Monday, April 29, 2013

The 4 Ws of the Boston Marathon Bombing

I vowed to get back to the 4 W's of good journalism and it seems it's been so long since that has been the focus, I'm actually going to simply categorize them to get established. In this article I will attempt to report the Who, What, When, and Where.
I will also qualify any editorial comments and identify hearsay. Since so much has circulated about the bombing at the Boston Marathon, I thought I'd simply reiterate what we actually do know.

There were three fatalities in the blast near the finish line of the annual Boston Marathon, April 15, 2013. A young boy Martin Richard, whose mother and sister were injured. Krystal Campbell died of her injuries very quickly according to the nurse that attended her and there was some time in identifying the third victim, Lingzi Lu.

There were many conflicting reports and since that time theories have flooded the internet. It was first reported that a Saudi National was sought, then taken into custody, then it was reported that the report was in error. It has been reported that the bombs were made from pressure canners, and just in from Fox News, it is reported that female DNA has been found on the bomb components. The wife of the deceased alleged bomber has been questioned. There were reported two alleged bombers, brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev,26 and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19. The 26 year old was reported to have been killed in an intense shoot out with police. That is the information we have.

Upon the getaway of the 19 year old, Martial law was instituted in Watertown, Massachusetts until he was discovered in a citizen's boat. The first reports were that he was too injured to speak, but has since been moved from the hospital to a detention facility. His Miranda rights were not read at the time of his arrest and I can find no information further. There are many interviews and pundits that believe he should be handled as an enemy combatant, rather than a detained citizen. I heard some pretty harrowing suggestions in clips as to the treatment recommendation for this young man. I attribute their angst to the fact he became a US Citizen only recently. This could set a shaky precedent, however; in denying a citizen due process.

The Police Commissioner, Ed Davis, has already stated in an interview that he wants the protection of drones at next year's Marathon. In light of the fact that most of us have had access to the major news sources, I've included two alternate sources.

I am not endorsing any alternative news source at this time, with the exception of the Goshen Gazette; but there are three facts that must be included.
The man that is dead is the alleged bomber. If we omit the word alleged, he is presumed guilty until proven innocent . . . Miranda rights are already "not always necessary," in the cases of "public safety" and terrorism.
Martial law was declared in a town to find one 19 year old boy.
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