Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The War is Coming and Where is Ariel Sharon?

I find it interesting in a disgusting sort of way that when Israel finally responded to the rocket fire, that's what made headlines world wide. The fact that Israel had been under rocket siege for awhile wasn't exactly stealing the headline space. Why is that? We'd rather read about the sex lives of old generals and the discretion of middle-aged "should be" housewives than to know all the details regarding Israel and Hamas. I realize this country is torn in the allegiance to Israel, but historically we've taken the coward's way out on several occasions regarding the chosen folk. We cannot wallow into the muck and mire of some sort of Mash soap opera and ignore the world events. By the way, if Ms. Broadwell took classified papers from General Petraeus's office, even if he was head spy by then, doesn't that fall into some sort of treason classification, through war time?
I had already begun another blog about another matter in Israel, when Israel returned fire, so this of course, takes precedence, but I'll combine the two blog topics and mention my original concern here.
What happened to Ariel Sharon? How does the comatose leader of a country disappear? Setting aside his national fame, how does a man in a coma disappear? Why are headlines or at least updates about this great leader of Israel missing from the headlines. I have to search to find outdated information. It's beginning to feel like Israeli information is being filtered from our news sources . . .
Israel is not the way G-d said HE would bring them back to the land, but it is still Israel and they have made every concession asked in an attempt to try to get along with people who cannot get along to organize their own government. They have given up land won in battle . . . something neither their enemy nor their supposed allies have done . . . Hamas and Fatah were literally given Israeli land, and these two entities cannot even live peaceably amongst themselves with Israel buffering between. Why does this escape the headlines? Why does this information go over the heads of most Americans?
I knew something was missing from the headlines when I just got to keep seeing the face of David Petraeus, and then as the plot thickened, I knew something was up. I blogged about it yesterday. Could this be what we haven't been reading? The background facts are frightening enough, I hope there isn't more . . . and I hope we don't jump in and make matters worse. We, Americans, have a knack for doing that . . . And we can't afford to be wrong, again, in the Middle East.
. . . cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee. Torah of Holy Scripture
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