Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is Washington D C Fiddling . . . ?

We are told that Nero fiddled while Rome burned and I just can't help but be reminded of this as we watch precious metals, stocks, and the value of a dollar all fall at once . . . Not that life is all about money, but Washington and Wall Street are. While the economy is shaky, we are still battling over gun ownership. Meanwhile there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon and the JFK library, and Logan Airport was closed. Not to mention the media's "style" of coverage regarding the most gruesome trial of infanticide ever seen in America.

How can we just go on, business as usual, accepting like sheep the directive to "keep moving, there's nothing to see here?" If this is just another day in the US of A and we shouldn't be unnerved by the news, then we are in worse shape than we know. Everything in the first paragraph should bother us on an individual event basis, much less when they are all occurring in 48 hours or less. Those of us asking questions and noticing some odd connections are of course, labeled Conspiracy Theorists. Details will be revealed in the soon to be released DSM V-R.

I don't know if I believe humans are actually hatching these plans together or simply selling their souls for power, to a single evil entity. If it's a matter of spiritual evil, that takes me out of the conspiracy theory group and squarely in the "religious nut" category. I'm actually pretty comfortable with that, I'm in some very good company. I thought of Messiah being called the "lord of evil," when I was called something hideous and somehow, things just made more sense to believe there is actually a spiritual problem. Spiritual rebellion and selfish servitude for power makes more sense than an entire group of humans willingly working together for any goal . . . I present Exhibit A: Congress.

I have some thoughts regarding all this mess in the news this week and I'm going to share them now. First, making more laws for decent law abiding citizens, is stupid, just stupid. I can't buy grain at the feed store without giving my name, etc. supposedly because of the USA Patriot Act and the potential for a terrorist to use grain and fertilizer to build an explosive, like Timothy McVeigh. I think the grain monitoring has a lot more to do with food control, but the powers that be packaged it with just the right timing. Here's my solution to this problem, rather than presuming we are all potential home-grown terrorists. Simply make bulk fertilizer something that is ordered and delivered. Just take it off the open market. The government has been telling farmers what to plant and where for over 1/2 century, they'll buy their fertilizer where the USDA tells them. The USDA is the expert at shoveling fertilizer! Now with this Boston Marathon bombing are we going to outlaw pressure cookers? Or just make homesteaders take the same test as those wanting to purchase a gun? Can't we see where this is going?

As for the economy. We need to stop worshiping money and material wealth. The people who are trying to save, will never have enough, and the people who aren't saving, are still going to find some way to get what they want, so we don't need paper to represent metal and we don't need Wall Street to let us play just enough to share the losses. We average people will never see big returns again, and we know it. The fat cats just let the middle class in long enough to raise the stakes . . . The same people who invested in Wall Street through the Reagan years are the same ones that bought "the new gold certificates." I recommend silver, it's easier to use in purchasing power, and it's still affordable right now to the average Joe. Besides, gold at $1500.00 an ounce, what's that going to buy if it comes down to it? How will you get change? There aren't that many $1500.00 purchases to be made on a regular basis. Silver on the other hand, will have some purchasing power at the local market and power company, if "they" let us have electricity when the time comes . . .
We are such a material society.

Now, I have the perfect solution regarding late term abortions. This Gosnell person obviously didn't care about the law, so he could have just as easily had a black market adoption operation. That's truly my thought here. It was different, and I know, there are people who argue life at conception, but it was different back in the 50's and 60's when D&C's took care of those late periods back when pregnancy tests wouldn't even show positive for 2 months. After having 6 years of a conservative Congress, those same 6 years a conservative White House, and through those same six years, 7 out of 9, Supreme Court Justices appointed by republican Presidents, clearly abortion isn't going away. It's time to realize, all politicians are using those little unborn babies to keep the population at odds.

As all these events are in the headlines simultaneously, are we really intellectually processing what we're seeing? Is the news being delivered for visceral effect? What is the reasonable response to all this?
Would we recognize the difference between Washington DC fiddling or our government, orchestrating . . . ?

Come now, and let us reason together, says YHWH: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow . . .
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