Friday, June 29, 2012

American Aristocracy

It seems to me the decision of the Supreme Court regarding health care should prove once and for all that both sides of the aisle are working together for absolute power over "we the people." The problem is, now that the politicians are the aristocrats, that makes "we the people," the peasants. Don't you just love the way both parties got around the "mandate" issue. It's just a tax . . . but the President promised it wouldn't be. This entire health care proposal has always concerned me. I remember telling a friend back in 2009, that anyone still caught up in the health care mess by the time this was hashed out, would probably be in bondage to this plan until they died. I guess by making it a tax, the refusal penalty will actually be the fine for tax evasion. Not to worry, since it's a tax, if you can't afford the penalty, there's always incarceration and the health care in the prison system is pretty all encompassing. When it becomes your personal legal problem, unlike with your elected representative, you're actually guaranteed a public defender. What we have seen unfold regarding health care reform is simple. One, the people who have Medicare do not want everyone else to have government health care. Two, the politicians enjoy their health care on our dime, and we certainly will not have the care they are "entitled to." Third, this is basically a national version of what Mitt Romney put in place in Massachusetts, so it would seem the Presidential election is no real clear choice or difference, except the candidate's net worth. President Obama can fund raise and borrow as much money as Mitt Romney's father earned and left him. Fourth, to connect the big business of Insurance with Government mandate and taxes, we are officially moving into a fascist situation with both parties at the helm . . . As Americans continue to struggle through this not so recovering economy, it's only a matter of time with this health care reform, to watch the poor become even more impoverished and dependent upon the government and the aristocratic politicians become even more plutocratic, while the 98% of The One Percent end up leaving what's left of family farms and their million to long term health care. Modern medicine is now in the united powerful hands of big government and big business. It somehow doesn't feel that "we the people" are in "good hands."
Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of Y'hshuwah: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and YHWH shall raise him up . . . New Testament

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Next Generation

I realize it's been awhile . . . I just couldn't do another political blog, blaming politicians. It's time to get closer to home. We have all taught children irresponsibility by the examples we set, or we've taught them greed, or . . . both. So, here's one of my local pet peeves. How long have we now been hearing how important the children are? It takes a village . . . Our children are our future . . . Children's health care . . . Religious education . . . Public education. Seems our children are always in the forefront of the concern, at least when it comes to lip service, but the bottom line is politicians, doctors, even teachers are looking at the bottom line. I don't know of a politician that is truly focused on cutting spending so we don't leave a pile of debt to the next generation, and that's both sides of the aisle. The left side seems more than willing to allocate tax dollars for children's needs, but in the event of cuts, their salaries will remain intact. The right side of the aisle seems most concerned about children before birth and after that . . . the conservatives would just as soon keep their money for their priorities. Doctors are pretty much owned by the time they complete their training and become established in their practice. Private practitioners are not so quick to take medicaid, but of course medicare is huge business. Sadly, the children don't qualify for medicare. I'm pretty used to my disdain for politicians and the business of modern medicine, but I've received a new perspective on teachers. It recently dawned upon me how many "retired teachers" I've run across in the general work force and by general work force, I mean retail sales, clerk, bank teller, announcers. Do you see what all these jobs have in common? None of them requires a college degree!!! So that means teachers, "degreed, public servant to tend to the children," are actually taking jobs FROM the precise people for whom they claim to care so much. They are taking jobs that could be filled by college students, young college students like they themselves were, back in a kinder, gentler, more caring America. Now these senior citizens or people at least old enough to be grandparents, are working at the same type job they probably had while establishing themselves as young up and coming adults. And they aren't working these jobs because they'd be starving on a teacher's pension . . . OH NO, not all! They are working these jobs because the teacher's union and pension excluded them from contributing to social security, much like the rail road and civil service; which provided their own retirement plans. So, they become vested in the teacher's union and pay into the teacher's pension plan to ensure eligibility, then when vested and circumstance presents obstacles or opportunities, a teacher can retire in their early 50's and collect their retirement, PLUS, they can find a job that will withhold social security taxes and in just 10 short years, 40 quarters, by their early 60's they are eligible to also collect social security. Not to worry, people that have paid into it their entire working life and produced children that are actually in the work force paying taxes can't collect til their early 60's either. I guess I have a question for the teacher . . . If you care so much for the students' future, how can you steal their jobs and their social security contributions?
I would expect this from politicians, I think most of them would sell their mother for a vote. I have seen the "money angle" in modern medicine and Big Pharma for years, but teachers! Parents trusted teachers to care and teach their children. I realize many of you spoke quite intellectually from the text, but you're still teaching. You're teaching double dipping! And you're teaching the "ungolden rule!"
Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them . . . Golden Rule - words of Messiah

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