Monday, February 27, 2012

Missing the point

Rick Santorum made a statement regarding the indoctrination of college students. First, coming from a college graduate, I find that curious to say the least. Second, I can't help but wonder what sort of issues this man may have, considering the fact that he was a graduate of Penn State and Catholic. Between Jerry Sandusky and Catholic Priests in the news, one has to wonder. My questions about Rick Santorum are not the topic of this blog, however. My question or issue is that he mentioned the word "indoctrination" and since we are so politically divided, both sides are merely ready to argue rather than realize the indoctrination that does go with attending college. It has nothing to do with conservative or liberal politics, it has to do with the programming that it is normal and respectable to begin adult life several years after one is old enough to vote or buy alcohol; in a pit of debt . . . That is not the indoctrination of colleges, that is the indoctrination of our society. Young people that have watched parents that have lived over their heads and deep in debt or wracked up the debt and simply filed bankruptcy, need to know, student loans are not dischargeable with bankruptcy, they are with you for all of your borrowing life. Student loans will follow you and the earning potential of whatever degree obtained may or may not be substantial enough to make the payments. That is, if a job in the field of the degree is even available upon graduation. There are some very grim statistics about the percentage of college graduates that move back home to look for a job and begin paying back their student loans. Since the idea of continuing to live off mom and dad as a college graduate seems acceptable, I'd say there is definitely indoctrination, but it's not in college . . . it begins long before that. It would appear that a large number of kids have grown up under the indoctrination that large debt is acceptable and a diploma or degree is status. Servitude with Status has certainly been indoctrinated.
The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More on the Economy

I thought I was already as disgusted as I could be, with the politician's spin on our economy, but I was wrong. I just absolutely cannot abide the blatant disregard of Americans' employment issue and cost of basic necessities. House prices are at a 10 year low, but the bailed out banks aren't very willing to loan any money . . . And now, to have "Made in America" dangled in front of us like a carrot, talking about reopening factories, and well, let's face it, it is an election year and the guys that are running have no clue what it is to be worried about providing for their families. Everyone in the race is in The 1%. After reading a few articles about our economy and employment, I discovered that just like last year this time, the recovery of the economy is once again riding on the "consumers." How did that work out last year? Oh, that's right, about the time we accepted that we'd pay more for food, utility increases, and got our taxes squared away, the price of oil began to increase. Go figure . . . To state that the economy will improve, based upon consumers, means this. Our economy is based upon perpetual motion, which means product and service mean very little, just keep the money moving, and the best way to increase the money that's moving is for basic necessities to cost more. That's what our politicians are spinning while they discuss giving "job creators" a reduction in the corporate tax rate. That's another spin story today. President Obama has unveiled the restructuring of the tax code and sent it to Congress. Now, is there anyone in America that really believes anything is going to actually change between now and the election? Much of Congress is afraid of losing their jobs, and rightfully so. The only thing that really gives this President any confidence in re-election, is not his amazing leadership of the past 3 plus years, but rather the pool of unelectable candidates in the opposing party. The politicians are going to simply hold and hope their opposition does something dumber than they've done. As for reopening factories. I've also read that bringing manufacturing to this country from offshore could carry some real tax-break incentives. On the surface, that sounds peachy, but who will actually be the investors of this grand plan to make Americans factory workers again. These stories about the factories reopening are really making me think I should read Brave New World, again. Of course, a reminder that the largest employer in the United States is the United States government. This isn't sounding like a recovering economy, it's sounding much more like the foundation for indentured servitude.
. . . Behold, I have bought you this day and your land for Pharaoh . . . Torah of Holy Scripture

Friday, February 17, 2012

Interrupting the Regularly Scheduled Blog

I have to post two things that simply can't wait. First, I'll be adding an update today at and second, I'm adding a new line of product at the Land of Goshen, LLC. It's called, "Baby's Botanicals." I'm not yet sure just how extensive this will be, but last night something hit me like a ton of bricks. I make several comments about the future generation needing to be the focus, and how selfish we truly have become in this country in regard to the next generation, when a serious pang hit me. Here I am making natural products and we all know or even are women that will spend hundreds of dollars on skin care regimens and read every ingredient in all the cosmetics, then we slather commercial baby oil, all over the most sensitive skin on the planet . . . our babies. I Googled and confirmed that most baby oil is mineral based and mineral oil is a petroleum product!!! I learned in massage therapy school nearly 20 years ago to never use mineral oil on clients, as it clogs pores and traps toxins . . . And then a few years later, became a grandma and rubbed down the babies after bath with regular old baby oil. I'm so ashamed! So, with all that being said, I already have the basic stage in the works and after Sabbath, plan to unveil it at the webstore. Our babies deserve the best!
The heaven, even the heavens, belong to Adonai: but the earth hath he given to the children of men. a Psalm of Holy Scripture

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who To Blame

Many blame politicians for the mess we're in. Many blame big business owners and bankers for the poor economy. More and more are blaming Monsanto for food that has no nutrition, and we're not even sure where to start blaming for all the preservatives we consume. Most of us would like to blame someone for the price of groceries. I, personally, would like to blame everyone who has embraced an entitlement mentality, because to me that just means an acceptance of being "kept." I guess it's easy to think of blaming anybody and anything, but myself for anything that isn't right, but I can't. I've been trying to right the wrongs, the wrong way! I don't need to have an elected office to offer opportunity to others. I don't need to resent or compete with big business owners to have a job and offer a business opportunity as well as a good product. I don't need to contribute to Monsanto's power by giving any of my attention or income to their products or those of their subsidiaries. I don't need to gripe about the price of groceries. I certainly don't need to judge all those that truly believe they are entitled to their government dependency. So, with all that being said, how do we fix what's broken if we don't identify the problem? We can't fix it on a grand scale until we address the issues on a personal level. I did think I'd run for office and have a voice and in that voice, the power to make people stop and think, but I can already do that! I don't need to set aside the plan G-d has for me, and I don't need to lose sight of my purpose to make a statement. I am an American citizen by birth, and I am a citizen of the Kingdom of heaven by being born again, so really I'm more of a diplomat or ambassador to America, and knowing that, it's easier to have compassion for those caught under the powers that be and even some sadness for those that have sold their souls for the power. I can't blame big business owners for a bad economy, although the term "too big to fail" is stupid. G-d said, "pride goes before the fall," and I think that is self-evident. Our economy is in shambles because of greed and covetousness. How many employees fought for their collective right to be paid more time to be gone from work? How valuable is anyone to a company, when they aren't there? And so, the companies looked for people that wanted to be at work . . . I'm not saying it's worked out well for anyone, but demanding more pay and more days to be absent appears to have proven to many business owners the value of some folks absence. As to the banking calamity, yes, the big guys made a mess, but how many people chose to live a number of years beyond their means on credit? When people quit doing math and started calling debt and mortgage, investment, we made a grave error, economically. If you sit down with pencil and paper and figure the cost of a 30 year mortgage, as well as upkeep, you'll find the only real real estate investment is land that is paid for and used in perpetuity! When working people decide to take a mortgage on a quarter of a million dollar home, they are setting themselves up to lose it, or never be home, earning enough money to pay for it. Certainly not the fault of Wall Street. Now, if we're going to point the finger of blame, because someone didn't refuse to give us credit . . . Time to grow up! If we're old enough to obtain credit, we're old enough to determine our limit. Now, as to our food supply, GMO, preservatives, and the prices, that's easy peasy . . . grow our own and home can it. A person can seriously provide a great deal of their own groceries on a very small parcel of land. So, now that I raise most of my own food, I don't have to deal with Monsanto genetic modification, chemical perservatives, or the high cost of groceries. As for the entitlement mentality, I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but it doesn't take a degree in calculus to see that between government jobs, social security, medicare, disability, medicaid, food stamps, and business subsidies, there are by far more people collecting than paying in, so although I do pay taxes, I don't intend to collect. I'm not paying in for me! I don't have to retire, none of us do. Everyone has been created to be productive in some way all of our days . . . Now, at the end of the day, I've discovered, I'd rather spend my energy on something more productive that pointing a finger of blame.
And YHWH G-d took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. Torah of Holy Scripture

Friday, February 10, 2012

Working Too Hard to Campaign?

More insight into the choices we have for President. Since I started my campaign, life has gotten busy! It was fairly busy anyway, but as we hear the "big name" candidates speak about the founding fathers, the Constitution, and "good ol' American values, I've been planting fruit trees, increasing my flocks and herd, preparing bedding plants, and expanding my business, which seems similar to the early Americans, to which the candidates refer. No wonder we're getting the leaders we are . . . Real Americans simply cannot put their responsibilities on hold for a year and a half to tell everyone what a great job they'll do "taking care of everything!" I realized today, in watching President Obama back peddle on his last decision and the number of times I've heard in the last three years that one side of the aisle or the other is stopping progress, that I really can make a bigger difference here at home in my own house, which just happens to be white. I don't have to spend half my day trying to think of an excuse as to why I didn't keep a promise, I just keep my word! I don't have to spend valuable time trying to invent ways to blame someone else, I try to spend valuable time creating and producing quality results that don't require blame to explain. I've made peace with the fact, an average American will not be elected President. I'd like to thank the folks that sent e-mails in support of the FREEDOM Party. It truly was inspiring to see that there are people who want something more out of American politics than just to be mad at the 1% or disappointed in the other side of the aisle. When I was a little girl I did want to grow up and be the first woman president, but as a woman, I realize that was the thought of a child and self-focused. We have enough people already in office that think like children and focus on their own self-interests. So it is with a bit of sadness, that I must suspend my campaign at this time. The best thing I can do for the coming generations is to impart knowledge rather than legislation, inspire accomplishment rather than dependency, and an entrepreneurial spirit rather than an entitlement existence.
When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. words of the Apostle Paul

Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Real Job

Now that I've established my new domain, "The Other 1 Percent," I've come to realize the enormity of the idea of having a "regular American" in the White House. First, I realized, most presidential candidates don't have a real job and basically have been career politicians, or schmoozers on some level for years and years, or born with a silver spoon, or all of the above. Romney is not regular America, by any stretch of the imagination, but most of the time he's pretty transparent about that fact. Even when he's trying to relate to "the people" he's obviously, oblivious to the reality of what he's attempting to address. And in that, I have to give him a bit of credit. He's an American by fact of birth, and even with all his wealth, he cannot buy the "real American experience." He and his wife do, however; look quite Presidential. It's easy to picture them standing on a White House balcony or a wedding cake. Now, on to Newt. I truly don't have anything nice to say about him, at all. I don't have any respect for him. I'll try not to say too much about the Gigrich's appearance, but suffice it to say, there's nothing Presidential or first lady about their appearance individually or as a couple. Rick Santorum had his moment, and he may rally, but I'm thinking he should simply enjoy the fact that he rose from relative obscurity to this point in the contest. As for Ron Paul, he is the exception on many levels. First, he did have a real job, he's a physician. Second, he's just too old for this task. And last but far from least, he's really supposed to be a libertarian that just can't get elected on that ticket, so he runs republican. That seems entirely to politically disingenuous to me, and politicians, as a rule seem pretty disingenuous anyway. Now on to Mr. Obama. He's of course most noted as the first black president, and even though he was born before the civil rights movement his life experience has nothing to do with growing up black in America. His ancestors were not slaves. He's as in touch with what it is to be black in America as Romney is with the middle class. I was no G W fan, but President Obama has certainly made G W seem personable and touchable, but I digress. Back to the fact that those of us with real jobs that are not in "the 1%" are really too busy earning a living, paying bills, and trying to be good neighbors, or committee members, or coaches, or scout leaders, to be able to campaign in the national spotlight, much less afford such privilege as the aristocratic 1%. I'm not at all pleased with our choices in candidates, and I'd like to see a real American lead us. As far as I'm concerned, while the "American Dream" is being discussed by politicians, if an average American cannot become president, the true meaning of the American Dream has already died. We need a president that can do more than shake hands, kiss babies, take photo ops, and beg campaign donations, and blame Congress once he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. We need a leader that truly knows what it is to live and work on main street America or a leader that has actually worked the soil of rural America. For any leader to truly address the unemployment problem in this country, which is what I keep reading to be the main issue, we need a President who has had a "real job!"
One who is slack in his work Is brother to him who is a master of destruction. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

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