Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Today's the Big Day

I'm seeing something, suddenly today, that I realize has been developing for years, and I am not proud of what I'm seeing. Direction has slowly been redefined before my very eyes. Beliefs and morality have done a complete 180 in defining a person's perspective. I can't believe I was missing it all these years and suddenly this morning I woke up seeing it! Responsibility is still associated with terms like duty and obligation, but it's no longer personal at all, and none of those terms are any longer associated with DIRECTION. The definition of 'personal responsibility' has devolved to the ridiculous meaning of "find someone to blame." Everyone dissatisfied with their life and circumstances doesn't have to take personal responsibility at all, or have a direction, they simply must hang on til the right person is elected to make it all happen! It's the economy, it's the administration, it's the previous administration, it's almost summer in Australia. Where's the direction in any of that? But it's the responsible thing to post something on facebook about it, or blog about it for that matter . . . I got a little weary of reading "Forward" only to hear the campaign platform was Romney would take us backward . . . That's not direction and that's not responsible. In all fairness to the President, I never really heard any direction out of Romney, other than opposite of this administration! If even our leaders and potential leaders have no direction, I have no idea what the citizens are hoping for. Today, many citizens believe they are a part of the massive decision in what direction our country will go and they are voting. From what I've read, there aren't a great many that are actually voting FOR a candidate or a social morality, belief or direction. They are voting AGAINST the other guy, AGAINST the other party, AGAINST the financial supporters of the other guy, AGAINST the issues the issues the other guy spoke on, even though it's truly obvious the candidates aren't all that divided on the big issues. Massachusetts, at the time of Governor Romney's leading, brought same sex marriage to the national forefront and from everything I read, he chose to make it a ballot issue for the state legislature, rather than actually take a stand . . . I may have missed something, but he was also a pro-choice governor and up until a couple of weeks ago by Christian standards, a cult member, but he's now the man of the hour for those AGAINST President Obama. Anyone who has been to a grocery store or bought gasoline knows President Obama's hope and change hasn't exactly been the change we hoped for, but he's a man with a bag full of excuses and the blind loyalty of his people who will vote AGAINST Romney and leave the tab to their grandkids. The Wealthy 1% are AGAINST paying the taxes of the Eisenhower era. The 98% are basically AGAINST the 1%. I realized this morning and aired on my show. The Other 1% are FOR using our energy and time to turn a gifted hobby into a business, lucrative enough to pay taxes! The Other 1 Percent share their wealth with not only those who want the knowledge of G-d, but the knowledge of using their gifts, as well as sharing their wealth with the future generations. The Other 1 Percent really don't feel it is the responsible thing to "vote for the lesser of two evils" and do not pay an attorney millions of dollars to keep our citizenship hidden. The citizenship of The Other 1 Percent is of the Kingdom of Heaven. If you disagree with the points of this blog, aren't you glad I didn't vote AGAINST your vote?
Y'hshuwah answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight . . . words of Messiah
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