Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Let's Talk Amendments and Possible Distractions

The UN has passed some sort of international arms regulation that of course is dividing our country in the interpretation of what this means to our Second Amendment. It seems our President supports it. I remember reading about his voting record as a state senator. "Present" or "abstain" was his decision a great deal of the time, or so it was reported as such. It seems now, he is willing to support and sign everything that makes a large percentage of Americans cringe.

Since he is supportive of this sweeping international legislation, I have my antennas up as to what is actually going on, behind this report. This is just too divisive of an issue to not have something brewing in the background. Every time our government gets into gear for our own good, I start watching what is not being reported. As we head toward the new world order of international laws and pseudo peace, it does indicate we are heading for captivity and that aims in direct opposition to our Bill of Rights.

I am not a gun owner, but I do advocate gun ownership and I believe in the Second Amendment, I just prefer archery. I would have to wonder with the topic of some of my books and blogs if purchasing a weapon would be possible for me, but in all likelihood, I'm not that famous! I'm not yet sure how many of us Jane Q. Public, nobodies, Big Brother is keeping track of at this time. My ability to purchase a weapon is not the point of this blog, and I don't believe weaponry is the real point of all these Executive Orders for our protection. Armed citizens, however; are more difficult to control.

I don't really think our government at this time has the manpower or would even make it a priority to gather up all the guns. Further more, in reading blogs and articles, I don't think the trust level of our government, for the average American, is strong enough to hand over all the guns, but blogs and articles are talk, and from what I've seen most folks don't actually back their words with actions, so the outcome remains to be seen. What we don't realize is a huge reality that I have already come across, regarding the second amendment. Several years back when I first launched this homesteading plan, my husband at that time determined we needed a gun to kill our own meat. We'd raise beef or chevon, he'd shoot it and I could process it. For him to participate, we needed a proper weapon, which was apparently some sort of hand gun. A hunting rifle wouldn't do, and a shotgun wouldn't do, so we went to Pawn Shops. Oh my, what an assortment of hand guns we were shown. Now are you ready for this?

Hand guns were available for purchase by the dozens, however; the bullets were on back order . . . and had been for several months. See how easy that is. The Powers that Be don't have to come knocking on your door for your gun, they can just control the bullet sales. So the reality is, we've had backdoor gun control for several years now, with the potential for it to expand at any moment with no Executive Orders. The Second Amendment needs no altercation or overriding in regard to possession of firearms, if ammunition is unavailable.

The other thing I've noticed is the reality that while so many are concerned about their second amendment rights, our first amendment rights are under constant threat and nobody seems to care. I want free speech. I don't want Congress to make any laws regarding my religion, or the removal of my religion in our society. I value the first amendment and it's been under siege since it's been legal to shoot people who say the wrong thing at the air port. It's been under siege since Fred Phelps and company started spewing their ridiculous hatred. It's been under siege since George W. Bush loosely defined "enemy combatant" and the present administration has let us know in no uncertain terms, he doesn't want to hear what we have to say, and his secret service has the power to shut you up!

With the "marriage equality" issue, free speech has been labeled hate speech, not to mention all sorts of regulation against religious symbols and practices. There are virtually no sources of true freedom of the press, and protesting requires permits and a cage to stand in. Meanwhile Second Amendment advocates are clearly being associated with some interesting mental health terms, while the 4th amendment no longer even stands, lets talk eminent domain, Judge Souter, and the Fifth Amendment. Now as for the definition of "enemy combatants" and drone coverage, the Sixth Amendment is in question, while the 14th amendment is being used as the foundation for everything but rights for those who have no advocate.

The government already has power over the ammunition, while the gun owners are taunted with the perceived threat against the Second Amendment, four other amendments are nearly history . . . We must realize Who and what truly protects our freedom.

You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free . . . If therefore the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed. New Testament
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