Friday, June 29, 2007

I Just Can't Help But Wonder . . .

As I read the debt of the war, and the headlines of our own political civil war, and Supreme Court decisions, I wonder if anyone in leadership really has a vision. If someone in leadership has a vision, can they share it with us? I realize our President wants to continue to lead us in fear of terrorists . . . real and unsubstantiated. I realize Congress wants to hold the President accountable, after six years of unaccountability, but they've done nothing to stop the war or curtail the earmarks, our legislators have become famous for. We all know, there will be another "smoke and mirrors" show about this Executive Privilege and subpoenaes, but that's all it will amount to. We don't need any more laws for law abiding citizens and those that are not law abiding are already breaking the ones we do have, so we can watch this show that Congress wants to put on with the administrative branch of government, knowing, nothing will happen in either branch of government, except bluster and decisions about us, but there will be no accountability. But still this isn't what I'm wondering about today. I've made some short distance travels within the southern plains and the midwest, and I've been noticing something that I find frightening. There are big beautiful homes on rolling acres, with for sale signs in front of them. There are storefronts with SUPPORT OUR TROOPS in fading paint on the windows, while the for rent sign sits in the corner of that very same window. There are many small towns that look like "ghost towns" in an old western, and I just can't help but wonder what has happened and if it's going unnoticed. Oh, I realize suburbia is sprawling, but that's not agriculture and it's not business, it's just living large and wanting more. As suburbia expands with bank credit to general contractors, and mortgage companies on every other corner, I've noticed the payday loan places have replaced the car title loan places, and they are literally on every corner and in every strip mall. As we have become a nation of consumers, will we receive a warning before the credit cards crumble and the banks foreclose on the landlords, and the taxes to pay for the war exceed the wages and the property values? The only reprieve from the horrific tax burden will be unemployment and eminent domain.
. . . without a vision, the people perish . . . Holy Scripture

Thursday, June 28, 2007

To Be Above the Rule of Law . . .

Well, the White House is refusing to turn over paperwork. Condoleezza Rice didn't need to bother with a subpoena, as she felt she'd already answered the questions adequately. The White House has said Harriet Myers won't be worrying about her subpoena, either, because of this wonderful thing called Executive Privilege. Isn't that just delightful? Now, I understand why so many are willing to beg and make fools of themselves for the "highest office" in the land. If you are fortunate enough to land this position, you obtain absolute "zero accountability!" Nobody can ask anything, and expect a straight answer. Once the address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., that special resident is above question, and above the law. Wow! Now who would have realized that benefit came with being a "public servant?" As I hear more and more about this "rule of law," I truly do find the irony, notable. This current administration is blatantly "in the face" of the American public, and the American public can either do nothing about it, or according to the latest poll, there are about 31% who think he is still doing a whiz bang job and deserves to be unaccountable. Now, with this, I am not suggesting for a moment that Congress is doing anything great. This is certainly no Congress of "movers and shakers;" more like whiners and agitators, but that is another blog topic. It is truly time that we realize, our present administration has only given the illusion of respecting the "rule of law." I mentioned in an earlier blog that Libby was just a patsy, and the same day I read that he has been assigned a federal prison number, the White House assumes the presumptuous liberty of "declining" a Congressional subpoena . . . Only in America!
A false balance is abomination to YHVH . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Freedom at the Feet of "Lady Liberty"

Realizing, we have just about reliquished all of our freedom to Homeland Security, does anyone wonder where it will stop? Or have we all just settled in to accept the fact, this train has gained enough momentum to not be stopped. Supposedly 12 million illegal immigrants have made their way through the southern border undetected. And we all got to read about the TB scare a couple of weeks ago, with that man making his way back into the country through the northern border, while security had already been alerted in regard to his circumstances. So, why are so many in this country just choosing to be deceived or confused as to what freedom is? I read something that our President said and was just fascinated at his concern . . .
The greatest challenge facing people of conscience is to help the forces of moderation win the great struggle against extremism that is now playing out across the broader Middle East,” Bush said, citing “the rise of a group of extremists who seek to use religion as a path to power and a means of domination.”
Of course, he's not referring to the religious right of this country, but rather, as the story reads on, he is separating "peaceable Muslims" from the extremists. You'd think in all of his sorting pertaining to terrorism, he'd have been able to separate the Arab countries as well. I still don't know why he and his followers do not realize the difference between Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi. I realize we are supposed to believe that bin Laden was in Afghanistan, but obviously that is no longer an issue in our war on terror, yet our freedoms continue to be squelched and scrutinized. I was in New York in 2004, before they "reopened" the Statue of Liberty. I didn't even bother with the "free tour" with a ferry trip of $10 or $11. Isn't that just slick how that works out with our nation's idols? They belong to we the people, but . . . I was also in Philadelphia in 2004 and got to see what was called the "ark" for the protection of the Liberty Bell. The glass glares and the casing around it is dark, so I didn't see the Liberty Bell, just the anti-terror protection. I wondered then, why so much was done to protect a piece of metal, when supposedly American lives could be in danger at all times . . . and then I thought, oh yeah, this is how "they" work. Are the "they" the terrorists or political leaders of America? You decide. Meanwhile, after August of '04, they reopened the tour of the Statue of Liberty, but this restriction from the crown, as it is called is a bit more confining and now it's supposedly only for safety issues. How convenient. According to FOXNews, an American tourist can now gain direct access to the platform on which she stands. According to the article in this link:,2933,286882,00.html
A staff study in the late 1990s found that it was a safety hazard to allow people to go up to the crown. In 2000, a private engineering company reached the same findings about safety issues and fire hazards, Feeney said.
The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in 1886 and designated a national monument in 1924. It was restored for its centennial on July 4, 1986. Its torch has been closed since 1916.
So, with all of that, why did it not get closed until 9/11? And what about all the "spiffing up" done through the Reagan years for the centennial of her arrival from France? It just doesn't add up, as usual. In this great land of liberty, but only after stringent security, X-rayed bags, and walk through metal detectors, you can stand at the toes of the Statue of Liberty.
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image . . .Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them . . . Ten Commandments, Holy Scripture

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

There Really Are People Who Do Not Want the Facts

I've had some interesting conversations of late. I am amazed at the number of Americans that are blaming our media for information, while listening to commentary and editorialized "news" to keep them "aware" of current events and world changing decisions. I am appalled that people would actually prefer that the media were quieted and are offended that talk radio is considered influential hype and bluster.
We hear so many provocative and controversial reports, what is one expected to believe? Where does one take a stand? We hear the media report horrific crimes and then give the next bad guy ideas how to avoid capture or worse, a concept for success in a life of crime. While the media reports everything they know and everything they think they know, there are unbalanced and unethical people listening to the reports. These potential social problems are presented with the pieces of the puzzle or the explanation as to how to eliminate the pieces of that same puzzle. There are many Americans that believe, in light of this fact, the factual information needs to be kept under lock and key, rather than reported, because the next weirdo or bad guy will use the information to build and get away with the perfect crime. Meanwhile, we have those that editorialize and are paid astronomical salaries to offer commentary to those just begging to be brainwashed and are perhaps already leaning towards a propensity of programming.
I think I have two issues in the news that continuously crop up and just really annoy me.
One, the mess between Israel and the Palestinians. Why are the Palestinians crying poor mouth, when Israel gave them the best of the land, being Gaza and the West Bank? The Palestinians only had to take over the land, it was handed to them on a silver platter after the Israelis built greenhouses and irrigation systems. I've seen that area. The West Bank is lush and wonderful, as is much of Gaza. So what is all this nonsense about the reports of the Palestinians starving within weeks, without aid? Can't the Palestinians maintain what was already built and established, simply to maintain themselves and their autonomy? If a "people" cannot do anything to help themselves establish or maintain their autonomy, do they deserve independent recognition? But, here in America, the political polarization would rather manufacture hype to make this a partisan issue between a former president and the present leader. Every time I hear something reported about this situation, I just feel the majority does not want their opinions altered with the facts.
My other "pet peeve" of facts involves our country itself. I don't understand the accusations from the religious right extremists against the moderates or the liberals. How can a party in our nation so despise a former president that boldly claims he has been born again, yet support a man that claims to be a Christian while making leadership decisions opposed to Scripture? And his professional personna is totally ecumenical and quite non-specific. I have another axe to grind with the religious right extremists. They continue to refer to the Clintons and Obama as "rock stars," like they have any frame of reference to begin with, but I keep in mind, they have heard this term on their talk radio. Now, how is it that the loyal followers value autographed photos of the Bushes, without realizing they have become a fan club?
I don't understand the double speak and double standard involved in the desire to eliminate information being reported, but editorials being treated as news items. I don't understand the religion that is not based upon Scripture, but claims to be of G~d. And I don't understand the desire of the extremists to be politically offended by behavior that is exhibited by both parties.
Why are Americans attempting to shield themselves from the facts?
He that is first in his own cause seemeth just . . . a Proverb from Holy Scripture

Monday, June 25, 2007

The News Just Isn't Good

The headlines today are just horrible. A married cop allegedly killed his pregnant girlfriend, and supposedly or allegedly an old friend from high school helped him hide the evidence or something. The British journalist that was taken captive by some jihadist group has been videoed, requesting that no one intercede on his behalf, and he's requesting this while wearing an explosive belt. Israel has been left alone, once again, by her "closest ally." George W. Bush is not going to participate in the negotiations. Isn't that just sweet, since he's the one that has orchestrated much of the current events of the Middle East? The Supreme Court ruled to allow the government to finance charitable religious organizations. That is just crazy, since we already know charitable organizations spend an outrageous percentage of their donations on administrative costs. Doesn't everyone know by now, if the government is involved, the government is going to be in charge? There'll be no separation of church and state, if the church chooses to be financed by the state . . . So, realizing there is not one thing, I can do about all of this, I decided there was a productive way to spend my time. I made homemade raspberry jam, canned green beans, and spent the day with my grandchildren. I've gone through a strange metamorphosis in life. When I was a kid, my mother told me how scary the world was. Well, I never found it as frightening as she portrayed it, but she's still talking about the horrors. Only now it does seem the caliber of the evil of the world is finally catching up to her evil stories. But it's as if there is an entire group of people that have made the choice to be afraid for the rest of their lives. I'm of a different ilk. If someone has more power than I do and they are out to get me, as the current administration and his followers believe, then I say live life to the fullest while I can. I'm not talking partying or whatever, I'm simply saying, if attacks and death are inevitable for all of us and it is out of our control, then what should I do? Value every minute that G~d gives me, with the people I love and accomplishing the the things I love to do. So, if I only have today left, before some arch nemesis wipes me out, then G~d already knows that and I'm glad my grandchildren have had homemade ice cream, fresh raspberry jam, and gotten to hear the sound of the canning jar seal. And if we still have more days in the wake of the fear mongering, then my grandchildren may get to learn more of the simple things that G~d has allowed. Knowing now, that our government can only protect us by scaring us, I feel that I have special insight into the survival techniques, since that was also the technique used in my childhood. I hope my grandchildren get to grow up knowing there are little oases of peace here and there, and I hope they are getting to learn from me, how to appreciate peace and the value of simplicity.
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Let's Talk Cost vs. Price

The price of gasoline has actually gone down since the beginning of summer. I, for one, am surprised. I keep hearing all about this ethanol plan, and to be honest, when I first began hearing about it, it sounded as if it may have promise, but then I did some more listening and some more checking and I believe ethanol promises to be an expensive, inadequate non-solution. First, I noticed that many of the farmers are actually investing in this ethanol production. So, they are taking the chance with the corn crop, doing the work, then financing the refining. This sounds like the short cut to bankruptcy for the few farmers that are left, or maybe the banks will be more compassionate than they have been throughout history. There is another interesting fact about this ethanol. Cows eat corn, and ethanol is made from corn, so while ethanol is being introduced at the pumps, milk is going up and meat is going up. We raise our own meat and dairy, so I don't deal with the prices too much, but the other day I did happen to notice that a steak was priced at $12 something a pound! Milk is over $3.00 a gallon and the pro-ethanol people either aren't listening or don't have to worry about increased cost of luxuries like milk. I was talking to my mom about the price of beef and mentioned that chuck roast was over $3.00 a pound. She, being a very staunch Bush supporter informed me that I could get three meals out of a chuck roast. You know, I could get three meals out of a chuck roast when it was still a cheap cut of meat under $2.00 a pound. The quality of the cut of a chuck roast has not improved, but the cost of feeding and moving that critter has greatly increased. I haven't checked the price of beer and whiskey, but if those prices get affected, then what? Oh, maybe the conservatives can just bring back prohibition and use all the corn for their SUVs. I already mentioned that the price of livestock feed has increased and according to the big sign at our MFA, we have to give our name and address when we buy grain because of some part of the Patriot Act. I'll tell you why the keepers of the Patriot Act need the names of those buying grain. This has nothing to do with protecting us from terrorists or home made bombs. If it had to do with home made explosives, they'd want our names when we buy fertilizer . . . They want to keep track of who is not dependant upon the governmental whims and provision. Do you think for a minute, having my name in the data base for grain purchases is going to change any of the global war on terror? If you do, well that's just sad. I realize some conservative radio talk show host is going to come up with some stats that inform us that milk and meat have always been a certain percentage more expensive than gasoline, so somehow they can make their listening audience support this nonsense. But back to ethanol. Making ethanol is no simple procedure. I have read that it actually takes more fuel to produce it, than is produced. Consider, you have to plant corn, that takes a tractor burning fuel. And it took a tractor burning fuel to prepare the field for planting. Then the crop must be tended, which also requires a tractor, still burning fuel, before any is produced. When the crop is harvested, once again, fuel is required for the machinery. And after all of that, it's still corn. The processing and refining hasn't even begun. Besides all that, we are looking at a growing season, from the seeds to the harvest, and hoping for weather to produce a good crop. This ethanol business is not nearly as easy as just declaring war on an oil rich nation. If we really begin to aim for ethanol on a full scale fuel supply, we will literally be burning cattle feed to drive our SUVs and huge trucks. And I wonder why. . . Does our country really need so many people driving SUVs, talking on a cell phone or huge vehicles with just the driver and no passengers? But, of course we need the "bigger is better" vehicles to display our political b/s. ( that's bumper stickers)
A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny;
and see thou hurt not the oil . . . the Revelation

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Candidate Update

I promised updates regarding my questions for the candidates. So far to date, I have received 10 emails from the Obama campaign. Although, my inbox indicates they have different senders, including two with his name, there are two things in common: A statement that says Mr. Obama would like to hear comments and a button with the word DONATE. There was also some sort of dinner raffle for four people who donated. I'm using the word "raffle," the Obama camp didn't. And now they have been selected and I will get to "hear" how dinner goes. Edwards is a bit different, as I really like his way of asking for money in the last e-mail. He doesn't ask for huge dollar amounts or even what I'd like to send. He's got this great plan for asking for a modest amount and always mentions it's not how much, but how many. "small change will bring big change" Now isn't that just catchy? I've received 9 e-mails from the Edwards camp. Some from campaigners, one from his mom, one from his wife, and there are even two that have his name on the sender line. And John gives more choices that Barrack. John has three options at the end of his messages. I can join the campaign, make a donation, or spread the word. Since it costs so much to be a president, it seems the best "beggar" will be the one that becomes our nation's leader. I've only received the one response from the Rodham-Clinton camp, but I have noticed in the headlines that Bill is joining the campaign. If she's elected, I just don't look for him to have as much power as she did in his administration, but I could be wrong. At any rate, I'd like to think my question played a part in Bill's participation. Because as all of the candidates continue to explain: We each have a part in this country's direction for 2008!
Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but YHVH pondereth the hearts.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So Much Confusion

I, like most Americans, have been reading and hearing about events in the Middle East. I'm amazed at the number of Americans that truly believe all Muslims are trying to wipe out their Western "Christian" culture. If that is truly the case, then why did America invade Iraq and support the murder of Saddam Hussein for killing 100,000 Muslims? Confusion . . . Why is George Bush more popular amongst the religious right than Jimmy Carter. Everyone says Jimmy Carter was the most honest president of recent history and he claimed to be born again. George W. Bush referred to "Jesus" once in an interview and called him a philosopher. So what happened with that? Does Christianity now embrace their Jesus to offer great philosophy, rather than the opportunity to be born again? More Confusion . . . And how is it that Hamas and Hezbollah were on the American terrorist list, then became political parties in "fledgling democracies" that America is funding and supporting? Why has America not offered military support to Israel in dealing with these terrorist organizations when it is America that has declared war on terror? Confusing, isn't it? Now that Abbas is calling Hamas a terrorist organization, will America resume the stand they claimed in 2001? How do we know this isn't just a trick to surround Israel through supposed "political division" in Gaza and the West Bank and gain American funding? We don't, we have no idea what the real situation is with this so called Roadmap to Peace, authored by the President of America. Can confusion be a "theme?" A new cabinet post called Homeland Security has become part of our government in this administration and I can find no rhyme or reason as to how this department or bureaucracy functions . . . it is nothing but confusion. While the Middle East is debated and the 2008 presidential campaign has begun a year and a half early, and we are supposedly keeping problems off of American soil, our president wants to offer amnesty for those that are not citizens and here in Missouri, if a person already has a driver's license, a birth certificate or a passport is required to renew their license. Yet, our senator has told us, we are still protected from a National ID. So, are the politicians confused or just trying to keep the constituents that way?
For G~d is not the author of confusion, but of peace . . . New Testament

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Is Three Branches of Government Really A Balance?

I just hate the fact that this question keeps coming to my mind. When the talk radio and republican extremists are continuously trashing members of Congress, I don't like asking myself why we need a body of government making MORE LAWS. I don't have anything personally against any of the members of Congress. My state Congressman doesn't represent my views, but that isn't why I'm questioning the value of his job. My concern is this. Congress is supposed to be the legislative branch of our three branch system of government. I'm sure some religious person can tell you that this "three" branch is of course in the image of a Trinity, which by the way, the word Trinity isn't any more Bible based than our Constitution. Now, back to Congress. Historically, since the end of WWII, if Congress and the President were not of the same party, nothing happened. We had it in the Truman days, the Reagan days, the Clinton days, and now, once again, these present sad days. This current Congress is going to cost the tax-payers a fortune. The only thing the current administration will not veto is exorbitant spending on his agenda. And that's not really my concern, either, as there is nothing I can do about it. My concern is this. This third branch of the government isn't balancing the executive branch or the judicial branch, but they are spending money we tax payers haven't yet earned, and they are passing bills right and left to be made into law for whom? The law abiding citizens of this country? How many more laws do the law-abiders need? The law abiding citizens are already burdened and those that aren't law abiding aren't going to worry about it, they already don't. Why can't Congress be used like Internal Affairs in the Police Department? They want to hold all those in the opposite party in some sort of contempt. Why not make that Congress's new reason to be? We don't need any more legislation and the budget is a joke. We, the people do not need any more laws and we, the people don't have any more money. The people who are not law abiding already have enough laws to break, don't they? I'm afraid I see the sham in this situation. The right extremists have a point, although I don't agree with their reasoning for it, Congress is really a non-essential, impotent part of our government, now. Unless Congress gives the President the bill he wants, he vetos. If Congress makes more laws about security, it is only the law-abiding American citizens that will be affected. And the third branch; judicial. Although the right extremists claim that they don't want judges making laws from the bench, that is what they expect of the Supreme Court, on their pet issues. And technically, the Supreme Court is only an extention of the Executive branch, anyway; since it is an appointed position. Actually, since it is appointed and for life, the Justices wield much unelected power over, we, the people, for quite a while. Some of these judges in history have been on the bench for a quarter of a century. And somebody that really wants long term control has realized, young judges appointed for life keeps the "Supreme" decisions leaning the direction of choice, regardless of what Congress tries to implement, and the party of the next elected resident of the White House.
The law of YHVH is perfect . . . Holy Scripture

Monday, June 18, 2007

Solution on the Horizon??????????

After all these months and years of struggle, I think the Palestinians have come up with their own solution. It's interesting that America has served to be such a hurdle in this, but it looks like they are coming around to their own resolution. First, we have a few American issues to consider, right before we back away and mind our own business. If we are not going to support Israel directly and honestly, then we need to quit pretending to be their friend, as we pressure Israel to eliminate themselves off the map, while huffing and puffing about Iran saying that is their goal. Obviously that is the goal of the RoapMap to Peace.
I have to admit, I was hoping Arafat would be removed from the picture and the world could see who was actually responsible for this Middle East mess. Remember, it was the US that acknowledge Arafat as some sort of leader to begin with. Then America pushed for free elections and the Palestinian people elected a terrorist group, to which immediately, we in America responded with distance. After shooting off our mouths, we claimed to be too busy to be a military ally for Israel simply leaving Israel to fend for themselves and we implemented sanctions against Hamas, leaving the Palestinians to starve. I just heard a quote from Dr. Rice on the news, saying that now we can lift the sanctions and help those Palestinians in the West Bank that are loyal to the Fatah /Abbas government, and she once again is referring to Hamas as a terrorist organization. Not to split hairs, but technically, it is her boss that made Hamas a political party, and since there is now a division, all those that are loyal to Abbas are rebels against the election, but that is another issue . . . She had said something awhile back that caught my attention. Once America pressured Israel to give up Gaza and the West Bank to the Palestinians, she then announced that Gaza and the West Bank must be contiguous. Look at a map, that political maneuver called for Israel to give up much more land to connect the two. Well, Hamas and Fatah have solved Dr. Rice's demand, after the fact. We can have an East and West Palestine. How long did the world have an East and West Germany, after WWII? Since Scripture already states that the descendants of Ishmael will fight even amongst themselves, we can all rest easier, knowing that Hamas has Gaza, courtesy of the Roadmap to Peace, and Abbas/Fatah has the West Bank, and the whole world now knows, they can't get along, even when Israel accomodates them. And it is not Arafat that is making the demand for land and a country, but rather it is the "ally" of Israel, the USA. So, problem solved! Let Hamas, the terrorist organization that they are, have the gift of Gaza and allow Abbas to govern the West Bank, whom Israel is now willing to deal with. The reality in this situation is: Arafat did not cause this, America did! Hamas is still a terrorist organization, although they were elected, at the whim of America, and Fatah/Abbas is the rebel presence for the Palestinian government with the blessing of America.
all the nations together to make war against Jerusalem; Then YHVH will go out and make war against those nations . . . Holy Scripture

Friday, June 15, 2007

When Will "Rule of Law" Make Sense?

There were three things in the news this week that really concern me, as a non-republican, non-captialist American, and I don't know if these subjects have any correlation yet or not. I realize that description alone, is cause to question my patriotism and probably my mental stability, as well. The first thing that concerns me is this Scooter Libby deal. I mean he's a more obvious patsy than Lee Harvey Oswald was, and as usual Americans just sit there with their heads rattling about it being partisan. No, it isn't partisan, it's a red herring from the government thrown at the law abiding citizens for two reasons. One, to let us peons know, that "nobody is above the law," which is completely laughable under the circumstances, and two, to distract the easily distracted while "other matters" are either implemented or legislated. If Americans are divided on an emotional or political issue, they just seem more ready and willing to buy more of the nonsense being perpetrated through this administration. Back to Libby, basically in an investigation that produced no charges, he's been charged and found guilty for obstructing justice and lying to investigators . . . If there were no charges to accomplish justice, what did he obstruct? If we really are going to send politicians to jail for lying, Washington DC will become a ghost town. And what's the big rush about sending him to jail while he attmepts an appeal? I am personally aware of more than one case in which a person has been found guilty of harming another person, and they are all free on their perspective bonds awaiting appeals. I just don't get it, but I know there is more to the story . . .
Dennis Miller made an interesting remark in his program yesterday, or whenever. We don't actually get any live radio programs, just the illusion that we are hearing things as they happen and commentary is welcome. Rebroadcasts just don't have that same interactive quality or in my case interest, but he commented about his disapproval of the President's handling of illegal immigration and said something to the effect of, what's he trying to do? have a North American Union, like Europe or something . . . that's not a direct quote, but the gist of the comment. Well, I remember when Terri Schiavo's situation was all that was covered in the national news. Remember when our President, our hero, disrupted his vacation at the ranch to go back and sign some useless law at 1:00 in the morning to save Terri. Well, he didn't get that done either, but two days later he met with Martin and Fox about something called SSP. I invite you to go to and type SSP into the search. Read it, I think that will answer Mr. Miller's question.
And last, but certainly not least, there is a new bill that Schumer (D) and the NRA are both in agreement about, since the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Once again, our government is using a very emotionally charged trauma to introduce frightening legislation. This interesting little piece of legislation is really not about guns, but rather about the central information center, and citizen control. The term "mentally defective" is used in the wording. My concern and I have had first hand experience with capitalists, "compassionate conservatives," and high living, so-called compassionate liberals, who don't think I think right, and you know what, they sound alike; flat mean. I have had horrendous comments made to me regarding my not so stable years, and the accountability demands are subjugating. I like to think a less stable person than myself, like the inquisitor, might have a stronger reaction to such insipid interrogation. I have it easy, I can let the answering machine pick up and use a junk filter on my e-mail, as a matter of fact, I don't have to keep a telephone or the internet, but what happens to people who are still trying to be part of this corporate, capitalistic, society and remain free thinkers. I realize they are few and far between, but there are still a few of us. That young man that shot those students had a problem that everyone overlooked, and they did know about it. So how many people will be falsely accused of having a problem that doesn't exist, simply because they have a different perspective or beliefs? The fact that this legislation will pass truly concerns me, because someone will be making the arbitrary calls as to who is defective and who is not? Obviously party lines make no difference,but I wonder just how the criteria and standard will be determined for what is considered mentally defective?
Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad . . . - Holy Scripture

Thursday, June 14, 2007

So Where Do Babies Come From?

My daughter is waiting for her kids to ask that question. According to what I read today, it would seem many of them come from a petri dish in a fertility clinic. I have had an axe to grind with doctors for years, but it's now come down to the very basics of life. Years ago, I planned to become a physician and revolutionize American medicine, but I don't believe in the powers of medicine, and doctors do have power, but it isn't G~d given. Oh, I tried the allopathic route, by choice, for a few years and it nearly killed me. And of course, I, like most of the boomers grew up knowing that doctors "knew" so much more than anybody, which is why everyone aspired to be one, or was encouraged to aspire to be one. My grandchildren were born in a hospital, and when there was a complication, the "experts" very quickly passed the responsibility off, everywhere they could, and I became the religious grandma that just didn't understand. Even to the point, my mother told me I better not say anything to offend the "doctors" they'd have security on me. Well, I didn't bow down then, and I don't now. But back to this basic beginning of life. For thousands of years, women have had babies, because that was the Creator's design. Giving birth was not a medical procedure, it was reproducing the species. I did a bit of checking. Seventy years ago, only 37% of women gave birth in a hospital. My dad was born at home and he isn't yet 70, nor was he from a backward, uneducated people. It was just that birth was simply a fact of life, not a medical condition. Pregnancy isn't a disease, so how did it become so medical? And now, since doctors have become involved, they have taken the power to determine that embryos can be removed from the womb or made in a petri dish and placed in a womb. In less than a single century, these power mongers have changed what women have been doing for centuries and "overridden" the design of our Creator. They have presumed to have power over life. As I was researching this insane phenomenon, I happened on to something quite interesting. In the beginning of the 20th Century, physicians were using something they called "twilight sleep" and promising painless childbirth. Well, that was all it took for women to put their trust in doctors, rather than G~d, their maker. The same thing the serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden, was repeated thousands of years later. The doctors promised women that same slimy promise. What G~d had spoken, would be irrelevant if they just trusted "modern medicine." Interestingly, to this day, I don't know any women who claim to have experienced painless childbirth, yet. As a matter of fact, I don't know any woman that doesn't have a delivery woe to tell about, well, with the exception of my Grandma, who gave birth at home. She never did cater to the notion of doctors being more powerful than G~d. As our timeline continues, by 1950, 88% of women gave birth in hospitals, and doctors were by then, the child experts. I personally think, that explains the drug era of the 60's and 70's, and the so-called disrespect that the older generation claimed was shown by the boomers, but what do I know, I'm not a doctor! It was our parents that taught us, drugs made you feel better, and babies came from doctors and hospitals. So, as doctors continue to charge outrageous fees to defy the laws of nature, where will this go from here? I laughed when I actually heard people talking about scheduling the births of their children. That's right, there are people in the country, so brainwashed or stupid, that they think babies won't come unless a doctor intervenes. They must think that, or they would protect the unborn from unnecessary intervention. As a matter of fact, I read, when the doctors first got involved in childbirth, the mortality rate actually increased from excessive intervening procedures. And here they are, 70 years later, attempting to intervene further. I am personally of the opinion, since G~d spoke the punishment to Eve regarding childbirth; not medicine, but Messiah holds the key for painfree childbirth.
Unto the woman He said, . . . in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children . . . Torah
Messiah hath redeemed us from the curse of the law . . . New Testament

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Opinion for the Opinion Journal

I have been sure to share the link for what the Opinion Journal calls "Today's Featured Article." As I read it, it just seemed to be an outrageous slap in the face to every American.

Our Common Struggle America had its civil war. Why expect freedom to come easy to Iraq?
I have included a few highlights of the article, with my own comments in red.

BAGHDAD, Iraq--Americans keen to understand the ongoing struggle for a new Iraq can be guided by the example of their own history. In the 1860s, your country fought a great struggle of its own, a civil war that took hundreds of thousands of lives but ended in the triumph of freedom and the birth of a great power.
Yes, Mr. Maliki, we did have a civil war here, and it was Americans that fought in it, without dependence upon other countries and certainly without two month summer sabaticals and without billions of dollars from other nation's tax payers. I would concur that there is, however; a parallel to be drawn and that would be; it is Americans that have died in both our civil war and yours.

Our struggle in Iraq is similar to the great American quest, and is perhaps even more complicated. As your country was fighting that great contest over its unity and future, Iraq was a province of an Ottoman empire steeped in backwardness and ignorance. A half a century later, the British began an occupation of Iraq and drew the borders of contemporary Iraq as we know them today. Independence brought no relief to the people of our land. They were not given the means of political expression, nor were they to know political arrangements that respected their varied communities.
Mr. Maliki, with all due respect, a country that is deserving of independence and relief for the people doesn't wait for someone else to win it, and give them means of expression. And since you mention it, Iraq has been around for thousands of years, and this is the most your country has managed, yet?

It is perhaps true that only people who are denied the gift of liberty can truly appreciate its full meaning and bounty. I look with admiration at the American debate surrounding the Iraq war . . .
I'm sure many around the world are "looking with admiration" as to what this Iraq war has done to divide America. And let's talk appreciation, full meaning and bounty. I've read some of your other comments regarding America's suggestions to you as to how you could move things along, and you don't sound the least bit appreciative of this gift of liberty, when referring to the suggestions of your "liberators." I'll address your reference to bounty in my next comment. You have claimed enough power to exact executions and design "infrastructures." Your government has drawn up a constitution and as you mentioned, left place for amendments, which to me just says, you can have all the power you want, as your leaders choose to lead, so . . . What's new about that plan?

Iraq is well on its way to passing a new oil law that would divide the national treasure among our provinces and cities . . .
Ah, the bounty! Well, our national treasury is empty because you cannot lead your country, when this opportunity has truly been handed to you on a silver platter at no cost to yourself or those that are presently in power.

Our message has been the same to one and all: We will not permit Iraq to be a battleground for other powers. In the contests and ambitions swirling around Iraq, we are neutral and dedicated to our country's right to prosperity and a new life, inspired by a memory of a time when Baghdad was--as Washington is today--a beacon of enlightenment on which others gazed with admiration. We have come to believe, as Americans who founded your country once believed, that freedom is a precious inheritance. It is never cheap but the price is worth paying if we are to rescue our country.
Mr. Al-Maliki, my message to you would be. If you can make this sort of a powerful statement, and you claim to be able to enforce it, then it needs to begin at home! Because of our situation in your country, we don't have the luxury to be neutral, so we're so glad you now have the freedom to send a message to our land. Why don't you get the message to your own people and tell them how valuable this gift of liberty is, because we in America did have to fight for it ourselves, and we had to fight our own civil war, and now, we are losing our freedoms, so you can enjoy yours. What in the world would you know about a price worth paying? You know, good and well, according to the Geneva Convention and the UN that we have to leave your country in as good a shape as Mr. Hussein had it, and you know your country is no where close to that, and can't maintain it under the present leadership. As long as the civil war continues, we can't get it rebuilt. Just how many thousands of years has your country been declining to the state in which it is? We managed a revolutionary war and a civil war in less than a hundred years, and rebuilt ourselves. Our allies chose to aid us, they didn't have to fight the battle and hand us freedom.
I also have an observation which differs from your perspective, regarding your country and what you say your country is striving for. You and I both know, you and the American president cannot bring resolution to this war.
Thank you so much for your time and attention in this matter, Mr. Al-Maliki.
And the angel of YHVH said unto her, Behold, thou art with child and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael . . . And he will be a wild man, his hand will be against every man . . . - Torah

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What Happens When . . .

What does happen when we see reality? When we see the correlation between the euphemisms of current events and historical atrocities? When we realize, we just don't believe those in government any more? It used to be, our government officials had actual productive, contributing careers, which they set aside or placed on hold for a few years of public service, then went back to being productive members of this country. Now, we have government officials that have only been politicians or worse yet, bad businessmen. And when they are through "serving," they make speeches for an outrageous fee. I have officially arrived at the conclusion that the politicians are going to take care of themselves and each other; and their so called constituents are going to live out the decisions that are made for the best interest of the "representatives." Free elections will not guarantee that the people are heard, much less, ever ensure self governing. Eminent domain is just the 21st Century term for Russia's expulsion edict, in the early 20th century. Free speech will not be taken by force, it will be given up in the name of tolerance. The majority of women that are absolutely pro-life, think childhood boundaries should be as confining as a womb. I told my daughter about "stranger danger," only we didn't have catchy little buzz phrases then, we simply explained that there were some bad people out there. But I didn't tell her about that, to make an excuse to confine her, I taught her about that to make her aware, as her freedom grew. I'm sick to death of hearing how afraid we are supposed to be of everything, as our officials are wanting to grant amnesty to at least 12 million unknown, untraced individuals already here, while my freedom is getting locked down. It doesn't fly! And speaking of "doesn't fly," I'm sick of the bird flu scare tactics, also. I don't believe that either, and if it does happen, I don't believe it will be by chance. Al Sharpton is in an uproar over Paris Hilton because her sentence has been too easy on her. Where was he when Mel Gibson was stopped drunk, again, making outrageous anti-Semitic remarks, and didn't have to go to jail? So, not only should we eliminate every comment from public conversation that could carry some sort of potential racial acknowledgment, but only against certain groups. . . and rich, spoiled white girls and cranky old white guys should be singled out for harsher treatment than anyone else. Sorry Don . . . Dick Cheney has publicly commented that even if the "bad intelligence" that was supposedly the reason America invaded Iraq was known to be bad at the time, he would still be for the invasion. Well, that makes me pretty sure someone already knew at the time, it was bogus info. I'm still getting e-mails from the Edwards camp and the Obama camp, but never have I received any hint of an answer to my question. Although, every time Obama asks for support and my time to volunteer, his messages do continuously tell me how different he is and what a fresh direction he is for politics. So, now I sit here blogging my heart out, knowing the only difference I can make is to sound an alarm. I am not represented in Washington, I don't believe my vote makes any difference, I know this war has no end, neither basis for a beginning, and I simply no longer believe any of the people in leadership, and yet I am a law abiding American. Law abiding by conscious choice, American simply by birth.
This is the rejoicing city that dwelt carelessly, that said in her heart, I am, and there is none beside me: how is she become a desolation, a place for beasts to lie down in! every one that passeth by her shall hiss, and wag his hand. Holy Scripture

Monday, June 11, 2007

Tolerance Education, the Removal of Free Speech

I listened yesterday to some interview with Colin Powell. Although he was giving direct, sidestepping answers regarding his days as Secretary of State and the Iraq War, he gave some valuable insight into the real agenda of this administration. I've discussed this before, but Colin Powell was quite clear. They want to reach the young people and shape the direction of the thinking. And if you don't think they are doing a good job, just look around. The die hard, cranky at Bush, "young dems or independents" are the up and coming corporate capitalists. This administration is good . . . He's got the young adults that don't support him and wouldn't think of voting for him, living exactly according to his agenda and striving for what his party stands for. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the next generation is being programmed. As I mentioned, earlier, spring break has nothing to do with Passover or Easter, but the final hour of school that Friday before, is a patriotic extravaganza. So, if I were a child, I would think the vacation pertained to what we were singing about. To further enhance my perspective, our granddaughter is visiting with us, solo. That means her twin sister and little brother went home with mom and she stayed on, for another week and the conversations have been absolutely illuminating! As I was fixing dinner, she informed me that they were not allowed to talk about G~d at school. I asked her if that rule was announced, or how she came to be aware of it. She told me that she had been told by Ms. B_____, at Adventure Club, when she was showing the other kids her new coloring book, published by her grandparents. This statement from her immediately led me to two thoughts in my own head. One, Dr. Powell's comments yesterday about how many extra programs there are for kids now, like after school, etc. And two, back to my own days in school. I had a science teacher that was a proclaimed agnostic that allowed me to discuss creation while the text book presented the theory of evolution, and I remember my Junior High School principal who suggested that I draw the line between personal beliefs and school discussions. Interestingly, the principal was a deacon at the Baptist Church. So, what does it all boil down to? I'm thinking, if the generations are just programmed to give up their free speech and freedom of religion, then nobody is taking their rights away from them . . . and if they are taught to be willingly silenced, it is of course, called tolerance.
But Peter and John answered and said unto them, Whether it be right in the sight of G~d to hearken unto you more than unto G~d, judge ye. For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard. - the book of Acts, New Testament

Friday, June 08, 2007

Light of Democracy and Freedom or . . .

the headlight of the oncoming train of tyranny. I've inferred many things through these blogposts, as I feel I must research a topic thoroughly and have all my facts certain before actually stating, so I will present this blog on the premise that I have more solid evidence than our leaders did when they declared war on Iraq. The Secretary of Defense is changing positions, and who knows who will replace him, but obviously this chess game of politics is getting strategic. Will we the people actually find ourselves in check before the '08 elections? The Rush insiders are already hinting about the amendment prohibiting a president from a third term. I've been trying to see if there is anything on the books about difficult enough times to prohibit an election, you know, to protect democracy . . . Now that we have Turkey coming into Iraq to help us in the north, against the Kurds, don't you wonder if these are Kurds of the same ilk as those that Saddam Hussein was dealing with? And oh, we are actually putting guns in the hands of some of Saddam's former inside men. So, now that we do know that, does anybody really have any idea why America invaded Iraq? I personally think it was to keep our nation divided, so things could progress closer to home. I have noticed not once, but twice in the state of Missouri, and both times it was in a city that has bought into being "owned" through federal grants, an interesting outcome through "free elections." First, there was some local tax increase for school improvements put on the ballot with a general election, which didn't pass. Then, the tax percentage increases, but so have the federal grant dollars, then there is a special election a few months later and lo and behold, it passes. Realizing Americans are fickle, and noting the mindset of the first community in which I observed this, I didn't think much about it, but I just saw it happen again, right after all of the same discussions in the local chamber of commerce and city council. Knowing the first community seemed to take pride being a greedy dependent place in which to set the trend for ignorant pride, I just sighed in resignation, but this next one is different. The people in this community are not afraid of hard work and don't believe they are entitled to the fruits of the labors of others, so why all this same debate and plan? Then, when I saw the school the day after the special election that approved this tax increase for the school, it made so much more sense. The school was already under reconstruction. It was as if, the election just made it possible for the work to be done openly. The true definition of the sunshine law. I have to say, I really don't believe that Americans are quite this fickled and I'm not certain that they change their mind that readily. What I am wondering, however; is the necessity of elections when the plans are already made.
For they that are such, serve not our Lord Y'shuah Messiah, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. New Testament

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What's With This National Obsession?

This morning I heard Dr. Bill still trying to discuss the Clinton fiasco in the midst of the Scooter Libby situation. It sounds like Dr. Bill thinks Scooter is getting a raw deal, and I would agree, but then I wasn't one of the "stone throwers" in 1998. Actually, I was just glad I didn't have small children in the home when the news began using words and discussing topics, not recommended for family viewing. But as I lay there listening to the alarm, I thought to myself. If the republicans had not been so determined to make a federal case out of a mid-life tryst, perhaps they wouldn't find themselves now "stranded on the high road." And frankly, I find it to be their just desserts. I just think it's a shame that so many in the nation are satisfied that one of the republicans got thumped, that they will overlook the fact that the real problems are still loose and making decisions for the rest of us. And I corresponded with more than one young woman today who sound very much like those older religious right women, although they would never relate to them, that drone on and on about the evil in the world, while they sit on top of everyone like hawks, just waiting. It's as if this obsession with evil simply skips a generation, as far back as recorded history. I hear the same news reports and pseudo questions from these young women with children, that I heard from my mother, when I was allowed no freedom and you know what I have decided . . . The people that had freedom always think other's must be hindered and others must give account, while they seem to somehow always be deserving of their power and freedom, without question. These young women are very much like these witch hunting politicians that were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. They had freedom, they deserved their freedom and respect, and all those that do not see life their way, simply do not. I find it sad that those who have enjoyed power and freedom feel the need to restrict others from that same "luxury." And I find it interesting that those who give the least respect, expect the most. Isn't it always interesting to listen to the obsessions of those that find the evil and demand the accountabilty in others? I just hear the republicans and think to myself . . . they know they couldn't get away with what Bill Clinton got away with, either politically or at home. And I think of these young women with their control issues and I think, they are raising the next anti-establishment generation. And I think they both sound just the same to me.
Fret not thyself because of evil men, neither be thou envious at the wicked: a Prover of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just Wondering . . .

In reading the news today, of course, the headlines regarding the sentence of Scooter Libby top each front page. This situation has me wondering so many things. I realize this is simply my perspective, but the way I see it, there is just so much more to this situation than meets the eye. As the spin doctors attempt to make it a partisan issue, I truly believe we are being misled to focus on this detour. When I look at this situation logically, I immediately wonder, considering who Scooter has been associated with, just what is really going on that he is willing to be the fall guy to keep the focus on him. Why is he willing to go to prison for 2 and a half years for his cronies? Why is it suddenly earth shattering for a politician to lie, if he did? What are his "associates" or former bosses implementing while the nation looks at Scooter and Valerie whoever. I just simply am not buying this nonsense. There is no doubt in my mind that Scooter is the decoy for a bigger situation that our leaders would rather keep out of the news right now. The truth just isn't "prudent at this juncture." This is so obviously ridiculous. The GOP is supposedly sending the message that they don't put up with any questionable ethics, even from their party. As far as I'm concerned, that message has been lost many times in the past six years. Where was the concern of ethics when Alberto Gonzales repeated "I don't recall" through hours of questioning? Now, the dems are doing no better, with Nancy defending this rep from Louisiana. Come on, this guy has been dodging and dancing around the investigation for ages. I don't think either party is terribly ethical and I found it very entertaining to read what the republican candidates are saying about the decisions and leadership of the present administration. They are trying to juggle a campaign to win party support, yet stand a safe distance from the present ring leader. I'm sorry for Mr. Libby. Seeing that he is facing 30 months of prison without telling all he really knows lets me know he seems to fear something or someone more than prison. He would rather face 30 months of prison than tell what actually went on while he was an aid to the Vice President . . . sounds like crossing the present administration is more frightening than facing prison. The fascinating part of this entire situation is the fact that, other than his information or misinformation, there were no charges ever filed pertaining to the original investigation. This direction of pursuit makes no sense on either side of the aisle. I'm sure there are liberally peace loving, moral and fiscal conservatives that have seen this for what it is. Just what does Mr. Libby find more threatening and fearful than two and half years in prison? Surely, by now, he doesn't really think he is one of the "inside" guys. But then, this administration has drawn in many people that I would think would have a clue, before now.
. . . insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. - New Testament

Monday, June 04, 2007

The World My Grandchildren Will Inherit

I will post more of the correspondences from the candidates as they come in, and so far, I have heard again from both Obama and Edwards. I still haven't received any answers or even acknowledgment of my comments or questions, but they keep telling me what I can do to help. I thought that's why they were running for president. They were the ones with the ideas of what they could do to help. I thought it was the politicians that call themselves public servants. These public servants seem to be quite gifted in the area of delegation and or begging, as I have now received several links and suggestions for what I can do for them. But back to matters of great importance to me. Our grandchildren are visiting this week, and that is always a fun time and I find myself not being very attentive to the news nor accomplished in my commentary. But their visits always inpsire thoughts pertaining to current events and I wonder. Just what will the world be like when they are adults. What will the requirements be for my grandson, when he becomes of legal age? Where will the front for the war on terror be, by then? Unfortunately, I'm guessing there will no longer be a voluntary military, and I'm guessing the war will still not be over. Now with all the women's rights and equality, I mean we have a woman with the poll potential for receiving the democratic nomination for president in 2008. So, if women can be elected, then will the non-political women have to serve? Will "they" simply remind them in a few years, of what a long way they have come since the sufferage movement? Will "they" have already convinced this upcoming generation that it is their patriotic privilege to die for a war without end, that began without purpose? Will our grandchildren just learn the same little patriotic songs that we were taught, maybe a few new ones about bumper stickers and SUVs and military pride, and oh, sprinkle a few references to G~d or prayer in there. Will the programming of our grandchildren be as diligent as the previous generations attempted on us and as effective? It concerns me greatly, that they may reach adulthood before the second coming and inherit this mess that has been made without conscience or thought to those whose future should be bright and promising while their childhood should be wide-eyed, enthusiastic, trusting and carefree.
Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward. a Psalm of Holy Scripture

Friday, June 01, 2007

I Have To Admit, I Had My Doubts . . .

Yesterday I posted some questions to each of the three democratic fore runners. I have received responses already. I asked these questions as a private citizen, rather than the press. I realize blogging is journalism, so posting these, officially changes my status. Yeah! Immediately after posing my questions, I received what I thought to be an auto-responder from both Clinton and Obama, which was great. The subject line of both, read: Thank you for your . . .

I haven't received anything else from the Clinton camp, yet, but I thought this picture was just priceless, considering the fact that this speech took place the same day, the National Spelling Champion was declared. I have included the link where this picture was posted, so I think that covers copyright issues and terms of agreement. We'll see. I'm guessing she doesn't have a former Spelling Champ on her campaign committee. I just can't wait to hear her plans for education.

Here is the response I received:
Dear Friend,
Thank you for your inquiry to the Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee. Your comments are important to us. Due to the high volume of questions we receive, it may take us time to answer you directly . . .

I'll let you know what she says about Bill's involvement, when I hear.

Now Mr. Obama's was a different matter. Although I thought I received an auto responder, it was personal:
Dear Kindred,
Thank you for contacting Obama for America. The volume of messages we are receiving has exceeded all expectations. While it is difficult to respond to thousands of messages a week as efficiently as we would like, the level of interest and nature of the comments reflected in these communications are very gratifying. Your thoughts on our campaign and America's future are greatly appreciated . . . and then there was so much more . . .
Later that same evening, I received another e-mail, containing a slightly less personal response, but again substance free:
"Obama for America"
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 21:42:00 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Response to Your Message to Senator Obama
Dear Friend,
Thank you for contacting Senator Barack Obama. We're glad to have your comments. Barack greatly appreciates the outpouring of messages he has received from across the country and from Americans around the world, and on behalf of Obama for America, we appreciate hearing from you . . .
And I was thanked again, at the close of the "reply" or "no-reply" according to the correspondence.
I discovered in a very short time, we had gone from a first name basis, back to my anonymity, with no reference whatsoever to my question. Sounds like politics as usual to me . . .
I have to admit, I received the most colorfully quaint non-response from my correspondence with Mr. Edwards.
I received an invitation, from his mother, to celebrate his birthday. Seriously, and for just $6.10, since his birthday is 6/10, I can have a copy of her secret recipe for pecan pie. Is that not just precious?
Well, I shouldn't make fun. When I ran for public office on the county level, my mom told me she wouldn't vote for me, because I ran in the wrong party, so at least his mom believes in him, but she didn't answer my question. I don't know if I will hear more, or not, but I will post any and all responses.
So, it looks like, so far in the race between the democrats, I still don't know what they are doing or what they plan to do, but Bobbie Edwards, John's mom, response was helpful in determining the Scripture that will be used, today.
Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right. a Proverb from Holy Scripture

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