Friday, April 28, 2006

If Low is Negative, is High Positive?

I have vowed to myself and to my readers to have a positive perspective in these posts, and so I intend to keep my word, regardless of the news. I read this week, that the approval ratings of President Bush is at an "all time low," again. I believe for the past few months, each rating has a lower percentage and for several months now, he's been beating his own record. Say, he really does know how to "stay the course" and keep moving in the same direction! Not to belabor the low ratings, as that seems negative, let's discuss some of the "high numbers" in his presidency. Hey, gasoline prices have never been this high! Never, in the history of the United States and the United Nations, has one administration suggested and declared so much. We are now in 3 wars, Afghanistan, Iraq, and global terrorism, and maintaining this while military recruitment is beneath regularly expected quotas. I get the "forward" e-mails all the time about supporting troups and thanking soldiers, and I do pray for the troups, and I'd like to bring them home. In all the population that is in support of the wars, I only know one person that has a son or grandson serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. So, it would seem most of our populace are for supporting the war effort, but not directly and not personally.
Back to high numbers. Our current president has signed into law, more executive orders than any other president and he's only in the second year of his second term. There has never been an American President that has informed so many other world leaders as to how to do their job. I'll wrap this "high" blog up with the two topics of highest numbers in recent discussion . . . Never have we had a president that is so ready to increase our financially struggling, war-fearing, job outsourced population by some 11 or more million, an addition of nearly 5%?
If approval and budgeting were on the same continuum, I don't believe his low approval ratings begin to compare with the huge deficit our next president will be forced to face.
While his approval ratings may be at a new all time low, his "highs" also seem to be ever moving to all time records, as well.
The simple man has faith in every word, but the man of good sense gives thought to his footsteps.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Trading Places

Well, here it is the end of the week. Thinking I was already having problems coming up with positive solutions? Oh, no, I had to do a little rearranging of my plan after Scott McClellan announced his resignation, that's all. Those that are satisfied with the way things are going are dissatisfied with those that don't like the present direction. And those that are dissatisfied with the present direction seem to be aggrivated about everything. What I have noticed is, though, whether we are of the dissastified camp, or in support of the present direction and administration, there really are no solutions on the horizon. Therefore, I suggest, we set aside a day, and have some of the major key players trade places with either each other or maybe even some not so key players, like say the American citizens. First to the protesting immigrants, putting your flag above the American flag is no way to win support. It makes you look pushy and disrespectful, so, you need to trade places for a day with someone that has had to endure the ever changing cost of American living, while providing their own medical coverage and living on an actual paycheck that has the taxes withheld, rather than daily cash. And to all the Americans that do not want illegal immigrants here, you have to trade places with them. Spend a day, believing this is the land of opportunity and you don't have any rights to it. See just how many luxuries we have been led to believe are basic necessities. Now on to the leadership . . . Dick Cheney must spend a day as a reporter and a reporter must spend a day in the limelight. We'll see at the end of the day, just how low profile and low-powered Mr. Cheney really chooses to be and see just how much a reporter wants shared about their own life. I think, since I have had so many political comments, it's only fitting that I would have Mr. Bush's job for a day, and he can enjoy my life for a day. First, I guess he gets to blog about the mess he would have to walk into. It's been easy for me to say, we shouldn't have gone to Iraq, but unlike Kerry, I haven't changed my mind, I was against it before we went. I never did see the correlation between Iraq and 9/11, but now that we are there, I wouldn't just say we're done now. How could I? And I don't have an exit strategy, either, other than to say, get your government going or we are going to rule. If we are financing and protecting, then just sit back and we'll colonize the place, then maybe you can all agree on getting free and independent. You want water lines and sewer systems and TV satellite, we want to see a constitution in action! My last switch would be one that wouldn't really make any difference, because these two individuals just talk about what everyone else is doing wrong, but I think it would do both of them some good to at least have to change their style for a day to continue to raise support for their views, be it by opinion or finance. I would suggest that Rush Limbaugh be a freshman senator for the state of New York for a day and Hilary Rodham Clinton actually have to keep a listening audience for some 3 hours on talk radio.
For as you have been judging, so you will be judged . . . Matthew 7:2

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A New Attitude - Positive Ideas !!!

When I began writing this weblog, it seemed I could raise some questions, maybe provoke a little thought, who knows, maybe even make a difference somewhere. But, the reality is, people like believing what they believe, myself included, and really don't like their perspectives questioned or shaken. Tolerant people want all others to be tolerant like them, and they don't tolerate their version of intolerant views. Open-minded people want others to be as open-minded as they are and see things as they do. Those that consider themselves illuminated continue to strive to shed light on those with "dimmer" views. So, with that in mind, I've decided to change what has become my personal vent site to a weekly "idea" place. I think it's a great idea and I have one already. Oh, I'm still going to address matters in the news, but we all know the old saying. "If you are not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." So I am going to begin my weekly focus on a solution for problems in the news. And the first one, addresses two problems in the news. I have actually dtermined a way to use two problems to solve the other. Wow! Is this not a great start?
I suggest, since nothing was decided and Congress has to come back from "spring break" and deal with this immigration problem; we take a new perspective.
Let's solve some of the immigration problem and the Katrina relocation situation, simultaneously. First, we offer instant citizenship to 500,000 illegal immigrants that will step up, be identified, registered and agree to teach the Katrina victims how to find shelter and jobs, because the illegal immigrants have managed that without the aid of FEMA or months of hotel services, and without the aid of public transportation to job fairs. Okay, I realize that doesn't completely solve the illegal immigration problem, but I'm not finished, yet . . . Reinact the Homestead Act in New Orleans. Illegal immigrants that will agree to live, rebuild, and maintain the abandoned properties will receive guest worker status and in five years receive both citizenship and property ownership. Then we take it nationwide. Every town has their undesirable abandoned properties and I am not suggesting for a moment that the illegal immigrants should be second class citizens, but as it stands right now, they aren't citizens at all, so let them have the property to make improvements and provide them a place to live and get the properties back on the tax role, with an outlined timeframe and agreement.
Next . . .
We begin a citizenship lottery. That's right, it's simple, and it's not just for participation by the illegal immigrants. It's also for their employers, that are managing to save several dollars in withholding and other benefits. This is a wonderful opportunity for them invest in their employees. And as we have already discovered with lottery and casinos, it is the perfect way to address the added financial pressure that will be facing the education system.
Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


This is still pertaining to the subject of the last blog, because I am shocked at the coincidental events that have accompanied this trial and I am truly horrified as to where this might lead. First, let me say, I am in no way defending Zacarias Moussaoui, he very clearly stated how he feels about the United States. So, other than the fact, he just happens to be the one on trial, and by that I am acknowledging the large number of people that are not fans of the American way of life, and happen to have access into our country. I have other issues with this situation. I still have a problem with the fact that he had already been arrested nearly a month before 9/11. There were supposedly many threats through the past several years that apparently came to nothing. After 9/11, there have been scores of new laws and departments and committees made and organized. Are there really a large number of policy making Americans that would have enacted all these new measures based upon the word of one lone al Qaida reject, and accomplished it in less than a month, in our government? But, we must still now face, we, America; are seeking the death of someone that hates us, but has technically done nothing. As a matter of fact, that is the charge, he did nothing, when he now claims to have known about it. Now the next thing that concerns me is about this is the "would be" fifth plane. I thought everyone was all up in arms and all ready to declare war because the fourth plan that crashed in Pennsylvania was supposed to be headed for the White House. If he was supposed to be on a fifth plane, what happened to the other four terrorists that would have been "required?" And if he was just then, in August, a student in flight school, he would be ready by September 11th? I'm having difficulty, here. This is scary, because he is a scary individual with what appears to be a great deal of hate and very little stability, but it is also scary, because so far that is exactly all that has been proven about this individual. Now, on to my next concern. If he does get the death penalty, who and how many are going to consider him a martyr or a death that requires vindication? Not that I am suggesting we should be afraid, I've been against the fear propaganda all along, but if we execute someone for a death or 3000 deaths that occurred when this person was already detained, aren't we headed for a slippery slope? Remember, we weren't at war, when he was arrested. Are we really ready, as a nation; to exact capital punishment for thoughts? I believe this man is a danger to our society, but I think the timing is playing on emotions and fear and interesting political headlines. What do we do with this man? I don't have any idea, but since the charge started with an immigration problem and has escalated, we need to realize this has international consequences. I found it sad that the 9/11 emergency tapes were released to the survivors the same day the jury went to deliberation to determine his elegibility for the death sentence. And, I find it very sad, but familiar that the tapes have blank spots as to what the people are really saying. Wow! Blank spots in tape recordings, who would have ever thought of such a thing? So the survivors have new salt in this really not so healed wound and many of them will be able to make peace and find closure if there is another death? I just don't what to say to that, but it saddens me greatly. There is no way the death of a hateful man will bring back any of the people that died that day. Will there truly ever be closure to this matter?
Search me, O G~d, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

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