Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time to Do Some Math . . . Again

I have two math problems to challenge here.
I don't understand the math when it comes to campaign spending. The Presidential campaigns spent a total of 2.5 billion for a job that doesn't earn an annual salary of 1/2 million . . . $2.5 billion for a job that pays $400K annually? That's just $1.6 million over 4 years. Any person that can justify this spending for the outcome is not going to be able to balance any budget. Let me show you what that is in my common lay-peasant terms. We'll just split the campaign budgets. So we've got 1.25B per man to win an annual salary of 400K, that's 1.6M dollars for the 4 year term. To make this analogy commensurate with my budget, that would be like spending $12,500 to obtain something valued at $16.00, providing something valued at $16.00 would even last 4 years! Does anyone see why the candidates may have problems solving the economic problems that plague our country? Not to mention, there are people crying for help and claiming to be impoverished that send money to these guys' campaigns. The bigger issue is the fact of what I see unfolding. I won't call it collusion, because well, there are too many lawyers that go into politics and I just don't want to battle the legaleze, but . . . it really seems at this point that the Republican plutocrats will control the business and the Democrat plutocrats will retain the politics and we the people will be "thrown" some crumbs while the politicians play their role and enjoy the benefits.
On a side note here. I didn't vote, but for all the conservatives that gave me a piece of their mind, although I'm not sure they had it to spare . . . my state went red without my vote. So basically, because of our electoral college, my non-vote was as inconsequential in Missouri, as a republican vote was in Florida. Yet I digress . . . The electoral college pretty much keeps business as usual against any third party candidate. I saw some major admonitions aimed their way and I still haven't done the math in detail, but suffice it to say, in a nation this polarized, a third party isn't going to take the electoral votes . . . especially if they are espousing any logical solutions, rather than just spewing hate and making promises . . .
My last math problem is over our health care reform. I'm thinking let's just tax everyone an addition 2.5% without the possibility of deduction or loopholes. Right now, as it stands the 2.5% will be a penalty for no insurance or an insurance policy beneath government approval. First and foremost it's time to realize the politicians really don't care if any of "we peasants" have awesome health care. If they did, we'd have access to the same plan they have . . . and that simply ain't gonna happen! I'm already planning to pay the penalty because I don't believe in going to the doctor, so I don't carry insurance, and I couldn't afford it if I did, I'm six years from 60 with MS. Y'hshuwah clearly avoided a religious tax exemption status, so I'll pay my 2.5%.
Now, back to my idea. I checked the reported IRS income for the country. I discovered something fairly interesting. If there was anyone in Washington DC with any fiscal responsibility, they would stop treating their constituents like "we the peasants." The total income filed last year was over $12T. I can't track all the overseas stuff, because I simply don't know how, but I did find 12T. So if everyone had a 2.5% tax increase, we'd be looking at over $300B dollars to start knocking down the deficit. Leave all the rest of the doctor scare tactics in place and tell the insurance companies it's just not time for fascism yet, and let's start paying against this deficit. The 2.5% is straight across the board and I really don't mind a national sales tax within reason.
This is not a partisan matter. Neither party works well for the people they claim to represent. Clearly the politicians aren't going to do anything that might affect them negatively in any way shape or form. So, if we hold their feet to the fire and designate this new tax that the Supreme Court approved, apply it all to the deficit and get some of this debt paid down before our grandkids are so burdened they can't even stand the thought of getting out of bed.
. . . but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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