Sunday, November 04, 2012

Elections Fixed?

I've been reading for the past couple weeks how votes and voting machines are "bought and paid for." Interestingly these reports come from both sides of the aisle, but those reporting the potential injustice to their side seem oblivious to this fact. I've read that Bain Capital or one of Mitt Romney's sons owns Ohio's voting machines, either way it's a Romney deal . . . And I've read that in one of the Carolina's a vote for Romney ends up to be a vote for Obama. I've been saying for some time now, or at least thinking it, that regardless of who wins next Tuesday, the other half will claim some sort of "fix" or set up, or deal. So, even though we claim to have free elections and "every vote counts" haven't we already determined that there is a problem with our system and we really don't know if it's being handled properly? Then there's the added mayhem of Election Observers from the UN. Now doesn't that make us all feel sort of "Third Worldy?" I mean, I thought the Election Observers were sent from First World Countries to help fledgling democracies that have just come from the rubble of war or tyranny. Third world country, liberated, new democracy hardly sounds like anything that would be in common with the US of A. It's time to face it, the contempt of half of our population for the other half has resulted in some sort of culture war that really is getting some bad publicity and now we're looking like we need to be managed. Great! We really are a divided nation. What's even more reprehensible is we are the ones crying out to be managed while we claim to resent the thought. We are the ones who have publicly stated the election is fixed, yet we don't want anyone sorting out the fix. Who could possibly sort it out, except someone that has "no dog in the hunt?" We can't have "the other side" fixing either complaint. Our politics has proven that for a number of years now. I've read that the bail out is now blamed on President Obama. What's wrong with our memories? President Bush allocated the bail out money, and named it TARP. He distributed half and left half for the new President. Granted President Obama borrowed a ton of money for economic stimulus which is nothing more than putting debt on the backs of our grandchildren, and I certainly didn't like that, but let's keep our accusations straight, shall we! TARP was the term for Troubled Asset Relief Program. I remember in past blogs having my own term something along the lines of beginning with the word Credit, ending with Program and something with R and A in the middle. Yet, I digress . . .
Back to the elections. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the elections were rigged in 1960 by various people who are so surprised that I, as a non-republican, have already heard their "breaking news." If our citizens are truly going to be this vocal and this accusing about rigged elections dating back over 50 years, we can't really be surprised that we've invited the inevitable recounts, accusations, and observers.
Regardless of what happens next Tuesday night, both sides have already voiced their skepticism of a fair election. I guess the votes of the 2012 election will be counted just to determine which half will claim the "fix" was in. I, on the other hand, believe the elections are promised years in advance and bought and paid for early in the campaign season.
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