Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Let's Talk Crude . . .

I couldn't help but take note of this article. Seems, when it comes to crude, Iraq is poised to overtake Argentina and give Saudi a run for it's money within this decade! Could it be, all that hype about Chavez and bad intelligence in the previous administration, were related? Now, I'm no fan of the present administration, and that is mainly due to the fact I knew he'd find an excuse to not deliver hope or change from the previous administration. I didn't have to go to Washington more than once to see that "we the people" have no clue what those politicians are up to, but they're all in it together. That's right, gridlock and partisanship are the ways they keep playing us or engaging us to believe . . . we are part of the process. I'm including the link I read and thought you might be interested. If you read it like I did, without partisanship, suddenly the last decade makes a lot more sense than it did before I read the article.
Now, will Iraq share the oil revenue with it's "liberators?" I mean it was the US who spent trillions of dollars following up bad intelligence to bring them "Operation Freedom!" I'm guessing, we'll continue to spend a great deal of our financial resources rebuilding the country that we "attacked" and then when everything is up and running, they'll have great new oil refineries or whatever and will be more than willing to sell us crude and put us on the preferred customer list, right behind China and Russia. Meanwhile Chavez is still in power and we've done nothing to assuage his ego, and we're busy making ourselves more dependent and more in-debt than ever before, except the state of Kansas! Harper County Kansas is going out of farming and into drilling oil. So, we'll be able to drive our vehicles to the store, there just won't be any groceries to buy. Clearly the war in Iraq was about oil. The arguments about drilling on our continent are about power, and I dare say we'll find ourselves hungering after some real food from somewhere, by the time Kansas becomes oil wells and Monsanto owns all the crops. I'm guessing the partisan talk is going to get even more crude than it's been.
. . . within thy gates, shall come, and shall eat and be satisfied; that YHWH thy G-d may bless thee in all the work of thine hand which thou does. Torah of Holy Scripture
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