentary could be Bernie's free college idea led by a man who actually believes in jobs.  Right now, there is a ton of student debt being ignored by graduates who have degrees for jobs that really don't exist.  College used to be an advanced education in a particular field of interest, then it became a deferment from the draft, and by the end of last century college was basically, four more years of mom and dad support, with adult status.  For so many now, a college degree is just a piece of paper for a resume.

Then there is the economy in general.  The Donald likes to make big and spend big.  Bernie appears to believe we should all share, but . . . according to Google, his net worth is somewhere between a quarter and half a million, so he's not quite as into socialism as his fans like to claim.  The sidestepping of snopes was enough to convince me, Bernie can absolutely relate to a number of Americans who believe "life" owes them something, without any effort put forth.  Donald, on the other hand, seems a bit reckless when it comes to "let's do it!"  I'm thinking the two of them would either be complimentary in establishing a solid economic plan or be at such odds, we wouldn't even need Congress for gridlock and the money pit couldn't get much deeper.

I truly have no idea what November will bring, but sadly, I believe it will be what we deserve . . . and that isn't good.  Back in 2003, I heard The Voice of YHWH tell me that 2012 would be the last recognizable election as we knew them to be.  So far, this campaign cycle has been anything but recognizable.  The only thing recognizable is Hillary Clinton's face and we're all tired of looking at that.  America needs to remember some recent history, as does Hillary; and collectively realize, even after Bill "chose" Hillary, he changed his mind on several occasions . . .

Although I do not plan to participate, I will be a spectator in this coming election.  I am no fan of Trump, but he is the closest candidate we can come up with, who has actually worked, at some point in his life.

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.  New Testament

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Media Filter and Programming

This is not for a moment, to suggest bad things are not happening in other places, but rather to raise the question, "What if the violence we are seeing is the exception, rather than the rule?"  We know our news is filtered here in the land of the free, so it would only make sense that our news sources determine what we view from other countries, as well.  We full well know much of the Middle East is actually quite luxurious, yet we are shown the war torn headlines.  We also know Israel is under constant threat of attack by Palestinians, yet when Israel responds, she is portrayed as the aggressor.  I'm certainly not suggesting that war torn regions are rosy, not at all; but I am saying we simply do not know the details.  Someone in another country who saw headlines from Ferguson, MO two years ago, might envision the entire country to looked like that.

The point of this blog is two fold.  First, the American pundits, who by the way, are only well known because of the American media; pound the programming that American media cannot be trusted.  So, those most vocal against the media, are using said media to propagate distrust and hate.  Second to raise the question; in the realization that media is clearly filtering our national information, what gives credence to the international reports?  And what are other nations seeing from our country?  Is our media filtering what the world sees, or are other nation's filtering what their people see?  None of us can sit in one place and presume to know what information is traveling the globe.

Am I eluding to a vast conspiracy theory?  Hardly!  It's not a theory, and my guess is, the power calling the shots is not much of a conspiracy, but rather simply, one of the powers prophesied in the book of Daniel.  I'm guessing those who have sold their souls believe they are all a part of it, but . . . Have we really given any consideration to our level of distrust regarding the information sources that we continue to listen to, even though we say they can't be trusted?  I realized today, as I sat at my table in tears . . . There are not many people I actually trust at all.  I'm not distrusting, per se, just aware that everyone shares information from their own perspective, and very few share my perspective on some very core issues in my life.  I'm also well aware that others undoubtedly feel the same toward me on some level.  We simply cannot take life at face value any more.  We don't have to be cynical and distrusting to realize our society is polarized, our politics is choreographed, and Messiah said our enemy would be of our own household.  Trust does not abound!  If our enemy would be of our own household, that leaves little hope of getting the straight scoop from anyone making a living at keeping the pot stirred and the ratings high.

Religion has also become a focal point of media and the programming is obviously intentional and  atrociously biased.  The attempt to devalue spiritual beliefs, even vilifying those who would stand by their values is gaining momentum in the media.  When it comes to spiritual matters, I'm called to proclaim without compromise, so if I lose a google ad or social media "friend," I accept that as part of the job.  As for matters of emotion and intelligence, that can cover a great deal of ground, and as it turns out that ground can be filled with landmines, especially when it comes to religious politics.  Perhaps, the lack of logic in our political system while commingling religion, is the reason any discussion can become so emotionally volatile.  Religion is often more emotional or political than spiritual.

Considering the power of filtering and programming, while witnessing the obvious results in a culture that considers itself intellectually elite and insightful with open disregard of media; raises the question as to how each of us decides what information we choose to believe.  As far as I am concerned, the only thing I can believe with full trust and no doubt is Scripture and The One Who inspired it.  When it comes to everything and everyone else, there is room for doubt, especially when there is an agenda . . .

With the treatment of the ranchers in Oregon, the blatant programming and influence became so obvious, I was sickened.  The adjectives used by mainstream media were intentionally biased and derogatory.  The fact that ranchers are held with no bond, no trial, and their jail is called prison should be alarming, but in this society of programmed viewers, it appears to have gone by most, virtually unnoticed.  The fact that one of the men being held is an alternative news journalist should cause alarm for anyone who believes in the First Amendment, but most are more concerned about the "mock election" already proven to be decided by someone other than "we the people."

As I read the headlines and watch the reactions and comments, I can't help but wonder what, and how much of our craziness is being shown to the rest of the world.  In what context is our news being reported to foreign countries?  Do other nations know our federal government is doing a huge land grab and holding the citizens captive?  America has the largest percentage of incarcerated citizens in the world.  Is it just a matter of time until another country decides America needs to be "liberated?"

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  words of Messiah

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Tea Party and Socialism

I've always had a feeling that the Tea Party was really created by the politicians, to appear as a grass roots movement of the so called conservative Americans who are against this country's progression toward socialism.  I've continued to be amazed at the number of Tea Party members who no longer work, but have an income due to the very thing they stand against . . . "social" security.  Yet, I digress.  The Tea Party and the Progressives have at least one very strong commonality.  Both groups are quite vocal against the traditional republicans . . . thus my suspicion of just where this Tea Party actually originated.

The fact that it is called the Tea Party seemed a dead give away from the beginning.  The Boston Tea Party rebels were colonists dressed as Indians throwing tea overboard in rebellion against taxation, but . . .  in their "bold stand" they were actually in disguise.  When I first came across Wild Bill for America, although he spoke of G-d and country and grassroots, he just so often pointed his viewers to dependence on the system and working within the establishment.  He says he was in law enforcement for 20 years.  It was easy to see by his demeanor, the blurred line between confidence and arrogance, and he makes no bones about it.  I don't actually know if he really is a representative of the Tea Party or just a self-proclaimed spokesman.  He name drops frequently, and well, here I am dropping his name, without ever having met him.  He speaks with a great deal of authority on a number of topics, but there is always a ring of "programming" to his version of his proclaimed truth.

Wearing his "trademark" cowboy hat while defaming LaVoy Finicum was the confirmation for me.  Wild Bill vacillated for a couple of videos then progressed to get down right ugly, claiming it to be truth.  You know, even if what he said was truth and none of us really know what happened that day, in Oregon; as there is an ongoing investigation, but a true social conservative simply does not speak ill of the dead.  I'm fairly certain, I will not believe the "official report."  How long have the voices of the "right" been crying and whining about the Constitution being destroyed, yet did nothing to get behind these ranchers?  Wild Bill may be a voice for the Tea Party, but he made the exact same comments the liberals whom he professes to despise, were saying about the situation.  I've made no bones about where I stand with the men and women who work the land, and in every conversation, the liberal comments perfectly align with Wild Bill's.

As far as I'm concerned having a donate button on a website is just another kind of socialism.  A donate button is hardly a grassroots foundation, nor is it boot strappy at all.  If someone is proclaiming the truth, the honest truth, I believe provision will be made without begging,  Now that both parties have embraced their version of faith into their politics, and pretty well beaten down any third party options the only solution seems obvious.  Create an offshoot of the existing party.  We've had the Tea Party still spouting the (R) for a few years.  Now, with Bernie Sanders, we'll have the socialist party under the covering of the (D).   Both seem the antithesis of true grass roots or revolution.  

The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Star Spangled Sadness

When I first began blogging, taking note of the quirky presentation of the news and expressing my cynicism of the direction of our leaders I had no idea how serious the problem would become in a decade.  I enjoyed writing with a bit of satire and snarkasm, but it's just too sad for that, anymore.  America is on the fast track to self destruction.  While both parties blame each other, we seem to forget, we're all still in the same boat.  We should also take note that it is not the candidates or elected officials who are truly at odds, but rather "we the people" are divided amongst ourselves to the point we don't even realize the politicians of both parties are living well on our tax dollars and only disagree through election cycles.  Candidates claim to disagree vehemently and want to help "we the people," but once elected, they appear pretty amicable with only scripted arguments and seem to go deaf in regard to "we the people."

The kool-aid is being served to the American citizens from both sides of the aisle, as well as other arms of power of this government.  The division of the people has happened on many fronts and there is simply no going back.  The line in the sand has become a chasm on many issues.  I've been watching Oregon lead the way into the legalization of anarchy.  With the murder of LaVoy Finicum and the barbaric incarceration of the Hammonds, the Bundys, and those who were with them, we are seeing just a taste of the redefinition of "terrorist" while citizens are literally being terrorized.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  While folks are screaming "save the Constitution," the Bill of Rights has been shredded, with little fanfare or notice.  Texas may boast itself of being so outspoken and staunch, but at this point if Texas were a person, it would be Donald Trump.  I hear a lot of bluster, but the reality is seriously lacking fortitude.

State Conceal and Carry Permits are the backdoor destruction of The Second Amendment!  Most folks do not even see it!  Once a permit becomes necessary, the right is already gone.  Not only are we allowing this to happen, we are paying to participate.  While many still believe they are taking a bold stand, the state laws requiring permits that are not recognized by other states have already undermined the Second Amendment in the federal Bill of Rights.  Meanwhile, state issued driver's licenses are becoming "Real ID" and we just keep accepting it all.

Back when I first began this blog and I was just an unknown religious fanatic with a bit of a cynical tone.  I realized folks just found me curious or completely irrelevant, but times have changed.  I'm still relatively unknown, but my observations are relevant.  President Obama definitely brought change, or his puppet masters have . . . Actually, I'll reword that.  The direction of this nation has been set for years, and the moral decline certainly didn't happen over night, but the downward spiral of the social standard has certainly gained momentum.

I keep thinking about the "run away bride" who made national headlines at the same time the abuse in Abu Ghraib became known, the first year of my blogging.     The long and the short of it was, I compared the coverage and potential punishment between the two women.  The runaway bride received hours and hours of media coverage, a fine, 120 hours of community service and 2 years probation.  Cameras were ordered off the post in Abu Ghraib and the female soldier served about 18 months of a 3 years sentence, received a dishonorable discharge, and finished her 3 year sentence on parole.   The runaway bride's record was expunged once she completed her parole, but the crimes seemed so incredibly different for the time of punishment to be so comparable.  Prosecuting craziness and cold feet in a similar manner to war crimes of international significance seemed to be a big step toward a standard of anarchy.

While the ranchers are being held without bail, a SC man who is accused of two murders was allowed to be in some sort of "Home Incarceration Program," has now managed to remove his electronic ankle monitor . . . Last I read, he's still not been found.  A man in Texas, also an alleged murderer, has done the same thing and has still not been found, as well.  Meanwhile, the ranchers are called terrorists undeserving of bond, while having never fired a shot or injured anyone.  The name of the "official" who did shoot and kill LaVoy Finicum is being withheld and protected.  Rather than hiding, one would think an officer who shot and killed a "terrorist" would be hailed a 
hero . . . 

This past year has been heart breaking to watch businesses being destroyed by the sexual agenda, to see a man named "woman of the year," and ranchers imprisoned as terrorists.  There are real terrorists in the world wreaking horrendous havoc, and being allowed into our borders.  Businesses being destroyed out of some sort of jealous, sexual issue, and a man being awarded "woman of the year" is anarchy!  A hard working tax paying man with his hands in the air, being murdered in cold blood, after being ambushed, is anarchy.  Teaching children that math is no longer absolute, is anarchy.  Citizens believing that an election will change this direction only confirms the blindness and will perpetuate the anarchy. . . and it's all legal!

When I think of the words of the Star Spangled Banner, it's so sadly clear that many do not even realize, America is no longer "the land of the free and the home of the brave."

This once powerful nation is now:  "the land of the deceived and the home of the enslaved."

 Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, February 01, 2016


The allegations against Bill Cosby have caused me some serious skepticism as well as motivated me to a bit of soul searching.  I've been a Bill Cosby fan since I can remember.   Although I didn't really get into "I Spy" as a kid, I did enjoy it later in syndication. He and Robert Culp were great!  As a kid in the 60s, I remember sitting in my Aunt and Uncle's bedroom listening to Bill Cosby comedy records, he and the Smother's Brothers.  While the grown ups were out in the living room discussing religion and politics, or playing cards, I was laughing at Bill Cosby talking about Noah's ark.  Then there were the HBO days, and Dr. Huxtable; which was still in syndication until these ancient allegations became current mainstream news.

Here are my thoughts on the matter, and no one has to agree.  There is a serious difference between forced against one's will, and; later regrets.  I know, I've had both . . . and I do not believe in blaming the victim.  There are many men who buy a drink or dinner for a lady with hopes of ending the date the next morning.  If they succeed in that plan, although; it isn't morally right, it isn't rape.  The morality of our society has caused many to take a very casual approach to sex, but casual sex does not constitute rape.  Casual sex is fornication according to Scriptural morality, but casual sex is also consensual.   I was not a Covenant believer until I was 36 years old, so my morals were not based upon Scripture.  I had my own definition of morality and I didn't sleep around casually, per se, but I wasn't always living a chaste life, either.

As I've read the stories about Bill Cosby, I've noticed a couple of things, one about myself, and the other about his accusers.  First and foremost, I was a Bill Cosby fan, and if I were a young woman aspiring fame and fortune in Hollywood, he'd be a very good connection . . . Bottom line, women will use sex for professional advancement.  Heck, women use sex for a profession!  If I were hoping to become famous with my own standard of morality; and Mr. Cosby showed the least bit of interest in me, no drugs would be necessary and the sex would be completely consensual.  I'm not saying I should be proud of that, but if I were in that world, it is a very honest assessment.  I was not a believer in my 20s, nor was I a virgin, and I'd be lying if I said I would decline an opportunity to be with a famous man for whom I was a fan.  The simple fact is, I've had consensual sex for much lower aspirations!

The accusers seem to have a common theme as well, except in the case of Kurt Cameron, and he was promoting a movie at the time he jumped on the accusation bandwagon . . . The common theme in the women, is a lack of fame.  I've never heard of any of those women, who are now claiming rape.  Obviously to be in Mr. Cosby's company at one time, they had to be in the social circle of Hollywood, or trying to access acceptance.  I can't help but wonder if things just didn't turn out as they'd hoped, or even as Mr. Cosby may have claimed.   Mr. Cosby had no business having sex with these women, but that doesn't mean it was rape.  Later regret, still doesn't remove the possibility that it was consensual at the time.  Women have been having sex for centuries to secure a future or a career, not to mention just the opportunity to be with a star.  So many allegations, really sound more like bitter middle aged women with regrets.

 Thou shalt not commit adultery.  Torah of Holy Scripture

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Timing is Everything

The current president of the United States has gotten where he is, leaving the last office before his term expired, and the one before that.  I was keeping an eye on the position of Secretary General of the UN last time around, but we ended up with a second term of both the Secretary General in the UN and the same US administration.  Now, it's come back around again.  I'm not suggesting a conspiracy theory, nor am I offering skepticism.  This is not a prophetic claim either, but rather just raising a question about an upcoming time frame.

We know President Obama cannot run again, and it's already clear he isn't.  Many are concerned, however; that some sort of emergency situation could suspend the 2016 presidential election, which would keep him in office beyond his term limit.  I've not dismissed that thought at all, but I've also toyed with a different perspective.  I'm really not sure that it would necessarily involve a conspiracy, but rather simply a "coincidence" of timing and happenstance.  Whether that "coincidence" is contrived or coordinated, I cannot say, but we do know a One World Government is prophesied.

Most Americans already believe the President, any President; is a mere puppet of those who place him in office.  Some call it a conspiracy, some call it capitalism run amok, and some call it communism creeping in.  Perhaps if we all just stood together and quit fighting the red and blue, we'd realize our "so called" republic or democracy is really an aristocracy or oligarchy.  The reality is really pretty clear.  The US is not so free or independent.  I'm not saying I don't love America, I'm just saying the image is different than the reality.  Now, back to a thought I've had, and perhaps it's really more of a question.

The US election is November of 2016.  Even Wikipedia uses the term "is scheduled for" November 8, 2016.  The UN will be selecting a new Secretary General this year, also; as the present term will end December 31, 2016.  Wikipedia states that candidates from the Permanent Five Members are not usually considered for the position of Secretary General to avoid a concentration of power, but there is a rumor that President Obama is interested in the position.  So, who knows?  Barack Obama is such a "trail blazer" it's not difficult to imagine him to be the first Secretary General from one of the Permanent Five Members.  Maybe he'll be nominated by another country, entirely.   Perhaps this is how the whole "birth certificate" situation will be resolved.  In a quick Google search, it is confirmed that Kenya is a member of the UN,  yet I digress . . .

In the time frame following the presidential election, however; any number of things could happen.  There is a span of about 2 1/2 months from the election to the inauguration.  What if Hillary is elected, then charged regarding her emails or Benghazi?  I'm certainly not wishing ill upon any candidate, but Bernie Sanders is no spring chicken . . .  He'll be 75 before the election even takes place.  That is 6 years older than Reagan was when he was elected, and democrats across the country thought he was entirely too old for the job.  Donald Trump will turn 70 this summer.

With the large number of republican nominees, they will likely do so much in-party fighting that none of their candidates will remain truly viable.  The debates seem to be most successful in convincing the American public to not even consider voting republican.  So far they seem to be accomplishing that as well as propelling Trump forward as a "non" republican whom they will not support if he does win the nomination.  With a fractured republican party, one of the senior citizen mentioned in the previous paragraph could, in all reality, be our next elected president.

Then there is also the chance that Obama could already win the appointment of UN Secretary General, before the American election has "resulted" in a winner, or even taken place.  Say for whatever the reason, President Obama is nominated and appointed to serve as the Secretary General of the UN for the next term, beginning January 1, 2017.  If Obama is appointed to the UN and there is some sort of calamity preventing the US presidential election, what happens?   If the election does take place as planned, regardless of the candidate elected for President, they will not be inaugurated until January 20, 2017.  If President Obama leaves his post for the UN position, that will leave America with President Joe Biden and no VP for 20 days.

Again, not wishing any harm on our elderly candidates, but life past 70 is uncertain anyway, much less in high stress situations.  As we already know, a great deal can happen in less time than 20 days! I'm not one to borrow trouble, but in times of such global uncertainty, introducing a situation of national historical precedence does elicit some concern or at least curiosity!    

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.  Prophecy of Daniel

Sunday, January 03, 2016

#Sick Lives Matter

Before there was national Obamacare, there were individual states determining end of life standards and insurance companies screening pre-admission coverage over 20 years ago.  In determining those standards, it was also determined just who would define those standards . . . Nameless, faceless boards and committees, from health care professionals to insurance statisticians.  While the GOP was fear-mongering about death panels with Obamacare, the Grand Old Party was only about 15 years behind.  Death panels have been in existence long before any of us ever heard of Barrack Obama.

This past week, a heart wrenching story came to a conclusion.  I'd been following the reports of Christopher Dunn since late November.  The details of this report are troubling and the source seems to be without political agenda.  According to findlaw, Texas legislated death panels into place in 1999, meaning the Governor of Texas at that time would have signed this bill into law.  The Governor of Texas in 1999 was George W. Bush.  I'm not for a moment, suggesting the G W Bush had nefarious intent in signing this piece of legislation.  I really don't think elected politicians give much consideration to what they are signing.  At any rate, there is documented proof that death panels were in place in at least one state long before we ever heard of Obama.

Back in the early 90s, my husband, at that time, was transferred.  It was a great deal all the way around, same good company, great pay, same great health care benefits; except leaving the large city, there was this new thing called "network."  This was when I was still in mainstream medicine, and finding a primary care physician "in network," who was taking new patients proved to be quite a taxing task.  I couldn't find a GP who was taking new patients.  The kids were too old for a pediatrician, but the girls were too young to have an ob/gyn as their primary care physician.  Our son needed a primary care physician because he was in sports, so . . . we finally found a doctor, taking new patients, but all appointments would need to be pre-approved by insurance, and seemed to require being made about a month in advance, so "urgent" care became the primary care.

We didn't go to the ER every time we turned around, as there was a sort of "prehistoric" urgent care office that served the town for all problems too severe to wait a month and not severe enough for the ER.  They had the insurance situation down pat.  Pre-approval was not needed, but primary care doctor's name was, and . . . the doctors there did not make hospital rounds.  I don't know if they didn't have hospital privilege then or what, but the cracks in health care were apparent in 1992, even with what was considered very "good" insurance coverage.

I completely abandoned faith in mainstream health care about 15 years ago.  I'm so thankful I got out when I did, because sadly, health care has deteriorated even further.  Not only is insurance more expensive and fewer jobs offer benefits, but health care has become a strong arm of a very controlling government with little compassion for "we the people."

Just this past Monday, a Florida woman died as she was being escorted out of the hospital in handcuffs.  Her crime?  She didn't want to be released as she felt she still needed treatment for a breathing issue . . . The immediate evidence seems to indicate she knew what she was talking about.  The hospital administrator sounded very dismissive in her comment.  As I read the article, crossing my mind was the old saying "I wouldn't go there if my life depended upon it . . ." But then, the realization overwhelmed me.  Barbara Dawson's life did depend upon it and she might still be alive if someone had had the compassion to listen to the patient . . . She died Monday night, December 21, 2015.

Now, back to the heart wrenching story I've been following since November.  Christopher Dunn died, Wednesday, December 23, 2015.  He had worked in law enforcement and as an EMT, but was uninsured at the time his illness caused him to be hospitalized.  Of course, I don't have all the details, but we do know it was determined by a medical team and a hospital that his treatment should be suspended.  With HIPAA, we can rest assured, none of us will ever have all the details.  Maybe they couldn't help him, but he was conscious last week and responding to questions.  Even though he was able to respond to questions, and his mother was present,  Methodist Hospital filed for guardianship and Mr. Dunn passed before his attorneys could get a court date for the petition on his behalf.

 The man, his mother, and his lawyers, filed a lawsuit in an attempt to save the man’s life. His attorney, Joe Nixon, told Breitbart Texas at the time, “A criminal on death row in Texas has more rights than a patient in a Texas hospital.” He says a Texas statute denies a patient all due process rights and is unconstitutional.

  Expensive health care, lacking compassion has been going on for a very long time . . .  "Death panels" have been in place for years, and HIPAA laws really don't protect our privacy, HIPAA provides a shield of no accountability for health care.

And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years,  And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse . . . the Gospel according to Mark
The woman in this account has a better ending, however; than Mrs. Dawson or Mr. Dunn

When she had heard of Y'hshuwah, came in the press behind, and touched his garment.  For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.  And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up; and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague.

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