Monday, February 28, 2011

How Will We Ever Know?

With instant information, e-transactions, e-books, and political hypocrisy, how will we ever know what the truth really is, or really was? How will we know which version was true and which version was the product of the revisionists? As I read the news, I just can't help but wonder what the original truth truly is and what the revised explanation actually is. As I read about unemployment, job opportunities, and increased spending, I simply cannot help but wonder where this "hedonic treadmill" will end. I remember when I was in school, and yes that was a day or two ago, we were taught that Abraham Lincoln was an ethical man, but not inclined to religion. We were taught that although he allowed his wife to take their sons to church, he did not choose to attend and the reason given were the differences within the denominations and on every street corner. Well, now President Lincoln is reported to be a Christian of extraordinary faith and I think even the author of a devotional. So, which way is it? Who did the revising? Now on to e-banking transactions, e-books, and e-mail. How will we know what gets changed, what gets lost, and what simply was not "translated" from hard copy to electronic or cyber? As more and more instant appears and more and more hard copy disappears, not to mention the conservative book burners of written manuscripts that they find offensive, how will we know? Scripture says, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." Well, if we never know what the truth actually is, is that the pathway to bondage?
And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage . . . Torah of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Politics and Such

First, besides the other candidates, is anyone surprised that Rahm Emanuel is mayor of Chicago? I know I'm not. It was American politics at its smarmy best! I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but that guy just rubs me the wrong way in apparently every thing he does. I don't care for his vocabulary, I don't care for his arrogance, and I don't care for his elitist attitude about, virtually, everything. Okay, enough about him. We'll be crossing the aisle now to mention the Governor of Wisconsin. I can't believe this guy. He sent the Wisconsin State Patrol to round up the representatives. Is he for real? Just how much state money did that take, while he's telling the people that the state can't afford to provide their benefits? Setting aside what seems like the actions of a state dictator, there was a great expense involved in this standoff, supposedly over state finances. So, both parties have earned mention today. Now, on to something we've been fed . . . In December I heard on the news that gasoline prices would probably hit $4.00 a gallon in 2011. Well, now here it is, February 2011, and now that Egypt and Libya have had an uproar, that's the reason for increased gasoline prices? Just how do we figure that? Did our government know there was going to be problems before Mubarak and Gadhafi did? Kind of looks that way, doesn't it? Or was the price of gasoline going to go up anyway, and now we have this "reason?" That's pretty much the line of thinking I'm going with. I mean, even if the Middle East problems were affecting the prices of oil. The oil that just went up is not what's in the pumps today! I am just not buying anything any politician is selling, these days. I did have one final thought regarding Libya and the US, though. Gadhafi is blaming Bin Laden for influencing the youth of Libya. Could be we are missing a golden opportunity here to get the gasoline prices in better line. Nothing unites like a common enemy. Is this the opportunity to put the problems between Reagan and Gadhafi behind us or should we help the protesters? But what if Bin Laden really is behind the protest in Libya? We really haven't had any problems with Gadhafi for years. As a matter of fact, he's told other Middle Eastern leaders to not mess with America . . . "they're crazy."
. . . but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, February 21, 2011

Protests and Unrest

Although I do not believe dictatorships would ever be my government of choice, we also need to realize democracies can produce some elected messes in their own right. Although Mubarak is being called a dictator, he was elected several times . . . As we can see, sometimes a democracy doesn't eliminate the protest. But hopefully a democracy will protect the rights and lives of those that protest. I just hope Wisconsin remains as peaceful as Egypt was.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith YHWH. a Prophet of Holy Scripture

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Next?

I see the Middle East having it's very own reckoning day. I hear on the news that our own country manages to "create" laws on a daily basis. And now, I hear that someone is asking that our President be given power to shut down the internet with a single flip of a switch. When I heard that, a question immediately rose up in me. Why would the President have to shut down the internet, when they can just keep right on doing what they've been doing? It's very clear that TPTB can simply give us any information they choose to give, then later recant and say it was not accurate information. Who needs to shut down the internet for that? Why have the FCC up in an uproar over that? It's just so much simpler than Egypt made it or all those coming against the Middle Eastern protesters, are making it out to be. There is no reason in the world for our government to shut down the internet or filter the information like Egypt did or China has done in the past. I've heard it for several months now. All TPTB need to do is give us some sort of report, including statistics and researched data, then in a couple of weeks or next month, simply do what they've been doing. Tell us the information was faulty or inaccurate. See how simple that is? No need for a protest or revolt. The people will just accept the revision. We will lay down, roll over, and take the treat when it's offered, in a completely Pavlovian manner. Tell us what you will, there is so much division, discouragement, and confusion, there is no need to shut down the information or filter the news feed, just correct it later. It won't make any difference and it won't change a thing.
A faithful witness will not lie . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Friday, February 11, 2011

Craigslist Congressman

What's really going on? Nobody can be that dumb! Did he want to be a divorced lobbyist and this is the most direct route to that goal? Actually this is old news by now, as I archived this blog for later editing, but the real issue simply has to be addressed. Are our representatives so out of touch with reality that they haven't heard of the all the potential dangers or fall out of Craigslist? I mean, a year or so ago, some med student killed himself after being arrested for the murder of a massage therapist he contacted through Craigslist. Are our lawmakers unaware of these type of headlines? Undoubtedly what this Congressman did was smarmy, underhanded, dishonest, and several other disgusting adjectives and adverbs, but the sheer immensity of his predicament continues to baffle me. I don't wish to sound like Glenn Beck, hammering something until everyone has a migraine, but there is a piece missing in this situation that I want to understand. What about that picture without his shirt? Why post his clearly recognizable face? And why not claim a hacking or a set up? This is simply not conservative American politics at its finest! After all this, he's sorry he's let his wife and child down and sorry he's disappointed constituents, and now that he's resigned he'd like privacy to work this out. Nonsense! This is utter nonsense and I want answers. I have some unanswered questions that I would like addressed by someone. Didn't he have at least one Congressional aid? As a Congressman, did he not know the potential of advertising on Craigslist? And if he didn't, how many of the rest of them on Capitol Hill have no clue what day it is and how much a loaf of bread costs? I have to say, as far as keeping abreast of what's going on in the world. I couldn't tell you what the latest styles are and I can't tell you the latest price of furniture or what the most popular reality show is, but I can tell you how to post on Craigslist and I can tell you I've gotten responses from as far away as Hawaii, on a piece of ground I advertised. I've gotten calls from over 60 miles away on goats I've advertised for sale. I'm not as worldly wise as our Congress people claim to be and I'm certainly not upscale in my lifestyle, but I know Craigslist makes public, anything that's posted. So Mr. Congressman, what is really going on, that we have this to chew on? Or is it even bigger and you simply were the sacrifice for even bigger deals, behind the scenes?
A prudent man concealeth knowledge: but the heart of fools proclaimeth foolishness. a Proverb

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Waste Not . . . Want Not

I come from a fairly frugal family, at least on my Dad's side. Oh don't get me wrong, we all have way more than we need. Through my childhood, I truly thought my mother was a marathon shopper, and shopping would kill me. My grandparents always seemed to be able to afford what they wanted, but their wants were fairly simple. I don't know that frugal is actually the proper term, but since that's not really my point, I'll simply move along. I think my perspective and the way my dad and his folks handled money would be of great value to our Congress, even now. As I read how much they tell us they are going to cut and save, I read other things that tells me, they have no clue how to handle money, especially when it isn't theirs. Well, considering how much their salaries are, and how many things we taxpayers have to provide for them, it sounds like they can't manage their own money either. So, I could help even more. As they talk about trimming the budget, yet we all know they get a raise even in the midst of a troubled economy. Oh there was the one superficial gesture after the Democrats regained the House in 2006, but Congress isn't living like we are and that is becoming more evident all the time. I read an interesting article today that I am going to discuss even on my show tonight. It seems Congress spends nearly $1M on bottle water, annually. I, personally, cannot understand how they could possibly do that, no more time than they are in Washington, but the figure rang in over $850,000. Broken down, this averaged about $2000 per person and they're only there what 200 days a year. Are there no water fountains on the Hill? I would have thought they could all manage to have some sort of little fridge in their office to bring their own, and if not; put in vending machines. Do they really think everything in life is provided at the job site? How many people have beverages furnished, besides coffee, or the water fountain, at no charge at work? And many places there is a "pot" to take up collection for the coffee. Only tap water is furnished in most places of employment, in this country. Now the plot thickens here because Nestle has a contract for providing their bottled water and wouldn't we all love to know the cost per case on that deal! First this infuriates me in that Congress is just so elitist in their attitude that they can tell us how concerned they are about 'we the people' and waste like they do. How many little kids could have warm meals or new clothes for just what Congress wastes on bottled water? What about the landfill on that kind of sumptuousness? Why can't the Nestle lobbyist provide the water as one of their donations? But even on a more basic level, this tells me we have people in office that have no idea that there is a bottom line. We have people so out of touch with the reality of the State of our Union that there is absolutely no hope of this particular crowd even chipping away at the outrageous spending, much less to ever balance the budget. I propose two things here. Send a note to your representative and inform them that if we tax payers could afford that sort of expense for water, we'd be giving it to our kids before we'd provide it to old politicians. The second thing I'm going to do is boycott Nestle products until I see some improvement. Congress and Nestle, if you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Please, Congress, stop proving you are only there for your own interests and not representing "we the people."
We have drunken our water for money . . . Prophecy of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Another Non-Political Post

I realize this is usually about politics, but apparently this week, I'm breaking away from tradition. Today I received a call so unusual, that I just have to blog about it! I received a phone call this morning from the feed store where we do business. This is a feed store that we just started doing business with about a year and a half ago when we moved. So, it's not like we go back a long way . . . The feed store is a "mom and pop" operation, a married couple that run their business from a big building on their place. It's a great set up. Now, back to the call. It was the woman that called and said, they'd been talking about us and thinking about us for the past few days, and had just found my card. She was wondering if we'd been able to get out and about. I responded with a resounding, "No, haven't left the place in a week." She asked if we were doing okay and I said, yes. Then the most amazing offer. She said if we needed any feed, her husband would be glad to deliver it. I told her I was still doing okay on feed and I wasn't sure he could even get up here if we did need any. We then talked about meeting with our 4 wheeler if need be, etc. But I was sure that we were okay, then she made the next offer. She said if I needed to go to town, to the store or anything, her husband would be happy to give me a ride to town. Now if that isn't going the extra mile, I just don't know what is. I just think the world of these people. We've had some interesting discussions at their feed store in the evening. Our religious beliefs are similar, yet different, but the similarity is simple. We all believe your beliefs ought to show in the middle of the week. That's it. I don't care where you go and which day of the week-end you attend, it's what shows on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning that counts! I called back later to thank them for their kind offer, got the gentleman and he told me if I did decide I needed something, just call and let him know, he'd be happy to bring it. Now, if America had just maintained that kind of business attitude, we might still be in business! Whether it's going the extra mile or the customer is always right, good business and true religion basically boils down to the golden rule, and that ought to show every day.
All things therefore whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, even so do ye also unto them: for this is the law and the prophets.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Today it's Not About Politics or Religion . . .

It's about football! Last night's game was fast and interesting. I thought it really moved and I discovered a new way to enjoy football. I don't have a TV, so I listened on the radio and followed Sports Illustrated Live Blog. It was wonderful. It was a new experience in football. I have to say, I was more than please when GreenBay won. I'm a fan of GreenBay, mostly for sentimental reasons. I remember the first SuperBowl. It was Greenbay and Kansas City. Greenbay won! And Greenbay won the second SuperBowl. Somewhere in time in the last 45 years, they'd been to the SuperBowl one more time, but last night, it was their turn. I enjoy football and as a woman, I think I get to enjoy it more fully than a man. I like the action and the power of the game, no doubt, but I also like the personal stories of the men. I just loved Vince Lombardi, Greenbay's coach way back when. Of course, the Super Bowl trophy is named for him. I was also a big fan of Tom Landry, the coach for the Dallas Cowboys for years and years and I'm not a big fan of Jerry Jones who bought the Dallas Cowboys and got rid of Landry, but that's ancient history, now. Tom Landry was a calm man that really got involved with young people. He spoke many times to address various Fellowships of Christian Athletes. Young people were important to him and teaching was important. Vince Lombardi was a passionate man, he loved football and I loved the movie about his life. Ernest Borgnine played him in the movie. Then there was the book and movie called Brian's song, about a football player that developed cancer in his 20's. That story dealt with the race issue of interracial teammates sharing a room. Gale Sayers was Brian's roommate and dear friend. I realize, as a woman, I get to enjoy their lives as well as their skills. I don't follow football as a religion, like many do, but the SuperBowl always brings back memories. Last night, I was very glad to see the Packers take the Vince Lombardi trophy back to Greenbay. It was time.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Egypt and Gasoline

Not to minimize the things going on in Egypt right now, because it does appear to be growing worse by the day. Oddly, I've taken note of a few bits of information and the chronology in which they unfold. Over a week ago we read that protesters had gathered in what I believe is referred to as Liberty Square . . . The protesters were those speaking out against the current leader that has been at the helm for about 30 years. If it isn't a dictatorship, there are clearly no term limits. The protesters were peaceful but large in number. Now before Mubarak announced that he would not seek re-election, all the internet service was shut down or rerouted. I believe, also for a brief time, the phone service was interrupted. That, we know was not the work of the anti-administration protesters. Now, I've found it highly suspect that suddenly American conservatism feels strongly favorable toward Mubarak. Oh, I know Egypt has been an ally, I think that came about in agreement for the gift of the Suez Canal, which will come up again later in the blog. Now, once Mubarak announced he wouldn't run next September, the protesters didn't find that acceptable, and you know, I wondered why he ever thought they would. I don't know how free the people of Egypt truly live, but I'm guessing it would be a little frightening to be a protester going home with the same government for another 9 months. I think I'd wonder if there wasn't just going to be a big round-up of dissidents. Then came the anti-protesters in favor of Mubarak and now we have violence. That tells me those in protest of Mubarak just may have something to say and might have good cause for having gathered. I don't know, I'm not there, just sayin' . . . So now that there's violence and blood shed, Egypt gets their internet and phone service back. Interesting exchange, but the violence continues, and of course the US is putting the pressure on. Now, as to why I included gasoline in the title. The conservative radio listeners are being led to believe that the problems in Egypt are affecting the price of gasoline and the Suez Canal will not be open for business to oil tankers, therefore they have to go around South America to get here, thus raising the price of gasoline. Well, the price of gasoline hit over $3.00 a gallon before Egypt erupted. And I remember hearing the economic prognostications for 2011 included $4.00 a gallon gasoline and probably $5.00 a gallon by 2012. I just can't help but wonder. Which came first, the idea to raise the cost of fuel or the reason for the increase of the cost of fuel. If Egypt's the reason, then I'd say the Oil Companies got ahead of themselves. I'm guessing this situation in Egypt will become Carte Blanche for the Oil Companies.
And of Asher he said, Let Asher be blessed with children; let him be acceptable to his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil. Torah of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Just Thinking

I took note of a case a few years ago in which a newly wed died on her honeymoon. I'm not sure why the headline caught my attention in the beginning, other than it's just heart wrenching to hear about or read about someone dying at such a happy time in their life. I mean, for many of us, the wedding is pretty much the end of the concept of happiness together, so I do take note. I remember reading about the young man that was killed in an accident on the way to his wedding, and recently the bride that surprised burglars and was found dead by her new husband in their honeymoon suite. I just don't like to think this happens, but I know it does and it seems I have to follow the headlines when the subject appears. Well, back to this situation of a few years back. A young couple from Alabama got married and honeymooned in Australia. They went scuba diving and she drowned. Now, I believe he was an experienced scuba diver, so that right away makes me wonder what kind of husband watches that happen, but there's more to make you think less of him. He had discussed increasing her life insurance policy and becoming her beneficiary before the wedding. Well, even so, that can be okay, if it's a mutual discussion. I remember my husband bringing up the concept of a pre-nup. Wish I'd gone with that . . . Anyway, it seems men are becoming more concerned about their financial security in marriage. I find that a bit bothersome, but I'll still say the evidence could be circumstantial, although I'm thinking he seems pretty questionable, by now. Funny, men used to marry for sex and women for security and now it appears those roles have reversed . . . or worse. Now, back to the "bereaved groom." In the questionable death of his new bride, he eventually plead guilty to some lesser charge and actually served time in Australia. Now he's come back to the states and an Alabama grand jury has decided to indict him on a kidnapping charge and some sort of murder plan or plot charge. Now, suddenly I'm not so happy with Alabama. I do think this guy is a cad and probably much worse, considering the circumstances and his plea, but come on, Alabama. How many of us women believe some guy is on the up and up. The crime for which he plead guilty occurred in Australia and that's where he served. The bride was not kidnapped, she married him and went with him of her own free will. As for charging him in some sort of murder charge for hatching the plot in Alabama, that's crossing the line of thought police. Alabama, there are enough rumors about the state of Alabama as it is . . . Do you really want the reputation of arresting people for thinking?
for YHWH seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but YHWH looketh on the heart. history of Holy Scripture

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