Thursday, November 29, 2012

$ Money $

I've come to realize people who focus on money never have enough. I know Scripture indicates that, in numerous passages, and I believe it, but to watch our society and realize we are so money focused, so money driven, and so money owned! Surprisingly, or not, it's at both ends of the financial spectrum and definitely throughout the continuum. The American society is so money focused and money driven! Our currency bears the words "In God We Trust" on our money, but it's backed by the integrity of the Federal Reserve . . . In whom does that indicate we have placed our faith? Just who is our god? If it were the G-d if Israel, even if we didn't use shekels, wouldn't there be some sort of silver standard, and a defnite avoidance of interest rates a.k.a. usury? A nation that runs on debt and credit can't possibly be claiming to trust in the G-d of the Bible, so who is the god of our mammon or money, as we like to call it? As we continue to head toward a cashless society, even more frightening variables enter the fray, but for now, let's talk about the cold hard cash we are still using, sometimes; and still religiously arguing that it must absolutely bear the words, "In God We Trust." All I'm asking is the sincere question. What trust in what God is signified by the statement on our money. Considering the shenanigans of the Federal Reserve to begin with, and the continuing loss of value of our currency, it seems an insult to associate a Truly Sovereign Being with our monetary system. To use our currency, which with no silver or gold standard is basically like playing a game of MONOPOLY. It only works as long as we're all sitting at the same game board, and perpetual motion is the standard. Once the motion changes, or the game board does, our money will change in value. The best example I can give here, would be Confederate currency. I believe if you attempted to use it at the local Convenience Store, it would be termed counterfeit. That day is coming with our currency, but I digress. My point here is, our money has no standard. The Federal Reserve is run by greed and politics, so there's the integrity in which we place our confidence. As you look at a penny that's no longer made of copper, and quarter that has some copper, but no longer made of silver, and a dollar bill that states "this note is legal tender for all debt, private and public," what indicates the Sovereign of the Universe would even want to be associated with our currency? I still do not understand the argument of keeping "In God We Trust" on the money, since even HIS Son drew the line between the coin and the heavenly Kingdom. Maybe the Sovereign of the Universe doesn't want to be associated with our silly currency that has no value . . . And everyone that can't get enough of it or is relentlessly focused on it, has given it a place of far too much importance in our life and in our society.
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Economy of Black Friday

You may wonder why I'm using toilet tissue to make my point about Black Friday and our economy. Well besides the fact that it's "down the tubes," "in the toilet," and "all washed up," there really are more very obvious similarities. Toilet paper, toilet tissue, bath tissue, call it what you will has changed a lot since Mr. Whipple promoted a single brand. Things are changing and TPTB [the powers that be] are still counting on materialistic consumerism to dig the debt a bit deeper and prolong the inevitable. We're sinking. If retailers are in business and opening their doors every day, hoping that the last Friday of November finally puts them in the black, then that means they are operating in the red for 11 months, and sadly most of their Black Friday shoppers will be shopping in the red that day, on credit. Now, from what I've gathered, the Black Friday extravaganza is evolving. I'm guessing it's about like toilet paper. What is advertised and presented may look like a better deal, but the devil is in the details, which means looks can be deceiving. I'll go ahead and get my rant over on the toilet paper and "tie" it all up with Black Friday. It practically takes a degree in economics to figure all the different size and number of sheets, plies, rolls, double rolls, triple rolls with fewer in a package, and now the added variable of a larger diameter in the cardboard roll itself. That's right, check it out next time. Four roll packs now look like something you'd take camping for the week-end, the diameter of the roller is huge, and the price is more than unreasonable! Which brings me to Black Friday, which has now crept up to Thursday evening, I believe it's now called Gray Thursday. Wow! It used to be called Thanksgiving evening. Do they still have the big ceremonies for turning on the Christmas lights any more? This season has simply become about shopping. As a matter of fact, I now term Thanksgiving as "Opening Day of Shopping Season." People have already stated that the sales are not all that great, the bargains not that spectacular, it's just the inventory and supply is limited . . . Less availability makes it that much more of an event, at least to get there first with a plan. Whether you're buying gifts at a bargain in a stampede or toilet paper in new design and packaging, our economy is based on the concept that we'll just keep buying more and paying more, while being in such a hurry or a frenzy that we'll not pay attention and realize what's happening.
Better is little, with the fear of YHWH, Than great treasure with trouble.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Middle East and Minding the Store

As the holidays approach I am persuaded to look at the Middle East as a Family feud, because all the way back to the beginning of recorded history, it is, ya know.
I've been reading in Torah the last couple of weeks about the fighting over and repurchasing of wells already dug . . . Then there's the entire religious difference that becomes apparent in Jacob's finding a wife, but obvious with Abraham in hearing "come out from your kinsmen." Now let's address the generation between Abraham and Jacob. There is Isaac, the father of Israel, but Israel was a twin and that twin made obvious different choices, but there is also Ishmael in the second generation, the son of Sarah's Egyptian servant and father of the Arabs.
So, let's look at this as a family feud. We all have them. There's a couple of really cute E-greetings being shared on facebook about this very subject. Some families may get along, but the ones that don't, don't welcome mediators. Family dynamics are family dynamics and in the case of embattled family members, the only thing a stranger can do is become the common enemy that unites. I'm blessed to be a stranger in my family and now they can all agree that they are just tired of dealing with me. The majority opinion is, I just don't understand the family dynamics properly! Yay! Win/Win! They can gather in celebration of whatever, and discuss the black sheep and I can fulfill my position in the family, as the black sheep, without even being present! . . . Now, how to apply this to the Middle East.
First, we need to get the "know -it-all" Americans out of the position of authority. We draw ugly fire! Next, we need to make all of the American public aware that this is not our family feud and we are making things more difficult. The very same people that vote "religious-right" or "Biblical values" and cry "We support Israel" are the same ones who support Capitalistic Corporations sending people to the surrounding Arab nations, like Turkey and Egypt to build their military vehicles and make oil purchases from Saudi Arabia. See, for America, it's about G-d and mammon, together . . . I've actually attempted to have discussions with folks who are posting pictures and comments out of political ignorance. It doesn't work . . .
I have an example closer to home. We like to cast blame on "the others." Let's talk Twinkies, shall we? Granted we have Big Corporate that can't manage to make money after a bankruptcy a few years ago, so they are taking their bonuses and closing up shop. Now that leaves the angry union and their supporters blaming the Fat Capitalists! But who was it that said "No more junk food in school?" "Who stopped the contracts for vending machines to sell Twinkies?" I was not a fan of the previous administration, but the junk food nazis did not come about on the Bush watch. Yet, the 98% blame the 1% and the "conservatives" for 18,000 jobs eliminated. Truth be told, and that is not to invalidate any of those jobs, 18,000 fewer jobs is not a drop in the bucket to America's unemployment problem . . .
Now back to the Middle East and America's involvement therein. If most of religious America doesn't believe the Old Testament applies any longer, they need to simply sit down and shut up. On the other hand, considering it is a Covenant between G-d and HIS people, we need to realize the passage about blessing and cursing was between G-d and Abraham before Ishmael or Isaac were born.
Now YHWH had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show thee . . . And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. Torah of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The War is Coming and Where is Ariel Sharon?

I find it interesting in a disgusting sort of way that when Israel finally responded to the rocket fire, that's what made headlines world wide. The fact that Israel had been under rocket siege for awhile wasn't exactly stealing the headline space. Why is that? We'd rather read about the sex lives of old generals and the discretion of middle-aged "should be" housewives than to know all the details regarding Israel and Hamas. I realize this country is torn in the allegiance to Israel, but historically we've taken the coward's way out on several occasions regarding the chosen folk. We cannot wallow into the muck and mire of some sort of Mash soap opera and ignore the world events. By the way, if Ms. Broadwell took classified papers from General Petraeus's office, even if he was head spy by then, doesn't that fall into some sort of treason classification, through war time?
I had already begun another blog about another matter in Israel, when Israel returned fire, so this of course, takes precedence, but I'll combine the two blog topics and mention my original concern here.
What happened to Ariel Sharon? How does the comatose leader of a country disappear? Setting aside his national fame, how does a man in a coma disappear? Why are headlines or at least updates about this great leader of Israel missing from the headlines. I have to search to find outdated information. It's beginning to feel like Israeli information is being filtered from our news sources . . .
Israel is not the way G-d said HE would bring them back to the land, but it is still Israel and they have made every concession asked in an attempt to try to get along with people who cannot get along to organize their own government. They have given up land won in battle . . . something neither their enemy nor their supposed allies have done . . . Hamas and Fatah were literally given Israeli land, and these two entities cannot even live peaceably amongst themselves with Israel buffering between. Why does this escape the headlines? Why does this information go over the heads of most Americans?
I knew something was missing from the headlines when I just got to keep seeing the face of David Petraeus, and then as the plot thickened, I knew something was up. I blogged about it yesterday. Could this be what we haven't been reading? The background facts are frightening enough, I hope there isn't more . . . and I hope we don't jump in and make matters worse. We, Americans, have a knack for doing that . . . And we can't afford to be wrong, again, in the Middle East.
. . . cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee. Torah of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In the News . . .

By the headlines, I have to wonder what we're not being told. Right before the elections, the Republicans got up in arms over the horrific occurrence in Benghazi. I blogged about that when it happened and wondered why it was handled so casually on so many levels, but once it came to the forefront, a new saga appeared. General Petraeus, after all those years of marriage and all those stars on his shoulders, as head spy of the nation, decided to give infidelity a try? I'm having a hard time sorting this out, then find out another general was not exactly walking the path of discretion himself. It's the timing, just the timing that I find so distracting . . . Now that the hearings are supposed to be scheduled, everything else is up in the air, careers are on the line, and Hillary has other plans.
I've never been able to get my tin foil hat around this administration. The Bush administration was a bit easier, in that they were overtly conspiratorial and authoritarian. It's taken me nearly 4 years and other blog topics to finally realize this administration appears to consider itself above accountability and is quite transparent about it. I'm really embarrassed it's taken me so long to see it. I saw in the first year of the Obama administration, the man has the same countenance that Yul Brenner "put on" to portray Pharaoh.
Now back to the headlines or rather what is missing from the headlines. If it wasn't for Haaretz and Facebook, I wouldn't know much about the rocket fire in Israel and the preparation for self-defense.
This General situation is reminiscent of the Reagan days when Oliver North took the fall for his Commander in Chief, then later he was exonerated or cleared or whatever, so basically we the people never did know what happened, but the same Iran that insisted Reagan be elected also ended up with weapons, but that was President Reagan, so it was all right. I'm guessing it won't be all right this time around with those same people.
The election is past, Benghazi, sadly is history, Generals are being investigated, our leaders are saying they want transparency from behind guarded walls, and I've noticed, CNN has so little to report. It's repetitious or local and the comments page and i- reports fill the domain.
This has also been reminiscent of when the Terri Schaivo situation was in the news. While the public was all up in arms over an emotional and sinful issue, deals were being made and papers were being signed, and except for a few of us irritating bloggers, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America went virtually unnoticed, but is still signed and sitting somewhere to this day.
Well, now considering this administration's stance on immigration, perhaps it's the topic that's not in the news, again . . .
I don't know what we're not being told, but with this much media time dedicated to an Old General's sex life, I'm thinking when we do finally find out what's been in the works, we're going to wish we'd have known sooner. One week ago, states were complaining about election observers, then the voters were complaining that their votes were going to the wrong candidate, and now half the states in the union want to secede and a General's sex life is the top story, still . . . Whatever it is, that's not in the news, must be big or bad or both. Either that, or we as a nation just prefer drama and dirt to news and information.
G-d hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. . . Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. . . . Thy kingdom is divided . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time to Do Some Math . . . Again

I have two math problems to challenge here.
I don't understand the math when it comes to campaign spending. The Presidential campaigns spent a total of 2.5 billion for a job that doesn't earn an annual salary of 1/2 million . . . $2.5 billion for a job that pays $400K annually? That's just $1.6 million over 4 years. Any person that can justify this spending for the outcome is not going to be able to balance any budget. Let me show you what that is in my common lay-peasant terms. We'll just split the campaign budgets. So we've got 1.25B per man to win an annual salary of 400K, that's 1.6M dollars for the 4 year term. To make this analogy commensurate with my budget, that would be like spending $12,500 to obtain something valued at $16.00, providing something valued at $16.00 would even last 4 years! Does anyone see why the candidates may have problems solving the economic problems that plague our country? Not to mention, there are people crying for help and claiming to be impoverished that send money to these guys' campaigns. The bigger issue is the fact of what I see unfolding. I won't call it collusion, because well, there are too many lawyers that go into politics and I just don't want to battle the legaleze, but . . . it really seems at this point that the Republican plutocrats will control the business and the Democrat plutocrats will retain the politics and we the people will be "thrown" some crumbs while the politicians play their role and enjoy the benefits.
On a side note here. I didn't vote, but for all the conservatives that gave me a piece of their mind, although I'm not sure they had it to spare . . . my state went red without my vote. So basically, because of our electoral college, my non-vote was as inconsequential in Missouri, as a republican vote was in Florida. Yet I digress . . . The electoral college pretty much keeps business as usual against any third party candidate. I saw some major admonitions aimed their way and I still haven't done the math in detail, but suffice it to say, in a nation this polarized, a third party isn't going to take the electoral votes . . . especially if they are espousing any logical solutions, rather than just spewing hate and making promises . . .
My last math problem is over our health care reform. I'm thinking let's just tax everyone an addition 2.5% without the possibility of deduction or loopholes. Right now, as it stands the 2.5% will be a penalty for no insurance or an insurance policy beneath government approval. First and foremost it's time to realize the politicians really don't care if any of "we peasants" have awesome health care. If they did, we'd have access to the same plan they have . . . and that simply ain't gonna happen! I'm already planning to pay the penalty because I don't believe in going to the doctor, so I don't carry insurance, and I couldn't afford it if I did, I'm six years from 60 with MS. Y'hshuwah clearly avoided a religious tax exemption status, so I'll pay my 2.5%.
Now, back to my idea. I checked the reported IRS income for the country. I discovered something fairly interesting. If there was anyone in Washington DC with any fiscal responsibility, they would stop treating their constituents like "we the peasants." The total income filed last year was over $12T. I can't track all the overseas stuff, because I simply don't know how, but I did find 12T. So if everyone had a 2.5% tax increase, we'd be looking at over $300B dollars to start knocking down the deficit. Leave all the rest of the doctor scare tactics in place and tell the insurance companies it's just not time for fascism yet, and let's start paying against this deficit. The 2.5% is straight across the board and I really don't mind a national sales tax within reason.
This is not a partisan matter. Neither party works well for the people they claim to represent. Clearly the politicians aren't going to do anything that might affect them negatively in any way shape or form. So, if we hold their feet to the fire and designate this new tax that the Supreme Court approved, apply it all to the deficit and get some of this debt paid down before our grandkids are so burdened they can't even stand the thought of getting out of bed.
. . . but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Today's the Big Day

I'm seeing something, suddenly today, that I realize has been developing for years, and I am not proud of what I'm seeing. Direction has slowly been redefined before my very eyes. Beliefs and morality have done a complete 180 in defining a person's perspective. I can't believe I was missing it all these years and suddenly this morning I woke up seeing it! Responsibility is still associated with terms like duty and obligation, but it's no longer personal at all, and none of those terms are any longer associated with DIRECTION. The definition of 'personal responsibility' has devolved to the ridiculous meaning of "find someone to blame." Everyone dissatisfied with their life and circumstances doesn't have to take personal responsibility at all, or have a direction, they simply must hang on til the right person is elected to make it all happen! It's the economy, it's the administration, it's the previous administration, it's almost summer in Australia. Where's the direction in any of that? But it's the responsible thing to post something on facebook about it, or blog about it for that matter . . . I got a little weary of reading "Forward" only to hear the campaign platform was Romney would take us backward . . . That's not direction and that's not responsible. In all fairness to the President, I never really heard any direction out of Romney, other than opposite of this administration! If even our leaders and potential leaders have no direction, I have no idea what the citizens are hoping for. Today, many citizens believe they are a part of the massive decision in what direction our country will go and they are voting. From what I've read, there aren't a great many that are actually voting FOR a candidate or a social morality, belief or direction. They are voting AGAINST the other guy, AGAINST the other party, AGAINST the financial supporters of the other guy, AGAINST the issues the issues the other guy spoke on, even though it's truly obvious the candidates aren't all that divided on the big issues. Massachusetts, at the time of Governor Romney's leading, brought same sex marriage to the national forefront and from everything I read, he chose to make it a ballot issue for the state legislature, rather than actually take a stand . . . I may have missed something, but he was also a pro-choice governor and up until a couple of weeks ago by Christian standards, a cult member, but he's now the man of the hour for those AGAINST President Obama. Anyone who has been to a grocery store or bought gasoline knows President Obama's hope and change hasn't exactly been the change we hoped for, but he's a man with a bag full of excuses and the blind loyalty of his people who will vote AGAINST Romney and leave the tab to their grandkids. The Wealthy 1% are AGAINST paying the taxes of the Eisenhower era. The 98% are basically AGAINST the 1%. I realized this morning and aired on my show. The Other 1% are FOR using our energy and time to turn a gifted hobby into a business, lucrative enough to pay taxes! The Other 1 Percent share their wealth with not only those who want the knowledge of G-d, but the knowledge of using their gifts, as well as sharing their wealth with the future generations. The Other 1 Percent really don't feel it is the responsible thing to "vote for the lesser of two evils" and do not pay an attorney millions of dollars to keep our citizenship hidden. The citizenship of The Other 1 Percent is of the Kingdom of Heaven. If you disagree with the points of this blog, aren't you glad I didn't vote AGAINST your vote?
Y'hshuwah answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight . . . words of Messiah

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Elections Fixed?

I've been reading for the past couple weeks how votes and voting machines are "bought and paid for." Interestingly these reports come from both sides of the aisle, but those reporting the potential injustice to their side seem oblivious to this fact. I've read that Bain Capital or one of Mitt Romney's sons owns Ohio's voting machines, either way it's a Romney deal . . . And I've read that in one of the Carolina's a vote for Romney ends up to be a vote for Obama. I've been saying for some time now, or at least thinking it, that regardless of who wins next Tuesday, the other half will claim some sort of "fix" or set up, or deal. So, even though we claim to have free elections and "every vote counts" haven't we already determined that there is a problem with our system and we really don't know if it's being handled properly? Then there's the added mayhem of Election Observers from the UN. Now doesn't that make us all feel sort of "Third Worldy?" I mean, I thought the Election Observers were sent from First World Countries to help fledgling democracies that have just come from the rubble of war or tyranny. Third world country, liberated, new democracy hardly sounds like anything that would be in common with the US of A. It's time to face it, the contempt of half of our population for the other half has resulted in some sort of culture war that really is getting some bad publicity and now we're looking like we need to be managed. Great! We really are a divided nation. What's even more reprehensible is we are the ones crying out to be managed while we claim to resent the thought. We are the ones who have publicly stated the election is fixed, yet we don't want anyone sorting out the fix. Who could possibly sort it out, except someone that has "no dog in the hunt?" We can't have "the other side" fixing either complaint. Our politics has proven that for a number of years now. I've read that the bail out is now blamed on President Obama. What's wrong with our memories? President Bush allocated the bail out money, and named it TARP. He distributed half and left half for the new President. Granted President Obama borrowed a ton of money for economic stimulus which is nothing more than putting debt on the backs of our grandchildren, and I certainly didn't like that, but let's keep our accusations straight, shall we! TARP was the term for Troubled Asset Relief Program. I remember in past blogs having my own term something along the lines of beginning with the word Credit, ending with Program and something with R and A in the middle. Yet, I digress . . .
Back to the elections. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the elections were rigged in 1960 by various people who are so surprised that I, as a non-republican, have already heard their "breaking news." If our citizens are truly going to be this vocal and this accusing about rigged elections dating back over 50 years, we can't really be surprised that we've invited the inevitable recounts, accusations, and observers.
Regardless of what happens next Tuesday night, both sides have already voiced their skepticism of a fair election. I guess the votes of the 2012 election will be counted just to determine which half will claim the "fix" was in. I, on the other hand, believe the elections are promised years in advance and bought and paid for early in the campaign season.
They drank wine, and praised the gods of gold, and of silver, of brass . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture

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