Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Cover

Last year, I revised the cover of "the Threshold of Technocracy" and republished it, without changing the text itself.  I was never happy with the original cover, but felt an overwhelming urgency to get it published before the 2008 Presidential election.  I made it, by the 20th of October.   The reality is, we do judge books by their cover, and I felt the cover was actually substandard to the contents, so five years later, I finally got the cover redesigned and in doing that, republished the book.

As I uploaded it to PDF format, with the new cover, I was astonished at how much has taken place since I wrote this book.  Some of the things that were just possibilities in '07 and '08, have already come and gone, or come to be accepted.  I'm also now greatly saddened at the number of things that were really just being put in place to continue toward the New World Order.  Since 2008, it has become blatantly obvious that our society does choose to call good, evil and evil, good.

While we all continue to divide politically about abortion and gay rights, Scripture plainly states, it is the love of money that is the root of all evil!  That's not to say I am pro-abortion, and at this point in our society, I feel clueless as to how many terms will be manufactured regarding confusion of sex and gender.  What I am saying, is the political hot button topics are keeping the people divided, and blaming, while more and more Americans are falling into "dependent poverty."  Many American downtowns look like ghost towns and this did not start with the current administration.

It seems every time an administration declares a war on something, the targeted problem actually increases . . . The war on poverty . . . The war on drugs . . . The war on terror.  We have more poverty, more drugs, and truthfully, I have more fear of being terrorized by American law enforcement or the judicial system than I do of suicide bombers.  So much has become just the opposite of the presented definition or purpose.  That's not to say it applies straight across the board, but in many cases it has become the norm.

Although many have had the discernment to see this coming for several years, for many others it is just now becoming apparent.  With the Common Core Curriculum and the Affordable Care Act, we'll discover the integrity or lack of integrity; in education and medical professionals.  Doctors are pharmaceutical pushers, nurses are "just following orders" and teachers are trying to protect their job and tenure.  We don't call it " the love of money . . ." and in some cases perhaps it's love of power, prestige, or control, but compassion and calling are certainly in question.

Speaking of calling, how many in our society trust ministers?  From my own perspective as a person with a call to ministry, the love of money is as prevalent in religion as it is in politics.  My own mother told me I needed to be careful what I was saying on "that internet."  I told her I'd speak out as long as G-d gave me voice to do so.  She immediately responded with "That's what Pat Robertson says, too; but he's got a lot of financial backing . . ."  When it comes to religious wealth, "the love of money" has a special euphemism: "blessed prosperity."
The admission of the disastrous state of the economy and the first bail out were just breaking the headlines when the book was published.  Sadly, the majority of Americans continue to spiral downward, economically. I was anxiously planning to replace the cover at amazon with the new book cover, but that would change the date, and at this time it seems more important to serve the reminder that we really have been on this course much longer than five years.  Rather than change direction, we've simply continued and actually gained momentum toward destruction.  We're driven by fear and the culture has redefined good and evil.

 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness . . . Prophet of Holy Scripture

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