Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Just Thinking

I took note of a case a few years ago in which a newly wed died on her honeymoon. I'm not sure why the headline caught my attention in the beginning, other than it's just heart wrenching to hear about or read about someone dying at such a happy time in their life. I mean, for many of us, the wedding is pretty much the end of the concept of happiness together, so I do take note. I remember reading about the young man that was killed in an accident on the way to his wedding, and recently the bride that surprised burglars and was found dead by her new husband in their honeymoon suite. I just don't like to think this happens, but I know it does and it seems I have to follow the headlines when the subject appears. Well, back to this situation of a few years back. A young couple from Alabama got married and honeymooned in Australia. They went scuba diving and she drowned. Now, I believe he was an experienced scuba diver, so that right away makes me wonder what kind of husband watches that happen, but there's more to make you think less of him. He had discussed increasing her life insurance policy and becoming her beneficiary before the wedding. Well, even so, that can be okay, if it's a mutual discussion. I remember my husband bringing up the concept of a pre-nup. Wish I'd gone with that . . . Anyway, it seems men are becoming more concerned about their financial security in marriage. I find that a bit bothersome, but I'll still say the evidence could be circumstantial, although I'm thinking he seems pretty questionable, by now. Funny, men used to marry for sex and women for security and now it appears those roles have reversed . . . or worse. Now, back to the "bereaved groom." In the questionable death of his new bride, he eventually plead guilty to some lesser charge and actually served time in Australia. Now he's come back to the states and an Alabama grand jury has decided to indict him on a kidnapping charge and some sort of murder plan or plot charge. Now, suddenly I'm not so happy with Alabama. I do think this guy is a cad and probably much worse, considering the circumstances and his plea, but come on, Alabama. How many of us women believe some guy is on the up and up. The crime for which he plead guilty occurred in Australia and that's where he served. The bride was not kidnapped, she married him and went with him of her own free will. As for charging him in some sort of murder charge for hatching the plot in Alabama, that's crossing the line of thought police. Alabama, there are enough rumors about the state of Alabama as it is . . . Do you really want the reputation of arresting people for thinking?
for YHWH seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but YHWH looketh on the heart. history of Holy Scripture
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