Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Tea Party and Socialism

I've always had a feeling that the Tea Party was really created by the politicians, to appear as a grass roots movement of the so called conservative Americans who are against this country's progression toward socialism.  I've continued to be amazed at the number of Tea Party members who no longer work, but have an income due to the very thing they stand against . . . "social" security.  Yet, I digress.  The Tea Party and the Progressives have at least one very strong commonality.  Both groups are quite vocal against the traditional republicans . . . thus my suspicion of just where this Tea Party actually originated.

The fact that it is called the Tea Party seemed a dead give away from the beginning.  The Boston Tea Party rebels were colonists dressed as Indians throwing tea overboard in rebellion against taxation, but . . .  in their "bold stand" they were actually in disguise.  When I first came across Wild Bill for America, although he spoke of G-d and country and grassroots, he just so often pointed his viewers to dependence on the system and working within the establishment.  He says he was in law enforcement for 20 years.  It was easy to see by his demeanor, the blurred line between confidence and arrogance, and he makes no bones about it.  I don't actually know if he really is a representative of the Tea Party or just a self-proclaimed spokesman.  He name drops frequently, and well, here I am dropping his name, without ever having met him.  He speaks with a great deal of authority on a number of topics, but there is always a ring of "programming" to his version of his proclaimed truth.

Wearing his "trademark" cowboy hat while defaming LaVoy Finicum was the confirmation for me.  Wild Bill vacillated for a couple of videos then progressed to get down right ugly, claiming it to be truth.  You know, even if what he said was truth and none of us really know what happened that day, in Oregon; as there is an ongoing investigation, but a true social conservative simply does not speak ill of the dead.  I'm fairly certain, I will not believe the "official report."  How long have the voices of the "right" been crying and whining about the Constitution being destroyed, yet did nothing to get behind these ranchers?  Wild Bill may be a voice for the Tea Party, but he made the exact same comments the liberals whom he professes to despise, were saying about the situation.  I've made no bones about where I stand with the men and women who work the land, and in every conversation, the liberal comments perfectly align with Wild Bill's.

As far as I'm concerned having a donate button on a website is just another kind of socialism.  A donate button is hardly a grassroots foundation, nor is it boot strappy at all.  If someone is proclaiming the truth, the honest truth, I believe provision will be made without begging,  Now that both parties have embraced their version of faith into their politics, and pretty well beaten down any third party options the only solution seems obvious.  Create an offshoot of the existing party.  We've had the Tea Party still spouting the (R) for a few years.  Now, with Bernie Sanders, we'll have the socialist party under the covering of the (D).   Both seem the antithesis of true grass roots or revolution.  

The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture

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