Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Too Big to Fail

I've been hearing in the news for several weeks now, that our government is picking and choosing who will receive help and who will simply sink. This latest terminology has truly gotten me thinking. If CitiGroup or whomever is "too big to fail," but will, without government intervention, they have already failed. And to hear the rest of our economy is dependent upon the success of CitiGroup, then that should indicate just where our economy truly stands. When a young mother needs government assistance we hear all sorts of commentary, "she's failed, ruined her life, another child growing up in poverty" . . . but a corporate giant can receive government assistance because they are so rich and so important . . . and have been so successful. Why is it some in this world can fail and others can be held up in judgment and still others can simply take a trip and live lavishly on the money of others? As for me personally, one of the many that is not too big to fail, I am ever so thankful, that as an indebted government without a vision or a standard, brings billions of unbacked dollars to the "rescue" of yet another failed bank, that my G~D is too big to fail!
Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for YHVH thy G~D, He it is that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Torah of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cruising on the USS Ameri-nomic

I think I've finally gotten the plan figured out. First, in this exclusive cruise line there are clearly no need for cars. Got that Big 3? Next, we all need to understand there is first class and there is economy class, a.k.a. standard or coach. There are a few terms between first class and standard class, usually for the sake of expensive semantics. You may hear luxury, business or executive class from time to time. Now, how does all this apply to our sinking American economy while we still try to keep this luxury liner afloat? First we have to come to the understanding that just because we are all "in the same boat" doesn't mean we all have the same accommodations. First and foremost are our leaders and unlike a cruise ship, they do not bear the responsibility of the captain and crew. Our leaders will not sink with the rest of us, actually they will ride this calamity out in comfortable first class or retire to executive class on another ship with some esteemed colleagues. They will of course, continue to offer steering advice, and tell the rest of us in coach that we are all in this together. Next there are the executives and some of them warrant executive class and others, business class, this is where our leaders come in. The leaders, sort of like captain and crew determine the accommodations and arrangements, but again, they will not be going down with the ship. I've read there is even talk of pre-emptive pardons for some in various levels of the luxury class. Now, moving right along to the economy class. If you will look to your left, you will see plenty of opportunities for free buckets and containers. And if you will look to your right, you will find a few used life preservers and snorkels at a reasonable premium price. The good ones, of course are reserved for the non-economy classes to use in their transference to another ship. Now, here is the ultimate plan. For those that get in line to the right, while supply lasts, you will have access to the gear, once the supply is exhausted a select few will be paid to take a bucket or container, but not to worry, you will retain your right class status, none the less. When those in first class have safely embarked on another vessel, their seats are reserved for you. As for all those with a bucket or container, I believe we all now recognize the term Bail . . . Out. And that will be the task of those in the economy class, as the USS Ameri-nomic goes down.
. . . and there was a mighty tempest in the sea, so that the ship was like to be broken. Then the mariners were afraid, and cried every man unto his god . . . a prophet of Holy Scripture

Monday, November 24, 2008

NASA: Making Urine into Drinking Water

I heard this all last week and was generally disgusted by the entire concept, but then I realized . . . What's the big deal with NASA doing this? It's been happening on earth for years, it's called Public Utilities. Although I understand there is some sort of malfunction with the processing equipment on the space station. Wow! Would we know if there was here? A few months ago we all read that there were traces of pharmaceuticals in our drinking water. In this pill happy society, we know the pills aren't just getting flushed, directly. As we continue with our technological advances, I just have to wonder, why drinking urine is all right, if there are enough chemicals added and the process is "scientific enough." Call me old fashioned, but I just don't think it makes sense at any time. Anyway, back to NASA. I was truly shocked that the astronaut thought this was a pretty big deal and a great advancement, and yet in his voice was a bit of reticence. If he is on the public water system on earth, he doesn't have to go to the space station to as he put it, "make yesterday's coffee into today's!"
As for me, I believe I'll just pass on this refashioned beverage. If a beverage is going to be transformed, I believe I'd prefer something I've read about elsewhere!
Y'hshuah saith unto them, Fill the waterpots with water. And they filled them up to the brim. And he saith unto them, Draw out now . . . When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine . . .

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For the Record

Since we as a country don't seem to remember anything past yesterday, except of course, unless Rush says it; I'd like to preserve just a few facts before the revisionism takes over. I realize Republicans are already "preparing" themselves and the rest of us for the Obama administration. And I'm well aware that for the last 8 years they have desperately clung to some sort of blame toward the Clinton administration. I didn't vote for the President-elect, but let's not forget that he is certainly walking into a mess, a bigger mess than 2 years of a democratic Congress have made. Now, if recent history continues as it has been, when Pres-elect takes office, wouldn't he have a free ride to blunder and twist promises and it should all be blamed on the Bush administration, right?
And from the sound of Pres-elect's appointments, I'd say the change on the way, is virtually minuscule. It's going to be career politicians, all over the place, and many of the same ol' ones.
Now, just in case anyone is aware of any facts in recent history, let us remember this. Before this past 20 some months, there was 12 years of a Republican Congress. And before this past administration, there was a Democrat administration that spoke ever so smoothly. And before that, there was a harsh Republican administration that spoke quite sternly, with a democrat Congress. And before that we had an administration that was designated by Iran and Iran was rewarded with arms! That's right, there were hostages in Tehran whose lives were threatened if Jimmy Carter was re-elected. President Reagan apparently pleased the Iranian regime and made an arms deal with them. As a sad bitter minority prepares to blame Obama for everything, let us not forget that this same sad bitter minority has blamed Clinton at every opportunity, through the current administration. Even in the face of the bait and switch of the present administration, from WMD to Wall Street's Bailout, the supporters simply accept this as "unexplained" or try to blame the left or the citizens or the borrowers or anyone but their man!
I'm sure Pres-elect will not be perfect, no one is. And I'm sure some of his decisions will result in my being very glad I didn't support him or vote for him, but . . . he's certainly not responsible for the collapsing economy and the prolonged wars with no end in sight, but he'll receive the blame, anyway. I don't look for him to make great changes or even good ones for that matter, but he didn't start these messes and I have no earthly idea what human being could clean them up.
That which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is wanting cannot be numbered. Ecclesiastes of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Government in Action . . .

The Empire strikes and then it's loyal servant defends and I just had to share this short little account. I usually just include a link, but in this case, I had to include the actual article from FOXNews. The entire context is just priceless, and you'll notice the news value that the fair and balanced source gave this information about an incident in a Massachusetts town.,4670,ODDPennyBill,00.html

>>>City threatens blind woman over unpaid 1-cent bill

ATTLEBORO, Mass. — A 74-year-old blind woman was shocked when her daughter found a letter from the city saying a lien would be placed on her home unless she paid an overdue water bill.

The amount? 1 cent.

Eileen Wilbur told The Sun Chronicle of Attleboro the letter sent her blood pressure soaring, and pointed out that stamps cost 42 cents.

City Collector Debora Marcoccio said the letter was among 2,000 sent out. A computer automatically prints letters for accounts with an overdue balance, and they are not reviewed by staff before being mailed, she said.

The letter warned of a lien and a $48 penalty if the overdue bill is not paid by Dec. 10. The charge was from the previous fiscal year, which ran from July 2007 to July 2008.

"My question is, how come it wasn't paid when the (original) bills went out?" Marcoccio said.

Wilbur's daughter, Rose Brederson, who discovered the bill in her mother's mail, called the situation "ridiculous." But she said her mother, who has lived in the home since 1959, would likely end up paying the penny.<<<

I'm all about paying my bills, but I'm guessing it was simply an error in writing out the check and to be honest, I would have assumed if I had underpaid a bill, it would have already been added to the next month's. Don't you think Debora's comment absolutely demonstrates the logic in which our government operates? Of course the best way to handle this situation would be to get authoritative, right Deb?
When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, November 17, 2008

On a More Personal Note

My husband says I am critical, cranky, and dissatisfied with everyone around me. I told him, I thought he was right, it was probably the company I've been keeping . . . We all tend to want to assess a mess and blame somebody, anybody; politicians, Wall Street, pundits, or reporters and when it all boils down to brass tacks, or tax as the case may be, who is actually affected? I know when I'm fed up, it only affects me, as my husband told me does his best to ignore any complaints. And I thought, that probably is the same way the politicians see the constituents. Another interesting fact I've learned about our present leader and our leader-elect. Our President goes to bed every evening pretty early, which seems to me to indicate, the problems aren't keeping him awake at night. I read that even through campaign strategy meetings, Pres-elect had to monitor his Black-berry regularly. And just last night, my husband told me there was no resolution to my complaint and he was going to bed. He used to just take calls through our "quality time." This made me realize what is happening nationally, is only the results en mass, of what is happening individually. It seems that all of America is realizing just how insecure our future truly is, and it's got to be some body's fault, and nobody is listening to our complaints. I heard President Bush say the other day, "it didn't happen overnight and it won't be resolved overnight." Well, really now? I also heard him say just one month before the crisis was announced, that our economy was secure. Alright, so it didn't happen overnight, it took a month . . . I'm thinking this automaker bailout may just be some sort of smoke screen to keep us occupied while something bigger happens. Congress is finished at the end of the week and a new one will convene a couple of weeks before a new President is inaugurated, so I just can't help but wonder what is in store for us from Thanksgiving through New Year's. I'm thinking as the economy goes global, that making cars just isn't going to be America's contribution. Maybe in the global economy Germany or Japan gets to make all the cars! But back to our month with recessing politicians, and plans for new administrations. I theorize that this gives "we the people" a month to get our ducks in a row, while the officials wring their hands, debate, and take recess. What can we do? Can we adjust our spending, buy what's truly needed, change our habits, and assess where we are in life? Or just spend another month blaming the other party and the corporate elite and the welfare recipients, and gripe about trying to maintain our regular spending habits. I say, the only way to repair the country is with a new assessment, personally. We can change the economy by what we buy, what we spend, and what we don't. I chose Hanukkah gifts that inspire independence and creativity. I don't think my grandchildren read this blog, but just in case, I won't mention specifics. I did get the girls a keepsake and our grandson a special something from days gone by, and I kept these items under $20.00, and one apiece. The rest of the seven days, they will be opening mind challenging puzzles, crafts, and even a few home made items. I didn't go all out this year, and I realize prices have increased, but I didn't chintz out either. I didn't buy any of the trendy stuff, as I have no idea what is trendy. Rather I like to refer to our gifts as practical yet special and somewhat unique. We created a game earlier this year called ECONAMOK, long before the economy was declared to have run amok, and the grandkids play it when they come. It of course has a political, socio-economic theme to which our grandkids caught right on. As the months unfolded, I was shocked to see how close to reality the game has been. So this year, we'll have a new Hanukkah tradition. We'll light candles, play dreidel and eat latkes, and one evening we'll play ECONAMOK, so our grandchildren can be prepared for what the world will offer.
Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Friday, November 14, 2008

Real Change or Same Ol' Rhetoric?

The political headlines have been pretty catchy this week. Seems everyone that had nothing nice to say about each other are having dinner together and now have all sorts of good things to say! Well, I haven't heard about the Cheney Biden dinner, but GOP contenders are all ready to be supportive of our new president, and our new president is ready to cross the aisle in assembling his staff . . . I read something to the effect of 7,000 positions to fill. Now that's not new positions, just rearranging the current ones with new personnel. Just what will those 7,000 people that will be leaving do after January 20? Do they go on unemployment or become lobbyists?
Back to a change in Washington. I realize, since so many citizens are concerned about Pres-Elect's inexperience, he is going to surround himself with seasoned politicians as advisers. So what's change about that? And really, I don't want American politicians to harbor grudges, but seriously, if all the GOP thinks Pres Elect is a socialist, why would they be supportive of that? I'm not, if he is. If we're heading for socialism and infanticide, I don't want to be supportive of that, any more than I was supportive of war-mongering and the direction toward fascism of the past 8 years. Although I do think it's about time politicians were civil, this new wave of support just makes me think you can't believe anything they say, on either side of the the election.
Here's my thought for what it's worth. If Pres-elect wants real change, don't fill his cabinet and staff with seasoned politicians. Get real people involved, like the ones that knocked on doors and made phone calls. The Secretary of Agriculture ought to be a farmer or rancher! The Secretary of State needs to be someone that truly does know how to grit their teeth and smile through nonsense and double-speak. Okay, based on the Monica incident, I guess Hillary would be a good choice there. If Pres-elect really thinks what he said as he campaigned, then I think he needs to totally reassess Homeland Security, all together. We didn't have it before this past administration, and I really don't think we need it. If he really wants to bring change, let's see a Democratic President downsize government. This sounds like the same thing we've seen before. Promises, promises, promises, and the people will work and give up their taxes and the people will take jobs just to have jobs, and give up their taxes. Go ahead with handouts and perks, but get rid of half of the bureaucrats in Washington and that will be change. If anyone is doubting his patriotism, then let's see him do things the way the Founding Fathers did. Real people in real control of their own government. It worked once, but to get back to that would take true change . . .
she that was great among the nations, and princess among the provinces, how is she become under the yoke of forced service! a Lament from Holy Scripture

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I read a really interesting article today about the self-esteem of young people today. Turns out the self-esteem agenda may have resulted in an over-inflated self-opinion for the next generation. With all the "proper psychological buzzwords, we won't use the word arrogant. It's just that young people today have the idea that they are above the average standard, by about 80%, which of course is a mathematical impossibility. This generation that grew up in one parent households has a really distorted view of self-worth all the way around and have grown up with the idea that they truly do exceed the standard of average. Oddly, the research in this particular article compared the young people of 2006 with the youth of the 70's. I say oddly, but I guess I do know a number of people that are about my age that have kids that are just now at the threshold of adulthood. My daughter, on the other hand is already over 30, and I think she is at the leading edge of realizing an over valued self-esteem is highly over-rated, and clearly not what is needed on the job market! I find her quite amusing as she evaluates herself, weaknesses or strengths in the job market and security for the 21st Century. Of course I'm her mother, but I think she's got a pretty level perspective of what she aspires and what she can actually attain. She wants what her grandparents achieved. She wants to go for the gold, work alot of hours and achieve "comfortable." I've noticed the next group of young people, and they are just barely younger than she is, but still raised in single boomer households also have a college degree, but a lifetime of excuses and reasons to not apply. They would rather just be comfortable in their "if only" "would-a, could'a, should'a been" under achievements. And then there are the young people from 16-25 that truly believe they are all going to be stars, and if not stars, at least famous. This is the generation in which many jobs will be beneath them. So, I guess, fortunately for them, there won't be that many jobs, anyway. And fortunately for nearly 80%them, according to the poll, they know they should hold out for the high profile, high income positions of affluence.
What have we done? I know, as a boomer, I simply experienced parenthood from the knee jerk reaction perspective, and unfortunately passed that along. When I was growing up, we the young people of the 70's had just missed everything. My parents had the freedom which they flaunted regularly of being young people with working moms in the 50's. And the oldest boomers were already irritating everyone . . . what with political rights and constitutional freedoms! My parents told me I could do anything I set my mind to, but I only remember that being said when I had failed or not met the standard they expected. Could be I don't remember it accurately, but that is irrelevant, in hindsight, as that is what I based my perspective upon, as I raised the next generation to embrace self-esteem and love freedom. I think, however; a generation or a people truly only desire freedom and reach and strive to accomplish, if self-esteem is not nurtured in hollow encouragement and excuses, or becomes a foregone conclusion based on empty praise.
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why a BailOut Will Not Help the Economy

Well, here I sit blogging away like some gloomy gus, but it really must be said. First, I have to address the great line from Sarah Palin, since she has already commented on us "bloggers" sitting in our parent's basements . . . I'm older than she is and my husband and I own our home, and paid for our own clothes, I might add . . . Now with that being said, I read that she would be honored to work with the Obama administration, even if he did "pal around with terrorists . . ." Now, there's my non-partisan part in helping Sarah stay in the spotlight just a bit longer. I just can't imagine wanting that much attention, but to each his own. Now, on to the real topic at hand. We know that the auto makers are asking for government assistance, and we know that banking, Wall Street, and insurance have already received a government hand-out, but what does the auto industry's request really mean?
Our government is providing a TARP (troubled asset relief program) and on the surface, except for the fantastic bonuses for CEOs and really great parties and retreats that some are financing, it sounds like a boost for the economy. Actually when we step back and look just a little deeper or get a broader perspective, this bailout is far from a boost for what truly ails the economy. The BailOut amounts to nothing more than providing some money to corporations so they can keep paying their employees to continue coming to work. The actual product of the business has become irrelevant, and the long term need to keep employees amounts to needing employees to have withholding so the retirees can continue to collect benefits. Again, the actual product of a business is completely irrelevant in this BailOut plan. Bailing out the Big 3 auto makers is "only fair" after the Wall Street BailOut and banking subsidies, but the bottom line will remain insolvent. the Big 3 auto makers would not be having money problems if their product were providing a profit, but it isn't. Their product is only providing a place for the work force to come, and the work force is providing a withholding tax, and the withholding tax is providing care for those that are not producing anything except medical bills.
My husband and I went out to lunch today. We went into a nearby city to shop for Hanukkah gifts and my husband treated me to lunch. As we sat there discussing the shopping and the gifts and this blog in the planning, he made the comment that he had noticed a change in spending in some places, but not in others, for instance the restaurant where we were dining didn't appear to be affected by the economic gloom. I looked around and agreed that we had noticed a difference in some places. The stores in which we had stopped were not crowded and there were a number of sales that only a few years ago would have brought the shoppers out in droves. I also noticed in the restaurant, the median age must have been 70. As I looked around, I noticed a couple of people that were very obviously disabled or special needs and the rest of the crowd made me look like a kid. I'm 50 and without a doubt, I was the youngest diner in the restaurant. Only the serving staff was younger than I. So, this bailout on Wall Street will keep the group with the most expendable cash still spending . . . those that are living on their investments along with the withholding from their grandchildren's paychecks.
The problem with our economy is simple and it is this. The working class isn't producing anything the working class is buying. The main contribution being made by the working class right now, is withholding tax, and those that are working are the only ones contributing at all. Our economy is a shambles because it is capitalism based upon making money, not product. BailOuts won't help. Stimulus checks won't help. Certainly politics won't help. We need to become a nation that produces a product that is needed! The TARP just won't cover that!
But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven . . . For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. the Gospel according to Matthew

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In the News

I read yesterday that the President and President elect were meeting privately in the Oval Office, but today I heard what was discussed, at least one topic that connects with another! But then I also saw a picture, so obviously they weren't alone. So, who spilled the beans? I've wondered. The media says President Bush is pretty upset, but then his party says you can't trust the media, so we don't know if he's upset about something someone else did or if this so called leak is just part of the program. I'm sure the President elect is getting his ducks in a row to satisfy those that put him in office. I'm a bit skeptical as to who that actually was though. I mean with unemployment rates soaring, foreclosures at every hand, and the price of gasoline what it was through his campaign season, I just find it difficult to think it really was the average citizen funding his campaign. And if it was, then my concern for their finances was certainly misplaced. If Americans can actually submit their pictures and stories of needing food pantries and subsidies and donate money to a candidate, there is something fundamentally flawed with that thinking and those priorities. I'm going out on a limb here, but I would guess the same lobbyists that have donated funds throughout our political process have simply done so again, just in a different way. I'm no rocket scientist and I'm basically technologically challenged, but I could certainly sit here and press enter using different IDs through yahoo, Gmail, and hot mail, if I had a mind to. That doesn't really seem like much of a stretch at all. But that's just my theory. I just don't think Obama is bringing change. I believe, anyone that still thinks our political process is a two party system that is divided by partisan issues, is just kidding themselves or simply unable to process the facts. The facts are, Obama has voted for a number of bills, President Bush has sent to Congress, including the BailOut. The facts are, as the campaign continued, Obama changed his stance to much more of the same war waging perspective that we have already seen. But those are only my personal observations based upon facts.
Mike Huckabee has his own show now and he's considering a 2012 bid, again. John McCain, well I haven't heard much, but I hope he's being honored today for his status as a veteran, a POW, and a sacrifice for the GOP. As for Sarah, I'm sure she'll stay in the news, she seems to like the attention and I would imagine she's already considered 2012 before November 4. Again, just my personal observation.
I still don't see any politicians in place, newly elected, or making plans to actually represent "we the people."
Righteousness exalteth a nation . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, November 10, 2008

Man's Best Friend

I've been reading all about the first Presidential promise from President-elect Obama. His daughters have been promised a puppy. The official First Dog has yet to be found or chosen, but it is promised. I also read a comment made by the Senator in which he said something about a pound puppy, but then made a personal reference using the word, "mutt." Well, as a Heinz 57, myself, I'd like to make a few comments and offer some advice when it comes to dogs, but first I'll quote President Harry S. Truman. He said if you want a friend in Washington, better get a dog! He offered Missouri wisdom, and here comes some more from his home state!
I have a very special dog, that came into our lives just recently. We were just heartbroken to not be able to maintain a "farm dog" that didn't like free range chicken dinner. So, I prayed about it and I knew we were going to end up with a free puppy and there was some sort of abandonment in the details, but I wasn't sure about that, until . . . I saw an ad that said FREE puppies and called. The woman went on to explain that a female dog had been "dumped" in the late spring. She said it quickly became very apparent that this dog was going to have puppies. She had nine, and then when the puppies were 12 days old, she was hit by a car. The woman hand fed all these pups for the next four weeks until she could advertise them. We went that same day and I immediately fell in love with a short haired black male puppy with four large white paws, that we named Geronimo. Short hair is best for allergy problems. Our grandson is terribly allergic, so I made a point of choosing the pup with the shortest hair and our grandson has had no problems. Geronimo became part of the family immediately. Now, we have no idea this little guy's background, but I expand his collar weekly. We have no idea how big he will get, but he is certainly growing at a steady and rather rapid rate. Clearly a pure pedigree is out of the question, but every morning and every night he goes with me to do chores and he hasn't helped himself to any chicken dinner! Mutts are great!
I have two more mutt stories that I must share. When I was having a terrible time with my MS, I decided a dog would be a great companion and possibly offer some assistance. I went to a shelter and saw cage after cage of dogs, but none spoke to me, until we got to the cage up at the end of the trail. I was walking with two crutches at that time and when I looked into the cage of five large dogs, one looked back at me as though we were old friends, and we soon became just that. He was, as best we could tell, a German Shepherd and Golden Retriever cross. He was the best of all worlds. He was loyal, he was smart, he was great company and he was a big gentle giant. Again, mutts are great!
The last mutt story I will reminisce is one that came into our lives on an election evening. It was 1984 and I had just gotten home from work, preparing dinner, when my then 8 year old daughter came to the door with a puppy of some mix, and tears in her eyes. She said some people were going to destroy a litter of puppies, could we keep this one. His name became Fritz, named of course for our candidate, Mondale. Fritz was a great dog. We never knew his background, but he was small and seemed he might be of more of an ornamental small dog background, but he was the watchdog of all times, but never even showed his teeth. He always slept on the mat at the door and even though he was small, he had a "big dog" bark. People were always shocked to see what small creature had produced such a bark from the other side of the door.
To the Obamas, I couldn't recommend more strongly, a pound puppy. They are the best. I've owned a pedigreed pup or two, and I would never, ever seek anything but a lovable faithful mutt. Not only are they man's best friend, this girl gets pretty attached to them, as well.
A righteous man regards the life of his animal . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Unresolved Issues

I awoke this morning to a gay man in California speaking to a reporter, saying something to the effect of, 'We cannot be used as political pawns!' And I logged in to a forum complaining about the Democrat's stance on right to choose. I'm not going to belabor these points or issues, but I would like to ask just a few questions.
I'll start with abortion.
Dear Conservative Voter,
I realize you will be faithful to the party that claims to value life, with the word "claims" being the operative. Now I have a question with observatory comment. We have had, for the last 8 years, a President that claims to be conservative and pro-life. Until November of 2006, we had a Congress that was republican since 1994, a Supreme Court that is comprised of seven out of nine Justices appointed by Republican Presidents, and yet . . . nothing has changed about the subject of abortion. What is your party doing, regarding the actual laws pertaining to abortion? I've heard the rhetoric, but what was being done all those years of conservatives in power? I saw the anti-Obama add with the nurse talking about the horrors she witnessed at the hospital where she worked. I realize she wants to change legislation, but she never mentioned changing her job or taking a stand against this horror at her place of employment . . .
on the gay issue
Dear LGBT,
Just a couple of questions on this whole marriage thing? You refer to the gay lifestyle as "alternative." If your lifestyle is alternative, why do you want to do what heterosexuals are doing? How is that alternative? And, for general information, just how many happily married heterosexuals do you even know? The divorce rate is astronomical! In the very brief time Massachusetts has had same-sex marriages, they have also had to figure out how to grant a same-sex divorce. You said alternative, and you call it gay. Why give all of your lifestyle power to the politicians and the voting majority, which probably happens to be, for the most part, dissatisfied heterosexuals. Do you realize how much personal power you are giving up to be political pawns every election season?
The reason these issues remain unresolved is because they are religious issues that have been politicized. The Bible does discuss both topics and the Bible separates abortion from murder, and actually I don't know of a specific statement regarding lesbianism, but It does talk about homosexuality and cross dressing. The deal about this though, is this. The Bible is the living standard for people that are in Covenant with G~D and accepted HIS invitation to live by laws of the Bible. It doesn't apply to people that don't want to do it or don't believe the Bible. The Bible is not the book designed to ignite political hot button issues, the Bible is G~D's Word to man and man can take it or leave it. It really is that simple, and nowhere in the Bible is man instructed or admonished to sprinkle a few Biblical principles over his politics. Biblical principles and commandments are for those that believe It.
If you love me, keep my commandments. Messiah

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wednesday Seemed Pretty Normal When I Awoke

Earth appeared to still be tilted and spinning the same direction. I heard part of President-elect Obama's victory speech and he sounded good, but then he's always been eloquent, and I have no idea where he stands, except soon, it will be at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I heard part of Senator McCain's concession speech and he was absolutely sharp and defined, and every bit the gentleman, hero that he is. As far as I'm concerned, he knew what he was up against and I don't mean his opponent, but rather the reputation of the entire republican party. John McCain was at times funny, sometimes tense, but always he looked like he knew how this would go. I truly think most of us did. As for the President elect, the timing and circumstances were certainly on his side in many ways. I'm guessing there was no other man on earth that would have taken Oprah's endorsement away from Hillary last winter. There's never been a time in history in which the sitting president had a lower approval rating and no rising star in his party, so although I think P-E Obama is an intelligent man and gifted speaker, another time and another circumstance might have insisted that we know more about him. I promise to be at least as supportive of his administration as I have been of the last one. I do like his VP, however; a lot more than what we've had for the last 16 years.
I have an off topic issue that I wanted to mention today. It involves a telemarketing experience that compares to none other I've had. We were enjoying brunch when the phone rang and my husband answered it. I could tell right away, it was someone promoting something. He told them he wasn't interested three times, and that he was eating. The gentleman, Aaron, was so insistent, my husband offered the phone to me, as I usually have a knack for handling the telemarketers. I never hang up on them. Remember, we don't have a TV, and everyone needs a little entertainment. This Aaron continued with his schpeel, to which I continued to tell him I wasn't interested. He got his supervisor and she proceeded to go on and on about how educated she was sure I was by the way I spoke and carried myself. hello! All I had said was, "I'm not interested," repeatedly. Finally she explained to me that by not hanging up I had wasted everyone's time. The company was, Calypso Cay, a timeshare deal, and when I decided to mention this on the blog, I Googled "Calypso Cay." Sure enough, I found many complaints regarding their way of doing business, if you can call it that, and read many posts about very similar experiences to ours. Unfortunately, some of these people had actually given them their credit card information. I was fortunate, I just got a lecture from them regarding time management.
Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Life As We Know It

Today is the big day . . . Can you believe it, just two years ago, this all began and here it is the finish line? I've been reading the headlines, of course, and participating in a few conversations and forums. So far, my boycotting of the election has resulted in no applause or accolades, whatsoever. I have been referred to as a lemming and been called apathetic, not to mention lectured on my civic duty and national responsibility. Even so far as to be told I had no respect for what our founding fathers stood for. Let me just make a few comments regarding our founding fathers. First when our founding fathers established this nation, it completely disenfranchised the original inhabitants and certainly discounted the potential for someone like Senator Obama. I checked before I began typing. Black men were officially granted the privilege of voting in 1870 with the 15th Amendment, although some states still found ways to disenfranchise them as voters, it was federal law. Women were allowed to vote with the 19th Amendment in 1920, and American Indians were granted citizenship in 1924, allowing them to participate in elections in some states. Many states still argued the decision up into the 1960's. As for true patriots, I do not discount the men that founded this nation and considered other races and ethnicities to be of less value than themselves, but I don't necessarily have to embrace the late coming invitation. But I did for years. This year and I'm not saying it's a permanent decision, but for now, I just didn't want to vote against something or someone. I won't vote until I can vote FOR someone. I know Obama is getting many, many anti-Bush votes. I also realize he's getting many votes simply for the color of his skin. Oprah and Colin Powell have made sure of that. And I can't say I wouldn't feel the same way if a Native American were running. John McCain is clearly getting the anti-Obama vote, and the hang on to the power at any cost, vote. I know that, I heard most of the republicans pundits trashing him through the primaries. Most of his votes are simply because he's the one running in the GOP, and staying home, according to many GOP talking heads is like another vote for Obama.
Well, I'm no lemming, I'm not standing in line for hours to help determine which way we lean as we go off this cliff. And I'm far from apathetic. My latest book, "The Threshold of Technocracy," will be available on line at our website later today.
I am rather curious as to what the talking heads and the comedians are going to do after this election, though. If we have a President Obama, he's not going to be as easy to make fun of as the last one has been, and there's the whole political correct thing to consider, racially. If we have a President Obama, the talking heads will go right on trying to scare their listeners, but if we have a President Obama, they and their listeners will realize their listeners are no longer the powerful party.
Now, if we have a President McCain, I'm guessing there is going to be some question and possible uproar about the results to begin with. Once that is settled and if there is a President McCain, Tina Fey is going to be the busiest person in the nation, and you talk about job security . . . you betcha! But the conservative talking heads will have nothing. They can't trash the new administration and they can't blame the last one. And to go clear back to the Clinton years, well . . . that dog just won't hunt, no more!
I've heard one promise change and one promise reform, but American politics has proven to be business as usual, even through these campaigns. In the economic crisis, both candidates voted the same way, with our money. Change and reform is not a plan, it's just campaign rhetoric. As far as I'm concerned, anyone that spends millions upon millions of dollars of money donated by hard-working financially stressed and strapped Americans to get a job that pays thousands with personal perks, has no business making any major financial decisions.
Yes, life as we know it will be forever changed, but it is sheer arrogance to think America is really going to change the world with this election, either way. After this election, the American administration will continue to cave and cater to powerful expectations, the election results just determine whose expectations will be the most powerful!
Where there is no vision, the people perish . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, November 03, 2008

Every Day The World As We Know It; Changes

Well tomorrow, the world, the US will never be the same. Every day is like that, but these monumental moments accentuate that fact. By this time tomorrow, most of the voting booths will be closed in America, except Alaska and Hawaii. Interesting that it is these two states. In mentioning Hawaii, I read that Obama's Grandma passed this evening. I'm sorry that she didn't get to see the fullness that her grandson has become, but then again, I'm sure, as a grandma, she already saw all his potential! The Alaska results won't be tallied yet either this time tomorrow, and after seeing more of Sarah, I have nothing but pity for her. She is just pathetic. Is this truly the best Alaska can do for intellectual leadership? If so, I'm just sorry. I think she really tries to be cute and ornamental . . . and that's just not enough when it comes to American politics, except after 8 dismal years for her party. I read today that Cheney gave his endorsement to the McCain-Palin ticket. Great! A Cheney endorsement is just the last kick in the teeth this "debilitated duo" needed. I would think, at this late date an endorsement from Cheney compares to the need for a jump start at the Indy500 in the last lap. But then, there are the two swing states that are up in the air, and I live in one. With Murtha's comment about racists in Virginia and Missouri's inability to discern, as it is the "show me state" could there be two states this time that hold the key to the country's future? And the sudden tape revealed about Obama's declaration against coal mining. That might be the deciding factor for Pennsylvania, but I'm guessing it will be more dramatic than that. Wow! What drama may be unfurled tomorrow.
The one thing I do know, as an American, I heard first thing this morning on the radio at about 6 am. "If you don't vote, you have no right to complain!" And oh, let me mention a man that has a business near here that made just a cameo appearance in an Obama ad. He is actually receiving harassment from a local radio show and receiving very negative e-mails. I'd like to mention that whether I agree or disagree with his stand, it is his right to promote a candidate and I absolutely applaud his courage for doing so as a business man! I never heard the name of the business, which I find interesting, but I applaud him none the less, and when I do hear the name of his business, I will post it here and support his right to free speech!
Now as for the mandate "if you don't vote, you can't complain." My complaint is the lack of choice for a prepared leader. And so, after tomorrow, it has been mandated in this land with a Bill of Rights of free speech . . . for the first time, I won't be voting, I can no longer complain. Since our world, will once again be forever changed by an election, I'll simply observe, as an outsider. Undoubtedly, after tomorrow, just like any other day in history, the world will never be the same.
Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh! New Testament

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