Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Lab in Tornado Alley

Hoof and mouth disease has been eradicated in this country because some very wise people or person made a very wise decision years and years ago. Please allow me to share this awesome information and the upcoming plans.

On a little island off of New York, there is a lab that has been run so efficiently and cautiously that hoof and mouth disease has been basically eradicated in this country, as well as other strains of potentially dangerous disease has been analyzed. The stringency of the protocol has been beyond hospital OR standards. All lab uniforms have remained in that facility, with employees changing, showering, etc. upon leaving. I read if an employee wants to take their kids to the circus, they have to take a vacation to do so. There have been no chances taken, and no precaution overlooked to keep the herds of America safe from hoof and mouth disease.

Now fast forward to this new millenium and the decision that the facility in the harbor was outdated. First there was the big contest as to where the new one would be built. Are you ready? Manhattan, KS won. The building is due to commence in less than a year.

This bothers me on many levels.
First, there is the trust issue of questioning, who in the world with a position of authority, ever nominated one of the agricultural centers of the Midwest to be the new home of death and disease?
Second, Manhattan, KS is in the heart of farm and range country, so rather than isolating a potential problem, any possible leaks could leave the herds of the country in jeopardy.
Third, the possibility of putting down livestock on a precautionary basis wouldn't surprise me at all, especially if there are still any independent ranchers in the vicinity.
Fourth, weather can be affected, even engineered, and the far reaching effects or potential fallout, if you will, is not yet understood. We don't know if making snow in Colorado could adversely affect weather in Kansas.
Fifth, it will, in all probability, cause the official registering of animals and probably microchipping, which will put a lot of independents out of business, due to cost alone, or deeply in debt with no possible sign of recovery. Just where is the fine line between the marking of the beasts and the mark of the beast?

Sixth, it brings out an attitude in me that is somewhere between paranoid and cynical, certainly less than spiritual, that just wants to stand up and scream, "Didn't any of you Bozos in charge ever see the Wizard of Oz?"

Seventh, we've seriously seen the devastation of EF5 tornadoes and claiming to be able to build a structure that can withstand the strongest winds in tornado alley sounds dangerously akin to the statement made about the Titanic being unsinkable.

For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture
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