Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who To Blame

Many blame politicians for the mess we're in. Many blame big business owners and bankers for the poor economy. More and more are blaming Monsanto for food that has no nutrition, and we're not even sure where to start blaming for all the preservatives we consume. Most of us would like to blame someone for the price of groceries. I, personally, would like to blame everyone who has embraced an entitlement mentality, because to me that just means an acceptance of being "kept." I guess it's easy to think of blaming anybody and anything, but myself for anything that isn't right, but I can't. I've been trying to right the wrongs, the wrong way! I don't need to have an elected office to offer opportunity to others. I don't need to resent or compete with big business owners to have a job and offer a business opportunity as well as a good product. I don't need to contribute to Monsanto's power by giving any of my attention or income to their products or those of their subsidiaries. I don't need to gripe about the price of groceries. I certainly don't need to judge all those that truly believe they are entitled to their government dependency. So, with all that being said, how do we fix what's broken if we don't identify the problem? We can't fix it on a grand scale until we address the issues on a personal level. I did think I'd run for office and have a voice and in that voice, the power to make people stop and think, but I can already do that! I don't need to set aside the plan G-d has for me, and I don't need to lose sight of my purpose to make a statement. I am an American citizen by birth, and I am a citizen of the Kingdom of heaven by being born again, so really I'm more of a diplomat or ambassador to America, and knowing that, it's easier to have compassion for those caught under the powers that be and even some sadness for those that have sold their souls for the power. I can't blame big business owners for a bad economy, although the term "too big to fail" is stupid. G-d said, "pride goes before the fall," and I think that is self-evident. Our economy is in shambles because of greed and covetousness. How many employees fought for their collective right to be paid more time to be gone from work? How valuable is anyone to a company, when they aren't there? And so, the companies looked for people that wanted to be at work . . . I'm not saying it's worked out well for anyone, but demanding more pay and more days to be absent appears to have proven to many business owners the value of some folks absence. As to the banking calamity, yes, the big guys made a mess, but how many people chose to live a number of years beyond their means on credit? When people quit doing math and started calling debt and mortgage, investment, we made a grave error, economically. If you sit down with pencil and paper and figure the cost of a 30 year mortgage, as well as upkeep, you'll find the only real real estate investment is land that is paid for and used in perpetuity! When working people decide to take a mortgage on a quarter of a million dollar home, they are setting themselves up to lose it, or never be home, earning enough money to pay for it. Certainly not the fault of Wall Street. Now, if we're going to point the finger of blame, because someone didn't refuse to give us credit . . . Time to grow up! If we're old enough to obtain credit, we're old enough to determine our limit. Now, as to our food supply, GMO, preservatives, and the prices, that's easy peasy . . . grow our own and home can it. A person can seriously provide a great deal of their own groceries on a very small parcel of land. So, now that I raise most of my own food, I don't have to deal with Monsanto genetic modification, chemical perservatives, or the high cost of groceries. As for the entitlement mentality, I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but it doesn't take a degree in calculus to see that between government jobs, social security, medicare, disability, medicaid, food stamps, and business subsidies, there are by far more people collecting than paying in, so although I do pay taxes, I don't intend to collect. I'm not paying in for me! I don't have to retire, none of us do. Everyone has been created to be productive in some way all of our days . . . Now, at the end of the day, I've discovered, I'd rather spend my energy on something more productive that pointing a finger of blame.
And YHWH G-d took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. Torah of Holy Scripture
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