Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Powers of the One World Order

When this bill board loomed into view, I had to take a photo.  Although the corporate books are very carefully separated, Arvest Bank and WalMart have the same basic beginnings and the Walton heirs continue to run both enterprises.  This little jolt of reality, after taking several photos of military convoys, motivated me to consider just how truly powerful The Walton empire is.  While the more recent Rockefeller generation seems content to be relaxing on the grandeur of Grandpa's empire, the Walton heirs continue to build and expand their empire.

It has been reported by many sources including Forbes that Arvest Bank is owned and controlled by the Walton family of Walmart fame, although Arvest is operated separately from the famous retail chain. Sam Walton's son Jim runs the company. In 2003, Jim, his brother and his mother owned a combined stake of 96.14% of the company.
Since its early days set in the backdrop of 1965 small-town America, Arvest Bank has evolved from a group of small banks to a big bank. The bank has experienced significant growth both in its size and depth of products since its early days. Arvest claims to have kept its community foundation while offering customers the convenience and technological advantages of a larger corporation, keeping stability, sound financial practices and customer service at the heart of its mission.[1]
The Arvest story began in 1961 with Sam & Helen WALTON's [2] purchase of The Bank of Bentonville in Bentonville, Arkansas, which was followed in 1963 with the acquisition of a small bank, the Bank of Pea Ridge, in the nearby town of Pea Ridge, Ark. In 1975, First National Bank & Trust of Rogers was purchased in the neighboring town of Rogers, Ark., and for almost a decade afterwards, these banks, each of them run independently and managed locally, were the entire banking network now known as Arvest.

With the price of farmland, and fewer farms inherited, I knew many big ag operators carry a hefty mortgage on their land, but only recently did I learn that many have also financed their seed and or herds.  With Arvest Bank making agri loans, the possibility does exist that Walmart could be the primary, if not exclusive source for groceries, but the same family could own the mortgage on the farms producing the groceries.

Several years ago, YHWH spoke to me, a list of the 10 powers that would come together to form the One World Order, or New World Order.  The list was given in late 2001, after 9/11 and not long after the High Holy Days.  A distinct stipulation came with the list, however; which was to be kept until a time to be revealed.  Nearly five years later, I was told it was time to share that list.  I've said before, I thought I'd just make copies of the list for distribution, but rather; I was led to create a web page as well as write a book about the list of those ten powers.  The web page was simple and direct.  The book, not so much.  I was amazed at the detail Abba led me to connect and share.  At the time of writing "While He May Be Found" there were still many gaps between the powers, but those gaps are closing in, as the chasm between the remnant and the world widens.

Since receiving this list that correlates with Daniel and the book of the Revelation, I began to keep a closer eye on business, rather than politics and governments as the foundation for the One World Order.  The words of Bush 41 seem forever seared into my memory as he informed us of the New World Order from an economic standpoint.  I wasn't walking in Covenant at that time, but I knew enough for it to register!  Not to mention, "the love of money is the root of all evil."  Politicians are really just salesmen that love the power of popularity, and all 501c3 religious organizations already answer to the government, but there are some very, very ruthless business people who truly use their money for full power, and can buy and sell politicians every day through the lobby.   Donald Trump may disprove my previous statement, in that he works for no one, answers to no one and has recently, officially entered the political arena.

For a number of years now, I, along with others, have had an eye on Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, George Soros, and David Rockefeller, but with Sam Walton dead and gone, I hadn't really considered keeping an eye on the Corporation he founded . . . until recently.  I'm not saying these people or business are the anti-Christ, but we do know the people listed are very wealthy; quite powerful and influential through their wealth, as well as disregarding of Scripture.  WalMart, on the other hand is practically a place of "providential provision"  far beyond just the US.  Walmart is so powerful, Bill Gates of his foundation, actually owns Walmart Stock.

WalMart got on my bad side with the RFID chips back in 2004, and I stopped patronizing, but it really wasn't on my "radar" until the recent sudden closings.  When the Joplin Globe did an article on the restrictions the county assessor was under when entering the big data center in Jane, I realized WalMart has some serious clout, but still hadn't fathomed what I've seen in the past few months.  I have an eye roll moment every time I hear people talk about hating WalMart and not going to WalMart, UNLESS they absolutely have to . . . Over a decade later without WalMart, I'm still alive to tell it.

WalMart truly has a great deal more power than just Supercenters around the world that are open 24/7.  When WalMart comes into a town, the established businesses begin to crumble, and even knowing this, the local government will grant WalMart a great deal of tax break incentives, to the point of reroute existing roads or building new ones. . .  WalMart is the world's largest company by revenue, as well as the world's largest private employer.    As I check off the ten items that we really do rely upon as a society, clearly WalMart takes the lead in COMMERCE.  I can't fully blame WalMart greed in the love of money as the customers have chosen a few pennies saved over the good service offered by independent business owners who are personally invested in the local economy.  The "love of money" can manifest on both ends of the financial spectrum.

When a prescription is filled at WalMart or glasses purchased with an eye exam, that data, of course is maintained for insurance records and now even medical data, but also goes into the private data base in Jane, Missouri.  WalMart and Sam's Club were also poised and ready when Bush 43 introduced Medicare Plan D, with $4.00 generic prescriptions.  Now having added instore Care Clinics at some locations, WalMart is clearly a big player in Health Care.

Although the founder, Sam Walton, did not make donations to philanthropic organizations, since his death, charitable donations from the company now approach 1 billion, annually, which also include tributes and monuments unto the Walton family.  This is a curious matter when compared to the cost to taxpayers according to Forbes, in the subsidizing of WalMart employees for basic living expenses.  An odd economic balance or imbalance exists between the need for employees to receive government subsidies and the fact WalMart offers the greatest savings for their employees to utilize those subsidies right there.  Although we'd never actually say it aloud, when one's earnings limits one's purchasing to that same establishment, that seems dangerously close to bondage or slavery.  WalMart is the largest business for revenue in the world, yet also receives government subsidies indirectly through employed customers, as well as employing the disabled.  There appears to be a direct line between WalMart as a private employer and our government.

 WalMart struck some sort of agreement with DHS through the holiday season in 2010.  A sort of snitch on your fellow shopper plan.   Whether this ultimately involves military with local law enforcement, remains to be seen, but with DHS involved, it clearly goes beyond local law enforcement.  The recent closings in coincidence with Operation Jade Helm 15 did raise a few questions and eyebrows.  There is a definite connection openly established between WalMart and a very powerful, recently created arm of the US Government, in less than ten years of it's establishment.

Communication was another power in the list of ten.  In hearing about and researching a recent kerfuffle about President Obama being invested in a massive cell phone venture inspired a bit of research, I stumbled onto this.  Straight Talk is only available at this time through Walmart, according to a Wikipedia article on TracFone.
>>>Straight Talk is another operator, through a partnership between TracFone and Walmart, offering several different rate plans; a $30 limited plan, $45 30-day unlimited plan and a $60 unlimited international calling plan. Discounts are available for purchasing multiple months of the unlimited plan.
. . . Straight Talk is currently exclusive to Walmart stores because of a joint-venture program between the two companies.
Straight Talk offers a variety of prepaid, no contract, phones on their website for use with their plans. Straight Talk also allows customers to bring AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or unlocked GSM phones to Straight Talk by buying a SIM card or activation kit and air time from the company.  
This exclusive joint venture offers a vast coverage, bringing together; the technology of many companies.

I wondered where Walmart might fit into the power of religion.  The stores all carry the books by Rick Warren.  Rick has an interesting style and presentation that sounds really good and there are many, many vague references to Scripture, but . . . his charismatic charm offers a deceptive blend of religious philosophy, while definitely downplaying the prosperity teaching of so many mega-church "pastors."  What I found interesting about the books WalMart carries by this famous man is "The Purpose Driven Life" is second only to the Bible in most translated.  Here is the quote from an article posted in Forbes.   "The same spiritual leader who has written the second most translated book in the world (second only to the Holy Bible) and one that’s been on the New York Timesbest-seller for nearly four straight years."  Not to cast dispersion on Walmart or Rick Warren for being business savvy, but there is a strange culturally hailed dependence by the mainstream public for cheap prices and "feel good religion."

Whether it's back to school clothes, shoes, and supplies or a homeschool curriculum, Walmart is the "go to" place.  There is even mention of homeschool grants.  Since this is the paragraph to address those who are trending away from mainstream, Walmart has now added a new section, "Emergency Preparedness Center."  With facial recognition data and RFID chips in random packaging, I'd hazard a guess that finding the WalMart dependent preppers should be relatively simple.

Although I didn't stop patronizing at the time, I do remember an eerie feeling, watching people just sign their checks and "let Walmart fill them out . . ."   It was of course, only a convenience, but one I never opted to utilize.  The last time I was there, it seemed most of the transactions were handled with plastic, either debit, credit, or EBT.  The retailer with the greatest revenue, employees, and shoppers will obviously be a major player as our society continues to move toward "cashless." 

I am in no way suggesting that Walmart has ulterior nefarious intent, although the data storage is quite "Big Brothery."  I believe it's simply a matter of money and the more Walmart offers at "better prices" the greater the chance of having the lion's share of the market in most consumer venues, therefore the greater the revenue.   Some may see that Sam Walton achieved the American dream, and perhaps he did, but this empire has certainly kept that dream well contained to just a very few Americans.   

For the love of money is the root of all evil . . .

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Programmed to Forego the First Amendment

Television has gained another generation of viewers and actors, since my television went out the door.  When I decided to get rid of the TV it wasn't a big religious decision and certainly no ritual involved, I simply no longer wanted one.  I referred to it as my "off switch."  I couldn't stay awake to watch more than a few minutes, so I never turned it on until late at night, then it was on indefinitely . . . My problem in falling asleep while watching, was the fact the programming continued to air while I slept.  I didn't want to be "taking in" the infomercials or whatever, subconsciously without choosing, so it was time to just get rid of it.  It's been wonderful to note how much more peaceful my sleep has been with no television.  In that decision, I became aware of making choices that were not necessarily big and life changing at the time, but that marked a notable distance between myself and mainstream.  I'm not saying televisions are evil, I'm saying they are a very integral part of our society, and the viewing schedule is called "programming" for a reason.

When the nation went from analogue to digital, it was a bigger game changer than most of us realize.  I know some folks did get rid of their televisions, while others just got the box or bought new sets.  Of course, cell phones have become commonplace and SMART technology has just about even rendered the desktop computer, an antique.  Cell phones have definitely relegated pay phones to the historical archives of Americana.  Again, we have a choice, but we have to decide just how "connected" we want to be.  To a point, we base our hours of connection with our level of knowledge and information which I believe is probably part of the programming to keep us tractable, as well as trackable.  I have chosen to maintain a desktop, a laptop, and no cell phone.  On nice days, I can work outdoors with the laptop and my home phone does record messages, so if I miss a call, I can return it.  In reality, I'm not any more important than I was before SMART technology and the world has kept right on going whether I receive a call instantly or return it later.

As a nation who prides itself in being informed and a superpower of the world, we need to realize our first amendment is definitely under attack and our news is filtered and biased.  We may only think we know what's going on!  There is definitely a division and distraction in regard to nearly every headline.  It really doesn't matter whether it's Presidential candidates, Planned Parenthood, Jade Helm or Bruce Jenner . . . There is division, and the uneasy queasy feeling there's more, either to the headline stories or information that is kept from making the headlines.  Every time a Bruce Jenner headline appeared, I wondered what was not being reported.  Oddly, the first Planned Parenthood video hit youtube the day before Operation Jade Helm 15 began.  Two things are quite troubling about both of these very newsworthy items.

The Planned Parenthood videos are becoming increasingly vile and barbaric, yet as I sit here typing about it, what am I actually doing?  Two things and they are both quite passive.  One, I'm not getting an abortion and two, I'm maintaining an income that does not fund Planned Parenthood through federal taxes.  Well, a third thing, I'm publishing information about it, but nothing I am doing is actually stopping the medically approved slaughter and dissection.  I try to keep a list of the companies that support Planned Parenthood to boycott them, and I do not utilize mainstream medicine as much of the fetal tissue that is sold goes to medical research.  Still, all that is passive.  I'm doing nothing proactive to stop this, because I simply do not even know where to begin!  We need to realize though, posting disgust on social media is not actively saving the lives of the pre-born.  The first few videos may have had an impact and I applaud the young man who blew this whistle, but now the videos are so horrific, they really aren't even being shared on social media at this point.  So, perhaps overkill has killed the plan.  Too much information may have been as futile as no information.  Where's the balance?  How much information actually changes things?  Or now the reality we must all face.  With this information, what are we going to do differently, as individuals?  What if this caused all of us to who claim to be pro-life to boycott every company that supported PP and what if we all held the entire medical system accountable for the research companies that procure fetal tissue?  Sadly, it seems change only happens now in this country, if loss of revenue comes into focus.

I said before Operation Jade Helm 15 began that I wondered if it was a mission to desensitize.  It's worse!  We, the people, have accepted that there will be no media coverage and simply decided to divide over this issue as well.  I've been called everything from a fear-monger to a conspiracy theorist.  So be it!  The press is not covering this massive "exercise," while Bruce Jenner is big news?  Please.  There's the desensitization I was concerned about.  If it's just a practice military exercise, the biggest ever, on American soil, why wouldn't the press be a part of that?  Reporters are embedded in military activities all over the world!

We've accepted filtered news and accepted that being told there will be no information, means nothing is happening.  Perhaps, it's the writer in me, but no press coverage seems to be a First Amendment issue and that is a very big deal!  Our press does not have the freedom to cover this on American soil?  This is not a matter of will there be martial law or not?  This is the beginning of the end of freedom of the press!  Let's not forget the business owners who have been put out of business, the new labels of "hate speech" and the intolerance of the Bible.  Free speech and religious freedom are also part of the First Amendment!

So many are oblivious to their surroundings, yet connected by text and twitter.  People are so far removed from their immediate reality that warning after warning about texting and driving go completely unheeded.  We have become a society that is more aware of a reality show, than the reality in which we live!  Meanwhile school is starting with mandatory vaccinations in many places and an agenda of gender confusion across this country, while it is now common knowledge that Planned Parenthood is killing and trafficking human babies.  Oh, look to peaceably assemble is in the First Amendment, also.  Planned Parenthood already got that one.  The people do not have the right to peaceably assemble within so many feet of their facilities.  Those distances vary, based upon city ordinances.
  1. First Amendment - Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Without the First Amendment, America is not the land of the free!

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  ~  words of Messiah

Friday, August 14, 2015

Power and the Political Process

Several years ago in a Bible Study, I heard these words coming out of my own mouth.  "I don't know what will change between 2012 and 2016, but 2012 will be the last presidential election as we've known them."  Was that prophetic?  The answer to that question remains to be seen.  It is becoming clearer and clearer, however; that America is no longer life as we knew it back when those words were spoken at the turn of this century.  America is not cycling economically and morally, but is on a steady downward spiral.  The economic recovery we keep hearing about, is Wall Street and Big Corporate, not every day mainstream America.  As a matter of fact, many who are considered everyday mainstream America can hardly afford groceries.  There are reportedly between 45 and 46 million Americans dependent upon SNAP, which is approximately 15% of the population.

There are still entirely too many Americans who believe the "right" man or woman chosen to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue can turn this country around.  That is simply not the case.  Consistently, the newly elected occupant of the White House spends the first two years of their first term making sure the entire country knows what a mess the last guy left.  Then he spends the next two years of his first term telling us he needs four more years to get us on track and makes new promises for the future.  What is really amazing about America's political system are the spin doctors.  The incumbent can actually tell us what a mess he walked into, why he hasn't been able to keep his campaign promises, while also telling us what a great job he's doing.  All the while, we look around mainstreet seeing shuttered businesses and watch the price of groceries increase consistently.

As we watch the GOP tear each other to shreds, and the supposed "fair and balanced" FoxNews shape the mindset of their viewers, we tend to forget the real results of this staged choreography.  The people are being divided.  The empire, and that's what this is, best rules the subjects when we "unite" to be divided.  The process is quite serpentine, which makes it all the more troubling on a spiritual level.  First, a large number of our population actually believes our Creator is all for a federal republic style of governing.  The insistence to have "IN GOD WE TRUST" on money and police cars may sound righteous, but Messiah made the point of explaining the separation of government and G-d, using a coin to do so.  Most of this same section of the population believes G-d's laws to be bondage, while America's thousands and thousands of laws are freedom.  That is a serious misnomer.

There is a serious disconnect that is serving to categorize and divide us, and much of it seems to be based in anger and fear, while both parties reference Biblical "concepts out of context" to persuade the public.  It would seem that most Americans actually place their vote, of course, by the letter behind the name, but it's not usually "for" a candidate as much as it's against the other candidate.  Americans just don't really trust politicians.  We all know that!  We openly accept that most campaign promises will never become policy.  There is a huge disconnect between the words of "Candidate Whomever" and "President Whomever," and it is invariably the fault of Congress and the last guy.  Leadership, true leadership, doesn't look to lay blame, it looks to move forward.

Voting "against" the wrong candidate is a lot like pushing a rope or log chain.  You just don't get much accomplished.  I think Jeb Bush is just too much a part of the power process to be nominated, and it seems sad if the democrats really do believe Hillary is the best they can do.  It just seems the voters are getting played on that one.  Donald Trump is making waves and being noticed, but the election is still over a year away.  To maintain front runner status in a crowd this size until next November is highly unlikely, but maybe that will be what sets 2016 apart.  To elect a man that is not a politician and possesses no diplomacy will certainly make for a new America . . .  Then again, an outbreak of some plague, could result in Dr. Ben Carson being forgiven for his mandatory vaccination statement.  Dr. Carson is also not a career politician.  Even if the anger subsides, Americans are tired of the ineptness of Washington DC and would like a candidate they actually believe in, and therein lies the problem.

I'm going to get preachy, here.  It is time to separate our religious beliefs from our government, because all the non-Biblical beliefs are getting minority preferential treatment.  America is not a Christian nation, it is federal republic with a foundation of freedom of religion and religious expression.  I think Bible believers should stop compromising and insisting that unbelievers live as we do.  We need to separate and be the peacemaking counter-culture Messiah and his disciples were.  If everyone who truly claims to place their faith in YHWH placed all their dependency and purpose in Him, and stopped being dependent upon the government, we'd see change.  In my lifetime, our government has moved into the position of Pharaoh in just about every aspect of our lives and we can all read how that turned out . . . slavery.  The direction hasn't suddenly changed in the last few years, it's just become more apparent.   I always include a Bible verse at the end of the blog, but today, I'm also going to include a quote that brings some perspective the direction this country is going and how long it's been heading this direction.

“If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.”                                       Mark Twain

We've practically elevated our government to godlike status and the "right" politician as a savior.

. . . choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve YHWH.  History in Holy Scripture

Friday, August 07, 2015

Health Care Will Be the Death of Us

As I've been keeping my ear to the ground about Operation Jade Helm 15 and now Jade II Artificial Intelligence, while trying to keep up with the various attacks in states not involved in the "exercise;" a recurring thought continues to invade my awareness.  The health of Americans is declining and deteriorating, while dependency on pharmaceuticals continues to increase.  I was privy to some inside information back in the 90s as I saw a stark comparison to nursing "scrubs" and Nazi brown shirts.  There was a big scandal in the mid 90s with some of the nursing staff of one of the state's large "mental health" facility, in that town.  There was an underlying "excuse" and reason given for what had happened as "that's what the DON does."  The DON is the director of nursing, and life did change around that place after the shake up, but what stood out was the fact these nurses were all willing to "just follow orders" that they knew were not really on the charts.  Being fairly new in my covenant walk and not yet understanding, the gift of discernment, I tried to shake off that "knowing" that these nurses were basically saying the same thing the Nazi war criminals had said.

Through that same time I'd become friends with a doctor who was really wanting to expand into naturopathic treatments.  He said there was just too much high pressure sales pitching with pharmaceuticals, and not enough testing.  So, while he and I were spending a significant amount of time together discussing alternative modalities, I would hear the nurses in the office make statements that caused me to shudder.  They would tell patients, they just needed to follow the doctor's orders, which is fine, but it was the strange tone that I just couldn't shake off.  The nurses would also make statements that they "had to report such and such" or had no say in the situation, but were just conveying the information.  There was a disconnect of responsibility and compassion for the patient, that I continued to hear from various ones.  Not all of them, and I think that's what made it stand out all the more.  The ones who would answer questions or go back to get the doctor were truly in the minority.

I made the mistake of trusting the wrong people in 2001, and thankfully lived to tell about it, but I saw the system move quickly and actually stated their power to determine if I was able to care for myself and remain in my home alone with MS.  My friend that was a nurse was no help whatsoever, as she stated due to her profession, she couldn't get involved.  That was a real turning point in our friendship, although the relationship continued, I never tried to rely upon her again.  I was given the opportunity to stand in the gap on her behalf regarding her health, and I'm so glad I did for her what I wanted done for myself.  As for family . . . well, let's just say I don't discuss my health with family, at all.  They call it being secretive.  I call it, survival.  I truly do believe my Heavenly Father has created everything we need for optimum health.  So, I pray and use natural modalities.  I'm 57 and I don't feel fabulous every day, but most days I feel pretty stinkin' good and I don't suffer any side effects.  I can tell when rain is coming, but now with my Essentials and Extracts, once I realize the weather forecast, I can alleviate the pain.

I get a bit skeptical at the nurses who worked in abortion clinics for years, yet since the Gosnell trial have come out against Planned Parenthood and are telling gruesome account, upon gruesome account.  Why did it take a guilty verdict for them to see it was murder?  As I've watched parts of these recent videos, I see the emptiness in the eyes of these individuals who represent planned parenthood.  I've wondered if it's a void where a soul should be?  That's not to say, everyone in the health care field is evil.  What I am saying is our education system has programmed them, our society has respected it, and our government grants them the license to practice on society, what they have learned through the education system.  The good ones are getting out.

In my years behind the scenes as a visiting minister and as an alternative health practitioner, I have come to realize although some do get into nursing because of their compassion and desire to help people, the bottom line is, they work for the state who has issued their license.  Nursing is not what it was in Scripture or even 100 years ago.  Most of the actual hands on caregivers are those who are paraprofessionals, been vocationally trained or even received OJT.  For years now, it's been painfully obvious, the licensed professionals make the life and death decisions and process paperwork.  As health care becomes more powerful in our society, the laws of mandated health care will be a part of the judicial system.  Those who enter or remain in the health care field will be making the choice to, "just follow orders."

He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity . . . the Revelation

Thursday, July 30, 2015


In my search for alternative news on Operation Jade Helm 15, I came across something I wasn't looking for.  Isn't that the way it goes?  To be honest, I've been just a bit more than cynical over this Operation Jade Helm 15.  With everything going on in this country, I think now is not a good time to play war games at home.  I've had a number of theories as to the real purpose of this "exercise" and even considered the possibility that there was something more ominous behind Jade Helm.  I've tripped over a couple of possibilities, but with no official media coverage, confirmation is impossible to verify.

One article at all news pipeline suggests FEMA vans are rounding up the homeless for extermination.  I am not yet that conspiranoid, but I have been wondering for several years now, with all these foreclosures and layoffs, just where are all the homeless?  I've chosen to think most are living with family, but I also know there is an actual homeless population in larger cities.  It was obvious in Joplin, until the 2011 tornado.  Since then, I haven't see the homeless so much.  Now, that I think about it, I'm not sure what happened there, but FEMA was definitely a long term presence . . .  There is now a "campground" with several FEMA trailers in it, that appears to afford freedom of movement, so I hope the drop in the homeless population has been resolved in a good way.  

As I read the article linked, when Tulsa became the topic, I couldn't help but configure a couple of dot connections.  I still am not thinking there are white vans that are crematoriums on wheels, but . . . there are cities who have reportedly rounded up their homeless to relocate them.  We know there are laws against giving food to the homeless in many cities now, and many laws about vagrancy.  I believe the first city I read about "rounding up the homeless" was somewhere in one of the Carolinas.  Now, back to Tulsa.  Tulsa stood out because of the recent sudden Wal-Mart closing for plumbing problems.  That store had it's pharmacy closed right away, as well.  I do know this first hand, as I spoke with the home office about it back in the spring.  I just can't help but wonder if the closed WalMart is housing the disappearing homeless.

Since the media has been banned from reporting, it is difficult to actually verify anything about Operation Jade Helm 15.  I've tried to follow military sites and have found what I hope is a pretty reliable news source.  If I wasn't operating the homestead, I suppose I could leave my press pass at home and "vacation" in one of the states hosting the exercise.  One report explains that Operation Jade Helm 15 is almost a "remote control" exercise, in that it is dictated by artificial intelligence from a computer program known as Jade II.  As I considered the possibilities of this, several things came to mind.  If this is the case, it doesn't really matter where the boots are on the ground . . . So, we can go either way with this.  We can get all conspiranoid and know Big Brother can show up any time any place on we the people, and that be that . . . or . . . all those Islamic camps that are reportedly known, can be dealt with, without boots on the ground!

Only time will tell which way that will go.
And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.  ~  words of Messiah

Thursday, July 23, 2015


The 2016 Presidential campaign appears to already be underway, and the choices . . . well, seem "all American."  Although I no longer participate in the election process, I do pay attention to the process.  The American political system has seemed very orchestrated throughout my adult years, but I don't want to become completely cynical and jaded.  I basically gave up on the political system back in 1980, when the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran said Americans would die if Carter was re-elected.  Now all these years later, Americans want to rant about Obama catering to Iran . . .  I remember 1979 and 1980, America kowtowed long before I ever heard of Obama.

I don't believe a President has actually led this country since Eisenhower, and he brought some ideas to the table that were a few of Hitler's "successes" like the autobahn and medical advancements.  His friendship with Prescott Bush was probably a good political move, if not for him, definitely for Mr. Bush's descendants.  Kennedy came in as a leader, but he didn't play the game that was required and we know how that ended.  JFK was the last president that attempted to actually lead the country.  Although Johnson billed his "great society," he wasn't an actual leader, he simply responded to social demand and economic opportunity.  The division in the nation over Viet Nam replaced the racial division, and "divide and conquer" was established.

The government no longer represented the people, nor did the president lead.  The Nixon years were an attempt to recreate the Eisenhower years, as he'd been the VP, but it didn't happen.  He didn't appeal to the boomers, the way Eisenhower appealed to their parents.  Then the whole Watergate mess, ended in his resignation, just a few months after the VP had resigned, so it became obvious the real powers that be controlled 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Gerald Ford entered the White House in 1974, and was never elected to the office of President.  Carter was elected in 1976.  Within a year, he was blamed for an already struggling economy, which did not fare well with Americans.  We didn't care about his religious beliefs, we wanted lower interest rates and higher wages!

Moving right along through the Reagan years, I have to wonder just how powerful Bush 41 was through that time.  I'd like to remind everyone that there were arms deals with Iran through those years.  The Iran-Contra hearings that took place in the 80s ultimately resulted in Oliver North and John Poindexter being found guilty, but then the convictions overturned on appeal and charges were not refiled.  So, in a nutshell, it appears that Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North threw himself on the grenade, took the initial hit, then an overturned verdict that ultimately just made the problem vanish . . .  No more questions asked and no more answers given.

This, of course, kept the American attention while Bush 41 actually obtained the Oval Office.  I will say this, as I watched the discourse of the Iran Contra hearings, when President Reagan looked so lost and said, "he didn't remember," I knew he wasn't lying.  The early stages of Alzheimer's was obvious in his troubled expression, which caused me to wonder how many other things he was unaware of, while Bush 41 was nearby.  Bush 41, his thousand points of light, and his speech mentioning the global economy with a "New World Order" should have been a wake up call.  I guess it was, to a point, in that he wasn't elected to a second term, but his successor, Bill Clinton, completed his NAFTA plan.  We can clearly see now, that Bill Clinton and Bush 41 get along famously, and 43 is in a photos with Clinton as well.

Obama promised change, and some folks think we've changed suddenly for the worse, but I see it just as a further degradation of the direction we were already going.  There have been some "open" changes, but truthfully it's only in the fact the course has gained momentum.  As we can already tell from this new campaign season, candidates are going to say what they think the people want to hear, and if it's in their best interests, they'll serve up what the people want.  Unfortunately, this now brings us to the current lot of candidates.  To be honest, I was almost reconsidering my decision to not vote, when Dr. Ben Carson appeared on the scene.  He's a man of convictions, he is the perfect example of "anyone can be anything they want if they work at it," he's a 7th day Sabbath keeper, and kosher I believe.  He's retired, so he's no longer in the medical system, I thought . . . and then in one statement, he completely lost me.  He would make vaccinations mandatory and remove all exemptions.  So, that was that.  I'm, once again, content to be on the political sidelines watching the "mock" two party tennis match.

Since candidates now, really only concern themselves with the best interest of their financial supporters and reflect the mentality of their sheep, American politics is really dirty.  As for the current line-up.   Hillary appears to have the democratic nomination tied up.  She's tired and tiring . . . The GOP has so many running, it's hard to even sort through the rhetoric of who says what.   In one interview, I'm guessing Jeb Bush has received a healthy donation from Monsanto.   Obviously Ben Carson has good support from Big Pharma.  Considering reality television and the "big revolution" of spouting opinions on social media, it only makes sense that Donald Trump is leading the pack . . . He gets everybody all wrankled and Americans love to be wrankled about something.  He's a business man who knows how to play his bankruptcies while living large. He blasts the media regularly, and republicans love that, thanks to Rush and Sarah P.  Donald Trump is truly the epitome of the American spirit.  Nobody truly knows how he got where he is, he's stayed famous longer than the Kardashians, and he is boisterous.  What a promising future.  We're tired of empty promises, we are ready to embrace empty bluster.

The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Opening Day ???????????

Operation Jade Helm 2015 has officially begun . . .  So far, it seems to have all the impact of a pin dropping at a rock concert.  To be honest, I wasn't expecting a big bang for the beginning, but now in retrospect, we have already been conditioned to military style policing.  I've seen military style vehicles in the news for local law enforcement for a number of years now.  This photo is from Texas in 2008.

SWAT teams have been busting small homesteads for a few years, as well.  There was the big bust in Kansas, in town, a few years back, not even on a homestead but in the burbs, for a grow light that was ordered online.  The powers that be found hydroponic squash and tomato plants, in the basement!  We've been living under a militaristic style of policing long before Operation Jade Helm 15 officially began!

The Leawood Kansas couple filed a law suit.  Here are a couple of paragraphs contained in an article in March of 2013.  The "bust" took place in April of 2012, so oppressive policing and has been going on awhile.
“If this can happen to us and we are educated and have reasonable resources, how does somebody who maybe hasn’t led a perfect life supposed to be free in this country?” Adlynn Harte said in an interview Friday.
The suit filed in Johnson County District Court said the couple and their two children — a 7-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son — were “shocked and frightened” when deputies armed with assault rifles and wearing bulletproof vests pounded on the door of their home around 7:30 a.m. last April 20.
“It was just like on the cops TV shows,” Robert Harte told The Associated Press. “It was like ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ ready to storm the compound.”

Television programming and movies have certainly desensitized the seriousness of what has been being put into place.   We seem to have gotten to the place where we tend to view headlines and entertainment with a similar perspective.  News is very sensationalized and headlines are intended to "grab."  Everything pumps the adrenaline while making one feel most of the news is somehow distant and even though nice people get treated like criminals, it would never actually happen to us.

While the gay agenda appears to be targeting Christian businesses we need to remember there's already been the justification for "religious cults" being overtaken and ultimately destroyed, not to mention the preppers and survivalists have always been considered to be somewhat extreme by mainstream.  Our society has been programmed for decades now, and sadly we simply didn't see that some of us would end up in the cross hairs.  It seemed only "right" to shut down that YFZ Ranch for polygamy, etc. but no one bothered to realize the "bust" was made; based upon a call from another state that had been proven to be a hoax.  Children were taken from their mothers for about a month and a half, men are in prison, and the state now owns the property.  All of this has taken place, based upon a call that was proven to be a hoax!  

Church buses provided assistance to the sheriff's office in the raid and removal of the children, because they truly believed they were ministering.  Now that people who believe the Bible are called haters, how long will it be before buses show up to take the children or simply stop bringing the children home from school?  A bitter harvest will be reaped from those seeds sown at the YFZ ranch, and the Branch Davidian children who were killed in 1993.  It's only a matter of time until those who do not bow down to the system, but stand on Biblical principles will be called cultists.  I do not share the views of YFZ, but King David was a polygamist, yet called a man after G-d's own heart.
I honestly do not know how Operation Jade Helm 15 will turn out.  Perhaps it is just an exercise, perhaps it is a desensitization, perhaps it is preparation for things to come, or perhaps even further military policing will be in place in this country by September.  What I do know, is Operation Jade Helm 15 is not the beginning of militarized policing in this country, as it has been going/coming into place for several years; already.  I expect to hear Romans 13:1-2 used 'out of context' and as a threat to true believers very soon.  As I've watched through the years, Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidians, and at one time tried to accept the reported reasons, when I saw the church buses as YFZ ranch, I thought of the words of Martin Niemoller

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.                                                                                        
. . . O Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer thee in this matter.  If it be so, our G-d whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.  But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up. . . Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of G-d.  Daniel 3:16a-18, 25b

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