Monday, May 20, 2013

Big Brother, Why Art Thou?

Is it Washington DC politics, or is the White House just a decoy to distract? Washington politics is openly dirty and the legal shenanigans of politicians, for the most part goes unchecked, so why is it that our leaders can be so "transparent" in their disrespect, while "we the people" are being held, constantly, to the ridiculous status of potential criminals? A blatant disregard of tax laws pervaded the appointments of this administration, yet the offenders were still appointed, while children are being labeled criminals at an early age with records that will haunt them the rest of their lives. What is wrong with this picture?

Clearly right and wrong are not the issue and respect of the law is irrelevant. Are the real "powers that be" just seeing what we will put up with and the bondage we will endure, as long as we can choose political sides to blame? Why is it, that our elected and appointed leaders are no longer expected to set a standard?

The IRS is of course gaining power and according to the implications of mandated health care, soon to be a real source of job creation. I can't remember how many new agents will be needed to process the health care mandate. Not to mention, how many full time jobs can be created to make life difficult for political activism. Maybe they'll just give bonuses and overtime for that. Keep in mind the IRS is not actually part of the government, but "hired" to collect and tabulate taxes.
While the IRS is being ramped up to keep the ordinary citizens in fearful obligatory obedience, I'm reminded of the number of appointed politicians we now have lording over us, who didn't have to live in obligation or obedience. I remember, it seemed, every other appointee had a little tax matter to clear up.

While politicians continue to have their own special rules, about allowing ambassadors to die, avoiding taxes, stock piling ammo and creating Executive Orders while tabling and re-voting between vacations, we have real crime to deal with, and across America, we are teaching our children . . .

Contained in this article are some general observation of how the public schools are teaching our children.

Audibly burping in class is rude, no doubt. Actually it's more than an etiquette offense or bad manners, in New Mexico it's a misdemeanor if that alleged accusation is worded properly. In this case the official charge at the time of his booking: “interfering with public education.” Yes, according to the lawsuit filed, he was booked.

Now comes the horrific "crime" of doodling Although, using a marker does indicate something needed to be addressed in this doodling issue, the old school remedy would have been cleaning all the desks, working with the custodian after school or at recess, something reasonable that showed cause and effect. Zero tolerance has turned into zero common sense and certainly is not teaching children that their actions require remedy, but rather are desensitizing them to the justice system, and public education which in this case, both look incredibly stupid.
In all fairness I want to post this link that reports some states are re-evaluating their zero tolerance policies. The article indicated that it may have dawned upon a few folks that zero tolerance has the sum total of zero common sense, as well.

A Standout Student was suspended for the rest of her senior year over taking the wrong lunch to school. She and her dad both say the lunches got mixed up in the morning and nobody realized it until the school searched the lunchboxes for drugs and found the paring knife and whole apple. The father said the paring knife was in there to slice his apple through his lunch, but the school saw it differently because the girl hadn't "confessed" before they found it. Personally, I wouldn't want these kind of people teaching my child. So, she's finishing her senior year online and been charged with a misdemeanor. I'm sure some college, will understand . . .

This next story just makes my blood boil on too many levels. Maybe kids are having so many labels because they simply do not know how to cope with so much stupidity surrounding them. Maybe kids wouldn't have so many disorders and labels if they could just play outdoors in June . . .

Possible sex crime? I cannot believe a 56 year old was a part of making this report? As a 55 year old, all I can say is "Did this educator attend public school in the US, growing up?" "Were they involved in society at all, as a child?" Should someone who apparently does not know the difference between someone who is enamoured and someone who is accosting, be in a position of authority? What in the world is a person this inept in regard to human behavior doing working with children or in education?
Sexual battery Here is another example of adults with no sense.

I'm going to use this last example to bring it on home to my title question. Now a five year old gets a knock on the door, because some cop is "just following orders" because some librarian has her panties in a bunch and executive cabinet appointees can just pay their taxes, when they get caught? Does America really need to be using the brutish man power to intimidate children when adult legislators are evading taxes. I'm guessing economically speaking, collecting the taxes from some high power politicians is a better use of government dollars than cops collecting library fines. Overdue library books and uncollected fines can be charged as a misdemeanor, whereas I believe tax evasion was what put Al Capone in prison

Here is a quote from the New Testament in the words of Messiah regarding the treatment of children.
It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. the Gospel according to Luke 17:2

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