Sunday, May 05, 2013

Tower of Babel?

This new and higher World Trade Center building truly bears a great many similarities to the tower described in Genesis 11. It is in the same city as the UN, Wall Street and it's been a source of "coming together" to disagree and accommodate in a politically correct manor. While the debate of a "Ground Zero" mosque has continued to be in the forefront, we've overlooked some amazing similarities to our very own tower of babel, right here in America.

First, "they" always throw something emotional and controversial out to start the big division, knowing full well already, the course that will be taken. This is done to keep "we the people" busy and not noticing what else is transpiring. It's the exact same principle as keeping a room full of kindergarteners playing "I spy" while the custodian looks for the snake that escaped from the fifth grade science class. Those kindergarteners are looking at and for everything in the room except a snake!

Upon reading this link, a revelation truly hit me. While the religiously assured have all eyes on the UN and all blame on Obama, we've lost sight of the real power that prevails. Scripture doesn't say false religions are the root of all evil. And Scripture doesn't say false peace organizations are the root of all evil. Scripture says, "The love of money is the root of all evil." It's the New World Trade Center. How far is this from Wall Street or the UN? I've always had a sickening feeling that the UN was just a decoy or at the most, the enforcement arm of the real power. Maybe it's the fig tree leafing out, to which Messiah referred as a sign of the last generation before His return. I don't know, but we do know material riches is the one topic in which no one can find any discrepency throughout Messiah's teachings and Paul's writings . . . That in itself should be significant to New Testament believers. No matter how you interpret "grace" love of wealth is still the straight line between evil and loss of your soul.

Has the Prosperity Gospel caused us to miss this important fact? No doubt the UN is a part of bringing the world together in common issues, yet these issues are all divisive. Undoubtedly there is significant moves of ecumenicism between all religions, as well as greater animosity building. There is no question that the perpetual motion of the economy is keeping the world bustling, yet with all the talk of even distribution of wealth, it won't ever happen. Even distribution of wealth will not happen for two very clear and simple reasons. First, the very wealthy are not going to just share, and by very wealthy, I'm not just talking about the 1%. Even in the Middle Class, people do not want their wealth redistributed either, and those impoverished may not have money but often cling the tightest to their possessions. Although we all have different reasons and can easily see where someone else could and should, the bottom line is; people do cling to earthly things, like them, and simply do not want to share.

This will be the area of mankind that beckons the greatest control and monitoring. This New World Trace Center is by Scriptural definition a "high place," a tribute unto ourselves, a modern tower of babel. This monument unto confusion may very likely cast it's shadow on the UN and provide shelter for Wall Street.

And when Y'hshuwah saw that he was very sorrowful, he said, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of G-d!
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