Monday, April 29, 2013

The 4 Ws of the Boston Marathon Bombing

I vowed to get back to the 4 W's of good journalism and it seems it's been so long since that has been the focus, I'm actually going to simply categorize them to get established. In this article I will attempt to report the Who, What, When, and Where.
I will also qualify any editorial comments and identify hearsay. Since so much has circulated about the bombing at the Boston Marathon, I thought I'd simply reiterate what we actually do know.

There were three fatalities in the blast near the finish line of the annual Boston Marathon, April 15, 2013. A young boy Martin Richard, whose mother and sister were injured. Krystal Campbell died of her injuries very quickly according to the nurse that attended her and there was some time in identifying the third victim, Lingzi Lu.

There were many conflicting reports and since that time theories have flooded the internet. It was first reported that a Saudi National was sought, then taken into custody, then it was reported that the report was in error. It has been reported that the bombs were made from pressure canners, and just in from Fox News, it is reported that female DNA has been found on the bomb components. The wife of the deceased alleged bomber has been questioned. There were reported two alleged bombers, brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev,26 and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19. The 26 year old was reported to have been killed in an intense shoot out with police. That is the information we have.

Upon the getaway of the 19 year old, Martial law was instituted in Watertown, Massachusetts until he was discovered in a citizen's boat. The first reports were that he was too injured to speak, but has since been moved from the hospital to a detention facility. His Miranda rights were not read at the time of his arrest and I can find no information further. There are many interviews and pundits that believe he should be handled as an enemy combatant, rather than a detained citizen. I heard some pretty harrowing suggestions in clips as to the treatment recommendation for this young man. I attribute their angst to the fact he became a US Citizen only recently. This could set a shaky precedent, however; in denying a citizen due process.

The Police Commissioner, Ed Davis, has already stated in an interview that he wants the protection of drones at next year's Marathon. In light of the fact that most of us have had access to the major news sources, I've included two alternate sources.

I am not endorsing any alternative news source at this time, with the exception of the Goshen Gazette; but there are three facts that must be included.
The man that is dead is the alleged bomber. If we omit the word alleged, he is presumed guilty until proven innocent . . . Miranda rights are already "not always necessary," in the cases of "public safety" and terrorism.
Martial law was declared in a town to find one 19 year old boy.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunsets, Rights, and Freedom

I've been led to believe that Benjamin Franklin has already addressed what we saw unfold in Boston just this week. Now some may say, it's too soon to address this, but I think waiting may be too late and may only cost us more. We are taught to never make major decisions in great fear, grief, or too soon following a traumatic event. Yet, here we are facing more potential loss of freedom in the hopes of a little security. There is an old saying that goes something like this, "There's only two things I have to do in this life, die and pay taxes." Well, there are two facts of life, that we need to consider besides those two things and taxes comes to mind as a reminder. Nearly every tax that's ever been presented has been presented to be temporary and to sunset. How many taxes have really gone away. Social Security began as voluntary! Now, back to my point. Taxes don't go away, rights can be lost, and freedoms given up, don't return . . .

This concern is obviously not just about Boston, but about the fact that someone labeled an "enemy combatant" is not necessarily going to have their Miranda rights read, and in regard to this case, the Miranda rights are not necessary if what is being said is "not intended to be used at trial." Well now, "intentions" will be very hard to determine down the road, since there is no thought police governing those doing the interrogating.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

I'm not accusing anyone in power at this time of having evil intent, but that's also not to say everyone is above question. Neither is it to say, this foundation of security will not fall into hands of mal-intent. Scripture says, at some point, pure evil will rule the globe for a time. So, as a believer, I believe every step that is taken for safety at the hand of humanity will move society one step closer to the acceptance of that which is prophesied.

What Boston looked like Friday?

Perhaps this last picture, some will find to be illogically outrageous. I wish I did, but all things considered, I simply hope it's a wake-up call to all of us that we recognize and realize we will not be able to "outlaw" every implement used with evil intent. Evil intent is spiritual and cannot be managed by more legislation.

G-d gave us 613 laws and many people who claim to trust Him consider that bondage, so how does anyone figure more laws made by a government we're not sure we trust, will protect our freedom?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is Washington D C Fiddling . . . ?

We are told that Nero fiddled while Rome burned and I just can't help but be reminded of this as we watch precious metals, stocks, and the value of a dollar all fall at once . . . Not that life is all about money, but Washington and Wall Street are. While the economy is shaky, we are still battling over gun ownership. Meanwhile there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon and the JFK library, and Logan Airport was closed. Not to mention the media's "style" of coverage regarding the most gruesome trial of infanticide ever seen in America.

How can we just go on, business as usual, accepting like sheep the directive to "keep moving, there's nothing to see here?" If this is just another day in the US of A and we shouldn't be unnerved by the news, then we are in worse shape than we know. Everything in the first paragraph should bother us on an individual event basis, much less when they are all occurring in 48 hours or less. Those of us asking questions and noticing some odd connections are of course, labeled Conspiracy Theorists. Details will be revealed in the soon to be released DSM V-R.

I don't know if I believe humans are actually hatching these plans together or simply selling their souls for power, to a single evil entity. If it's a matter of spiritual evil, that takes me out of the conspiracy theory group and squarely in the "religious nut" category. I'm actually pretty comfortable with that, I'm in some very good company. I thought of Messiah being called the "lord of evil," when I was called something hideous and somehow, things just made more sense to believe there is actually a spiritual problem. Spiritual rebellion and selfish servitude for power makes more sense than an entire group of humans willingly working together for any goal . . . I present Exhibit A: Congress.

I have some thoughts regarding all this mess in the news this week and I'm going to share them now. First, making more laws for decent law abiding citizens, is stupid, just stupid. I can't buy grain at the feed store without giving my name, etc. supposedly because of the USA Patriot Act and the potential for a terrorist to use grain and fertilizer to build an explosive, like Timothy McVeigh. I think the grain monitoring has a lot more to do with food control, but the powers that be packaged it with just the right timing. Here's my solution to this problem, rather than presuming we are all potential home-grown terrorists. Simply make bulk fertilizer something that is ordered and delivered. Just take it off the open market. The government has been telling farmers what to plant and where for over 1/2 century, they'll buy their fertilizer where the USDA tells them. The USDA is the expert at shoveling fertilizer! Now with this Boston Marathon bombing are we going to outlaw pressure cookers? Or just make homesteaders take the same test as those wanting to purchase a gun? Can't we see where this is going?

As for the economy. We need to stop worshiping money and material wealth. The people who are trying to save, will never have enough, and the people who aren't saving, are still going to find some way to get what they want, so we don't need paper to represent metal and we don't need Wall Street to let us play just enough to share the losses. We average people will never see big returns again, and we know it. The fat cats just let the middle class in long enough to raise the stakes . . . The same people who invested in Wall Street through the Reagan years are the same ones that bought "the new gold certificates." I recommend silver, it's easier to use in purchasing power, and it's still affordable right now to the average Joe. Besides, gold at $1500.00 an ounce, what's that going to buy if it comes down to it? How will you get change? There aren't that many $1500.00 purchases to be made on a regular basis. Silver on the other hand, will have some purchasing power at the local market and power company, if "they" let us have electricity when the time comes . . .
We are such a material society.

Now, I have the perfect solution regarding late term abortions. This Gosnell person obviously didn't care about the law, so he could have just as easily had a black market adoption operation. That's truly my thought here. It was different, and I know, there are people who argue life at conception, but it was different back in the 50's and 60's when D&C's took care of those late periods back when pregnancy tests wouldn't even show positive for 2 months. After having 6 years of a conservative Congress, those same 6 years a conservative White House, and through those same six years, 7 out of 9, Supreme Court Justices appointed by republican Presidents, clearly abortion isn't going away. It's time to realize, all politicians are using those little unborn babies to keep the population at odds.

As all these events are in the headlines simultaneously, are we really intellectually processing what we're seeing? Is the news being delivered for visceral effect? What is the reasonable response to all this?
Would we recognize the difference between Washington DC fiddling or our government, orchestrating . . . ?

Come now, and let us reason together, says YHWH: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow . . .

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's Next, Taxing Air?

Here I am so excited about guttering and rain barrels. I went on and on at my homesteading blog about the amazing measure of water in less than an inch of rain. Since I so love what a rain water rinse does to my hair, I even had the great idea to use rain water in my skin and hair care products at G-ma's Goatmilk Soap and Tribally Yours, distributed exclusively by the Land of Goshen, LLC. This blog is just going to be full of links, and speaking of links, upon reading a headline this morning, I was reminded of a little e-mail forward that goes around from time to time, regarding Noah building the ark in modern times with government codes and oversight.

Rather than copy and paste, I've included a link at the end of the blog. Now, getting back to the headline this morning. It seems the governor of Maryland has no problem claiming some pretty lofty authority over his "subjects." The state general assembly approved a stormwater fee for nine counties in Maryland. Translation: There is now a rain tax! It will be documented by satellite and the tax itself will be determined on a local level. The EPA is behind this to clean up the Chesapeake Bay area . . . I thought rain belonged to G-d . . . and for those who don't believe in G-d, does that mean it automatically defaults to the government?

The reality of this is really rather ominous though, in that with cloud seeding and chemtrails, etc. it would be completely possible to come up with tax liens beyond what could be reasonably paid . . . From what I understand, no property owner is exempt. Well, I'm guessing county courthouses won't have to worry. Since it's entirely possible for "man" to make it rain, it's entirely possible for "man" to make it excessive. I've heard a voice from heaven speak from a dark cloud the day after a tornado destroyed an Ozark town, that "weather is not to be in the hands of man."

While this information is, of course, presented to be a politically divisive issue, the bottom line remains the same for all taxpayers, regardless of party or affiliation. We must get beyond the political blame of parties and realize that all of our politicians are usurping authority that does not belong to humans and we will pay. Taxes will be the least of our problems. The rain doesn't belong to us, it is a gift from our Creator. If the government really does feel arrogantly entitled enough to tax rain, it's really not so satirical to suggest an "air tax" is next.

Rain Tax

Noah's Dilemma

They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto G-d the things that are G-d's.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Death of Margaret Thatcher

I don't believe in speaking ill of the recently departed, so I am rather disgusted with some of the behavior in the UK in response to the death of Margaret Thatcher. I can't say that I agreed with many of her policies, but she was the Prime Minister of the UK and that really deserves, if not respect, at least decorum until after the funeral.

The fact that she and Ronald Reagan got along so well, does explain the reaction of many of the Britons, but at times like this, it's best to take the high road. I truly think America and Britain sort of lost their industry through the same era, and apparently very divisive leadership. As I was reading about her time as Prime Minister, I was reminded of the Reagan years here in America. I see many similarities. Those who are fans, practically worship, and those who were not, tend to loathe. I don't like to elevate politics and money to a religious level, and I think that is what I hold against the Reagan years, the most. Those were also the Margaret Thatcher years.

Perhaps the working class of the UK feels the same way the working class of America now feels after the passing of Ronald Reagan. Those of us who were not big fans do tend to cynically refer to Saint Ronald on occasion. I've seen comments that truly do reflect feelings of disgust where he was concerned, but it's been nearly nine years since his passing. I'm not disregarding the feelings of the people, but let's get her buried first.

For whatever reasons, I feel Britain sets the example for royal manners and regal behavior and to be honest, these comments sound like they came from America . . . I know the 80's were hard on most of us, but we can't let the leaders of that time cause us to become the people they considered us to be. We know, Ronald and Margaret considered themselves aristocrats, and we were merely commoners. So, it seems fitting to rise above their view of us. After all, their power, their fame, their wealth . . . they didn't take it with them.

What better way to demonstrate just how wrong they were?
. . . but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Let's Talk Amendments and Possible Distractions

The UN has passed some sort of international arms regulation that of course is dividing our country in the interpretation of what this means to our Second Amendment. It seems our President supports it. I remember reading about his voting record as a state senator. "Present" or "abstain" was his decision a great deal of the time, or so it was reported as such. It seems now, he is willing to support and sign everything that makes a large percentage of Americans cringe.

Since he is supportive of this sweeping international legislation, I have my antennas up as to what is actually going on, behind this report. This is just too divisive of an issue to not have something brewing in the background. Every time our government gets into gear for our own good, I start watching what is not being reported. As we head toward the new world order of international laws and pseudo peace, it does indicate we are heading for captivity and that aims in direct opposition to our Bill of Rights.

I am not a gun owner, but I do advocate gun ownership and I believe in the Second Amendment, I just prefer archery. I would have to wonder with the topic of some of my books and blogs if purchasing a weapon would be possible for me, but in all likelihood, I'm not that famous! I'm not yet sure how many of us Jane Q. Public, nobodies, Big Brother is keeping track of at this time. My ability to purchase a weapon is not the point of this blog, and I don't believe weaponry is the real point of all these Executive Orders for our protection. Armed citizens, however; are more difficult to control.

I don't really think our government at this time has the manpower or would even make it a priority to gather up all the guns. Further more, in reading blogs and articles, I don't think the trust level of our government, for the average American, is strong enough to hand over all the guns, but blogs and articles are talk, and from what I've seen most folks don't actually back their words with actions, so the outcome remains to be seen. What we don't realize is a huge reality that I have already come across, regarding the second amendment. Several years back when I first launched this homesteading plan, my husband at that time determined we needed a gun to kill our own meat. We'd raise beef or chevon, he'd shoot it and I could process it. For him to participate, we needed a proper weapon, which was apparently some sort of hand gun. A hunting rifle wouldn't do, and a shotgun wouldn't do, so we went to Pawn Shops. Oh my, what an assortment of hand guns we were shown. Now are you ready for this?

Hand guns were available for purchase by the dozens, however; the bullets were on back order . . . and had been for several months. See how easy that is. The Powers that Be don't have to come knocking on your door for your gun, they can just control the bullet sales. So the reality is, we've had backdoor gun control for several years now, with the potential for it to expand at any moment with no Executive Orders. The Second Amendment needs no altercation or overriding in regard to possession of firearms, if ammunition is unavailable.

The other thing I've noticed is the reality that while so many are concerned about their second amendment rights, our first amendment rights are under constant threat and nobody seems to care. I want free speech. I don't want Congress to make any laws regarding my religion, or the removal of my religion in our society. I value the first amendment and it's been under siege since it's been legal to shoot people who say the wrong thing at the air port. It's been under siege since Fred Phelps and company started spewing their ridiculous hatred. It's been under siege since George W. Bush loosely defined "enemy combatant" and the present administration has let us know in no uncertain terms, he doesn't want to hear what we have to say, and his secret service has the power to shut you up!

With the "marriage equality" issue, free speech has been labeled hate speech, not to mention all sorts of regulation against religious symbols and practices. There are virtually no sources of true freedom of the press, and protesting requires permits and a cage to stand in. Meanwhile Second Amendment advocates are clearly being associated with some interesting mental health terms, while the 4th amendment no longer even stands, lets talk eminent domain, Judge Souter, and the Fifth Amendment. Now as for the definition of "enemy combatants" and drone coverage, the Sixth Amendment is in question, while the 14th amendment is being used as the foundation for everything but rights for those who have no advocate.

The government already has power over the ammunition, while the gun owners are taunted with the perceived threat against the Second Amendment, four other amendments are nearly history . . . We must realize Who and what truly protects our freedom.

You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free . . . If therefore the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed. New Testament

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