Monday, March 31, 2008

Grocery Shopping

I've read two different articles and received unrelated e-mail, all addressing the high cost of grocery shopping. One article stated the average cost of groceries for a family of four for a month is over $900.00. Let us not forget that this same family of four is probably a two income household, meaning the price of getting to work and the store has nearly doubled in the last two years, also. My daughter has shared with me on more than one occasion that their grocery bill is getting astronomical and her three children eat lunch at school. Mom and Dad both work, don't pack a lunch and just to have dinner together and eat on week-ends, the grocery bill exceeds $150.00 per week. I haven't checked restaurant prices, but if food has gone up, I'm guessing the menu reflects that, not to mention driving to a restaurant is just one more time of starting the engine and draining a bit more gasoline out of the tank and out of the budget. I make our bread, we have chickens and I milk goats every day, so I'm not directly dealing with the high cost of eggs and milk; and until wheat skyrocketed, the flour was still fairly reasonable for baking. We raise our own vegetables and some fruit, so our trip to the store is basically for coffee, flour, and sugar. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a gourmet coffee creamer and citrus fruit. We buy paper products and cleaning products. Actually, baking and preserving supplies are going up, right along with everything else, but when I shop, I realize I'm getting out of there pretty inexpensively, by comparison and I've noticed the prices on just the few items we purchase. I used to be able to go to the market once a month, get what we needed and a bit of change from a $100.00 bill. Now, when I go, I'm spending the full $100.00 and breaking another one, with little to show for the increase. Technically, our food bill should include what I spend at the feed store, which is also increasing, regularly.
Our daughter mentioned that her family's trip to the grocery store came in, just under $300.00 and she said there were no cigarettes, no liquor, and she thanked us that there was no need to buy butter or eggs.
The only people that are receiving any relief in this are those on Social Security that automatically get their COLA. And they are the ones telling everyone else how to manage . . . I'll just leave that where it is, for now.
What are these young families going to do? How are they going to be able to provide proper nutrition for their children? I fear, there is another government program on the way to assist these young struggling families. The best thing the government could do to help these young families feed their children, is to quit making the young hardworking taxpayers feed this oversized, voracious government.
And the plenty shall not be known in the land by reason of that famine following; for it shall be very grievous. Torah of Holy Scripture

Friday, March 28, 2008

First Amendment Right?

I read a very sad news story this week about an eleven year old girl that died and in the midst of her family's grief, her death is being investigated, and her siblings have been questioned and examined. I've tried to follow everything I can about this case for several reasons. One, I'm praying for her family. Two, I want to know how invasive our government can be against our beliefs, and three, although my very adult husband did survive, I was faced with a family inquisition regarding my religious beliefs and his illness.
I am concerned on many levels how this turns out and how this family fares through this time of loss and grief. Yesterday's "fair and balanced" headline gave me quite a start. Police Investigating Family Who Prayed Rather Than Helping Gravely Ill Daughter,2933,342249,00.html . I underlined the word "rather." How does a Christian nation consider prayer not helpful? How does something that calls itself fair and balanced, only cater to science based faith? What about those of us who do believe G~D heals? Will we all be ostracized criminals?
Having a child die, is a horrible sadness to parents, much less dealing with investigations, the other children's stability, and prejudicial headlines. What kind of heathen belief is being represented in this headline?
I remember when my husband got very sick. Now mind you, he's not a child, he was 56 at the time, and he didn't want to go to the doctor. Granted, he was introduced to Scriptural health after he met me, but I never pushed it or insisted upon it. Unlike the statement this little girl's family made, I do not believe in doctors, but I will take anyone that wants to go to one. And I'll visit someone or call when they are in the hospital. At any rate, I prayed and G~D told me he would not heal my husband according to my faith, and my husband was not getting better. I told him what G~D had told me, so in listening to all of my husband's reasons and excuses for this illness, I called his mother and asked the low-down. Before the end of the conversation, he promised her if he didn't get better, he'd see a doctor. I already knew what that meant. As those of us that walk by faith know, once you make back-up arrangements, if G~D doesn't . . . you're going to need those back up arrangements. I'm sure that's where this little girl's parents were, as well. They called family wanting prayer and got what I was faced with, when I made the call to take him to the hospital. He'd already promised his mother and as a Scriptural woman, I cannot spiritually lead my husband, so to the hospital he went. It was bad and I was told to call family, and so I did. It wasn't two hours later that my sister-in-law showed up acting like "someone had dropped a house on her sister" and then it got worse. Now, my husband did survive, and my faith was raked over the coals and my heart just breaks for these people who are faced with the overwhelming loss of their child and the stupidity of a religiously heathen belief system. These people have the right to choose their religion and religious expression according to the First Amendment. According to their beliefs, although they miss her, their daughter is now out of pain and either awaiting the resurrection or already perfect in paradise. Can anyone that would have offered "help" prove otherwise? And just who is it that will determine who gets to practice their beliefs and who has to bow down to the cultural norms? Who is it that will define freedom of religion and whose religion will we be required to acknowledge by law?
If it be so, our G~d whom we serve is able to deliver us . . . But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor bow down. a prophet of Holy Scripture

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Just Can't Make Sense of This

Suddenly, Saddam Hussein's picture is back in the news with information regarding his last days, and these pictures and headlines, even the snippets always evoke something in me that I just can't put to rest. It truly disturbs my peace. I'm not defending Saddam's style of leadership by any means, but considering all the things that are going on in the world, it was my President that took my country to invade his and murder him and I don't have a good feeling about that. I mean that Nasrallah of Hezbollah in Lebanon seems much more hateful toward America, and let us not forget Iran's Ahmadinejad, or Mr. Chavez. Not to mention Saudi wrote the passports of the 9/11 terrorists and that nation is always lopping somebody's head off over offending some religious police rule. It was also my President that elevated the terrorist organization, Hamas, into a political party with power. These snippets and pics of Saddam Hussein always bring back all this information and I just wonder why my country sits back and takes it in stride and why the rest of the world is so accepting of the fact that any country can decide to depose someone else and basically the rest of the world will stand by and whistle. I don't know why he decided to attack Iraq when we still hadn't caught Osama bin Laden, and I don't understand why our "ally" Pakistan won't grant us access to the mountains where we supposedly think he's hiding. I don't understand these things and I don't like the fact that life simply goes on like none of these things are of consequence. I don't like the fact that over 4,000 young Americans have died in Iraq and to call it a pointless war, somehow dishonors them. I guess the question I have now added to all these is one of Saddam, himself. If he had weapons of mass destruction and he knew his country was about to be invaded, why in the world didn't he use them? I know America would!
It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm really rather tired of situational ethics, double standards, and lop-sided perspectives, but I live in America and it's an election year, so I'm sure I am going to get much more tired of it, long before it stops!
The latest Pundit commentary on the housing market is just deplorable. All I'm hearing is how good it is that housing prices have gone down. Funny, the six years previous, we heard how good the economy was based upon the value of "the market." Which is it? I'm quite sure the people that have gotten trapped into a mortgage coming due and taking a loss on their home don't share the pundits' enthusiasm for the reduction in real estate prices. Besides, with the government bailing out the lenders and investment banking, mortgages and loans just aren't as easy to come by. It would seem this is going to open a whole new door for rental property, and ultimately the "working class" will not be home owners. This may possibly be the transition in our society to become more Orwellian like provided housing for those working in a service economy.
I really wish Hillary hadn't put her foot in her mouth so many times already. Because I would truly like her to be heard regarding Obama's pastor. I think that man is a hate-monger and he's scary. I've wondered since I did a bit of research about him, just what the deal is. Why did Obama stay in a church in which he fundamentally disagreed with the Pastor? Staying because the guy officiated at his wedding and baptized his kids doesn't really sound like the reasoning of a man about change. Obviously, if Obama is all about change, it's going to be our valued traditions that get shaken, not his.
Obama is really getting transparent, now. He's going to play dirty politics without owning up to it. He's going to put Hillary on the defensive, sidetrack the campaigns, and all as a victim of her having started it. The longer he speaks, the less I want to hear what he has to say. As to Hillary's memory . . . She needs to keep it straight and not use political terms like misspoke. The rest of us call her recent version of the event in Bosnia, a lie.
John McCain staying out of the fray. So far, he seems to be the man with a plan. If nothing else, he's not involved in the mudslinging and he's certainly not chancing being misquoted or misspoken. All things considered, he's looking the sharpest this week!
Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend . . .

Is simply unsound, illogical thinking. I've noticed a few items in the news that just are truly making less sense every day. First, I was shocked that some American journalist/minister in Israel was shocked that Dick Cheney was as disappointing as the rest of "them." Bush, Rice, etc. regarding the Roadmap to Peace for Israel and the Palestinians. I, personally, found Dick Cheney to be a diplomatic disappointment and a bit too pugnacious, immediately in 2001. I thought he was ringleader of warmongering and fear incitement. But then again, the American journalist/minister that made the comment, has been in Israel for quite some time, so perhaps he hasn't had the opportunity to see Cheney in his "natural state."
Which brings me to my next curiosity. I would imagine everyone with an Internet connection has seen the "boycott CITGO" SPE-mail. We are supposed to boycott CITGO because Chavez owns it and he called President Bush, Satan. Well, I'm not so keen on sending my gasoline dollars to the country that printed passports for the 9/11 terrorists, either, but that's also happening. Back to Chavez for a minute. His country and Columbia are having a bit of spat and America has promised backing for Columbia if they need it . . . because Chavez is our enemy. If Columbia were truly our friend, would coffee be so expensive? So, Columbia, how about a reasonably priced cup of JOE between friends? And for all the SPE-mail reading and sending Americans, gasoline is gasoline. All the foreign oil is coming from somebody that doesn't like us, and domestic oil is capped, so boycott away, if it seems the patriotic thing to do!
And now to address what Mr. Chavez said about the President of the United States. George W. Bush is not Satan. Satan is crafty, Mr. Bush is not. Satan is deceptively convincing, Mr. Bush is not. Well only to a few really faithful followers. Satan promises wealth and ease, Mr. Bush has done nothing but promise difficulties and fear. Satan is popular in his power, clearly Mr. Bush is not. And Scripture says Satan can appear as an angel of light, whereas Mr. Bush appears rather dim.
Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice? a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ok, In Review

I read the headlines this morning on FOXNews, because I didn't have much time at that point in the day and we all know it is the source of "fair and balanced" reporting.
Knowing that the Federal Reserve has done everything in it's power in the last couple of months to bail out the mortgage lenders, the banks, and the Stock Market, with the most recent being only yesterday. Considering how busy the Feds have been at the expense of the taxpayers grandchildren, you'd think yesterday's events would still be news. It was a pretty flashy headline by late afternoon, yesterday, that the market closed UP 400. Now today, I had to wade through the "bigger headlines."
With Cheney in the Middle East and President Bush addressing the Pentagon on the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, you'd think there would be a monumental headline or two, now wouldn't you, but I found one article about an 80 year old that was a protester. I saw the picture of the protest graffiti on the recruiting station in Wisconsin, but I had to look for information about the President's speech and I read on CNN about Cheney talking about Iran and nukes, again.
I'll share just a few headlines from the FOXNews home page this morning, and considering world events, I find it nothing less than I've come to expect from FOX.
Obama is talking about Hillary and her records as first lady are now public. The ex-fiance of the "runaway bride" got married to someone else. A headline that said a man was gunned down in his driveway by a "killer robot" only to read and discover it was some sort of technological suicide. A surgeon removed the wrong kidney from a patient with kidney cancer, and a woman went for leg surgery and received some sort of anal sphincter repair surgery.
I realize these last two circumstances are horrendous and I truly hope the doctors lose their licenses and the institutions are sued to the hilt. I'm happy for the guy that was made famous by his ditzy girl friend and I'm sorry the old guy chose a complex suicide.
But what I don't understand is how a Presidential Speech to the Pentagon doesn't make the top headline and why the American people aren't being kept informed regarding our VP with a jumpy trigger finger.
How our President can continue to tout this rhetoric to camouflage the wrong decision to invade Iraq, I just don't know, and how any of his followers can continue to defend such an outrageous act is beyond me. Now, on a side note. Obama keeps bringing up Hillary's voting record regarding Iraq. You know what, as wrong as it was to invade Iraq, Hillary was representing the choice of her constituents. New York wanted the war in Iraq. Although I'm not a big fan of hers, that was one time, she didn't choose her own interests, over representing the people.
Here is what I've now found in an article at FOXNews.
"The battle in Iraq has been longer and harder and more costly than we anticipated," Bush said.
But, he added, before an audience of Pentagon brass, soldiers and diplomats: "The battle in Iraq is noble, it is necessary, and it is just. And with your courage, the battle in Iraq will end in victory."

Although I agree with the first quote, and I have to question why anyone that could make this statement would ever be considered a leader with any spiritual wisdom at all, since the Bible specifically states we are to count the cost before beginning. But the second quote is all precisely opposite of reality, with the exception of the fact, since we started it, we have no choice but to finish it. There is nothing noble about invading the wrong country in angry aggression. There was no necessity in attacking. We were in no imminent danger from Iraq and Hussein was a wonderful buffer between Iran and the rest of the world. As to a wrong war against a non aggressive sovereign nation, I don't see anything that would be considered "just" in that move. I realize Saddam refused to show us what he didn't have . . . and we never found. We Americans can't even get straight answers out of our own leaders, why in the world did our leader expect Saddam to answer to him anyway?
Without specifics, Bush decried those who have "exaggerated estimates of the costs of this war."
"War critics can no longer credibly argue that we are losing in Iraq, so now they argue the war costs too much," he said.

I simply must respond to his quote that closed the article. As a war critic, that was a war critic before it started and even when it was popular, I have never argued winning or losing. The cost in human life and future freedoms was done with absolutely no accountability. As a critic of the war, it's still not about winning or losing, it's about the fact that it was unnecessary when we went and now we can't leave until Iraq is stable. America destablized the entire Middle East on bad intelligence, an old grudge, or simply an aggressive whim.
Hardly noble, necessary, or just. If our leader had been led of G~D to do this, there would have been victory, not five years of an empty promise of such. If attacking the war critics is the best he can do five years later, that says so much more than anything else I could add.
Good understanding giveth favour: but the way of transgressors is hard. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The High Cost of a Band-Aid from the Feds . . .

I read an article today that really caught my attention. According to this article, and I have included other statements found therein, the morning the Feds met, January 22, 2008 the interest rate was 4.25% with a drop expected. Now, less that 2 months later, the interest rate is 2.25%. Although I realize math has nothing really to do with our American economy, our interest rates have dropped an average of 1 full percentage point a month. I find that fact to be mathematically frightening. At the present rate of economic "slow growth" and the current trend of governmental "short falls" in both function and finance, we have just a little over two months before we have no interest rate left to manipulate.
I really don't blame this entire financial crisis on our present administration. It's been "trickling down" for over 25 years. I believe it was our current President's father that called this plan of Ronald Reagan's "voodoo economics," and yet his son followed the Reaganomic plan and here we are today! I am well aware that the Clinton years were simply a matter of creative bookkeeping with great favors offered at some really high prices. I was pretty sure before Clinton was ever re-elected that both Mexico and China had a more than casual "interest" in our economy.
I think what bothers me the most is the fact that we've been being told one thing, while we can clearly see something else. That's what I've had against this administration all along. I don't care if it's bad intelligence, poor insight, bad math skills or just plain ol' political lies, the outcome has been the same in every situation. We're told everything is under control, and then it takes more just to attempt to stabilize. It doesn't matter whether it's a war in the wrong country, Wall Street, outsourced jobs, or political mayhem to distract us, we are suffering from great instability on every hand and our power has always been in our military and our money. I just really don't like the fact that I can't trust my own government to be honest with the people to whom it is accountable.
I found these quotes today at FOX Business.
>>>“Fed officials are in full crisis mode and are striving to prevent a collapse,” said Maury N. Harris, chief economist at UBS.
John Silvia, chief economist for Wachovia, said the impact from the rate cut won’t be felt for several months, but that from the Fed’s point of view the move was necessary.
“We’re in the middle of the worst part of the recession,” he said.
The federal funds rate, the interest that banks charge each other on overnight loans, now stands at 2.25%, down from 4.25% at the beginning of the year.<<<
We've always been delusional when it came to thinking our morality was our source of pride and strength, but for a time we did have a powerful military and a strong economy. Now our military is exhausted and spread too thin and the average working man has to squeeze a dollar til the eagle screams.
Saving the big banks with money from the Federal Reserve still does nothing for the hardworking American just trying to buy gasoline to go to work to buy milk and bread . . .
Just which side of the blurred line will we find ourselves standing when the difference between a Capitalistic Republic and a Fascist State becomes clear?
Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Friday, March 14, 2008

Actions Speak LOUDER Than Words

At the risk of being overbearing, I'm just going to make a couple of comments regarding information I happened upon early this morning. I read that President Bush said if he were young, he'd go to Afghanistan to serve in the military. You know what, when President Bush was young, there was a war going on, and he didn't leave the states. It's so easy to say what someone would do, when they aren't faced with actually having to do it!
I did a little check into AARP, also. I can't express just how unimpressed I am with their propaganda. Now that I'm fifty, I get their promo mailings. Everything I've read so far seems to indicate they want to cater to the most selfish of our society, you know, those that have earned it! They boast a potential membership of 30 million. I'm guessing there is a considerable amount of overlap between their 30 million and the 20 million collecting social security, because "they paid into it." What I find absolutely amazing is the travel offers through AARP. They offer global packages. Isn't that a great way for the Americans with the most expendable cash and free time to contribute to the American Economy? I read all about the trip arrangements to China. Isn't that country getting enough of our money? Say, now that all the non working Americans have the promise of a Tax Rebate, I just wonder where the AARP gang will be spending theirs. I got one of those E-mail Forwards about the Tax Rebates to boost our economy, which pointed out the incredibly obvious. Spending, even, in America promotes foreign economies.
So realizing we have one tenth of our nation's population receiving propaganda about how to spend income from other's hard work and focus their time, completely on themselves, it's easy to see how America got into this mess.
And isn't it good to know, our sixty something President would gladly serve in a war, NOW. Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to spend a week with my grandchildren and teach them how to live off the land in a third world country. Who knew my time in ministry overseas, I would have learned so much that will soon need to apply here in America? I hear plenty of talk from elders and leaders, but their actions don't match their words and their actions speak much louder.
. . . deliver up their children to the famine, and pour out their blood by the force of the sword . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just Wondering

Did Geraldine Ferraro do the same thing Scooter Libby did a few months ago? Is this latest political fiasco in the Rodham-Clinton camp just a diversion from bigger problems? I read what I thought was the full context of what Geraldine said, and frankly, I thought it made a lot of sense and didn't seem racist at all. If anyone in this country thinks gender and race aren't taken into consideration, then they are truly missing or avoiding reality. Observing racial and gender differences does not make one a bigot. Geraldine made a brilliant point regarding her own name on the 1984 Ticket with Mondale. She said, if she'd been a man with the same level of political obscurity, she'd have never even been considered, much less named VP candidate. So, was that statement chauvinistic? Hardly! She was absolutely correct in her assessment of the circumstances at the time. I've thought for some time, it was sad that this democratic primary continues to be about gender and skin tone. If only, there was some genuine depth to either candidate. I clearly remember a relatively obscure state legislator suddenly taking center stage at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. His name was Barack Obama. He is very well spoken, quite dignified, and intelligent. I have no idea if he is a man of conviction or not, since I truly never hear just where he does stand on an issue, but I do know, I saw the wheels of politics turning back in '04 concerning Mr. Obama. How would recognizing the fact that Mr. Obama's skin tone is dark, make someone racist? Has our country ever before had a state legislator in his position? Just how many "tides have turned" since Bill Clinton was accused of a racist remark in South Carolina? Didn't that sort of rally the black community against the man that had been considered an honorary member of that very community, just 7 years ago? As a matter of fact, the fact that I read "black community" or "black constituency" indicates there is a racial line already clearly established. Geraldine never even indicated Obama was commanding the lead because he was black, she merely stated being black was to his benefit. And clearly it has been. This accusation of racism is completely out of line and Hillary offering apologies is ridiculous. It just sounds like political pandering and that always comes across to me, as a complete disrespect of the voters. It became racial when Oprah drew the line between supporting a woman candidate or a black candidate. Has Oprah ever stumped for a presidential candidate before? Why isn't anyone calling her a racist?
. . . for man looketh on the outward appearance, but YHVH looketh on the heart. Holy Scripture

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Remember When People Used to Say?

"Must be in the water." That was usually in reference to a significant number of pregnancies in any one area, group or organization. According to the AP, although drinking the water isn't truly linked with procreation, it is now host to a variety of pharmaceuticals. Interestingly, our government says our drinking water is safe. These pharmaceuticals are "not a problem, very low, trace amounts." I don't think "trace amount" would be an acceptable result to an employer, probation, or parole officer in a random UA drug test. I've done some work in third world countries and it was always a general practice to not drink water downstream from what was considered "public facilities." Where did we ever get the idea that adding a few chemicals made it not only safe, but a good idea to drink toilet water? This whole water treatment plant concept, is odd at best and potentially plaguing at worst. Water treatment is relatively new, historically. We seem to truly believe we can ignore a great deal of reality and still live better through chemistry. I remember, as a child, being told the river was too dirty to swim in. So, why is it okay to drink? Treatment and chemicals and special technology. Really, now? We basically realize now that most of these traces of pharmaceuticals are not found in the drinking water, because everyone is flushing their pills. Oh, no, that is not the case at all. I'm guessing most of these pharmaceuticals have been taken according to the prescription and doctor's orders. As I've researched this further, I've discovered that none of the water treatment plants routinely test for the presence of drugs or pharmaceuticals. What else do they not test for? I think I'd prefer taking my chances on the presence of lead or other minerals. At least that is natural. I'm going to get a bit graphic here, because I truly believe this has the potential to be a monumental health issue. Since water treatment plants seem to only be looking for the presence of excess minerals, bacteria, and chemical contaminants, I'm wondering if this fact has even been considered . . . Urine excreted from healthy kidneys is sterile! What test could possibly determine the difference between clean, safe, and sterile? And what additive could be contributed to purify, sterile? The fact that our "intelligence" hasn't killed us all yet, is due only to the mercy of G~D.
I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. a Psalm of Holy Scripture

Monday, March 10, 2008

Enough Politics for Now, There Are Other Things Happening

I have been a more than a tad cynical as of late and frankly, I'm sick of myself, so I decided it was time to lighten up. I'll address weightier matters tomorrow. I simply must share my latest idea in dealing with telemarketers. Hey, they are employed and I feel they don't deserve the rude treatment they receive from so many. On the other hand, some telemarketers are getting a bit rude in their own right and I don't appreciate being hung up on, when their call has interrupted my life. But, I refuse to get on the government's NO CALL list, because I'm just not sure what other lists, for which I would be making my information available. Besides I believe in free speech, even for people who make annoying phone calls through the dinner hour. So after a decade of chatting with them and nicely explaining that I'm not interested in their product, only to be told from another angle why I'd be an idiot to refuse their product, and now they've resorted to hanging up on me, I've changed my approach. Actually, this idea was inspired by the fact, I finally do want something a telemarketer has been offering, and now I haven't gotten any calls with that offer. My daughter wants to take our grandchildren to a theme park this summer and the prices are outrageous. I mentioned to her that we are about an hour away from Silver Dollar City and get promo offers all the time. The next time a promo is offered, I told her I'd check into it.
I'm getting to the point, now . . . The next morning a telemarketer called and my husband answered the phone. He has always admired my style with telemarketers and has attempted to emulate my method. I could tell by his answers, it was the siding and window schpeel. It was then, that my brilliant plan came. I told him to ask them if they had any special offers for Silver Dollar City. They said, "No, they didn't" and simply said "Good-bye."
My husband got off the phone just ecstatic. Remember, we don't have TV, this is our entertainment . . . Next offer for a cruise in the Bahamas and a trip to Disney World, not a chance. It's Silver Dollar City or bust!
A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Friday, March 07, 2008

Money Can't Buy a Good Connection . . .

I'm sure there are politicians and business men all over, that already know this, but I had to learn it the hard way. Due to the lousy phone service we have outside of the city limits, at least that's what we've been told is the problem, we went to satellite service nearly a year ago for the computer. Now, there was more than one red flag about this deal, but being the persistent, tenacious individual that I am, I pursued my endeavor until I got a Wild Blue satellite dish and Wild Blue service. The day of the installation was memorable in that the installers got all finished, entered their special code, only to discover Wild Blue no longer recognized them as Wild Blue installation technicians. Hummmmmm . . . and here we've got a dish on the roof and a cable hole in the floor. Well, they went through their "channels" until I was up and running. Oh, did I mention I have a two year contract? I don't know, but I'm sure, even though Wild Blue has rearranged and revamped all of my connections, I'm guessing they still own the rights to the fine print of the contract. One of the last messages I got in my Incredimail inbox was the little notice from Wild Blue that the Google connection was ready to go. That was the 20 something of February. I've had my Incredimail account for years, rather let me say, I had my account for years. It's moved with me through different servers, different addresses, dial up to satellite, but the Wild Blue Google connection has separated me from the pretty stationery and fun little animated creatures of Incredimail. Ah, but this tale of woe gets even sadder. I began trying to reach Wild Blue about the problem, and even got live chat once, only to be dismissed with the promise that they were aware of the problem and it would be fixed soon. Next, I called the number, because I can't find my old Wild Blue portal page anymore, something else comes up there now, and after responding properly to all the prompts, I got a person that said he could no longer help with tech support, because the new business arrangements had removed technical repair from his equipment. He gave me a new number, and I once again went through the proper prompts to get this great recorded message that states, due to the high call volume, I need to call back in a few hours. I still have no private e-mail, but I can access my mail through the Internet account. And that got me thinking. The communications companies all willingly let the government have their records without worrying about our privacy, only their need for law suit protection. This new plan appears to alleviate that invasion of privacy concern and resolve their need for protection. Here I am, a year later, still dealing with AT&T, only now they not only get my money for a bad phone connection, they also get my money for a satellite connection that has now placed my personal e-mail on the world wide party line. I remember when AT&T used to brag about being the only one in town, but they tried not to act like it. So, now there this AT&T, Wild Blue, Yahoo, Google, etc. conglomerate. "They" are the big corporation and I am the mere insignificant consumer, and they do act like it!
Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Do-Overs and Double Standards

Some of the topics in the news these days, simply defy logic. There are two that I must address. This Democratic "outcry" over Michigan and Florida delegates is just ridiculous. It really is high time the constituents of these two candidates realize there are no "do-overs" from decisions made in the Oval Office. Decisions made by the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have potentially immediate consequences for millions, even billions of people. And the voters make the initial decision that grants that power. The voters of these two states already knew they were giving up their delegate seats in the National Conference by having early primaries. I have a problem with people that want to change the rules in the middle of the "process," and to be honest, I don't think their votes should count at this point. That's only my opinion and I don't live in either state. Now, if it was the state party convention that made this decision and didn't explain it to the voters, that would be another matter, but I heard about it, before February 5, so surely it was common knowledge. The political process of America is the foundation upon which our national and international decisions are made. This is real life and if a person is going to vote, it is their responsibility to be informed, there's just no room for OOPS and DO-OVERS.
Now, about this double standard that we, Americans are taking internationally . . .
Dr. Rice was noted in many news sites to say that America defended Israel's right to defend themselves, but they needed to be careful where they were "returning" rocket fire. I have a lovely homespun allegory for this situation, precisely. I remember growing up with this same republican double speak. My sister is three years younger than I, but a bit more aggressive than I was. My mother forbade fighting, so that was strange enough, but she also stated that I was not to hit my sister "back" because she was littler. Let me give a perspective on behalf of both myself and Israel. If my younger sister was too little to receive physical repercussions from a sibling, she needed to curb her aggression to begin with. Now if, Palestine is worried about their innocents getting hit by "return fire," don't launch the rockets that draw the return fire. Abbas, sitting over there in the West Bank, you sound like my mother used to. If you do not want Gaza to receive any fire from Israel, then you deal with Hamas and teach them how to work and play well, with others. Israel is obviously alone in the Middle East, with an ally that is also an ally with nearly all of Israel's enemies.
When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Woman to Woman

I've tried very hard to not single Hillary out, for two reasons.  One, at first I didn't think she needed the attention and now, out of sympathy I'd rather not be negative, but really, now . . .
From one aging boomer to another, woman to woman, Hillary, you need a reality check.
You've been way out on way too many limbs for too long.  You've got too many skeletons in your closet and I know you think being Mrs. Clinton is experience, and I'm sure it's been an experience, but coming up with that maiden/hyphen/married name right after he got elected, sort of gave the rest of us the impression you wanted to stand independent of "your man."  Now, you want all of his political tenure to be considered your experience, and yet some of his decisions seemed to simply be fulfilling the direction of Bush 41, so for those of us that are not republicans, we weren't so impressed.  I think you needed to realize a long time ago, you were at a fork in the road.  You have played it both ways for a very long time, but now, it won't work.  If you claim to have been active in in his administration, you have to take responsibility for things like NAFTA . . . If you want to run independently, then you needed to stand up and say that, but no, you chose the maiden/hyphen/married approach and that is neither feminism or tradition, so you're ending up with it caving in on you.  And you seem to be the only one that didn't see this mess coming.  Now, I have to tell you what that reminds me of, or rather who.  Our current president never sees the results of a bad decision coming at him, and he always tries to "clean it up" in the explanation.  Well, some things can't be explained away, after it's a mess, and your campaign just will not get back on track with a few more excuses and firings.  Face reality.  You were the lead candidate by double digits, just six months ago.  Now, it's "neck and neck" and that is really not accurate.  Obama is leading, and not only is leading, in reality, he's got upward momentum and you have downward spiral.  Then there's this whole super
delegate thing you want to influence.  I have to tell you, Hillary, if you want super delegates to vote without representing the people, I'm not even interested in what you would do to us if you won the nomination and the election.  By your comments regarding your hopes of the super delegates and the revision of the primaries for Florida and Michigan, you have made it very clear that you are not interested in the voice of the people and you already consider yourself above the rules.  We've already had almost eight years of what you are demonstrating in your campaign.  Hillary, the only thing you can do now, is preserve your dignity and bow out with grace.  You've gone farther, politically, than any woman in American history and that is a lovely legacy to leave the future generation.  Don't overshadow it, with denial of reality like the current administration.  It's really time to stop and read the handwriting on the wall.      
In the same hour came forth fingers of a man's hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall . . . Daniel, a prophet of Holy Scripture

Monday, March 03, 2008

So, Who Will The Media Elect?

I realize all so called conservatives truly believe the media is biased toward the liberal agenda.  I've heard the conservative pundits banter on and on about the liberal media.  I guess radio pundits don't realize radio is also under the umbrella of the word known as media.  Media is all sorts of methods of communicating information.  I guess, I've noticed the TV and newspaper media are honest about their agenda and leaning, whereas conservative talk radio doesn't even acknowledge the fact that conservative talk radio is part of the media, much less the fact that these spokespersons are doing everything they can, to influence their listeners.  I had to laugh the other day when I read some conservative pundit's article about the fact that he isn't trying to influence his listeners, he's only entertaining them.  That truly says a lot about his listening audience.  Most conservatives that I find myself speaking with and listening to, seem to think they are just pretty well informed.  And if "reporting negative things" about others is entertainment to the speaker or the listener, I think that is simply sad.  Conservative talk radio needs to realize, conservative talk radio is also media with an agenda.  Then, it would at least come across honestly.  
I'm fine with both sides having their agendas.  With no agenda, there is no direction.  I would hope both sides would have some sort of direction in mind, other than just aiming at each other.  Now, I heard from the "liberal media" a couple of sound bites.  One was Obama with his usual "change" and "work" rhetoric and it was lengthy as sound bites go.  Then there was the quick replay of Hillary's laugh and some comment she made, regarding the way she laughed and that was all there was about Hillary.  I didn't hear it, but I have heard several listeners of conservative talk radio comment about the program in which Sean Hannity played over and over, Hillary's laugh.  I'm so sad that Sean finds that entertaining or informative, but since I didn't hear it first hand, I can't say more.  I've only listened to him for an hour one time and that was all I wanted to hear of the repitition he was expounding upon that day.  I don't need a topic beaten to death over a 2 to 3 hour period to get the point, and I certainly don't find it entertaining, but . . .
We do know the media picks and chooses who gets coverage and who does not.  And we also know that those that get coverage, either positive or negative stay in the public eye.  And basically, we know that media is all about selling.  Selling products, selling ideas, selling information, selling the future.
Clearly CNN gives Obama positive light, and Hillary is fading into the dark shadows.  McCain isn't saying much right now, or at least it's not being reported.  I thought the concern some politico tried to raise was offensive, to say the least; about McCain.  He was born outside of the US, you know while his father was serving in the military, and the question arose whether or not he could be president according to the Constitutional requirement for the office.  I've never voted for a republican president in my life, but I found that comment and concern outrageously reprehensible, especially in the middle of two wars with a voluntary military.  But the,n maybe that was just one more way for the media to discourage enlistment.  Who knows any more?  So, with Huckabee trailing distantly, McCain might as well let Obama and Hillary fight it out, 
tomorrow.  The media, both liberal and conservative seem mostly about controlling their audience
with would-be information and or entertainment.  The media has really convinced me that aggression, divisiveness 
and hate, sell.  And they sell good in America!  So, will Obama and his outspoken wife bring change to 1600 
Pennsylvania Ave and the rest of the country?
 Personally, I think, by comparison, Michelle Obama makes Hillary look pretty 
quiet and demure.  Or will John McCain be the man in the oval office next January 21?  I have my 
thoughts on the matter, but the one thing I do know for sure, is the media will continue to feed the 
fear and the frenzy until that Tuesday in November.  I, personally, think the media, both TV and "conservative talk radio" want Obama to 
Change of admnistration and strategy spells headlines, not to mention the first black president.
 And without someone to complain about, talk radio has nothing to talk about.
But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men's matters.   the Apostle Peter   

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