Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Death is NOT "Alleged!"

The cold blooded killing in Minneapolis has been weighing heavily on many in this nation.  As it appears, now, as is so often the case, blame is being shifted and a number of issues being raised that the true facts may be swept away in the torrents of distraction and extraneous information.

Regardless of resignations, and protest, not to mention biased coverage, there are some facts we need to keep in mind, as this "investigation" continues.  The reported facts include so many high profile variables, the truth could be easily set aside for any number of tangents.

The victim is a blond, white woman who was a holistic life and health coach from Australia. She is the one who placed the 911 call.  It would seem to make sense that she'd approach the police car when it came into view, to possibly further elaborate regarding details and direction of what she heard or saw.  It was very late evening and she was in her pajamas.  She was at the driver's side window of the two man vehicle, reportedly speaking with the officer behind the wheel, when she was "allegedly"  gunned down by the passenger.  The passenger "allegedly" shot past his partner, killing the woman.  Both men are on administrative leave.  Let's move on to just a few of the reported facts about these two men.

Many cities do not have two man patrol cars, so whether this was the norm or unusual for Minneapolis, I can't say, but what has been reported is, troubling.  Both men were relatively new to the force.  Noor, the alleged shooter had joined the force in 2015, and Harrity in 2016.  It would seem, only logical, if there are going to be two officers in the vehicle, one would be a seasoned veteran of the force, rather than two newcomers.  Neither officer had his body cam on, and the dash cam was also turned off.  It is reported that once the woman was shot, they called for emergency responders, "back up," and began administering CPR.  The cameras were still not turned on, after the shooting, but some audio has been reported.  The officer that allegedly killed the woman has hired a private attorney and has chosen to not issue a statement.  Reportedly, this is his right.  The officer who was driving has stated his absolute shock at what happened, but there has been no mention as to why his body cam and the dash cam were not on.

To make things even more complicated, the officer who "allegedly" fired the deadly shot is the first Somali American to join the Minneapolis PD in 2015 and has had three complaints filed against him.  In what is reported to be comments to his friends, (he feels his department is not behind him in this situation . . . throwing him under the bus, rather than rallying with "blue lives matter" because he is Muslim and not white . . .)

In the midst of all this, the mayor, a woman, has called for the resignation of the police chief, also a woman.  The police chief stated, clearly, this death was unnecessary and avoidable!  While the Prime Minister of Australia demands answers for this 'inexplicable' killing.  The only statement reported to have been made by the alleged shooter was to friends and he seems to be portraying himself to be the misunderstood victim.  Meanwhile he's walking free, while ranchers, who have killed no one, and are no flight risk are being held without bond.  The driver was a rookie.  Sadly, before it's all said and done, the potential hot button tangents could overtake the simple, yet overwhelming fact.

A woman was killed in the prime of life, thinking the very one who pulled the trigger was there to protect.  Her death is not "alleged."

Thou shalt not kill.  Torah of Holy Scripture

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