Friday, October 27, 2006

Perception is 90% . . .

Have you heard after the big meeting about Iraq? We have a new plan. President Bush isn't going to use the phrase "staying the course," any more. The worst month for American deaths, this year in Iraq and this is what came out of the special meetings? No more "stay the course!" President Bush really should not be blamed for that phrase, anyway, and as tiring as it has become in the past 3 1/2 years, the phrase is actually from the Reagan administration, so it's been heard for 25 years. No wonder we're tired of it. I was reading about how much scripting and choregraphy was done by the White House staff in the Reagan administration. Mr. Reagan really seemed to be more or less treated as a figure head. Of course, we'll never know when the horrible disease of Alzheimer's began wreaking havok in his life, but apparently "stay the course" was a good safe statement to make without going into details and strategy. Or, maybe it's been a good safe statement to make when there is no strategy.
Life is certainly getting interesting as another election approaches that is already fraught with "what ifs" and possible voting recalculations. I can still remember a time when we knew who our elected officials were, right after the election. With all this technology and effeciency, it may take months to know the outcome, but we can always know ahead of time, by the polls, where the potential malfunctions will be . . . Rather than discussing the candidates and who will win or who has the best campaign or plan, it's more now a matter of discussing which strategic precinct will have problems. It would seem, the democracy we are demanding of the Middle East isn't going much smoother there. Abbas has decided democracy or at least free elections just may be a destabilizing factor for Palestine. So what happens when free elections don't work? Perhaps an electoral college would be the next step . . . I remember the promotional propaganda regarding the electoral college in recent years, then as I listened to the news regarding Tom DeLay and all this redistricting, it simply made so much sense. Redistricting didn't just make life a little easier to get the party of choice into Congress, redistricting has the power to change a state from blue to red at the level of the electoral college.
Let all things be done decently and in order.

Friday, October 20, 2006

So Much in the News

Once again, it seems, I am reinventing this blog. My mom used to tell me I was always reinventing myself, but that was just because in dealing with her, all my "other selves" were just never good enough . . . I'm so glad G~d gave me peace with me.
Now back to this new and improved blog. It may be that the news items will slow down after the election, but until then, I'm going to cover a few topics, so, first I just cannot leave former Congressman Foley on a back burner any longer. I have listened to this for nearly a month now and I actually heard some pseudo intellectual try to compare what he did with congressional pages to the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky situation, stating she was 19. First, I will address the simple math, which seems to be quite a problem for many in this country. Monica was born in 1973 and didn't have her affair with President Clinton until 1995 which was confirmed by geography and Kenneth Starr. So, she was not 19 as the psuedo intellectual declared. Even if she were born in the last month of 73 and the affair began the first month of 95, she was not under 21 years of age! Lets talk about age, next, a woman is a legal adult at the age of 18 in most states, whereas congressional pages from high school are still minors. It should be a foregone conclusion to a legislator that a high school student is under age. I would go on with more non comparisons, but I will mention just one more and move on. The democrat party has not exactly maintained their platform to be the high moral standard for everyone to aspire, as has the GOP, and Monica is a female. Considering all the morality and anti-gay rhetoric from the GOP, I am shocked and abhored that they are having difficulty discerning the difference in the situation. Do they have this much trouble in other matters of morality or judging immorality?
Now on to the school safety summit. My heart just breaks for the parents and the classmates of the victims in the school shootings. I continue to pray for comfort in their grief. It certainly makes me want my granchildren homeschooled. I was flabbergasted, however; to see that our President has promised school safety, by undoubtedly locking down our society, further. Doesn't he remember where he was on 9/11 and how quickly he left the school to go to an undisclosed place of safety?
And about this special meeting regarding the Iraq war, but Tony says it's a regular meeting to discuss "staying the course." In case you haven't noticed, the Iraq war is no longer a war with no direction, it is a war with a spiral downward direction!
Japan, I hear we've promised protection and backup. Well don't forget, we're Israel's ally, also and you saw how effective we were in helping them just a couple of months ago, against those our President labeled as terrorists. Something about not having the manpower, but would help with logistics . . . that's right, good ol' American know-how.
Now, a note of congratulations are in order. It would appear that all those collecting Social Security have a raise coming next year. Wow, only in America can you get paid to breathe! Isn't this just a great country and the absolute best time ever for happy, golden years, as long as you don't think about the children's future . . .
. . . violently putting the young men to death, and crushing the young women; they have no pity for children, and no mercy for the fruit of the body. Isaiah

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Let's Talk Conspiracy

Has anyone else noticed, for the last five or six years, the references to conspiracy theories regarding politics? What I have noticed is that both parties feel "the other" party followers are conspiracy theorists. It's so interesting to hear one side present their observations about "the conspiracy" of the other party. Then the other party shares their views of the paranoia of the "other party." I'm thinking it's not a conspiracy between democrats and republicans, but rather the politicians verses the common citizen. Don't get me wrong here. The politicians aren't "out to get us," they need us. The politicians simply want to be aristrocrats and the common citizen maintain their mere peasant status, willingly and blindly. I've been tickled this week at the "house cleaning" on Capitol Hill. It has reminded me of the old Rice Krispies commercial when the mom dusted her face with flour right before presenting the Rice Krispies treats to the awaiting crowd of children, giving the illusion that she had been slaving in the kitchen to make such a treat. The republicans are giving the impression that they will hold a high standard, even for "their own" in matters of protecting the public. And the democrats are just quite the moral high roaders, these days, drawing the parameters and lines for what is good and decent. And I just don't know how much of the public is swallowing this hook, line and sinker.
It gets a bit scary as I listen to those that re-elected the same administration in 2004, now making comments regarding some of the decisions. The scary part is that these individuals that make up the constituency for the present administration are "never wrong." As a matter of fact, they possess great insight as to what is suitable for the rest of us, and they will share it at every opportunity. So will they say enough is enough? Doubtful until it affects their pocketbook . . . The democrats, on the other hand, see their opportunity to run away with the election based upon the illusion that so many republicans have been caught at deeds "unbecoming" to a politician. Will the democrats regain the House? The real problem is not the continual argument between the democrats and the republicans and yet it is the real problem. Bottom line, the politicians are hoping to keep the American public arguing party lines and focusing on blame, rather than realize there is no party that can fix the mess and no party that is above reproach and both parties like the prestige of being American aristocracy. If the partisan arguments cease and the conspiracy accusations become silent, the people might see the truth.
The words of wise men are heard in quiet more than the cry of him that ruleth among fools.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Wow! The old "Divide and Conquer" Plan

I was going to blog about the latest saga in Washington and offer some insight to so many educated spokespersons that have attempted to make comparisons between Foley's actions and the situation between former President Clinton and Monica. Sadly, I expected this, but I still am just disgusted by the fact that these people truly cannot discern between apples and oranges and continue to incite their faithful listeners. It's just a cruel, cruel thing these "masterminds" are doing to the blind, loyal listeners that are just awaiting the next topic to be told the perspective for drawing the "proper" conclusions. And I hope to address this in another blog, soon, but I have happened on to some startling information that made so many pieces of the puzzle just "click" into place.
Before the next election, please tell everyone you know this startling information. All this partisan polarization is just propaganda to get American's side tracked while the real power sets it foundation. I owe the middle class moderate conservatives a real apology. I have been putting them in the same category as the extremists and although I do not necessarily agree with their politics, I do need to acknowledge that they many of them are reasonable people.
I've been watching Bill Clinton and George Bush make many appearances together and work for many of the same causes. I've said Bill Clinton did more for the Republican party than Eisenhower did and in one sense he did, but actually Bill Clinton did more for the extremist party that is working through the ranks of the republican party. I really didn't catch on very quickly, until I began reading about several republican candidates that were not being endorsed by the White House and some prominant governors.
When I discovered that the republican candidate had been abandoned for Joe Lieberman, I realized, the "perfect" plan was in place! And so much controversy right before an election? Please. This just makes more sense than anything. America has been so programed to keep the democrat party in check with a fear of Communism and love of money which provides two very real check points. One, extreme democrats are socialists and communists and Americans are entirely to selfish to "give all you have and take what you need." Let's keep the reality checks here. The next check point for the democratic party is money, specifically taxes. But George the first and Bill are collecting millions from Americans and it isn't taxes, but charity. Now Americans will give the same or more to charity willingly, than they will agree to give up in taxes, at election time. This ideology is really subtle, and I don't know how many are actually "breaking down the partisan wall" behind the scenes, but I'm sure it will be forthcoming after November.
It looks as though there is a group of politicians with a following that wants more aggression and more control and they are determined to keep moving that direction if they can keep the majority politically polarized, with moot points. America has literally been divided and this division has been orchestrated. And while Americans squibble over topics that are completely out of their hands and attempt to control things that are only in G~d's hands, we have literally set ourselves up to be conquered through our division.
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed . . .

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