Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Week and Counting

What do we know about our candidates? Democrats say Romney is a liar, with only rich friends, that will kill jobs. Republicans say Obama is a friend of rich killers that's lying about jobs. So, there we have it in a nutshell. If we read or listen to both sides at all, we discover we do not have a candidate who is worthy of our vote, much less one who should even be eligible for parole! A young man was doing some work for me recently, and he simply had a million dollar smile. I told him if he ever got tired of honest work, with that smile, he'd make a great politician. Seriously, what are we going to do after next week's election? Regardless of the results, many have already determined the election is rigged.
I've let my mind imagine a few potential scenarios. Say President Obama is re-elected. First the republicans will be up in arms about ACORN, George Soros, and Chicago . . . oh wait, they already are. So, if America still has President Obama at the helm, he's immediately a lame duck, unless there is new legislation brewing to repeal the 22nd amendment, or perhaps an Executive Order or signing statement. I'm not crazy about some of his Executive Orders, but I didn't care for some of G.W.'s or Clinton's or Bush 41's, or Reagan's, or . . . I'm thinking if Presidents are going to be allowed to make laws without Congressional approval, we should have Presidents we trust.
Will we enter war with Syria or Iran now that Iraq is "liberated" and the troops in Afghanistan are supposed to be on their way home? Or will we have a time of peaceful take-over and settle into further "captive entitlement" as our job creation lags and the conservatives pull their funding out of the general economy? We'll probably need our own military here to enforce the Health Care Reform Act . . .
Now, the flip side of this if we get new President Romney. That means there will be early 3 months of "special projects" and pardons as President Obama prepares to pass the mantle of leadership. Since he's claimed to be surprised at the big mess he walked into, I'm guess a lot can happen in those three months. When President Romney tells us all how it will be and finally unveils his economic plan that VP Ryan has already said is too complicated to explain, we'll probably discover what we've been discovering for years now. I'm guessing we might see a little increase in the interest rates, at least in lending. Not much will change for the better, but it will be the fault of Congress, the previous administration, or we must go abroad and share democracy by war. Basically, I'm guessing, regardless of who is seated in the Oval Office, America will continue to seek materialism, with half of the population dissatisfied and very wary of the leader and the other half blindly loyal.
For from the least of them even unto the greatest of them every one is given to covetousness . . . Prophet of Holy Scripture

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Election is Two Weeks Out . . .

One candidate is a puppet and the other, a puppet master. I'm not thrilled to say this, but if I were only considering this from a Patriotic standpoint, I'd say it would be easier to keep an eye on the puppet master, as the puppet, but seeing it spiritually, as well, I can honestly say, there really will be little difference, except . . . Mitt Romney has apparently been endorsed by the ever ecumenical, wavering, according to the wind, religious right, led by Billy Graham! And it doesn't really matter how much Bible, President Obama claims, he's not considered a "Christian" by those who just a few months ago believed Mormons to be cultists. America, isn't it grand! What I have noticed is all the lip service from both sides, so perhaps my reference to puppets is not so far off, since there appears to be a myriad of ventriloquist acts in this political season. First, Romney and Ryan are just too above us all to explain the math in their economic recovery. Okay, fine. Romney is a business man and I do think our government needs to be run more like a business than a non-sustainable charity. Obama, on the other hand, is a community organizer, which means he never operates on his own dime, which clearly states and his past four years have proven, he has no concept of a bottom line . . . just raise more funds! What has caught my attention, however; is the spiritual information that the two of these candidates are not exactly saying, but at least Ryan has intimated with his admiration of Ayn Rand. We are heading into a "me first" and "total self" time in history, more so than ever before. We have young people who are disrespectful in the old people's faces and old people who will spend their grandchild's penny bank on their senior discount. As a member of the generation sort of between, yet a part of all this, I'm trying desperately to not develop a calloused perspective, so I got in Scripture. First, I've been really struggling over the 3 horns, knowing one was energy, one was entertainment, and wondering about the other, until I heard insurance! I wrote a book back in 2006 about the 10 powers that would come together to give one entity, power. As I read about Bain Capital, I couldn't help but notice, a large percentage of those 10 powers were accounted for in the mergers, acquisitions and holdings. So with Mitt Romney, the anti-Obama, adequately endorsed by the religious right, I found myself looking at our current President and his backers. He's all about energy, he's undoubtedly in with Hollywood, and now with the Health Care Reform that no one seems to have read, he's in with the insurance, big time! And made insurance a part of the government! Not to mention, the backing of George Soros. Now, George is an interesting enigma, and a paradox in his own ideology. He's anti-capitalism, but I can't help but wonder if Mr. Soros awoke tomorrow with the same balance in his bank account as those who will vote for his puppet, just where he would stand . . . I would suggest, if Mr. Soros was truly all about wealth distribution, he'd distribute his to his fellow party members, not just those in power. So, if Mr. Romney has power over the 10 powers and President Obama is controlled by the three horns, where's the choice in two weeks? I can't find it, and I've been listening. Even their supporters and greatest fans sound simply and blindly loyal to the party, or the ideology, or mostly to the devout stand: "anti-the other one." I don't believe either of these men are "the anti-Christ," as I believe it is a government, but I do believe both men are either in control of, or controlled by powers that will prevail as the end of days unfold. I don't think either of these individual will bring America to any sort of Epiphany.
And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things . . . the Revelation

Thursday, October 18, 2012

To Each His Own

Now, I'm beginning to see why each generation is concerned about "their own thing" be it the hope of financing for old age, or instant gratification! I've been pretty vocal about the older generation that not only seems unconcerned about leaving an inheritance, but for the most part seems pretty unconcerned about the debt they don't mind leaving to their grandchildren. I've not been shy about expressing my opinion of all the senior discounts and benefits, while young families struggle, but as of late, I realize a number of people are struggling because of their own sad priorities and disrespect.
I've had a few discussions as of late with folks of generations following my own, and to be honest, I'm not interested in investing in their interests or their explanation of their values in life. I've seen a great deal of disrespect displayed, taught, and even rewarded, and that may have to sustain them. I thought, as a boomer, I sort of owed it to the next generation to not leave things as messy as my generation received and is blamed for causing, but I've had some new thoughts.
I know, as a descendant of previous generations, I don't have the same values that the previous ones do. So why should I expect them to give to me what's important to them, when I've already demonstrated, it's not important to me? I have no reason in the world to expect to inherit acquired and amassed financial wealth when it wasn't important enough to me to be trying to amass and acquire material wealth. I have a different values system than the American dream of the previous generations and it would be selfish and disrespectful of me to consider what they value to be owed to me. I don't have the same appreciation and I don't expect it to be handed to me to disregard what they deem important.
The previous generations should go right ahead and spend according to their values just like the rest of us are doing. They have every right to choose how they'd like to be remembered . . . I've heard the descending generations excuse their own instant gratification, selfishness by saying another generation is using it all up. Even if that's the case, isn't instant gratification on credit cards, or the choice to never actually own or pay off anything, really the same thing anyway? At least we have to face the fact that blaming someone else for our choices is truly an attempt to absolve ourselves of any responsibility. The voice of every generation seems to be saying the same thing. I want what I want and I feel entitled to feel that way. It seems every generation wants to do their own thing their own way, and I see that more clearly now.
Before the industrial revolution all the way back through recorded history, people died with dignity, not frantically clinging to life with tubes and hoses in every orifice and the next generation inherited the family business or farm. It wasn't about money and trying to live forever, but that has changed . . . completely, and the value of life has been reduced to material wealth and an attempt to spend every penny on one's own pleasures, while judging others who are doing the same.
I truly wanted to leave a legacy to my descendants, but it would seem most of my descendants aren't interested in what I want to give them. This new revelation changes my perspective on investing for the future, and yet in another way, it changes nothing at all. I now see the value, if I'm investing in the future, to make certain I have the proper paperwork reflecting the investments I'm choosing. Investing in the future means I'm not investing in money or my net worth, I'm investing in people, people of the next generation.
When it's all said and done, our material wealth is only of value in a material world, so each person must spend it according to their own values because they are not taking it with them. In light of that fact, if we don't spend it all according to our values before we die, or if we truly are investing in the next generation, I believe we must recognize the individual members of that next generation in which we are investing. If I'm going to call it a legacy and an investment, then I am responsible for leaving what I'm not taking with me, to someone who shares my values.
And Israel said unto Joseph, Behold, I die: but G-d shall be with you, and bring you again unto the land of your fathers. Moreover I have given to thee one portion above thy brethren . . . Torah of Holy Scripture

Friday, October 12, 2012

Couldn't Help But Notice

Facebook is so informative. I've noticed through the various Facebook posts and comments, that the party lines are clearly drawn and regardless of what is said through ads, sound bytes, debates, and statistics, the party lines are rarely crossed in commentary. I knew Republicans were blindly loyal, but I had no idea how blindly loyal the Democrats were, until now. I became so exhausted with the anti-democrat comments from GW's followers. I couldn't believe how each of them would offer the same negative comment and then feign amazement as I said, I know, I read this on Rush's page or I heard this on talk radio or whatever. I mean the Republicans truly believe they are on the cutting edge of intellectual insight and perceptual breakthrough of historical proportion, at all times. And I made fun of them and truly derived an enjoyable "blog fodder" approach in dealing with them. I had to hear what they had to say, as they were always full of great blog topics! And GW was a great blog topic regularly, Obama, not so much. GW just has a natural sense of humor about himself that Obama clearly lacks. Now, I find myself reading and following various liberal information sites and they just keep me reeling. It doesn't matter what Obama says or does, he's awesome according to his fan base. And Biden, well according to democrats, he's mensa material! I was going to blog about all the Big Bird hoop-ti-la, but the politicians themselves keep all this on a level much beneath the intellectual interest of the average pre-schooler. Yet, it doesn't keep the devout party voters from talking about the latest political antics. Last week, there were few, very few, democrats that thought Obama was lacking and few, very few republicans that didn't sing Romney's praise after the debate, and last night was no different. The politicians could have shown up in gladiator costumes playing kazoos and their party followers would have touted their amazing integrity. I will give credit to a few making comment who have been clearly leaning one way or the other actually give credit to the other party's man in the debate, but they are very rare individuals and their openmindedness will certainly not carry the election. Now, it makes for good blog fodder, but it's embarrassing that American government has sunk to this level for leadership. Where could I have possibly included Big Bird in this discussion? He wouldn't lower himself to the preposterous notion that anyone is listening to these debates with an open mind!
I used to think the political leaning was all about money, money, money, and it is, but it's cloaked in such partisan "concern" that it's getting clearer all the time to see it's really all about money and power, and the power to keep one's own money while sharing other's.
You're not listening with an open mind if you already have your mind made up and it's not generosity if you are only willing to share what belongs to someone else. And the silent generation isn't silent, if the lobby speaks on their behalf! And I'm no better, I think they all sound alike, well all but Big Bird.
. . . because thou hast rejected knowledge . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Let's Talk Crude . . .

I couldn't help but take note of this article. Seems, when it comes to crude, Iraq is poised to overtake Argentina and give Saudi a run for it's money within this decade! Could it be, all that hype about Chavez and bad intelligence in the previous administration, were related? Now, I'm no fan of the present administration, and that is mainly due to the fact I knew he'd find an excuse to not deliver hope or change from the previous administration. I didn't have to go to Washington more than once to see that "we the people" have no clue what those politicians are up to, but they're all in it together. That's right, gridlock and partisanship are the ways they keep playing us or engaging us to believe . . . we are part of the process. I'm including the link I read and thought you might be interested. If you read it like I did, without partisanship, suddenly the last decade makes a lot more sense than it did before I read the article.
Now, will Iraq share the oil revenue with it's "liberators?" I mean it was the US who spent trillions of dollars following up bad intelligence to bring them "Operation Freedom!" I'm guessing, we'll continue to spend a great deal of our financial resources rebuilding the country that we "attacked" and then when everything is up and running, they'll have great new oil refineries or whatever and will be more than willing to sell us crude and put us on the preferred customer list, right behind China and Russia. Meanwhile Chavez is still in power and we've done nothing to assuage his ego, and we're busy making ourselves more dependent and more in-debt than ever before, except the state of Kansas! Harper County Kansas is going out of farming and into drilling oil. So, we'll be able to drive our vehicles to the store, there just won't be any groceries to buy. Clearly the war in Iraq was about oil. The arguments about drilling on our continent are about power, and I dare say we'll find ourselves hungering after some real food from somewhere, by the time Kansas becomes oil wells and Monsanto owns all the crops. I'm guessing the partisan talk is going to get even more crude than it's been.
. . . within thy gates, shall come, and shall eat and be satisfied; that YHWH thy G-d may bless thee in all the work of thine hand which thou does. Torah of Holy Scripture

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Debates

As we are being led to believe that the future of America rests upon one of these two men, I see it differently! Now, granted, to a degree, the policies that will be implemented after January 20, 2013 may or may not be different according to the election in November, but there are also debates going on amidst we the people that are telling me, we really do need to take some personal responsibility as to the direction of our nation! As for politicians, the promises are always amazingly awesome and then they get elected and announce that their hands are tied by Congress . . . Perhaps it's time to have candidates who are familiar with the way our government works. I mean, the rest of us know that the White House and Capitol Hill are frequently at odds and the majority of us know the stats of the job situation and the economy; so why we continue to elect those who are clueless, I cannot say. Now that we have seen the Presidential election really does just boil down to the best beggar for donations and the one willing to sell his soul for backing, what can "we the people" do as individuals. That's another thing I realized in a thread on facebook. People will openly say, "Voting is what we have." "Elections are how we are heard." As I ponder this, I am taken aback. Who has given us what we have? Who determines our votes are our voices? Deceased founding fathers or our current legislators? Either way, do any of us truly believe we have the power to effect change with a vote? I simply do not believe that and many have attempted to let me know I'm wrong! My suggestion through this election cycle is to address personal responsibility. I can't make any politicians listen, I can't make any voters listen, so I'm inviting us to consider this. According to the current tax laws, we all have three tax years in which we can turn a hobby into a business. That doesn't take any new faces in Washington DC! That requires motivation and investment on the part of "we the people." Considering the same time President Obama reminded us that we are no longer an agrarian society, hobby farms and farmer's markets sprang up all over the place! Shopping local helps both parties. The rich guys make more tax money and banking business, not to mention insurance, yata . . . yata, and the folks that like social programs have more tax dollars collected, to disperse. Which is why the government got involved to oversee. It was old fashioned money-making, American ingenuity! Also, for the middle class and the dependent class who are decrying no job creation or outsourcing, I happen to know personally, of three new businesses as well as a few independently established businesses that have products made in America, and we're not receiving a lot of orders from those who are complaining. So maybe it's time to realize, Washington politicians are investing in their own futures, Wall Street executives are investing in their own futures and we the people need to invest in our own futures! Maybe the only way to get America back to the United States is by collective individualism. If anyone still believes debt is the solution, then leave them to their "individualism." If a family is your idea of the American dream, then make sure you can provide for them. And we are learning, depending on things to remain the same is simply no longer part of American, if it really ever was. We need to stop complaining and get busy beyond the political debate. Complaining isn't going to make the rich and powerful listen! We need to literally, "put our money where our mouth is" and focus our energy on what we say is important! That's how the rich guys make things happen and get things their way!
He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding.

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