Thursday, May 30, 2013

Interesting Coincidence

I realize I've been leaning heavily against Monsanto, but my stand isn't just AGAINST, I'm standing FOR quite a bit, also. I believe we need to get back to the basics designed by our Creator, before it's too late. From the headlines, I'd say we better hurry. Now, realizing the chance of Big Corporations actually changing their ways, is slim to none, we as individuals can at least see what's happening and make a reasonable decision. My decision was repentance and running back to the garden . . . and sharing what I can with whomever is interested and inquires.

This man shouldn't have had to fight the government to do what he's been doing. The USDA and FDA should be protecting him, rather than what he went through. Vernon Hershberger, is a man who appears to be working according to the regulation of a greater power than Big Corp and corrupt government. I do like it when the good guys win . . . and now the other guys.

There have been some very disturbing connections that I believe are far beyond coincidental. Donald Rumsfeld has been the subject of my searches through the years, as well as Clarence Thomas, and now Michael R. Taylor joins their ranks. These three men have a particular professional presence as well as shared career opportunities. They have enjoyed the revolving door between representing Monsanto's interests and government power. Now, of course, there has been no "conflict of interest," just interesting appointments and opportunities between Big business, and Big government, and interestingly it crosses party lines.

Donald Rumsfeld seemed the most defined by party. He was in the private sector through the transition when government began to work for business. When he left the position of Secretary of Defense in the 70's, he became president of GD Searle Co. That company is no longer officially in business, but it brought us aspartame and the approval thereof through his leadership and good republican connections in the White House through the Reagan administration. GD Searle Co managed to acquire several pharmaceutical sibsidiaries before it became a part of Monsanto.

Clarence Thomas was an attorney in St. Louis, and just like Mr. Taylor, one of the clients of his firm was Monsanto. Now, I'm not being conspiranoid here to say, it has to be convenient to have Mr. Thomas on the Supreme Court when Monsanto does lose a case in a lower level court. Monsanto can afford to appeal all the way to the Supreme Court, while the independent farmer loses the case he first won. And of course, there's no reason Judge Thomas should recuse himself, right . . . Keep in mind, while this present administration appears to be running wild, our president still answers to Big business. Clarence Thomas has been on that bench since the first Bush administration.

Now comes Michael R. Taylor. He's been a bit bolder in his use of the revolving door. He goes straight to it. He was in government in the late 70's FDA specifically, as a staff attorney, then went private practice through the Reagan years and managed to get some things changed to redefine risk managment in food additives, lessening the restrictions and oversight . . . Went straight back into FDA accepting a "newly created position" in 1991. Although his name doesn't appear on everything he co-authored, he did a lot to lessen the labeling and reduce restrictions. He moved to the USDA in 1994 and remained there until he temporarily returned to private practice before becoming Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto, until 2000.

He's been at a think tank since then, until he re-entered politics as Senior Advisor to the FDA Commisioner in 2009. On January 13, 2010, he was appointed to another newly created post at the FDA, this time as Deputy Commissioner for Foods. It almost seems his illustrious career has been one of strategically pressing interests of Biotechnology by way of government oversight. Having now held two newly created posts appointed by Presidents of both parties, Mr. Taylor appears to be quite the bi-partisan trail blazer, while the people are getting burned.

They that did feed delicately are desolate in the streets . . . a Prophet's Lament of Holy Scripture
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