Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Debates

As we are being led to believe that the future of America rests upon one of these two men, I see it differently! Now, granted, to a degree, the policies that will be implemented after January 20, 2013 may or may not be different according to the election in November, but there are also debates going on amidst we the people that are telling me, we really do need to take some personal responsibility as to the direction of our nation! As for politicians, the promises are always amazingly awesome and then they get elected and announce that their hands are tied by Congress . . . Perhaps it's time to have candidates who are familiar with the way our government works. I mean, the rest of us know that the White House and Capitol Hill are frequently at odds and the majority of us know the stats of the job situation and the economy; so why we continue to elect those who are clueless, I cannot say. Now that we have seen the Presidential election really does just boil down to the best beggar for donations and the one willing to sell his soul for backing, what can "we the people" do as individuals. That's another thing I realized in a thread on facebook. People will openly say, "Voting is what we have." "Elections are how we are heard." As I ponder this, I am taken aback. Who has given us what we have? Who determines our votes are our voices? Deceased founding fathers or our current legislators? Either way, do any of us truly believe we have the power to effect change with a vote? I simply do not believe that and many have attempted to let me know I'm wrong! My suggestion through this election cycle is to address personal responsibility. I can't make any politicians listen, I can't make any voters listen, so I'm inviting us to consider this. According to the current tax laws, we all have three tax years in which we can turn a hobby into a business. That doesn't take any new faces in Washington DC! That requires motivation and investment on the part of "we the people." Considering the same time President Obama reminded us that we are no longer an agrarian society, hobby farms and farmer's markets sprang up all over the place! Shopping local helps both parties. The rich guys make more tax money and banking business, not to mention insurance, yata . . . yata, and the folks that like social programs have more tax dollars collected, to disperse. Which is why the government got involved to oversee. It was old fashioned money-making, American ingenuity! Also, for the middle class and the dependent class who are decrying no job creation or outsourcing, I happen to know personally, of three new businesses as well as a few independently established businesses that have products made in America, and we're not receiving a lot of orders from those who are complaining. So maybe it's time to realize, Washington politicians are investing in their own futures, Wall Street executives are investing in their own futures and we the people need to invest in our own futures! Maybe the only way to get America back to the United States is by collective individualism. If anyone still believes debt is the solution, then leave them to their "individualism." If a family is your idea of the American dream, then make sure you can provide for them. And we are learning, depending on things to remain the same is simply no longer part of American, if it really ever was. We need to stop complaining and get busy beyond the political debate. Complaining isn't going to make the rich and powerful listen! We need to literally, "put our money where our mouth is" and focus our energy on what we say is important! That's how the rich guys make things happen and get things their way!
He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding.

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