Monday, February 07, 2011

Today it's Not About Politics or Religion . . .

It's about football! Last night's game was fast and interesting. I thought it really moved and I discovered a new way to enjoy football. I don't have a TV, so I listened on the radio and followed Sports Illustrated Live Blog. It was wonderful. It was a new experience in football. I have to say, I was more than please when GreenBay won. I'm a fan of GreenBay, mostly for sentimental reasons. I remember the first SuperBowl. It was Greenbay and Kansas City. Greenbay won! And Greenbay won the second SuperBowl. Somewhere in time in the last 45 years, they'd been to the SuperBowl one more time, but last night, it was their turn. I enjoy football and as a woman, I think I get to enjoy it more fully than a man. I like the action and the power of the game, no doubt, but I also like the personal stories of the men. I just loved Vince Lombardi, Greenbay's coach way back when. Of course, the Super Bowl trophy is named for him. I was also a big fan of Tom Landry, the coach for the Dallas Cowboys for years and years and I'm not a big fan of Jerry Jones who bought the Dallas Cowboys and got rid of Landry, but that's ancient history, now. Tom Landry was a calm man that really got involved with young people. He spoke many times to address various Fellowships of Christian Athletes. Young people were important to him and teaching was important. Vince Lombardi was a passionate man, he loved football and I loved the movie about his life. Ernest Borgnine played him in the movie. Then there was the book and movie called Brian's song, about a football player that developed cancer in his 20's. That story dealt with the race issue of interracial teammates sharing a room. Gale Sayers was Brian's roommate and dear friend. I realize, as a woman, I get to enjoy their lives as well as their skills. I don't follow football as a religion, like many do, but the SuperBowl always brings back memories. Last night, I was very glad to see the Packers take the Vince Lombardi trophy back to Greenbay. It was time.
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