Friday, November 25, 2011

Blame Europe . . .

This headline regarding the Stock Market triggered a thought in my mind. The stock market is not doing well, but it's not our fault, it's Europe's . . . This same week-end, a couple hundred years ago when the Indians fed a group of starving white people, I'm guessing those same words could be heard.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Super Committee - Super Fail!

Only in the US Congress can a group of people produce so little, fail so much, and call it a career. Washington DC is full of career politicians that get paid quite well, both in salary and let's not forget all those benefits. Anyone else in any other line of work with this performance record would be called "unemployed." It's not just Congress. Our President has enjoyed pointing the finger of blame backward in time and over to Capitol Hill. The fact that most politicians appear comfortable with being paid to do nothing tells me more than I truly care to know about the depth to which our country has sunk! These members of this Super Committee had done nothing else but meet together, well, probably had dozens of lunches with lobbyists, maybe a spa day or two, and who knows how many wines and dines, and then to simply walk away and say, "We failed, it's time for a holiday!" I realize we can't really make them stay and do something, and actually when they are on holiday or vacation, at least they are saving us the light bill, but this is outrageous. It almost seems that our current politicians are actually getting along and aiming for the same goal. It really does seem that they are all in agreement in their refusal to represent "we the people." To be honest, I don't think a new round of politicians would make any difference, and I certainly don't want them scaled back to part time. A part time legislative branch would mean less resistance for the executive branch and I don't see that as a good thing any time soon. With the choices we have going in, I'm really developing the attitude that perhaps we're better off with them doing nothing. If only America's politicians were the true public servants they profess to be. They'd be doing this for the good of the country, not their own selfish plans or the agenda of their big money contributors. If Congress people would simply serve their terms and have real jobs to go home to; they could keep right on doing what they are doing now and we could pay them what they are actually worth while they are in Washington. That would reduce government spending. . . .but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, November 21, 2011

Now I'm Sure the Government is Involved

This Occupy Wall Street movement has been a bit baffling for me. For one thing, it has served to further divide our country in a somewhat new way, and yet it has remained, of course, along party lines. To be honest, I'm just not fully buying this situation. Although, I believe the origination of this grassroots movement had very good intentions and a great message, more has been added to the mix and the message has become a bit muddled. When I read, though, that the 1% is now divided into the .01% and that's based upon tax breaks, I smelled a rat of governmental proportion. We're already divided politically, we don't need any more rhetoric to widen the division between us. Besides, how are the 99% affected if the rich people are all buying and selling each other real estate and investments none of the rest of us can afford anyway. It's been common knowledge for years that the corporations get more tax breaks than the small business man and the real estate that I read about moving is exceedingly high end in the market. We also know that the wealthy can afford more tax breaks than we average citizens. How many of us non-1% can even get a loan from any bank for real estate right now, much less the top of the market? In case we all forgot, this nation, which is about to celebrate such, was truly founded by people that couldn't really take care of themselves so well, were afraid of the native dwellers, and wanted to be aristocrats in their new land. Capitalism does not thrive in wealth redistribution and regulation. The lack of industry ought to indicate that! Besides, even if only capital gains tax reductions were to blame for the wealth gap, it's pretty much common knowledge that if the wealth were suddenly, redistributed evenly, it would end up falling through the same fingers as it is now and land in the same hands that are holding it now. We really need to see that we the people are being played against each other again! For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. New Testament

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The "Other 1%"

It's time to "Re-do" the math:
Over 300 members of Congress are in the 1%. That is 50% of Congress looking out for whose best interest?
We need to keep in mind that many of the 1% are actually closer to my net worth than the net worth of Bill
Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch. Even Barrack Obama is in the 1%, so while he
was talking and writing about hope and change, what would he truly “hope to change?”
Although I see what they are saying, I don’t believe I’m in the 99%, because I don’t think the 1% is changing
my lifestyle and I’m not indebted to them. I don’t have the stats on this, because I guess we are a little hard
to track, but I’ll call the folks like me “the other 1%.” Some call us religious nuts, some refer to us as
survivalists, and some call us anti-establishment. The fact of the matter is, some of us just didn’t ever
embrace the American dream as it was being packaged and sold.
How in the world did we ever buy into the idea that we all needed to have the same dream? You can’t put 10
people in the same room and have them all prefer the same color, flavor, or style of anything, so what’s with
mass producing the American dream?
Crabs in a barrel. We’re all getting crabby! The 99% all in the same “container” are just clamoring over
each other to get up . . .
So, here’s my idea if we really want to let the 1% know how you feel.
Many Pro athletes are in the 1% - stop going to the stadiums!
Most stars are in the 1% - stop going to their shows.
Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch are in the 1% - turn off the TV and disconnect the cable!
Mark Zuckerberg is 1% - stop playing Farmville and go outdoors and plant something . . . Edible.
CEO’s of Big Corp that outsource are 1% - make your own “whatever”
Big Pharma is 1% - take better care of your body!
Banks - Let them keep their money. We’ll just buy what we can afford. Most folks don’t even think they’ll live long enough to be debt free. When death is the end of debt, that’s not living!
There is a huge gap in the 1%. The lower tier of the 1% and the top tier of the “99” is usually the dividing of an inheritance, somebody who didn’t work and amass it frequently uses their inheritance for collateral or to fund a lifestyle they can’t manage which places the 1% in control. Of course, that step moves them from the top 10% tier of the “99” into closer to real life, while they cling to their “status quo,“ so by the next generation, the inheritance is average or even debt ladened.
We can’t stay in the barrel trying to clamor to the top without becoming crabby.
Move out, join “the other 1%!”
But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. words of Messiah in the accounts of the Gospel

Monday, November 07, 2011

No Anita Hill!

No kidding! Some woman coming out of the woodwork, 15 years after the fact, to remain anonymous and sling accusations. Honey, don't worry about not wanting to be Anita Hill, you are no Anita Hill. She faced her accuser! Whoever you are, you are just, well, I can't help but wonder who put you up to this. I would say you are just one of the many that want your 15 minutes of fame, but since you have chosen to remain anonymous, you won't actually be embraced by fame. In my eyes, you're just some sniveling coward that if this situation is true, didn't have the guts to do anything then, and don't have the guts to stand up and be counted now. Until you actually present your case, which by the way is years beyond the statutes of limitation, but until you actually present your accusation in person, you are no more than a gossip or talebearer. This is for certain, without showing your face or voicing your issues, you honey, for sure, are no Anita Hill.
Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people . . . Torah of Holy Scripture

Friday, November 04, 2011

I Made a Terrible Mistake

I've not been as active on this blog recently, because, well I just got tired of being snarkastic about politics, when I don't intend to vote. It seemed rather hypocritical to make comments when I don't intend to back them, but then again, I've misjudged myself before and this was one of those times. I, as an American, have every right to make comment, and if I believe casting a vote doesn't make a difference, I have a right to not waste my time. Worse than that, we've been calling it "voting for the lesser of two evils" for two long. The lesser of evil is still evil, so with all that being said, I was wrong to let this blog rest. I made a comment to a friend a while back that somehow in all this GOP Tea, I had a real gut feeling that wasn't a good thing. What I felt was a frightening combination of Perry/Palin to rally and bring the party together in "right outfield." With Sarah's decision to not run, and Perry lagging in the polls, I'm beginning to see that this could indeed come to pass, at least from a campaign perspective. I've got high hopes that Sarah is enjoying the lime light way too much to consider VP again, but she could certainly stay in front of the cameras if she did a bit of campaigning for the Teavangelical candidate. I can't help but wonder if Sarah hasn't stepped back just a bit to see which candidate would need her, Michele or Rick? Looks like Rick has a better chance of passing Romney than Michele, and Sarah's had enough of that "losing ticket" business in 2008. Now that I think Herman Cain has been taken out by "un-friendly fire" of his own party, looks like it's going to take a real rock star like Sarah to rally the party behind the most formidable candidate. To be honest, Romney looks quite presidential in appearance, but most of his policies in power have been quite similar to Obama, and then there's that whole Mormon thing that the Teavangelicals don't like. Sarah's been quiet for quite a while for Sarah . . . I'm thinking the former governor from the north is going to participate with the governor from the south and see if the combination of the two biggest states in the union doesn't land another Texan in the White House. Then again, I could just be overly pessimistic by now.
. . . but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

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