Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hope and Change

Remember that campaign slogan in 2007 and 2008?  Yes, indeed, the freshman senator from Illinois campaigned for two years of his first term in the senate, then resigned when he won the election for President, if elections really do determine who is in office . . . Anyway, he promised hope and change, and the country was ready to buy the rhetoric, in hope of a change.  The problem with "hope and change" is, most people were hoping for a change in others.  The change that was hoped for, basically boiled down to most people wanting others to change and agree with them.

The democrats want the republicans to agree with them or go away.  The republicans want everyone to see life as they do.  The gay agenda has labeled anyone who disagrees to be a hateful bigot while those who believe the Bible on the matter will not budge.  Those claiming Biblical ground, however; cherry pick much of the rest of Scripture, so the denominations continue to strive and contend, waiting for change . . . in others.  Then we have the big hot button topic of abortion.  Both parties have had their turn of complete control of the White House and Capitol Hill without making any change in over 40 years.  This present Supreme Court now seats the most justices nominated through democrat administration in years, and it's still only four out of nine.

Hoping others will change is actually what's preventing the change and killing the hope in general.  We now have a President who hopes everyone will change to see things his way and when that doesn't happen, he name calls and blames.  I don't care what color the President is, but I would like his values to be more than skin deep . . .  but the race card is ever handy.

 The man in the Oval Office is only the embodiment of the values of the American society, at the time he's "elected."  He is also a "yes man" to the corporations that buy the elections.  We will not elect an individual to bring change.  Change has to come to each individual.  The two parties are basically indistinguishable and that's been apparent since the Reagan days.  While Reagan spoke of "smaller government" the national debt virtually tripled through his administration.

Now, here I'm going to throw out the changes I'm hoping for.   We have to stop throwing money to fight what we are against.  If you're against abortion, don't stand in front the clinic with a brochure, or send a check to some women's lobby group; reach out and offer a private adoption.  When I googled the cost of newborn adoption, the average was $25,000.  Omit the attorney and spend a modicum portion of that sum helping the birth mother through her pregnancy and the rest when she delivers and completes the adoption.  If she changes her mind at that point, you're probably not out any more than you would have contributed in donations, but you've actually prevented an abortion!

If you're against what the Bible calls abomination, then take bacon and crab rangoon of your menu; and start living by the Bible's definition of a holy life!  Donate some time to kids who don't fit in, who could be caught in the sway of the gay agenda outreach.   Volunteer for those who don't have a strong male or female in their lives to look up to.

The political parties are nothing more than the illusion of choice.  It's time to spend time doing what we say we believe.   At the risk of sounding cliche, it's time to "be" the change we want to see.  Fighting against something doesn't bring positive change, and blame isn't hope!

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.  ~ James, brother of Messiah

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Glimpse of Insight Over 20 Years Ago

I didn't realize until yesterday, what I had been shown back in 1993.  Before the days of internet, before the days everyone carried a cell phone, before FEMA was fully in charge of every disaster, I was privy to some mind-boggling information.  I lived in a town that was left without water for a week, due to the flood waters of the Missouri River.

The position in which I found myself at that time proved very unique.  I truly didn't even understand what I was being shown, but that was a year before I came to YHWH.  Over ten years into my walk of following Messiah, I wrote "While He May Be Found" and referenced the possibility of the ten powers being something other than countries or governments, but I still didn't make the full connection of what I'd seen.   Now, being led of His Spirit in reading Scripture, following current events and reporting news from a prophetic perspective, much has become ominously clearer.  

The National Guard came to the rescue of the town and brought water.  There were several "water stations" throughout the town.  Although I did not hear of any resistance or rebellion and don't remember a curfew, it was common knowledge that people were refused passage into some areas.  There was no doubt that the gift of water was accompanied by armed authority.  The Guard had access to guns and water.

My husband at that time was the "First Line" for the phone company in that town and the surrounding area.  He was for all practical purposes, "the man" for communication, with his superior being at a home office in another city.  He had total access to any area of town, by virtue of his position.

I had food.  We owned a small old time fast food type restaurant, and I was one of the few places in town that astounded the health department with my ingenuity in the crisis.  Since I had a walk up window, I was open and in business, and our kids made deliveries to all the water stations . . .  So we had complete freedom of access, as well.

The town had voted against having a prison built there a few years earlier, so it was built in a town about 30-35 miles away, but when it looked as if the levy was in danger, prisoners were brought in to sandbag and they never left.  The prison (diagnostic center) was built without a vote.

There was also insight into media through this ordeal.  Late Saturday evening, my husband received a call from one of his crew that said the water treatment plant was flooding. . . The man was a large man, taller than my husband if I remember correctly, anyway, he said the water was nearly to his waist as he was literally trying to make flotation devices for the phones and communication system.  He also said, when it hit his chest, the plant was going down.

The girls and I organized filling tubs, sinks, even the washer, while my husband and son headed to the restaurant to fill the sinks and any empty containers.  While we were all doing that, since we had two lines at the house, my husband did have a mobile phone, and the phone at the restaurant, we were all calling everyone we knew to give them a heads up to collect some water.  Every response was the same.  "Oh, there's nothing to worry about, we just watched the news and they said the report of the water treatment plant was exaggerated."

By midnight, the water treatment plant was shut down, and of course, by morning, the water pipes of the entire town were empty.  Thankfully that was a temporary situation.

As I now peruse the list of 10 powers in "While He May Be Found," it's clear, those with guns and control of the water will have the authority.  Those who control the food and communication, will have great access and possible exemption, and media will feed the ignorance.

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.  I Thessalonians 5:3

Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Cover

Last year, I revised the cover of "the Threshold of Technocracy" and republished it, without changing the text itself.  I was never happy with the original cover, but felt an overwhelming urgency to get it published before the 2008 Presidential election.  I made it, by the 20th of October.   The reality is, we do judge books by their cover, and I felt the cover was actually substandard to the contents, so five years later, I finally got the cover redesigned and in doing that, republished the book.

As I uploaded it to PDF format, with the new cover, I was astonished at how much has taken place since I wrote this book.  Some of the things that were just possibilities in '07 and '08, have already come and gone, or come to be accepted.  I'm also now greatly saddened at the number of things that were really just being put in place to continue toward the New World Order.  Since 2008, it has become blatantly obvious that our society does choose to call good, evil and evil, good.

While we all continue to divide politically about abortion and gay rights, Scripture plainly states, it is the love of money that is the root of all evil!  That's not to say I am pro-abortion, and at this point in our society, I feel clueless as to how many terms will be manufactured regarding confusion of sex and gender.  What I am saying, is the political hot button topics are keeping the people divided, and blaming, while more and more Americans are falling into "dependent poverty."  Many American downtowns look like ghost towns and this did not start with the current administration.

It seems every time an administration declares a war on something, the targeted problem actually increases . . . The war on poverty . . . The war on drugs . . . The war on terror.  We have more poverty, more drugs, and truthfully, I have more fear of being terrorized by American law enforcement or the judicial system than I do of suicide bombers.  So much has become just the opposite of the presented definition or purpose.  That's not to say it applies straight across the board, but in many cases it has become the norm.

Although many have had the discernment to see this coming for several years, for many others it is just now becoming apparent.  With the Common Core Curriculum and the Affordable Care Act, we'll discover the integrity or lack of integrity; in education and medical professionals.  Doctors are pharmaceutical pushers, nurses are "just following orders" and teachers are trying to protect their job and tenure.  We don't call it " the love of money . . ." and in some cases perhaps it's love of power, prestige, or control, but compassion and calling are certainly in question.

Speaking of calling, how many in our society trust ministers?  From my own perspective as a person with a call to ministry, the love of money is as prevalent in religion as it is in politics.  My own mother told me I needed to be careful what I was saying on "that internet."  I told her I'd speak out as long as G-d gave me voice to do so.  She immediately responded with "That's what Pat Robertson says, too; but he's got a lot of financial backing . . ."  When it comes to religious wealth, "the love of money" has a special euphemism: "blessed prosperity."
The admission of the disastrous state of the economy and the first bail out were just breaking the headlines when the book was published.  Sadly, the majority of Americans continue to spiral downward, economically. I was anxiously planning to replace the cover at amazon with the new book cover, but that would change the date, and at this time it seems more important to serve the reminder that we really have been on this course much longer than five years.  Rather than change direction, we've simply continued and actually gained momentum toward destruction.  We're driven by fear and the culture has redefined good and evil.

 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness . . . Prophet of Holy Scripture

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Quite Troubling . . .

As the division heightens in the country, and martial law seems imminent, I'm a bit taken aback that there is actually a planned protest in Washington DC, by various militia groups.  I am absolutely PRO Bill of Rights, and I'm particularly fond of the first one, but this is very poor timing and seems to be truly poor planning.   The situation of Cliven Bundy in the headlines, and the reported standoff that led us to believe the BLM retreated, is troubling.  Why do we openly speak against the integrity of the mainstream media to report the truth, yet decide to believe something we want to hear?  Or choose to believe something we want to be angry about?

What if, and this is only a what if, the timing of the BLM invasion of the Bundy Ranch has something to do with this Operation American Spring 2014?  This BLM squabble with Bundy has gone on for over 20 years, so why the standoff now?  Of course, the media playing the race card calmed the coverage of the happenings at the ranch, and the open support of most conservative pundits.  I can't help but wonder if this was staged in its entirety?  Not the Bundy's comments or the militiamen that gathered, but the BLM moving in at gunpoint, only to give the impression that standing up to them would make them back down or send them running?  What if it was a set up to create a false sense of confidence for the Washington DC protest?  Is there anyone in this country that seriously believes our government is listening to the people?  

Another factor to consider in this Operation American Spring 2014 is the fact that everything that takes place in Washington DC is a federal matter.  There is no state or county jurisdiction, just federal law.  No sheriff to intervene!  With so many reports from alternative news sources about the stockpiling of ammunition by various government entities, I think it's time to consider where we truly stand as a nation.  All these folks calling themselves patriots, need to remember something about the Revolutionary War.  The King of England was across the big pond with a definite disadvantage and the founding fathers were not completely politically divided.

This may serve to be the place that corrals those who would be the biggest problem regarding gun control laws.  In all the organizational promotions, Phase 1 speaks of all those in attendance being unarmed.   This may be a naive statement, but I truly thought most militia members were armed at all times.  I thought militia men bore arms.  I'm certainly not trying to stir a pot here, but Phase 2 sounds as tyrannical as what they claim to be against.  As for Phase 3, I just hope it doesn't come to that.

It almost seems this Operation American Spring 2014 may be instrumental in ushering in the much dreaded martial law and the imposition of indefinite detentions.  There are only a few days left to give this some serious thought.  The situation at the Bundy ranch supposedly "ended" much better than it looked like it would.  The fact is, Harry Reid says it's NOT over.

For those who truly believe Operation American Spring 2014 is an act of patriotism, I think you should consider all the facts, before literally corralling yourselves to be surrounded.  The US has the largest military budget in the world.  One itchy trigger finger could cause anarchy . . .

Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but one sinner destroyeth much good.  Ecclesiastes of Holy Scripture

We're not the same kind and gentle America we were in the 1930s.   Read about the Bonus Marchers

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