Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stop Spinning

I am having a very difficult time sorting out this Scott McClellan expose'. It seems odd to do this now and in the way he did. Like he's purging his soul or something for what he's done in the past. If it truly took him from 2003 til 2006 to realize what was going on, he's just not insightful enough for any position of public service, and even though politicians don't seem to remember who they do work for, they work for us. And the people that work for them, also work for us! He took this job to spin the war on us. The date alone indicates that! And in reading the defense and explanations today, from various people "in the know" at the White House, it seems even more confusing. Between confessing about the Plame deal and Iraq, Scott seems to have irritated just about every republican in Washington. I found Dr. Rice's comments interesting as she referred to the concern about Iraq in 2001 and 2002. It wasn't that long ago. I thought America had bigger issues, like 9/11, than a potential accumulation of weapons not aimed at us. So clearly, declaring war on Iraq, according to Dr. Rice was in the works in the very early days of the Bush administration . . .
Oh, and now Michael Chertoff says alQaida is nothing compared to Hezbollah. Great! And America is defending the government of Lebanon that gives them a seat of political power. I think what's left of this administration better compare notes and get their stories straight. Sure looks like Scott did.
Yesterday when I heard about this book, I thought "Good, I'm glad somebody has the guts to tell it!" Then I read the excerpts and the time frame and I just think Scott is an opportunist that spent 3 years sucking up and now he's selling out. He's going to cash checks for being disloyal twice. First he did the spin for the administration on "we the people" and now he's sold out his old cronies and who's buying his book? Some of "we the people." It hit the best seller list at, already!
He says he's doing this because of his religious beliefs . . .
My religious beliefs say "Let your yea be yea, and your nay be nay." If he really resigned because of his conscience, he didn't need to wait another two years and sell a book. We already know, he knows how to organize a press conference.
Buy the truth, and sell it not . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hillary, We Gotta Talk

I'm watching you just keep on swinging, but you seem to be oblivious to a couple of facts, I feel compelled to share. You cannot win, because it's already been decided you cannot win. I know you think you and Bill are well connected, but there's more to this agenda; and you, unfortunately have been left out of the loop. Obama has been running this campaign and the rules in it for some time, or his puppet masters have been. He decides what needs to be hammered about what you say and he can condescendingly refuse to deal with you or McCain on issues he's shaky about and for whatever reason, his followers take that as "being above the fray." Frankly, considering all the young people that follow him around like the old republicans follow Bush, I think it's some sort of weird charismatic spirit that draws those that cannot logic. I think your sniper fire comment was a dumb exaggeration. I think your Bobby Kennedy remark about June was simply a point being made, and taken out of context, but you forget . . . You are not the media's fair haired boy! I can say that, because I'm not running for anything, but you can plainly see how that little innocent comment could be turned into yet another racial victimization on his part. It was over for you when the black community turned it's back on all your husband did for blacks while he was in office. He made one comment and that's all it took for Obama to play the racial victimization card. And he's done it ever since. When the truth came out about Jeremiah Wright, nobody cared. The excuses were already spinning. Unfortunately, it wreaked havoc in everyone else's campaign. Even McCain felt obligated to refuse an endorsement, whereas Obama only had to say he didn't know about everything Wright said or ask for Farakhan's endorsement. I shudder to think what his plans for this country are, or rather what plans his backers have for this nation. If Obama is elected, the majority of this country will have chosen to be deceived. That won't be easily remedied. Look at how long it will take to sort out the last 7 years, and with Florida's voting problems in 2000 and Ohio's difficulties in 2004, there is certainly reason to doubt this present administration was ever the will of the majority. It was obvious in the 2004 DNC, Obama was the chosen one. John Kerry was a sacrificial candidate. Now that President Bush has a less than 30% approval rating, the powers that be, behind the throne, know it's time to make the move. You won't kowtow the way Obama will. He says all kinds of goofy things and then explains them away. That's what his puppet masters are counting on. I may not agree with all your politics, but except for that Bosnia comment, win or lose, I can usually tell where you stand. Obama, on the other hand, seems to offer his followers the stability of quicksand, which is just what the puppet masters have ordered. We've heard about his Grandma's bigotry as she raised him. We've heard that his uncle was the hero at Auschwitz, and let's not forget Selma, Alabama that made his birth possible, three years earlier??? The guy is a charismatic puppet. His followers think he's a messiah, and the republicans want a one termer that can be easily controlled. You're just not the girl to meet that criteria, but he's the man of the hour. I personally think that reflects better on your character than if you were winning. Feel good about this Hillary, when it came down to it, you chose to not be owned! And oh, when you and Bill are rehashing what could have and should have been, cut him some slack. It wasn't Bill in SC that made it racial, it was Oprah in Iowa. One good thing about all this . . . Michelle Obama makes you look attractively passive and femininely, demure.
For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive, silly women . . . New Testament

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We've Had the Answer for Nearly 50 Years

I have discovered the answer to the price of gasoline and the economic disaster we are facing. I've said for years, that TV reveals the plan and sets the standard for the next generation . . . So way back in the early 60's, Uncle Jed told us what was to come.
I think everyone remembers "the Beverly Hillbillies." What I didn't remember, until last night was the message in the theme song. As I sat on our back deck, sipping a glass of wine with my husband and surveying our simple life, it occurred to me. Actually it hit me like a ton of bricks. the Ballad of Jed Clampett tells the story, lo these 40 s0me years later.

Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Jed
Poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed
Then one day he was shooting for some food,
And up through the ground come a bubbling crude
(Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea)

Here's the latest verse . . .

Now let me tell you why the economy is dead
Why it can't be revived by Congress or the Fed,
Back in the 30's everyone headed to town
We've lived so high, there's no direction but down.
Oil replaced the gold standard, don't you see?

In order to "save" our nation in the 30's, the majority of the residents gave up a rural, agricultural lifestyle and "headed to town." The gold standard was dropped in 1935, but with all the transportation changes, from leaving the team in the barn to firing up the Sedan, we missed the incredibly obvious. I don't think President Johnson caught the theme in the Ballad of Jed Clampett, but when he dropped the silver standard, it was simple. Oil became the standard for the American dollar. Think about it. Even though America is "small potatoes" in oil production at this point, the barrels are still priced on the American dollar. What we refuse to accept, is the fact that the American dollar is based upon the price of oil. It's the new "gold standard," the black gold standard.
And when he had opened the third seal, I heard . . . Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say . . . and see thou hurt not the oil . . . the Revelation

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hot Potato

I've been trying to follow the saga regarding the price of gasoline in America and frankly, it sounds like a game of hot potato. Nobody is holding the answer, or wants to . . . President Bush asked Saudi Arabia to pump more oil, but couldn't get the King to budge, and I thought the two of them were close . . . The King said OPEC was meeting the demands.
Next, Congress hauled in the Oil Execs, again, only to hear the same answers to the same tired questions. Supposedly, the huge profits are completely out of the Executive's hands and the huge profits are not what is affecting the price at the pump. Well, okay. I really would have thought the Executives were making some sort of executive decisions for the oil companies and I certainly would have guessed that the price at the pump was related to the profit margin. Who knew? And oh, by the way, for all the pundits getting their listening audience up in arms. According to the Executives of the big oil companies, there are plenty of refineries, and they are only operating at 85% capacity. The oil executives think we need to drill where the environmentalists don't.
So far, no one is to blame, that gasoline is hovering around $4.00 a gallon. The suggested tax moratorium on gasoline for the summer has been scoffed at and belittled, so we all know that's not going to happen.
President Bush vetoed the farm bill, because we just can't have "all those rich farmers" getting breaks. In the grand scheme of the American economy, just how many farmers are there, much less rich ones? I haven't yet found the actual numbers as to the amount of tax rebate the oil companies are getting, but I do know big business is getting 1/3 of the rebate money.
With inflation, grocery prices increasing, recession, and Ben Bernanke's last appraisal which is worse than last month, I think I know why gasoline is so high and nobody is to blame and nobody can fix it. It would appear, the gasoline problem, as with the other problems mention, truly lies with the devaluation of the American dollar.
Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted . . . New Testament

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Real Change

Although I hear Senator Obama mention change quite frequently, I'm still not sure just what he has in mind. Maybe I'm not listening well enough or maybe he'll become clearer, once the race is declared officially, or maybe he's like every other politician and saying what it takes to get elected. Only time will tell, but I have an idea that I'd like to share regarding his administration, should he be elected.
For the most part, I don't have specific individuals in mind, but I think this plan would truly bring about change in Washington and perhaps reinstate America's, once valued reputation, throughout the world. This next four years, will not be an easy term, what with walking into two wars, a horrible economy, a terrible reputation world wide, and the confidence of most Americans at an all time low. As a matter of fact, the only people happy right now, will be the biggest critics, if Obama wins the election. But at least from the last polls I read, it's only about 30%, so it's not a large group, but it is an angry, aggressive one.
Now, here's my suggestion, if Mr. Obama is really going to make change from "politics as usual:"
Assemble a different kind of cabinet.
VP: Right now, I'm leaning toward Ann Coulter. It's not like the VP really makes decisions or even has to be diplomatic. The present administration has demonstrated that. I realize nobody is discussing race or gender right now, but a white woman on the ticket may not be a bad idea! She said she'd support Hillary if McCain was the Republican nominee and we know Hillary will back Obama, ultimately. That would also give us change, 4 years of Ann Coulter being quiet and polite. The way the pundits discuss patriotism and service to our country, could she refuse?
Attorney General: A Public Defender from the Midwest
Secretary of State: John Edwards, he's winsome, tactful, and clearly a negotiator to win
Secretary of Treasury: The Monopoly Champion
Secretary of Defense: a Grandma that knows how to resolved conflict and take control, but
doesn't believe all differences are solved by violence, and doesn't want
her grandson in someone else's political maneuvers.
Secretary of Interior: a Person of Native American Descent
Secretary of Agriculture: a Farmer that really farms his land, personally
Secretary of Commerce: a Person on a real budget
Secretary of Labor: Someone that has had a real job outside of politics
Secretary of Health and Human Services: a Fireman
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Someone that started over, without FEMA provision or intervention, either after a storm or foreclosure
Secretary of Transportation: a Father of 3 or more teens of driving age
Secretary of Energy: my Dad who taught me water doesn't have run the entire time I'm brushing my teeth and "turn the lights off when you leave the room," retired from Power and Light Co.
Secretary of Education: an Elementary Teacher of the Primary Grades that has truly taught what is needed for life and dealt with the reality of education
Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: a Viet Nam vet that served in combat, that wasn't an officer
Secretary of Homeland Security: a Mother that has raised toddlers and teenagers,
I realize this list needs some specifics, but it's a start, if politics as usual is on it's way out! This is the one area that I agree with Mr. Obama. Our country was much stronger and certainly more respected before the era of "professional politicians." Actually, according to American history, this country was at it's best when ordinary citizens declared the intent, penned the purpose, and established the laws.
The founding fathers were just regular people and Betsy Ross simply knew how to sew.
Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us . . . New Testament

Monday, May 19, 2008

Clean Up Strategies

The official hearings have begun in Texas, regarding the outrageous act of presumptuous authority taken by a certain county in Texas upon a yet unconfirmed phone call. All this trauma and they are still investigating the possibility of a hoax when the phone number is known. Now, on to the business at hand. According to a child welfare caseworker, the son of the leader was found to be just fine, not abused physically or sexually while living with his mother at the ranch. His mother, on the other hand, has now been told she will have to agree to psychological testing, find safe "living arrangements" and take parenting courses or she faces the termination of her parental rites . . . Why? She's not been found guilty of abuse or of allowing her son to be abused. If only she was some crack head in Chicago, every case worker in the state would be fighting to keep the family together.
I'm wondering how Texas is going to clean this up. I read that Texas is pushing the finances to do this, and frankly I find myself rooting for the people of the ranch.
I read some pretty startling news from Iraq. Seems we have a soldier that did a bit of target shooting at their holy book. Now he's been forced to write an apology, one US Commander begged forgiveness and another US official spoke a Muslim blessing and kissed a new holy book for a gift for them. Interesting tidbit, the people this pomp and circumstance are designed to appease are none other than the Saddam Hussein loyalists. And you know why they got all this formality? Because they didn't want Americans to stay if they didn't get it. The perfect invitation out of Iraq and we didn't take it. America actually groveled to stay and keep our money and troops in Iraq. And how does this finally get cleaned up? My guess is after the November elections, if the the Dems win the election, and keep their promise to bring home the troops, or realize there is no way out and have to start a draft. Either way, it's a lose / lose for the Dems. If McCain wins, I'm guessing we'll keep groveling to get to stay in Iraq.
My favorite headline, requiring clean up, is the tractor trailer load of spilled OREOs in Illinois. It's one of those messes that just really doesn't have a terrible outcome. The driver is all right, no other vehicle was involved, but two lanes are closed while they clean up the cookies. My thought on this one is simple and considering the price of groceries, it's a win/win for the afternoon. This a once in a lifetime opportunity for children to get to participate in civic duty and community pride. Block both ends of the lanes, park a big milk truck and bring kids from miles around to clean up the cookies!
He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in YHVH, happy is he. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Friday, May 16, 2008

An Enlightening Equation

I live in the state with the one term governor that "got all his objectives accomplished in one term" so he's not running again. And I am grateful! Considering, however; his age and his Washington connection, I'm guessing the rest of the country will probably be hearing more about this young governor of Missouri, in the future. He is the one that signed into law that Missouri no longer has to post the presence of ethanol, and we have confirmed that all gasoline available in our area contains ethanol. The reason for this indepth study is simple. We learned, the hard way, the damage ethanol can cause in the rubber tubing of things like mowers, cultivators and weed whackers. We purchased a nice Poulan yard tractor in 2005 and by 2007, the ethanol had already "gummed up the works." Last summer's repairs were costly enough in time and expense to make the effort to avoid. So, it seemed simple, we would just find ethanol free gasoline for our implements. Much easier said that done. Turns out there is only one place in Kansas for miles around that sells pure petroleum gas, but Oklahoma had more options. I take great pride in the fact that the American Indians are smart enough to know corn is to be eaten, not burned! And so, off we went for gasoline. It's pretty easy to find, once you get there. Across the road from the buildings with Dept. of Interior and Bureau of Indian Affairs and right before the Casino, there's a convenience store. Ah, the landmarks of the 21st Century. We got there and weren't sure which octane was "safe" so we made enquiry. When asked, they proudly stated "There is no ethanol on the place." In all this, I began making mental notes. Gasoline without ethanol and the absence of federal highway funding was 10 cents more than what we've been paying in Missouri. The price of corn oil has doubled in the last year at the store. It took 2-3 gallons of ethanol gasoline in the truck to drive to the neighboring state to obtain the ethanol free product. So, all in all, with Missouri's mandatory ethanol for the environoment . . . My cooking oil has gone from $2.48 to $5.29 a bottle and I now have to drive 25 miles, one way, for gasoline to mow. This ethanol is quite the answer! I'm so glad to be saving 10 cents a gallon at the pump.
. . . for these pine away, stricken through for want of the fruits of the field. the Prophet's Lament of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bureaucratic Hoops; The All American Sport

I've had two very interesting conversations today, both of which involved the helplessness of the governmental administration and the resignation of the citizens to jump through hoops. I for one, say, "Balderdash!"
My husband has had much personal pressure placed on him, to apply for disability. I'm not a fan of the socialist system of Social Security, but to appease those that have requested, he began his enquiry. Of course, that immediately begins "theirs." Not to go into too much detail, but my husband had major, major surgery that has left him an amputee. You'd think with something so physically obvious, the social security bureaucrats would be able to just look at a chart and say yes or no, wouldn't you? But oh no, that isn't how it goes. This isn't a matter of a bad back or some nondiscript syndrome, the man's leg is missing. It is clearly obvious to anyone with any degree of common sense and awareness, and I would think it would be even more clear to those with access to his medical records, which he released to them. Amazingly, at this point after nearly two months, the Social Security Administration has conducted an hour and half questioning period, sent two sets of forms which have been completed and returned, made another call and obtained all pertinent medical records; has now sent a letter stating they don't have enough information, so: "Dear disabled person, we have set up a time for you to come to our office in another city."
So far, however, the SSA has been able to track down which married name I had in sequence, and reported that to him. Glad, I'd already covered that info before we married.
The other person I spoke with is my mother and as far as she's concerned, democrats have ruined the world. The present administration has had no choice but to be militarily aggressive and his tax cuts are good. I personally believe that politicians need to have real jobs and be successful at those jobs before they are making decisions for all of us. And this is such a no-brainer. If a Democrat is elected, the last 8 years will just get rewritten by the pundits moving the blame, and if a Republican is elected, the "poor man" will be stuck dealing with a Democratic Congress, all the while forgetting that it was the American citizens dealing with 12 years of a Republican Congress that caused a Democratic Congress in '06. I say, it makes no difference who is elected, we're going the direction we're going and it's the average citizen that will shoulder the burden while jumping through the legislative hoops set forth by our fearless leaders and appointed bureaucrats.
. . . that whosoever shall ask a petition of any God or man for thirty days, save of thee, O king, he shall be cast into the den of lions. a Prophet of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I surveyed damage today near our home. We were just outside the path of the tornado that ripped through Oklahoma and Southern Missouri. As I looked, I felt heart sick. As we drove around looking at the devastation, the general consensus in the car was that weather is just so much more harsh than it used to be. I don't know that to be the case, but I couldn't help but wonder about a few things . . .
I've read a few articles about science trying to control weather and the fact that the "research" is actively being done and the attempt to control the weather is being made. It could be the meddling of humanity is what is causing the harsher weather. To that I would say, I think we'd best leave the weather to G~D!
I've also wondered just how many more warnings our nation is going to get. I know there are people that were innocent and undeserving, hardworking people wiped out in a moment of time, but I also know we are a nation of dependence upon government provision and faith in insurance and I don't think that's going over so well, with our Maker.
In many nations, when weather is uncooperative, the people observe religious ceremony or seek religious answers. Regardless of the beliefs, many cultures in other parts of the world believe that inclement weather is a sign that their Deity is angry. Yet we don't seem to even consider religion, beliefs, or behavior as a factor in the weather conditions.
Whether it's snowfall in the north or hurricanes on the coast, tornadoes in the midland, floods, or drought, I've heard reporter after reporter use the term to describe a weather catastrophe "In Biblical Proportion." Perhaps, before the next catastrophe; now, is the time to seek the G~D of Biblical Proportion.
Then the mariners were afraid, and cried every man unto his god, and cast forth the wares that were in the ship into the sea, to lighten it of them. But Jonah was gone down into the sides of the ship; and he lay, and was fast asleep. So the shipmaster came to him, and said unto him, What meanest thou, O sleeper? arise, call upon thy G~d, if so be that G~d will think upon us, that we perish not. a Prophet of Holy Scripture

Friday, May 09, 2008

Change is Needed

A negative attitude is contagious, and then when circumstances and expenses "feed" it, it gets big quickly. There are so many things happening in this world that are wrong, and getting worse and it seems my major contribution has often been simply to complain about them. That really doesn't do anything except exhaust me and offend others. For that I'm sorry. It seems public skepticism has been the only constant, amidst unprovoked wars, skyrocketing prices, and political hoo-ha! And even more, it seems to be a uniting foundation. If enough of us see a problem, I truly hope we can change it, because although I already knew, I seemed to have forgotten . . . complaining doesn't change a thing. Change takes more than observing a problem, more than somebody's promise, and certainly more than complaining, it takes an act of conviction. And the very first thing I can change, is me.
Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? - Messiah

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Change Brings Nostalgia

Remember when all the breakfast cereals included a Special Offer? All we had to do was choose our cereal according to the special offer and go home from the grocery store with big plans. I'll date myself, here, but actually life is already doing that, so I'll make my point in haste. For twenty-five cents + the box top, this was before the days of bar codes, one could send off for amazing things. On the brink of yet another postal increase, I might mention, the twenty-five cents included shipping and handling. There were stamp sets, special little pocket games, and of course, decoder rings. If only I had a few decoder rings for all this technology. Naturally, I'm kidding, but, maybe I could sell them on e-bay as antiques! Those were the days. There was always the fine print, instructing to allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. Once I had mailed my hard earned quarter and the box top from some box of cereal that I had to finish, because I wanted it, I went to the mail box every day, anxiously awaiting my Special Offer! Now, at 50, instead of waiting for something, it's all happening so fast. Every day there is a new something to learn about, to change our lives, or that has affected thousands of lives somewhere else. And every day, there is a new discover, organization, or investigation that we are supposed to believe makes us safer or better equipped. Today, in reading the headlines, I realize nearly every article has a reference or term that I Google search. The new acronyms for new departments of bureaucracy are mind boggling. When I happen across them, I recognize what they are, but I want to know what they really are! As the terminology to define the latest communication "connectability" continues to expand, I like to know what the letters actually stand for, even if I don't ever plan to participate or partake. I stopped carrying a cell phone when I could no longer get one without GPS. I don't want to be tracked, so I'm glad to know what GPS stands for, so I can opt out. Then of course there are the words that are defined and redefined by usage. The dictionary continues to expand. If I had known then, what I know now, I'd have kept better track of my decoder ring and if only I'd have had the insight to order extra ones back when a quarter covered shipping and handling and bought a gallon of gas.
There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after. Ecclesiastes of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

One Step Closer . . .

Two more primaries behind us now and I'm feeling badly for Hillary. I wasn't going to vote for her and I really don't share many of the same views, but she's worked hard and every step she's taken, she's fallen back and she just doesn't seem to be able to grasp that fact. Now, Barrack Obama, on the other hand is just getting "all talked up" by the media and it is clear that the media has a great influence on America. I would have thought there were a few more independent thinkers in America than there are. First and foremost, politicians are out for themselves. They want the office, they want the power, and they want the prestige, or should I rather say, they believe they deserve it. So, when I think about it from that perspective, all politicians are pretty frightening individuals. Although I don't trust politicians, I'm more comfortable with McCain and Hillary, because I think I'm savvy to their methods, so I know how I don't trust them, therefore . . . in a convoluted sort of way I'm more secure with them in power. I don't trust Obama, but I don't know what to expect out of him, so I'm really leery. I am not impressed with the liberal perspective in the media over his drug use and his religious affiliation. I know for a fact, the liberal spokespersons have certainly been quite vocal regarding the religious company kept by the neocons, and how many months did somebody try to prove that George W. had tried cocaine? Obama put his drug use in print and we have all gotten to hear snippets of his religious affiliation. I just don't know what to expect from him, but I do think it's time Hillary called it a day. I am not happy that I have no idea what the presumptive Democratic nominee stands for or has promised besides "hope and change," this race has become mathematically impossible to win. If by chance she persuaded enough super delegates to nominate her, that would only prove, the people's choice made no difference. If the super delegates decide this race, then it's clearly the choice of a group of politicians. There was no need to even bother to vote. The one thing that continues to be constant in Hillary's campaign is the fact that for the last year, she's done nothing, but decline in numbers. It's time to do the math and realize the people have spoken, regardless of who has done the thinking. We have survived seven years of this political fiasco, hopefully the unknown agenda of Barrack Obama won't be worse.
Why dost thou strive against him? for he giveth not account of any of his matters. Holy Scripture

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What's Happened to the Good Will?

I realize what with wars and rumors of wars and political spin and increased "consumer costs" and gasoline gouging and road rage and the myriad of miseries we read about daily, it's hard to even expect anything more than just keeping our head above water until the next whatever we're waiting on to make the improvement . . .
Meanwhile, I've noticed a strange occurrence at the Good Will thrift stores. I had no idea how much, inflation would affect charity! Is it a matter of supply and demand? I'm wondering. I became an avid Thrift Store shopper in the mid eighties. It all started right after a messy divorce, when I went on a diet and needed work clothes in a smaller size, but was trying to get back on my feet, financially and I didn't intend to stay that size very long long. I just wanted some "interim wear" so I stopped at a Thrift Store one afternoon. It was a great experience. I found some work clothes, found cute casual wear and all that for less than $5.00. It was then, that I decided, every time I met my weight goal, that would be my reward. It was a much better reward than my old methods of splurging when I reached a dieting milestone. And it worked. Rather than reward myself with a piece of cake for reaching my goal, I rewarded myself with a smaller sized outfit! And since the clothes were so cheap, I didn't feel the need to keep them, once I'd "undergrown" them. I just donated them back. I got good at this shopping, too. I actually had other people comment on my clothes and even a few asked me where I got such coordinated ensembles. Oh, did I mention, there are shoes there too? Well, now that I've waltzed us down memory lane, and realizing I've been a Thrift Store shopper since my mid-twenties, it's really been my lifestyle. I've taken friends "shopping," taught my daughter she could have twice as many casual outfits and still have spending money, and the great thing is I don't have a fortune invested in my wardrobe. I don't like to shop, so I wouldn't have the latest styles, anyway and I sure don't mind wearing a $2.00 dress. I can't sew that economically. But something has happened . . . The last time I went to the Good Will, it was as busy as the mall and the selection was quite limited and the prices were higher. I realize with this economy, more people will be shopping frugally and probably donations will decrease, as money gets tighter, but why in the world would the price go up when the merchandise is donated?
A man may be acting as if he had wealth, but have nothing; another may seem poor, but have great wealth. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, May 05, 2008

Well, There We Have It

The news today, seems so matter of fact, and the facts are just bizarre. It would seem, according to whomever . . . the price of oil is not the reason gasoline prices are outrageous. The reason? High profit margins for the suppliers and refiners. Well now, and I believe big corporate business is getting at least a third of the total of this economic stimulus package, from our fearless leader. So, the big oil corporations are making record profits and will receive a wonderful rebate, as well. And they can just boldly be in our face and say, "You'll pay it and we'll make it!" I also read as gasoline consumption declines there is less reason to increase the supply, so the cost will remain exorbitant. If this was anything else, I think it would be called gouging or extortion, but it's Big Oil in the USA.
Another interesting item in the news. Remember the FLDS? Seems the charges against the man that was accused, have been dropped, and yet the children remain in custody. There's even been an interesting twist in the events. A baby has been born to one of the young women and that baby . . . born in a hospital, has already been taken into state custody, as well. I don't get it, How could that child have been abused? When I read the rest of the headlines, I just can't fathom how secular culture has a better success rate than a religious one. And they of course, are still investigating a "person of interest" that has made other hoax calls and the phone number matches the one made in this supposed report.
The Memorial to Flight 93, that went down in Pennsylvania on 9/11 has been renamed. The design was interpreted to possibly contain religious symbolism of the Muslim religion. I'm not saying it was . . . but it has been changed, both in design and name. It was first called "Crescent of Embrace."
Tonight in my neck of the woods, there's a big meeting about Homeland Security and Biotechnology in the case of some sort of livestock epidemic. Oh, they are going to feed us and everything. I told my husband, I just didn't think I needed to go. It's clear that the plans to move the diseases to the heartland are already in motion, so at some horrendous point in time, it will only take an alleged phone call to start the wheels of destructive protection, in motion.
Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly . . . a prophet of Holy Scripture

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Fine Line

It's been said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity, so I'm guessing the same could be said regarding brilliance and madness. I went to town yesterday and discovered the solution to the consumer spending slowdown, as it's called in the White House. You know, I don't know if it's sheer brilliance or diabolical madness, but raising prices raises consumer spending!!! And so, consumer spending was up last month, therefore our economic crunch is probably about to straighten out . . . or so "they" say. I'm at the point, I've looked and looked and I can honestly say, the fine line is blurred to the point most people are still willing to play. It's a funny thing, as long as someone feels they possess the insight to see the insanity, they will continue to participate as the insightful genius, in their own mind. We have the "open minded" liberals blaming the big corporations, and it is those large corporations that are signing the paychecks the liberals are cashing. And we have the neoconservatives blaming everything from "those terrorists" to the Carter years, and all the while they believe they have earned the right for their best interests to be financed by the tax base. So, ultimately, most every American is willing to suck up and bow down as long as they believe they possess the power to condemn the mess. The blurring of the fine line keeps most of the nation spending, as they fail to grasp the impending and inevitable demise of a consumer based economy, rather than a product based economy.
My daughter told me, at the gymnasium where my granddaughters are learning gymnastics, there is actually an installment plan for parents to purchase leotards for their kids. That one blew my mind! I guess, though, with a credit card, we've been able to buy non-essentials on the installment plan for years. Right now, people are complaining about prices, but I saw cars at the Starbuck's drive through and I'm going ahead a purchasing a few items for down the road, that aren't necessary at this moment, but my money is certainly not earning any interest and who knows when the prices will go up again, so if I'm going to need it within the next year, I'm buying it now. See, we are all still participating, but "we" are each continuing our consumerism for such superior and wise reasons. Ha!
It is bad, it is bad, saith the buyer; But when he is gone his way, then he boasteth. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

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